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Bug Rock
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Bug Rock is an island in The Sky in Skyward Sword. It is found in the Thunderhead, southwest of the Isle of Songs.

Strich finds the island after flying into the Thunderhead. However, when he arrives, he decides that it is a perfect paradise to raise Bugs.[1] At least of every type of bug can be found there, raised by Strich. He allows Link to catch bugs in his Bug Heaven mini-game.

Later, Beedle loses his Horned Colossus Beetle and asks Link to help him find it.[2][3] Link discovers that Strich has the beetle on Bug Rock.[4][5] Strich agrees that if Link can catch certain bugs within three minutes, then he will allow Link to take the insect's cage back to Beedle.[6][7] Beedle gives Link five Gratitude Crystals and half off of any one item in his shop as thanks.[8]

Bug Heaven

Main article: Bug Heaven

Strich's Bug Heaven mini-game lets Link go around and catch certain bugs at Bug Rock.[9][10] There are two levels: Bug Beginner and Bug Wrangler.[11] Depending on how quickly he finds them, Link can win a prize, including rare bugs.[12]

Goddess Chest

After hitting the Goddess Cube at the Volcano Summit in the Eldin Province, Link can head to Bug Rock to find the corresponding Goddess Chest opened. It is found on a small wooden ledge jutting out from the island.


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  2. "But I would be remiss if I didn't let you know of the weight on my heart... My precious Horned Colossus Beetle has gone missing, along with his cage... It's a tragedy that shatters a man to the core... 'Twas such a rare insect and so very...friendly to boot.
    I'll find it! :Don't worry." — Beedle, Skyward Sword.
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    Tell me! :Who cares?" — Strich, Skyward Sword.
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  6. "...I suppose it would be kind of mean to keep someone's favorite pet bug. But at the same time, I don't feel so bad that I'm just going to give it right back... How about this? If you can pull off a time in my game that makes even me admit you are the master of bug catching, I'll give this little guy back. So, what's it going to be? Are you up for the challenge?
    You're on! :Not now." — Strich, Skyward Sword.
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  10. "I'm going to be timing you while you're in the course. If you get a decent time, I'll give you a prize! In the Bug Wrangler course, you will need to catch a total of 10 bugs that I specify from among eight different types. Got all that? OK, get ready!" — Strich, Skyward Sword.
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    Bug Beginner! :Bug Wrangler! :No, thanks." — Strich, Skyward Sword.
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