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This is a list of characters found in Skyward Sword.

Major Characters


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Link is the hero and primary protagonist of Skyward Sword, starting off the game as a young, seventeen and a half years old man living in Skyloft, who attends the Knight Academy. Each of the citizens of Skyloft has a large bird called Loftwing that they use for transportation, but Link's is a rare red breed called a Crimson Loftwing. Link is very close friends with Zelda and they seem to care greatly for each other. Early on in his quest, Link successfully wins the Wing Ceremony conducted by Instructor Horwell and this allows him to win a prize from Zelda.

While Link and Zelda are riding off through the clouds, a strange tornado causes Zelda to fall off her bird and get sucked down into the land below. Link attempts to follow, but is blown back by the air pressure and knocked unconscious, saved only by his Loftwing bringing him home. Later, Link is confronted by Fi, the spirit of the Goddess Sword, who then accompanies Link throughout his quest. He then travels down to the land below in search of Zelda. Throughout his quest, he uses a standard set of inventory items that he upgrades along the way as he battles through the overworld and dungeons to stop the Demon Lord Ghirahim from finding and sacrificing Zelda to resurrect his diabolic master, Demise.


Goddess Zelda (Skyward Sword).png
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Zelda is a resident of Skyloft, the daughter of Headmaster Gaepora and one of Link's closest friends since childhood. She rides around on a Blue Loftwing, and constantly dreams about what may be below the cloud barrier. She is chosen to act as the goddess Hylia in the Ceremony of the Goddess for the winner of the Wing Ceremony, an annual race in which Link is competing. She helps her friend rescue his Loftwing, and he subsequently wins and joins her in the Ceremony, being presented with the Sailcloth she sewed herself.

Afterward, Zelda asks Link out on a date in the sky. While flying, a black tornado appears out of nowhere and sucks Zelda in while it throws Link off his bird unconscious. There, she learns from an old woman that she is the literal reincarnation of Hylia, and must purify herself to recover her divine memories. While the plans her former self set in motion succeed, when Zelda is reunited with Link in the past, she confesses all Hylia's manipulations and apologises deeply to him. She also tells him that whatever memories she recovered, she's "still [his] Zelda", asking him to wake her up when Demise is dead and she no longer has to stay in stasis to maintain The Imprisoned's seal.

Although Link successfully retrieves the Triforce and uses it to destroy the Imprisoned, Zelda's happy awakening is stopped by Demise's servant, Ghirahim. He captures her and takes her to the past once more, aiming to use her soul to revive Demise then and prevent the events which led to his death. While he succeeds despite Link's best efforts, the old woman sends word to Link that there is still hope if he can kill Demise. He faces him in single combat and triumphs, saving Zelda.Later, while Link and Zelda stand on the Goddess Statue alone with the Triforce, she says that she wants to stay and live in the land below, and asks Link to stay there with her.


Main article: Ghirahim

Leader of the Demon Tribe and the main antagonist for most of the story, Demon Lord Ghirahim is a tall and slender man with grayish skin and albino hair. He is skilled in the ways of magic, his sorcerous powers allowing him to teleport, conjure knives, and summon a distinct black sabre with which he is incredibly skilled. It is he who plucked Zelda from the sky with the tornado. Ghirahim's regard for himself is incredibly high - he prefers to be referred to by his full title, Lord Ghirahim, and he constantly mocks Link's ability in combat. His arrogance is second only to his depravity; Ghirahim enjoys bloodshed and death. He suffers from extreme mood swings and is often cheerful and polite one moment, furious and hateful the next.

Ghirahim seeks Zelda's holy power in order to revive Demise, his master. To that end, he is encountered throughout the game as he pursues Zelda, and Link will battle him several times as well as face his minions before his adventure is done. All the forces of evil on the surface move at Ghirahim's command, and they seek Zelda. Ultimately, he succeeds in reviving his master in the past, and is revealed to be Fi's counterpart as the reborn Demise returns him to the sword form from which he came.


Main article: Hylia

Hylia is the only known worshipped deity in Skyloft, and is often known only as "The Goddess". During the prologue of the game, her role in Hyrule's mythology is shown. She was meant to protect the Triforce, passed down by the "old gods". When the land below is attacked by evil forces, she raises an island with the humans and the "Ultimate Power" on it into the sky. She and the remaining land dwellers fought off the evil forces.

A massive statue known as the Statue of the Goddess can be seen looking over the city of Skyloft. Under the statue lies Sky Keep, where the Triforce is hidden. In the beginning of the game, Fi leads Link to a secret room in the Goddess Statue that houses the Goddess Sword.

She had sacrificed her divine form so she could later be reborn as a mortal. Zelda is the result of this. She regains her memories as Hylia before going back in time and into a coma to ensure that the seal on Demise, the King of the Evil forces mentioned in the prologue, holds until a mortal with unbreakable spirit - Link - uses the Triforce to kill Demise. When Demise is crushed by the Goddess Statue, Zelda awakens but is then kidnapped by Ghirahim, who goes to the past (where Demise is still alive) and resurrects Demise using Zelda's holy power.


Main article: Fi

Link's sidekick in this game is a female-presenting spirit and servant of the Goddess known as Fi. She bears the same diamond as Zelda and Ghirahim. Fi was created by the Goddess with the strict purpose of aiding her chosen hero on his destined mission with her vast knowledge. She is the spirit of the Goddess Sword itself, and its power helps Link throughout his journey. Fi can analyze readings given off by objects and people to allow Link to use Dowsing to locate them, and gives him information on his surroundings.

Fi acts emotionlessly, speaking in clinical terms and talking of percentages and logical conclusions, almost as though she is a robot. Despite that, she can sing and dance gracefully, and does so as she aids Link by conveying messages left by her creator, the Goddess Hylia, and joining Link in playing songs. She gives Link information about objects, enemies, bosses, and characters, and will also analyze the suitability of Link's inventory for the current area, give rumors, remind him of objectives, and give him plot summaries and statistics. Fi is an invaluable companion and source of information, and she is by Link's side for his entire journey.

Following the successful defeat of Demise, Fi is able to absorb the demon king's remains into the Master Sword, ensuring they remain sealed there with no hope of escape. With the journey at its end and Zelda and Link reunited, Fi requests that Link bring their mission to an end by planting the Master Sword in its pedestal in the Temple of Hylia, at which point Fi will retreat into an endless sleep within the blade, despite Link's objections. In her final moments, Fi reassures Link by claiming to feel happiness as she reflects on the time they've spent together, and bids him a grateful farewell in the hope that they may meet in another life


Main article: Demise

Demise is the ultimate antagonist of Skyward Sword, and the master of Demon Lord Ghirahim. During the war over the Triforce, the goddess Hylia managed to seal Demise within the Sealed Grounds with a spike. As a result, he lost his true form and he was turned into an abomination, known as The Imprisoned.

