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Gratitude Crystal





Assisting Batreaux



Gratitude Crystals are collectible items from Skyward Sword. They are feelings of gratitude and happiness compressed into a crystal.[1][2][3][4] Link is asked by the demon Batreaux to collect 80 of these so he can become a human.[5][6][7] The more Link collects, the more prizes he receives from Batreaux. Prizes include bigger wallets, a Piece of Heart, and the Cursed Medal. In addition, Gratitude Crystals can be received by completing side quests.


  1. "Crystallized feelings of pure gratitude. Gather them and show them to Batreaux." — Collection Screen description, Skyward Sword.
  2. "You got five Gratitude Crystals! These crystals are feelings of gratitude in crystallized form. It must have taken a lot of gratitude to produce this bunch of five crystals! Helping people feels good!" — In-game description, Skyward Sword.
  3. "You got one Gratitude Crystal! These form when a person is so completely overwhelmed with feelings of thankfulness that crystallized gratitude is created. Collect these and show them to Batreaux!" — In-game description, Skyward Sword.
  4. "It seems that when humans make other humans happy, the happy humans produce a substance known as a Gratitude Crystal." — Batreaux, Skyward Sword.
  5. "His name is Batreaux, and he is a kind- hearted person. All the Gratitude Crystals that you collected helped him turn from a demon into a human. But he still has an innocent heart, which endears him to children." — Fi, Skyward Sword.
  6. "Batreaux would like you to collect Gratitude Crystals and wants to see them for himself so that he can become a human. If you aid him in this search, Master, there is an 85% probability that it will benefit you as well." — Fi, Skyward Sword.
  7. "You collected enough Gratitude Crystals for Batreaux to become a human. I estimate a 60% chance that the Skyloft-demon rumor will die. But there is still a 40% probability that the rumor will not fade, based upon the possibility that people will still find Batreaux's new human face terrifying." — Fi, Skyward Sword.