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The Eldin Province is a province of Hyrule. It usually has a warmer climate. It is connected to the Lanayru Province in the northwest (northeast in the Wii version) and the Faron Province to the southwest (southeast in the Wii version) in Twilight Princess. In Skyward Sword, the Eldin Province is the northernmost province in Hyrule.

Twilight Princess

Eldin Province is the second of the main areas of the game in Twilight Princess. It is mainly named after both the Light Spirit Eldin and Eldin, one of the three Dragons in Skyward Sword. Though the name "Eldin" comes from one of the Golden Goddesses, Din. Eldin Province is situated north of the Faron Province and southeast (GCN) of the Lanayru Province. The location of the province will vary depending on which version of the game is being played. If playing on the GameCube version, Eldin Province will be located to the east, however on the Wii version it will be located to the west.

It is host to Kakariko Village, Death Mountain, the Bridge of Eldin, Hidden Village and the largest portion of Hyrule Field. Death Mountain, similar to Ocarina of Time is the home of the Goron race. Eldin Province contains the second Dungeon of the game, the Goron Mines.


Link first enters Eldin Province after he has completed the Forest Temple. He is once again tasked with restoring light to the province, as Eldin too is stuck in a curtain of Twilight. Once Link has restored the light to the Light Spirit Eldin, he will then be able to explore the area fully. Link soon figures out the conflict in Death Mountain and he tasked with climbing up this area. Once Link has tackled the trail up to Death Mountain, he soon learns about the evil lurking within the Goron Mines, the second dungeon in the game. Once Link has tackled the dungeon and defeated Fyrus, he is rewarded with a second piece of the Fused Shadows.

Light World

Shortly after the completion of the Goron Mines a cut scene takes place, where King Bulblin and his troops of Bulblins storm Kakariko Village. In this scene Colin is kidnapped and its up for Link to save him. This battle takes place in the Eldin section of Hyrule Field as well as on the Bridge of Eldin. Later on in the game Link has to find the six missing Sky Characters hidden across Hyrule. When finding all the characters he is able to complete the Ancient Sky Book. Now returning to the Sanctuary, Shad says the ancient words, in the now completed Sky Book, thus releasing the lock on the Owl Statue. This enables Link access to the Sky Cannon, which he must use to gain to launch himself up to the City in the Sky.

Skyward Sword

Eldin Province is the second surface area in this game. Most of the province is taken up by Eldin Volcano, an active volcano which is home to a race known as the Mogmas. The upper reaches of the volcano contain the second dungeon of the game, the Earth Temple.

Points of Interest

Twilight Princess

Skyward Sword