Over many years, the seal began to weaken. Link must fight him in the present of the Sealed Grounds three times in the form of The Imprisoned, preventing it from reaching the Sealed Temple and Zelda sleeping therein. Each time, Link can use the power of a Skyward Strike to seal him again after weakening him. While Link ultimately destroys it using the Triforce, Ghirahim abducts Zelda to the past and uses her soul to revive Demise in his true form before he was killed, changing history. Demise proceeds to reward Ghirahim by reverting him to his true form as Demise's sword. Link must destroy Demise to save Zelda before it is too late to restore her.


Main article: Impa

A member of the Sheikah, "the goddess's chosen guardians", Impa saves Zelda when she is cast down to the surface by a tornado sent by Ghirahim. Thereafter, she continues to evade him and protect her from the Demon Lord. She is a wielder of magic and uses it to defend Zelda in battle, although she is clearly no match for him, who can break her barriers with ease. Meanwhile, she is curt to Link, telling Zelda to ignore him and focus on her training, and suggesting he is not worthy of the mantle of the hero. At the Temple of Time, Impa defends Zelda from Ghirahim to the best of her ability before Ghirahim overpowers her. Link steps in and saves them both, acquiring the Goddess's Harp from Zelda as she escapes with Impa through the Gate of Time.

Thereafter, she can be found watching over Zelda in the past of the Temple of Hylia, as Zelda goes into stasis to maintain the seal on The Imprisoned's and prevent its escape. After Demise's defeat, but before they return to the present, Zelda asks Impa to come with them. Impa says she can't because the past is her present, but she promises that they will see each other again. Back in Zelda's present, the old woman reveals herself to be an aged Impa before dying, her promise finally fulfilled.


Groose Concept Art.png
Main article: Groose

Groose appears throughout the game in different ways. He has a thing for Zelda and is determined to win the Wing Ceremony to impress her. He and his lackeys compete very roughly with Link, and try to knock him around to prevent him from taking the bird statue first. A little while through the game, when Link enters Faron Woods, as he is landing with his Sailcloth, Groose yells from above and falls onto Link, causing them both to crash to the ground. He begins to insult Link on his landing abilities, but cuts off when he realizes the completely different world where he is. Groose confesses that he had noticed Link quickly entering and leaving town, and decided to follow him to see what he had been up to, so Link explains where he is and what happened. After what seems like a long discussion, Groose realizes that the tales of the nothingness beyond the clouds that he grew up with were lies, and that Zelda is somewhere in the new, vast world, safe and sound. He names the world "Grooseland", and then tells Link that his journey is over and that he'll take over on saving Zelda from now on.

This changes quickly, however, when Link goes to the Sealed Grounds and must reseal The Imprisoned again. Groose considers himself useless, and pounds his fists into the wall in despair. From this point on, Groose realizes Link's full potential and responsibility, and acts to him as a sort of buddy, not rival. The next time Link returns to the Sealed Grounds, Groose has built a track-and-catapult like thing that he calls the Groosenator. It proves more useful and creative than its name, helping to temporarily stun The Imprisoned when he grows arms and starts climbing up walls, and also when he begins to float towards the Temple of Time. Groose grows fond of the old woman living in the Temple of Time, and refers to her as "Grannie". At the end of the game, when Impa, now revealed as the old woman (Grannie) disappears, Groose shows extreme sadness and despair. This is the complete opposite of his character in the beginning of the game, where he cares only about himself.


Main article: Gaepora

Gaepora is the headmaster of the Knight Academy, and Zelda's father. He seems to hold an even higher position of authority in Skyloft.

Gaepora wears a decorative red sash that is similar to the ceremony leader's except that it features four golden triangles, as well as the Skyloftian bird symbol on its back, and his belt. His robes bear a striking resemblance to those of Rauru from Ocarina of Time, who credited himself as one of the Seven Sages who constructed the Temple of Time. He also has a small Remlit named Mia. Similarly, his name brings memory of Kaepora Gaebora, a wise owl (also from Ocarina of Time) who gave Link hints from time to time when Link is a child.

Before the Wing Ceremony, he and Zelda discuss Link's skill as a Loftwing rider. Gaepora gives Link great credit, and reminds Zelda that they've known each other since they were children, remarking she should know Link's bond with his Loftwing. He also mentions the potential jealousy of other people, due to Link's close relationship with his bird.

He observes the Wing Ceremony, offering a scolding remark to Groose, one of the students attending the academy. After Zelda is taken by the tornado, Link goes to Gaepora to tell him of Zelda's fate and ask for help. Gaepora, with Zelda being his daughter, helps Link by equipping him with a Knight Uniform and sends him off to find Zelda. Gaepora is a recurring character, aiding Link on his quest many times throughout the story. When Link finds the Goddess Sword, Gaepora finds him there knowing of the sword, saying it has been giving off a strange light. He already knew of the prophecy about the hero but never thought it would come true in his lifetime. He then recites the prophecy, when Fi tells him that what he speaks is only a small part of what it was.

Crimson Loftwing

Main article: Crimson Loftwing

The Crimson Loftwing is Link's feathery friend is his mode of transportation when traveling amongst the clouds know as a Loftwing. Link can leap off ledges and call his bird as he falls. Link's Loftwing will swoop right underneath him giving Link a perfect landing spot. Link can use his bird to travel between the various islands in The Sky.

Link's Loftwing seems to have some sort of connection with Zelda's Loftwing, as the two can be seen flying together even when Link and Zelda are not with each other. Link's Loftwing can hold more than one passenger at a time, as Link and Zelda are both riding on the bird simultaneously at one part in the game.

Link's Loftwing is a rare breed of Loftwing, being bright crimson in color. Link, like all Skyloftian Loftwing riders, befriended his bird as a child or young adolescent. According to Gaepora, Link and his bird possess a bond like no other in Skyloft, as Link was able to fly with ease when he first met his Loftwing, which is something that even Zelda was jealous of.

Link's Loftwing was stated to be a special bird by the developers, and it's unclear if this is the only trait that makes him special or if there is more to it.

