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Gaepora (nighttime)


The Bath[1] is a location found in Skyward Sword. It is located on the second floor of the Knight Academy near Zelda's room and the exit. On the outside of the Bath, there is a rack with a handkerchief on top of it and a wooden board with two hooks hammered into it, one hook having a blue bag on it. In the Bath, tiles are all over the lower parts of walls. In the western section of the room, a large, orange curtain covers the view the of the bathtub. Behind the curtain is a shelf that holds two jars and a basket. Also, five other shelves can be found. While two of the shelves are not being used, four baskets can be found, two being filled with clothes and the other two containing nothing. A small bucket can be found, also, that contains a brush and a handkerchief. A window above a shelf gives the western section light.

In the eastern section of the room, a long, wooden board can be seen with three hooks attached to it. Another brush and an orange towel can be found on two of the three hooks. Nearby, the main feature of the Bath can be seen, the bathtub.

Above the bathtub is a mosaic that pictures the sun and clouds. The water for the bathtub comes from the duck-like statue, water pouring from the duck's wooden beak. The amount of water that is in the bathtub goes to the bottom part of Link's chainmail shirt under the Knight's Uniform. The moist air from the Bath is vented from the chimney on top of the Knight Academy.

Unlike the day time, Link can not enter the Bath during dusk, as someone is taking a bath. While not mentioned by most of the students and instructors, if Link talks to Karane during the nighttime, she tells him that she needs to take a bath, so he needs to get out of her room. However, she can not take a bath because someone is in there, and they have been bathing for a long time.[2] Once Link obtains the Double Clawshots, he can enter the chimney and be in the area above the Bath. Here, he can see the person who has been taking long baths during the night has been Gaepora.



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