Lanayru Gorge

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Lanayru Gorge
Lanayru Gorge.jpg






This is Lanayru Gorge. Legend tells of
a dragon loyal to the goddess living
in this area.

Signs indicate that an ancient
civilization established a quarry
here to mine the deposit of
high-quality Timeshift Stones.

Consequently, the terrain is intricately
subdivided with the remnants of long-
abandoned mining equipment, such as
mine carts and their tracks.

The Lanayru Gorge is the final destination for Link to reach within the Lanayru Province of Skyward Sword. It is here where Link will meet up with the Thunder Dragon, Lanayru. Learning of the Lanayru's current health, the hero retrieves the Life Tree Fruit and revives the sick Thunder Dragon. Afterwards, Link is able to learn part of the Song of the Hero. After reviving the Thunder Dragon, Link can return at anytime to partake in the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round.


This is Lanayru Gorge. Of all the
Timeshift Stone mining areas here,
this was the very first to be mined.

I detect the bones of a large creature to
the south. I calculate an 85% chance
you can obtain information about it by
using your Beetle to explore the area.

While exploring Lanayru Gorge,
I suggest you stock your pouch with
items that will help you maintain
your health.
You might also consider drinking
Stamina and Invincibility Potions
together when you need to quickly
react to unforeseen circumstances.

Signs indicate a 75% chance that these
robots can provide you with useful
information. I recommend listening
to what they have to say.