Volcano Summit

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The Volcano Summit is a location in Skyward Sword located on the summit of the Eldin Volcano. The summit is extremely hot, due to the crater located nearby. Due to the heat, Link has to wear the Fireshield Earrings in order to prevent his death from overheating.

The sixth dungeon in Skyward Sword, the Fire Sanctuary, is situated here and its entrance is blocked by lethal fire. For Link to access the dungeon, he has to receive help from Scrapper in order for him to dim the fire with a water basin received by Faron, the Water Dragon in Lake Floria. Scrapper carries the water basin and travels with Link and his bird, the Crimson Loftwing to the Eldin Volcano. When they have come down to a specific spot, the area is littered with various enemies that Link will have to defeat in order to proceed to the Fire Sanctaury. When Link and Scrapper have reached their destination, Scrapper will transfer the water within the basin on the frog-like statue's tongue. The fire will then vanish and Link will gain access the Fire Sanctuary.