Zelda's Loftwing

Zelda with her Loftwing.png
Main article: Zelda's Loftwing

Much like Link, Zelda has her own feathery friend to ride on when adventuring above the clouds. Zelda will leap off the ledge and land on top of her bird, just like all the other folks in Skyloft do. Whenever Zelda is seen flying, she always has her bluish-purple friend nearby.

Things take a turn for the worse when a tornado is summoned to kidnap Zelda. Both Zelda and her bird are falling down to the land below the clouds, then Link has a dream where Zelda appears to be swallowed by a shadow monster, which turns out to be exactly what Ghirahim's (who summoned the tornado) plan is. Zelda's Loftwing is apparently left behind when Zelda goes to the Skyview Temple to pray and recover her memories as Hylia. However, it is seen in the ending, where he and Link's Crimson Loftwing fly off into the distance after they choose to stay on the Surface.

The Sky


Batreaux Demon HH - Skyward Sword.png
Main article: Batreaux

Despite being a large demon with huge wings, Batreaux is really a kindhearted soul. He longs to become a human so that he can stay in the presence of others.

Link first meets Batreaux when investigating the kidnapping of a little girl, Kukiel. When Link finds Batreaux, he initially thinks the demon is the kidnapper, but Batreaux explains his story and he tells Link that he and the girl are just friends, playing "who can scream the loudest". He explains how he wants to be come human so he can fit in without being a hideous monster and the only way for him to become human is for Link to gather all 80 Gratitude Crystals. Every time Link collects a certain amount of Gratitude Crystals and shows them to Batreax he rewards Link with prizes, including most of the wallets.

Becoming Human - Batreaux's deepest wish is to become human. Link must collect all 80 Gratitude Crystals in order to help. If Link completes his side quest, Batreaux can be found in the Bazaar for the rest of the game.


Beedle - Skyward Sword.png
Main article: Beedle

Like his future incarnations, Beedle is a shop owner]] and sells a wide variety of very useful items, only this time, he sets up business in a floating wooden shop. Link can grab onto a rope and be pulled up to the shop via a pulley mechanism. The inside of Beedle's shop is covered in large gears, which Beedle keeps spinning via a bicycle-like machine. His shop carries four items at any time, including a Life Medal, a Bug Medal, the Bug Net, a Piece of Heart, three Extra Wallets, and three slots for the Adventure Pouch. His familiar "OH!" sound effect has been carried over from The Wind Waker.


Bertie - Skyward Sword.png
Main article: Bertie

Bertie is a shy, quiet guy who works at the Infusion Shop, which is part of the Luv and Bertie's Potion Shop he runs with his wife, Luv. Luv sells potions that Link can carry around in his bottle and Bertie upgrades them to be more effective if Link brings him the right bugs. Their shop is located in the Skyloft Bazaar.

Bertie is also a father. He is seen carrying an infant on his back as he stirs his cauldron. After Link obtains the Clawshots, Bertie asks him to look for his baby's missing Rattle because the child keeps him up at night. Link can find it up in a bird's nest because a bird supposedly stole it from Bertie. Bertie thanks Link and gives him five Gratitude Crystals in return.


Main article: Cawlin

This is the shorter of Groose's two lackeys. He is ill-mannered and he only does things if they benefit him. Cawlin aids Groose in obstructing Link's victory in the Wing Ceremony by throwing eggs at Link. Later on in the game when Zelda disappears, Cawlin can be seen wandering around the Knight Academy with nothing to do, complaining about how sad Groose is and antagonizing Link. He eventually develops an interest in Karane, but is rejected and falls into a depression.


Rescue-Knight-Father (Croo).jpg
Main article: Croo

Croo can be found in the Bazaar near the entrance. He will invite Link for a drink, and if Link says yes, he will explain more about the Knight Academy. He says there are Rescue Knights that save people from falling off of Skyloft, and tells Link that it takes much experience to become one, adding that his grandson is one of them. If Link denies Croo's offer to drink, Croo will be offended.


Main article: Dodoh

Dodoh is an eccentric character who spends his time on Fun Fun Island hosting his own mini-game: Dodoh's High Dive. After reviving Scrapper, Link has the option to help Dodoh retrieve his missing Party Wheel. The Party Wheel is required if Link wishes to play his mini-game. The reward for completing his side-quest is five Gratitude Crystals and a free round of his mini-game.


Main article: Dovos

Dovos is the man that can be found in the restaurant area of the Bazaar. He is a lover of food, especially Piper's. At a later point in the story, he discusses rumors regarding a sobbing woman in the Knight Academy, who is actually the ghost hand found in the bathroom. Once Link listens to the hand and comes back to Dovos, he sympathizes with it, saying that he has been in the same situation before, and also assumes that the hand is a person asking to be handed toilet paper.


Eagus - Skyward Sword.png
Main article: Eagus

Instructor Eagus is the master swordsman, knight commander and fighting arts teacher of Skyloft's well-known Knight Academy, where Skyloftian adolescents and adults who have the courage and perseverance to become knights train to do so. Link attends this academy.

Eagus can always be found in the Sparring Hall, located near the main dormitory of the Knight Academy. He helps Link early in the game by giving him some basic training, teaching him various techniques with the sword and shield. Eagus will give Link his first sword, the Practice Sword.


Fledge - Skyward Sword.png
Main article: Fledge

Fledge is one of the students of the Knight Academy. A seemingly shy guy, Fledge seems to be a bit of a push-over. He spends his time idolizing Link, and often mentions how he would like to be more like our hero. Early in the game, while Fledge was cleaning the dining hall, he overheard Groose and his friends scheming to steal Link's Bird. Fledge tried to sneak out, but unfortunately got caught, and was forced to keep quiet. Once approached after finding Groose bragging about the theft, Fledge admits to his knowledge, and directs Link to their hiding place near the waterfall.

Later, Fledge becomes obsessed with strength training, and bringing him two Stamina Potions at night leads to him giving Link 5 Gratitude Crystals. After receiving the Bow, Link can find Fledge standing around the entrance of Sparring Hall. He mentions how much he has been working out, having done over 3,000 push-ups. Upon noticing Link's new Bow, he asks if Link can show him how good he is with it by playing the Pumpkin Pull mini-game, where Fledge tosses pumpkins using his new-found strength for Link to shoot.


Main article: Gondo

Gondo is the owner of the Scrap Shop. He can repair Link's Shield and upgrade Link's items using the various Treasures he has collected.

This Scrap Shop owner is a jovial fellow, speaking to Link loudly and energetically. He is the owner of Scrapper, and is often ridiculed by the citizens of Skyloft for believing that Scrapper could be fixed. He tries to fix said robot, but unfortunately to not avail due to the lack of necessary materials. Link, however, provides Gondo with the oils of an Ancient Flower, which in turn enables Gondo to fix Scrapper. Due to Link's assistance in reviving Scrapper, he is permitted to use Scrapper's abilities at his own will.

