Instructor Owlan

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Instructor Owlan






Instructor Owlan is one of the two instructors at the Knight Academy alongside Instructor Horwell. He is seen standing next to Gaepora at the beginning of the Bird Rider's Ceremony. Wearing a decorative blue sash across his shoulders similar to that of Gaepora, he shows his authority on bird riding. He is the instructor of the skill of birdriding to the youths of Skyloft and overseer of the race.

Before the race he gives Link and three other Skyloft youths the instructions for the ceremony. He attaches a ceremonial bird statue, (brought by Zelda) to a small gold bird and tells the children that whoever catches the bird and claims the statue will be this year's champion. Giving quick instructions on how to control the birds he then goes on to say that the champion will receive a gift from the lovely Zelda. Before the race begins he tells Link and three other Skyloft youths to show him just how well they have practiced. He asks to see good clean flying with no interfering with the other bird riders. Then upon his command the competition begins. He also teaches Link's Loftwing the spin attack, allowing it to move faster and attack enemies without hurting itself. He seems intrigued by plants and is Gaepora's right-hand-man, to which he entrusts studying and discoveries.



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