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Jakamar (Husband)
Kukiel (Daughter)


Wryna is a character in Skyward Sword. She is the wife of Jakamar and mother of Kukiel.


After Link has placed the Ruby Tablet into the altar Inside the Statue of the Goddess, he will run into Wryna who is leaning over the wooden bridge yelling out for her daughter, Kukiel.[1][2] She informs Link that Kukiel has gone missing, and asks him to help her find Kukiel.[3][4] By talking to people around Skyloft and in the Lumpy Pumpkin, Link learns that Kukiel was spotted with a monster, who opens the shed to his house at night in the Graveyard.[5] Link can use this information to go to the Graveyard and roll into one the graves, which reveals a ladder that leads down to the path towards Batreaux's House.

Inside, Link discovers that the monster spotted by the residents of Skyloft was actually a friendly demon, who was simply playing games with Kukiel, and not kidnapping her. Batreaux, the monster, tells Link he desperately wants to be a human, and asks him to collect Gratitude Crystals for him. The next morning, Kukiel returns to her house, and Link sees Wryna so relieved to see Kukiel safe. Wryna gives Link five Gratitude Crystals.[6][7]



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