Gondo lives with his mother, and spends most of his time building things and trying to fix Scrapper. His mother dislikes Gondo's obsession with fixing Scrapper and engineering, and complains about it, and is often seen washing Gonzo's clothes.

Gondo could be seen at his shop during day time. Additionally, it is the location of Goddess Chest #19


Main article: Goselle

Goselle is the loving mother of Rupin, but tends to be very demanding, and dislikes doing work. She is quite fond of relics and antiques, and displays them in Rupin's house, where she lives. If Link breaks any of these antiques, Goselle will become furious, and warn him not to do it again. Any subsequent destruction of her antiques will cause her to force Link to pay 20 Rupees, and afterwards 10 to 30 Rupees, seemingly at random, although she claims that the number isn't made up.


Main article: Greba

Greba is a wise, old woman who lives on Skyloft with her son, Gondo. While Gondo leaves their house during the day to run the Scrap Shop, Greba is always seen at home. Greba spends quite a bit of time washing Gondo's dirty laundry during the day and frequently complains about her son's constant filthy messes and tinkering with machines, as she always has to clean it up.


Main article: Gully

Gully is a mischievous young boy. He is the son of Piper, a food lover and researcher. He is fascinated by bugs, with a room containing many framed insects, and wants a Bug Net from Beedle's Air Shop. He looks up to Strich and Link, and teaches Link how to roll near the beginning of the game.

While complaining that Link got a Bug Net without him, he also inadvertently suggests to upgrade the Big Net at Gondo's Scrap Shop.


Main article: Henya

Henya is an employee of the Knight Academy. She has worked there since it opened, 25 years previous. According to Fi, she is very spirited and quick to give her opinions. Henya serves meals to students at the academy. Henya is very disgruntled when a student comes in for a meal late or breaks her pottery and glassware.

If you sit at one of the tables, she will yell at you for being late to breakfast, and that you'll have to wait for lunch. If you walk over to her, she'll complain about Fledge being late with her barrels. After speaking with Fledge a second time, you can take a barrel over to Henya, who will simply say thanks and mention the Wing Ceremony.

Instructor Horwell

Main article: Instructor Horwell

Instructor Horwell is of Skyloftian descent and spends most of his time at the Knight Academy.

Instructor Horwell is first encountered as Link leaves the Knight Academy. He looks quite similar to Instructor Owlan, the other lead instructor of the Skyloftian Knight Academy. He is Headmaster Gaepora's left-hand man, and is entrusted with the academic studies of animals, which he has an interest in. In addition, he quite frequently cares for Mia, the Headmaster's pet Remlit.

When Link first encounters Horwell, he teaches Link Z-targeting and dashing up to have a conversation with him. He then promptly gives Link his first side quest - Mia, Gaepora's pet, has gone missing again. Once Link has finished this quest, Link can head over to the Statue of the Goddess to meet with the Headmaster and Zelda. Afterwards, Link needs to speak with him in order to delay the Wing Ceremony due to an urgent and unfortunate event involving one of the Loftwings.

Retrieving Mia - Collecting Mia is a fairly simple task, using the railing above Link's head, the hero in green can shimmy over to the next ledge. Running and jumping allow Link to clear the gap, and then using the climbing vines brings Link up to the next level. Link can't jump up to the next level, however, and Horwell tells Link so if he tries. Link must push the crate up to the wall and then climb up to get Mia.

Instructor Owlan

Owlan - Skyward Sword.png
Main article: Instructor Owlan

Instructor Owlan is one of the two instructors at the Knight Academy alongside Instructor Horwell. He is seen standing next to Gaepora at the beginning of the Bird Rider's Ceremony. Wearing a decorative blue sash across his shoulders similar to that of Gaepora, he shows his authority on bird riding. He is the instructor of the skill of birdriding to the youths of Skyloft and overseer of the race.

Before the race he gives Link and three other Skyloft youths the instructions for the ceremony. He attaches a ceremonial bird statue, (brought by Zelda) to a small gold bird and tells the children that whoever catches the bird and claims the statue will be this year's champion. Giving quick instructions on how to control the birds he then goes on to say that the champion will receive a gift from the lovely Zelda. Before the race begins he tells Link and three other Skyloft youths to show him just how well they have practiced. He asks to see good clean flying with no interfering with the other bird riders. Then upon his command the competition begins. He also teaches Link's Loftwing the spin attack, allowing it to move faster and attack enemies without hurting itself. He seems intrigued by plants and is Gaepora's right-hand-man, to which he entrusts studying and discoveries.


Jakamar - Skyward Sword.png
Main article: Jakamar

Jakamar is Skyloft's handyman. He's a kind and caring man who adores his wife, Wryna, and his daughter, Kukiel.

On first meeting Jakamar, he's occupying himself by fixing the gate that prevents Link from entering the rest of Skyloft. He then reminds him to pray to the Goddess over at the Bird Statue nearby, making a joke about "One in time saves nine". This information is important due to the fact the Bird Statue is your save point. After discovering Link's Loftwing is missing, Jakamar will remember seeing Groose's bird chasing his. He's unsure about their whereabouts, but he knows that Groose and his cronies are heading to the Wing Ceremony. He then tells Link to go through the academy to get down to the Plaza below.

Jakamar also fixes the windmill after Link finds the Propeller beneath the clouds.

At one point, Jakamar's daughter, Kukiel, goes missing. Link finds her in the care of Batreaux.


Karane - Skyward Sword.png
Main article: Karane

Karane is one of the female students at the Knight Academy.

Karane is a short and somewhat attractive young woman, as Fi observes she is popular with the male students at the Knight Academy.

Karane often points out flaws in peoples manners or normal habits. Karane has a secret crush on Pipit, which becomes more and more obvious midway through the game. She spends a good deal of time standing at the back of the Knight Academy's classroom staring at the bookcase and daydreaming about Pipit.

At one point in the game, Link is asked by Cawlin to deliver a love letter to Karane. Choosing to do so, Karane is confused and embarrassed by Cawlin's letter, not knowing what to do. When confronted by Cawlin who asks her to go on a date, Pipit steps in and reveals his feelings to Karane, who chooses Pipit as her boyfriend. The two remain a happy couple throughout the rest of the game.


