Pumpkin Landing

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The Pumpkin Landing is the second largest floating island in The Sky in Skyward Sword that is home to the Lumpy Pumpkin pub and its residents, Pumm, the owner, and his daughter, Kina. Link can help Kina bring pumpkins to the storage shed, and also helps find her someone to plow the fields for her. Pumm hires Link by force to do a number of odd jobs for him after he destroys his expensive chandelier in the middle of the room for Rupees and a Piece of Heart. Afterwards, Link can go back anytime to play his Harp while Kina sings along. Pumpkin Landing has two Goddess Chests, one on top of the roof and one on the ground. Link can also find two Gratitude Crystals here, but only at night. One is located inside the storage shed, the other in the building, on a counter upstairs.

When Link needs to fight Levias, he comes to Pumpkin Landing with Scrapper to pick up an installment of Hot Pumpkin Soup for the Sky Spirit.