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His name is Dovos, and he is a great
lover of food. A self-styled gourmet,
he is often found at the bazaar's

Dovos is the man that can be found in the restaurant area of the Bazaar in Skyward Sword. He is a lover of food, especially Piper's.[1] At a later point in the story, he discusses rumors regarding a sobbing woman in the Knight Academy, who is actually the ghost hand found in the bathroom.[2] Once Link listens to the hand and comes back to Dovos, he sympathizes with it, saying that he has been in the same situation before, and also assumes that the hand is a person asking to be handed toilet paper.[3][4]



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  2. "I've been hearing a weird rumor. Apparently, after nightfall, people have been hearing a woman sobbing in the dormitory. I tell you, it gives even a big guy like me the creeps." — Dovos, Skyward Sword.
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