Main article: Keet

Keet is a young boy from Skyloft. In the very beginning of the game, Keet is found sitting on a bench near a Bird Statue. After the Wing Ceremony, Keet will disappear. If you fly to the Pumpkin Landing, located southwest of Skyloft, and enter the Lumpy Pumpkin, you will find Keet sitting at a table admiring Kina.


Main article: Kina

Kina is a waitress for the Lumpy Pumpkin. She is the daughter of the joint's owner, Pumm.

When Link accidentally breaks the chandelier at the Lumpy Pumpkin, he is bothered by Kina for doing so and required to transport pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. Later, Link is compelled to participate in a nightly performance with Kina by playing on his Harp. If this rhythm mini-game is completed successfully, Pumm rewards Link with a Piece of Heart.

Following completion of the Fire Sanctuary, Link can return to the Lumpy Pumpkin where Kina is seeking an assistant. Using the Goddess Sword for dowsing, Link encounters Guld who is enthused at his new job. Kina rewards Link with five Gratitude Crystals upon completing this task.


Main article: Kukiel

Kukiel is a young, vivacious, and cheerful female child. She lives in Skyloft, with her mother Wryna and her father Jakamar. After Link places the Ruby Tablet inside of the State of the Goddess, Kukiel is reported to have gone missing. Wryna can be seen calling for her lost child outside of the Statue of the Goddess, and begs Link for his help. Kukiel is eventually found playing with Batreaux. Kukiel informs Link that Batreaux has saved her life before, and has been very friendly to her ever since. Once this side quest is finally put to rest, Link receives 5 Gratitude Crystals.


Luv - Skyward Sword.png
Main article: Luv

Luv runs the Potion Shop in the Bazaar alongside her husband, Bertie, who infuses potions she creates. The first time Link speaks to her, she offers him a Bottle, so he can hold her potions. She is assertive and bold, unlike her husband. As the game progresses, Luv adds different potions to sell, aiding Link later in the journey.


Main article: Mallara

Mallara is a cheerful woman who is the mother of Pipit. She is very lazy, and dislikes cleaning.

She lives in a house in the east part of Skyloft. After Link obtains the Gust Bellows, Mallara will ask Link to clean her house, which is covered in dust and cobwebs, in exchange fo a reward. Once Link uses the Gust Bellows to clean all of the dust in her house, she will reward Link with 20 Rupees, as well as 5 Gratitude Crystals.

After doing this, Link can go to Pipit's house to hear an argument between Mallara and Pipit. Pipit will chastise Mallara for paying money to strangers for something that she can easily do herself, as money is tight, and Pipit is struggling to stay in the Knight Academy due to financial issues. Despite this, she continues to ask Link to clean her house, paying him 20 rupees each time.


Main article: Mia

Mia is Gaepora's pet Remlit. One of the first side-quests Link can do involves retrieving her from atop the Knight Academy's roof. If he hits Mia with his sword, she will ball up and allows Link to pick her up and carry her around. He can even throw the pet Remlit off the edge of Skyloft. Also, during the night, Mia and the other pet Remlits around Skyloft will turn demonic. When Link approaches one of the cats, they will frill up their tails and hiss, also attempting to attack him, actually dealing damage.

Horwell, one of the Knight Academy's instructors, takes care of Mia in his room, claiming that the whole situation is bad because now he really wants to get a pet of his own. At this time, Mia will act cute and playful around her food bowl. Mia has very large ears and is striped from head to toe in white and brown stripes.


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Orielle is a kind young woman who lives on Skyloft. She has a fascination with Loftwings, and often gives Link tips on how to train and maintain his own Loftwing. Her brother is Parrow, a well built man who can tend to be protective of his sister. Both characters are involved in the same side-quest.

Orielle left Skyloft to catch a glance at Fun Fun Island for the first time, however, her Loftwing was injured on the ride over there so she could not progress. Parrow begins to worry about her, and sends Link to search for her. When he gives Parrow the news about her Loftwing, he hands Link Mushroom Spores to cure the bird's injuries. Afterwards, Orielle's Loftwing will heal and Link will be rewarded with 10 Gratitude Crystals; 5 from Parrow, and 5 from Orielle.


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Parrow is a well built and honest young man from Skyloft. Just like his sister, Orielle, he adores Loftwings and has vast knowledge about them. He can often be seen near the The Plaza walking around calmly. He later worries for his sister Orielle, and sends Link to search for her. When Link locates her out in the The Sky, she is seen crashed on a small island with her injured bird. Link rides back to the Plaza and informs Parrow about his sister's accident. He will then give Link the Mushroom Spores, a potion that will heal any injured birds.Link can then ride to Orielle and give her the Mushroom Spores to let her heal her bird. When Orielle's bird is fully healed, Link will be rewarded with 10 Gratitude Crystals, 5 from both Orielle and Parrow, as well as being allowed to keep the Bottle given to him by Parrow.


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Peater is the overprotective father of the Item Check girl, Peatrice. He tries to protect her from amorous boys, like his younger self.

After graduating from the Knight Academy he went off to become a pop idol. When he retired from being an idol, he gained considerate weight. To lose this weight he put on his old gear and started cutting bamboo. He is found on Bamboo Island, the island with a huge bamboo in the center. If Link talks to him, he asks Link if he wants to cut bamboo, adding the challenge of seeing how many cuts Link can get before the bamboo falls.


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Peatrice is in charge of the Item Check in Skyloft. She lives with her father, Peater. She's always bored because no one stores items with her, which often ignites daydreams of her meeting the perfect man. After Link visits her for a while, she will start to notice him, and will eventually get excited for all of his visits. While her father asks Link to stop her secret admirer, Peatrice wants to get closer. If he rejects her, she will go back to being bored and disappointed for the rest of the game, but Peater will give him five Gratitude Crystals. If he says he loves her, she is relieved that he shares mutual feelings with her, and he will receive the Gratitude Crystals from her instead. She then realizes Link must finish his quest before they can truly be together, and asks Link to keep it a secret for now. However, the game's ultimate outcome will not be altered.

If Link chooses that he does have feelings for Peatrice, Fi will recommend that the hero does not tell Zelda about his newfound romance.


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Piper runs the restaurant at Bazaar, where she cooks and serves food. She is a skilled chef and very passionate about cooking. She is a quite perfectionist when it comes to food, so she tastes it multiple times until she is satisfied with it. Because of this, she tends to keep her customers waiting - even her own son, Gully. When she's not working at the Bazaar, she can be found at home, where she enjoys experimenting with new food and flavors.


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Pipit is a resident of Skyloft, and a recent graduate of the Knight Academy. He lives with his mother, Mallara.

