The Sky

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The Sky
Zelda SS The Sky.jpg
Link riding on his Crimson Loftwing



The Sky is where most of Link's travelling takes place in Skyward Sword. Link flies on a species of birds known as a Loftwing, and while most people have blue and navy Loftwings, Link has a special Crimson Loftwing. The islands and The Sky are similar to the Great Sea in The Wind Waker.

The Sky is a somewhat vast overworld with many floating islands, with Skyloft being the main island and hub. Apart from Skyloft, there are four other "main" floating islands (Beedle's Island, Fun Fun Island, Pumpkin Landing, and Bamboo Island, each of which holds some kind of sidequest or mini-game.) There are a number of smaller islands that serve little function apart from quick exploration and the occasional treasure chest find. To make sky travel easier, there are also some islands that have sparkling portals in them that cause a burst of speed for Link's Loftwing when he flies through them. In the lands below the clouds, there are large crystal blocks known as Goddess Cubes which Link can slash with a Skyward Strike, causing them to be transported to The Sky. Link can then return to The Sky and find that these Goddess Cubes have unlocked a specific Goddess Chest. These chests are scattered throughout the floating islands of The Sky.

While flying, the left side of the screen displays an altitude meter that tells how high or low Link is in The Sky, represented by the red Loftwing icon. The sun icon at the top of the meter is the highest point, and the clouds at the bottom of the meter represent the lowest altitude. To gain altitude, tilt the front of the Wii remote up, and to lose altitude, tilt the front of the Wii remote down. On the bottom of the screen are three wing icons which act as Link's boosts and refill over time, similar to the carrots used by Epona in Ocarina of Time. Link can also slow down his flight by holding down the B button.