Farore's Silent Realm

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Farore's Silent Realm

Farore's Silent Realm is the first Silent Realm visited in Skyward Sword.

This particular trial takes place within the Faron Woods, and is meant to test the hero's courage.[1] If Link wishes to complete this trial, he must collect fifteen Sacred Tears, specifically Tears of Farore,[2] without being attacked by the Realm's Guardians.[3] If the hero is successful in obtaining each and every last tear, his spirit will grow and he'll complete the trial.[4]

After the Tears of Farore are collected and Link makes his way back to the Trial Gate, he will receive his first gift from the Goddesses, this one being from Farore. The gift is revealed to be the Water Dragon's Scale, giving the hero the ability to make aquatic maneuvers underwater, and to allow him to reach previously inaccessible regions of Faron Province. [5]


  1. "As expected, I cannot follow you into this realm, for this trial calls out to your mind alone. This is the nature of places known as Silent Realms. They are domains of the spirit, accessible only to the goddess's chosen hero. This particular trial, Farore's Silent Realm, tests the limits of your courage. Your spirit has temporarily separated from your physical body so that you may undertake this challenge. To reach the location of the flames that will enhance your sword, it is necessary for you to overcome this trial and undergo spiritual growth." — Fi, Skyward Sword.
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  5. "You got the Water Dragon's Scale! This sacred gift left by the goddess grants you the power to explore underwater and even execute a spin maneuver!" — In-game description, Skyward Sword.