Pipit is the local Loftwing expert of Skyloft. He has brown hair, wears a yellow tunic, long pants, and blue gloves and belt that signify that he has graduated from the Knight Academy during one of the previous semesters. He thinks he is a very important figure, which he is to some degree, but brags a little more than he should.

Pipit's overall role in the plot is minor, but he does have his small moments. He patrols around the Knight Academy at night, searching for any dangers that might be lurking.

After learning that Link's Loftwing is missing, and not responding to his calls, Pipit offers to help him find it. He suggests Link should visit the plaza and speak to some of the towns people while he asks around the academy. In addition to that, Link can offer to help his mother clean their house. She offers 20 Rupees for his assistance. As the game progresses further, Link can stop by their house at night to find Pipit yelling at his mother for wasting her money on a housekeeper.

Upon learning from Link that Cawlin is interested in dating Karane, Pipit steps in and takes her for himself. Link is then rewarded with five Gratitude Crystals for bringing the two together.


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Pumm is the owner of the Lumpy Pumpkin. He lives with his daughter, Kina, on the Pumpkin Landing to the southeast of Skyloft. He sells Hot Pumpkin Soup for 10 Rupees, and he is quite proud of the chandelier that hangs on the second floor of the building. He warns Link not to break it.

If Link ignores him and breaks the chandelier anyway, Pumm becomes enraged and orders Link to perform tasks for him to pay for a new one. He first sends Link out to deliver Pumpkin Soup to Eagus. However, the soup will become cold after five minutes, so Pumm warns him to deliver it quickly. Next, he asks Link to help Kina harvest the pumpkins. Finally, he requests that Link accompanies Kina's singing on the Goddess's Harp at night. If Link manages to perform well, then Pumm announces that his debt has been paid off and he purchases a new chandelier.

Every year, Pumm delivers a basin full of Pumpkin Soup to Levias. However, he says that this year he has been unable to deliver it due to the Thunderhead clouds. He is relieved when Link offers to take the soup to Levias instead, and he cooks up what he claims is the best batch he has made in a long time.


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Rupin is a merchant who operates the Gear Shop at the Bazaar. He lives with his mother Goselle in the southeastern part of Skyloft; he will buy certain treasures from Link if he visits Rupin's House at night.

When working his daytime job, Rupin appears as an energetic, smooth-talking and overbearing salesman; if Link decides not to buy an item he has expressed interest in, or if he leaves his stall without having made a purchase, Rupin is visibly disappointed at not having made a sale. When approached at night, however, he claims to tire of playing a "smiley shopkeeper", and claims that this is not the real him.


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Rusta spends most of his time in the Lumpy Pumpkin and the Bazaar kitchen, often telling tales about a demon he claims to have seen living in Skyloft. He tells Link that the demon gets in by pushing a certain grave in the Graveyard at night, which opens the entrance to the shed. If Link follows these directions, he will find Batreaux's House. Batreaux is actually the demon of which Rusta speaks.


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Sparrot is a fortune teller who has a small area in the Bazaar in Skyloft, where he tells fortunes for 10 Rupees. In addition to giving Link a hint on where to go next for his quest, Sparrot can tell him what kind of Treasures are in each region.

Sparrot is involved in a Gratitude Crystal sidequest in which he breaks his Crystal Ball and can no longer tell fortunes. Link can find a new crystal ball for him in the Eldin Volcano region, above the entrance to the Earth Temple.


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Strich is the taller of Groose's two lackeys, constantly standing beside him or flanking him. Motivations for sticking by Groose, and other aspects of his character are a mystery. It could be that Strich is a quieter, calmer individual than Groose or Cawlin. Stritch is also a very serious bug-maniac. He can be found in the Lumpy Pumpkin on the second level where he expresses his love for these creepy-crawlies. If Link visits his room at night, Strich will enthusiastically purchase bugs from Link for a reasonable price. Strangely enough, he is away from his bully friends. When there, he acts somewhat kind towards Link, suggesting that maybe he is not the real meanie that a lot of people in Skyloft think he is.

After completing the Fire Sanctuary, Strich can be found on an island named "Bug Rock" in the Thunderhead. On "Bug Rock", or "Bug Heaven", he offers a mini-game in which Link has to catch all the bugs he tells him to catch. Later, he appears in a side quest "Beedle's Lost Beetle," after completing the sixth dungeon, and freeing Levias. By waking up on Beedle's Island, (By sleeping on his bed on his airship) he will tell Link he lost his beetle. By going to "Bug Rock", Strich will tell Link he found a rare beetle. After explaining that it is not his, he will tell Link he will only give it up if Link wins his mini-game. After winning, Link can give it to Beedle and gain five Gratitude Crystals.


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Wryna is a resident of Skyloft, the wife of Jakamar and mother of Kukiel.

After Link has placed the Ruby Tablet into the altar Inside the Statue of the Goddess, he will run into Wryna who is leaning over the wooden bridge yelling out for her daughter, Kukiel. She informs Link that Kukiel has gone missing, and asks him to help her find Kukiel. By talking to people around Skyloft and in the Lumpy Pumpkin, Link learns that Kukiel was spotted with a monster, who opens the shed to his house at night in the Graveyard. Link can use this information to go to the Graveyard and roll into one the graves, which reveals a ladder that leads down to the path towards Batreaux's House.

Inside, Link discovers that the monster spotted by the residents of Skyloft was actually a friendly demon, who was simply playing games with Kukiel, and not kidnapping her. Batreaux, the monster, tells Link he desperately wants to be a human, and asks him to collect Gratitude Crystals for him. The next morning, Kukiel returns to her house, and Link sees Wryna so relieved to see Kukiel safe. Wryna gives Link five Gratitude Crystals.


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LD-301S Scrapper, more commonly known simply as Scrapper, is a stubborn Ancient Robot. He served Gondo's family for generations, but eventually he lost his energy and couldn't be used. It was only until Gondo used oils from the Ancient Flower that Link gave him to revive Scrapper. His main use is to carry items from the Surface to The Sky that are too big for Link to carry on his own. He admires Fi, and believes that Link doesn't deserve her assistance. Scrapper often pesters the hero by calling him "Master Shortpants", and flatters Fi by calling her "Mistress Fi".

Scrapper makes himself extremely useful by offering his assistance whenever he can. He helps Dodoh collect his Party Wheel, Sparrot collect his crystal ball, carry the Kikwi, Oolo, to Instructor Owlan, and give Kina a hand in doing some agricultural work. Aside from being a large help in side quests, Scrapper helps out in the main quest as well. He does so by, retrieving the fallen pinwheel from the Surface, transport water from Faron to the Fire Sanctuary, and carry a large basin of Hot Pumpkin Soup to Levias.

Scrapper, among few other robots in the LD-301 series, does not need a Timeshift Stone to function in the present.



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Bucha is the elder of the Kikwi tribe. He is distinctive from the other Kikwi due to his huge size and gigantic mustache. Bucha asks Link to find the missing Kikwi within Faron Woods and in thanks for Link's work, Bucha awards him with the Slingshot.


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Erla is a Kikwi who lives in the Faron Woods with the other members of his race.

In exchange for information on Zelda's location, Bucha asks Link to search for Erla and the other Kikwis of the woods. Link finds Erla up on a ledge that can be reached after climbing a wall of vines. He is hiding in the grass, but once Link cuts it all down with the Sword, he is forced to stand up and face him. Disappointed that Link found his excellent hiding place, he introduces himself as the greatest hider of all the Kikwis, aside from the elder.

While Link is obtaining the Song of the Hero, Faron Woods is flooded completely. Erla is stuck on a log that managed to remain floating. He tells Link that the water is coming from Inside the Great Tree.

After Link collects all the Tadtones, the water recedes and Erla returns to his spot up on the ledge. He hides in the grass again, so Link has to cut it down to talk to him. If Link does so, Erla congratulates his ability to find him and gives him a Treasure.


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Faron the Water Dragon is a large, blue reptile-like deity who resides in the Faron area. She is one of the "Three Dragons" that guard the land below The Sky. The other dragons being Lanayru the Thunder Dragon, and Eldin the Fire Dragon. Throughout the game she stays very skeptical of Link's abilities and is a very important character. She is also very strict about manners and will often correct the hero for being impolite. After completing the Silent Realm in Faron Woods, Link will be rewarded with the Water Dragon's Scale. An item that belongs to the Faron herself, it allows him to swim underwater and do spin-attacks. Faron can be found deep within Lake Floria. Furthermore, she reveals the path to the Ancient Cistern, the fourth dungeon of the game. She also teaches Link the first part of the Song of the Hero later on in the story. To do this, Link must obtain the Tadtones as instructed by Faron.


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Gorko is a Goron and an archaeologist who is fascinated with Skyloft and the ruins left in the absence of the Hylians. He learned of them from ancient texts he found, which are highly inaccurate, but still have some useful information in them. When he meets Link, he is constantly amazed by his magical sword swipes and his ability to activate ancient devices. He carries a Triforce symbol with him, although it is rarely seen in this game. He sometimes aids Link on his journey.

Link first meets him outside the Sealed Temple in the Faron Province. He is being attacked by a crowd of Bokoblins. He describes the Bird Statues to Link, as well as his own version of Skyloft, which he calls the Isle of the Goddess. After that, Link meets Gorko in the Deep Woods, where he helps Link discover how to use Goddess Cubes. He also later explains Goddess Walls and Gossip Stones. When Link reaches the Temple of Time in the Lanayru Province, Gorko visits there in search of more information. Golo is his assistant. Gorko is seen one final time prior to the entrance of the Fire Sanctuary. He is unable to enter due to pillars of fire; Link solves this problem by extinguishing the fire with water.

If Link shows Gorko how to draw something on a Goddess Wall near the Sealed Grounds, Gorko awards Link with a Piece of Heart.


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Jellyf is a young female Parella that resides in Lake Floria. Her intelligence is much greater than the average Parella, causing her to be their leader. Aside from leading the Parella, she is a servant under the Water Dragon, Faron. Jellyf is first startled and annoyed by the sudden appearance of Link in Lake Floria, but comes to realize he means to help by noticing the Water Dragon's Scale he has equipped. She then leads him to Faron, who then explains about Ghirahim's most recent attack.

Unlike most Parella, Jellyf is red in color.


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Lopsa is a member of the Kikwi, a race of creatures that have lived in the Faron Woods area since the time of the Goddess. Like most of his race, he is cowardly, and hides from anything, including Link himself.

When Link visits the Faron Woods in search of Zelda, the Kikwi elder, Bucha, asks him to search for his missing friends. Link finds Lopsa stuck on a tree branch high above the ground with an angry Bokoblin trying to reach him. Upon spotting Link, the Bokoblin calls back-up with its horn and they attack. After Link defeats them all, Lopsa calls down to him and asks for assistance because his legs are shaking too much. Link can roll into the tree to make Lopsa fall to the ground. Lopsa is glad to hear that the elder is safe, and he wants Link to tells Bucha that he is all right.

Later, Lopsa is trapped on a lilypad with Machi when the Faron Woods is flooded. Lopsa tells Link that the Water Dragon must be around the woods somewhere. After Link removes the water, Lopsa wanders around the gray structure that is outside the entrance to the Deep Woods. He complains about how boring it is, although he acknowledges that is better than being in danger all the time.


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Machi is a member of the Kikwi race, the first Kikwi that Link encounters when he enters the Faron Woods.

Link first finds Machi curled up into a ball on the ground, being attacked by a pair of Bokoblins. Machi is playing dead. When Link defeats the two enemies, Machi initially thinks it is safe, but he becomes scared when he spots Link and runs away. Fi mentions that Machi causes a spike in dowsing readings that correlate with Zelda. As a result, Link chases after Machi, finding him hiding behind two mushrooms and eventually a tree. When Link at last catches him, he realizes that Link is not an enemy and introduces himself. He then comments on how he had earlier seen a girl of Link's race who escaped from trouble with the Kikwi elder, Bucha. Realizing that it is Zelda, Link sets off to find her, but only after Machi has asked him to tell Bucha about his location. When Fi materializes shortly after, Machi is terrified and tries to camouflage himself as a plant again.

The next time that Link sees Machi is just after he completes Skyview Temple. The Kikwi waits outside the entrance for him, wondering if Link had found his friend. He is saddened if Link forgets who he is.

Later, the Faron Woods area is flooded completely, forcing the Kikwis to stay on floating pieces of debris. Machi ends up on a lilypad with Lopsa, where he urgently tells Link that the flooding is the Water Dragon's fault. After the water is drained, he wanders around in the main part of the woods.


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Oolo is a Kikwi that lives in Faron Woods. As Fi suggests, Oolo is the shyest Kikwi.

Link first meets Oolo when Bucha, the Kikwi elder, asks him to search for his fellow Kikwis. Oolo is found hiding on a ledge, curled up on his stomach with his shrub-like back up in order to look like a plant. When Link tries to pick him up, Oolo is frightened and screams at him not to eat him. However, he then realizes that Link is looking for the Kikwis, and he gratefully tells Link to inform the elder of his location, although he plans on staying hidden for the time being. When Fi appears right after, Oolo is terrified and begins to shiver.

Later, Oolo is also involved in a side-quest to collect Gratitude Crystals. After Faron teaches Link her part of the Song of the Hero, Link can talk to Instructor Owlan. He asks Link to find him a new species of plant to study. Link can then talk to Oolo, who complains that his shoulders are sore from staying hidden for so long. Although the other Kikwis think it is safe, Oolo does not trust the newfound peace and he is frustrated by staying hidden all the time. When he wonders if there was some other place he could go to feel safe, Link offers to take him to Skyloft. Scrapper carries Oolo into The Sky with Link. If Link brings Oolo back to Owlan's room, Owlan is very excited and rewards Link with five Gratitude Crystals. At first, Oolo appears to be pleased with his praise. However, after a while he admits that he does not enjoy the instructor's scrutinity and tells Link that this new life is not much different from when he was in the forest.


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Yerbal is a Kikwi hermit who sleeps atop the Great Tree. Link meets him while he searches for Farore's Flame. To wake Yerbal from his sleep, Link must hit him with any projectile weapon he has in his possession. Once awake and able to speak, Yerbal directs Link towards Faron the Water Dragon, who resides at the bottom of Lake Floria.

Humorously, when Link meets Faron, she announces that she will eat Yerbal for divulging her location. However, Yerbal remains very much alive for the rest of the game.



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Bronzi is a Mogma who Link first encounters in the Fire Sanctaury. He has been captured and chained to the ceiling, and will beg Link to free him, and promises Link a reward if he does. After Link rescues him, he attempts to run away without giving Link a gift, but after seeing that Link has the Mogma Mitts of his brother, Silva, he will realize that Link is most likely a friend of Silva, and will give him the Dungeon Map as well as a hint.


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Cobal is one of the first Mogma that Link encounters in Eldin Volcano. He is later found nearby the Earth Temple, where Link overhears a conversation between Cobal and his treasure hunting partner, Ledd, about the broken key required to enter the temple.


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Eldin, the Fire Dragon, is the dragon of Eldin Province. He resides in Eldin Volcano. He will teach Link the second part of the Song of the Hero (which he plays on the Goddess's Harp). Eldin will be met towards the end of the game after completing the Bokoblin Base and serves a very important role in the development of the story.


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Guld is an elderly Mogma. He has long served as the leader of the Mogmas; however, he wishes to find a replacement, according to Fi. He longs to go and explore the sky, but he can't leave until a new leader has been appointed.

He is part of a sidequest where he must be taken to the Lumpy Pumpkin to help Kina with field work. At first he is reluctant, saying that such work is beneath him, but when praised and encouraged by Kina, he begins to do it without hesitation.


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Kortz is a minor character from Skyward Sword. He is a member of the Mogma race, and can thus be found in and around the Eldin Volcano.


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Ledd is a member of the Mogmas. He, along with Cobal, is the first Mogma Link meets at Eldin Volcano. His fascination with explosions prompts him to create a Bomb Bag. Link once more encounters Ledd in the Earth Temple, wherein he lost his Bomb Bag. Ledd asks Link to reclaim his stolen item. Once Link defeats the Lizalfos guarding the Bomb Bag, Ledd allows him to keep the item.

When Link arrives at the Fire Sanctuary and sees a large fire blocking the entrance, Ledd suggests he sees the water dragon, Faron. Link can use the Water Basin to put out the fire.


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Merco is a blonde-haired Mogma found in Eldin Volcano. He points Link in the direction of Impa.

Mr. Tubert

Main article: Mr. Tubert

Unlike most Mogmas, Mr. Tubert isn't interested in treasure hunting; instead, he earns his money by operating the Thrill Digger mini-game.

If Link sits down on the stool next to Mr. Tubert, he will ask Link if he would like to chat with him. If Link answers yes, he will be given the option of asking three different questions: "Who are you?", "Are you floating?", and "Is it too bright for you?".

Mr. Tubert is not actually floating, but instead standing on his tail. He does this so that he can show off his paws on his feet, which he believes to be his best feature. If asked "Is it too bright for you?" he explains that he only wears his glasses to look cool. He also takes pride in his moustache

If Link asks Mr. Tubert the question of "Who are you?" before the Bokoblin tower outside the cave is knocked over, he will complain about the recent "scary-red-monster" infestation in the area and how it's been detrimental to his business. He also states that he wishes somebody would come and demolish "those ugly towers" and send the red monsters scampering away. This could be a hint for Link to bomb the Bokoblin lookout tower outside of the cave to progress through Eldin Volcano. However, if Link asks this question after the tower is knocked over, then he will simply talk about how he is upset that all of his Mogma friends think Rupees are easy to find, and thus they never play his Thrill Digger game.


Main article: Nackle

Nackle is a Mogma living in Eldin Volcano. He is addicted to digging.


Main article: Plats

Plats is larger and greedier than most Mogmas and is a top treasure hunter. He is first found in the Fire Sanctuary in an underground tunnel. He initially believes that Link is a monster and runs away from him while attempting to block his path. Once Link traps Plats and catches up to him, he sees that Link has his brother's Mogma Mitts and realizes that Link isn't a monster; he then gives him a Piece of Heart to make up for it.

He later appears in Eldin Volcano during the Song of the Hero quest, after Link is captured by Bokoblins. Plats obtains Link's Mogma Mitts from the Bokoblins and returns them to him, so he can escape his prison. He also updates Link's map with the equipment that was stolen from him.


Main article: Silva

Silva gives Link the Mogma Mitts in thanks for saving him when captured in the Fire Sanctuary. He is the brother of Bronzi and Plats.


Main article: Tyto

Tyto is a Mogma who Link encounters on his first visit to Eldin Volcano. He looks fairly similar to most Mogmas; carrying similar traits to those of the average Mogma, although he bears dark green hair. He is first seen being harassed by a small horde of Bokoblins. Link must defeat every last Bokoblin that is troubling Tyto in order to receive the Digging Mitts as a reward.


Main article: Zanc

Zanc is a Mogma who lives near the Thrill Digger game. While he will sell Link "top-secret info" about the game for 20 rupees, the same information is actually printed on the wall.



Main article: Golo

Golo is an archaeologist, and does what he can to assist his fellow Goron, Gorko. Link first encounters Golo at Lanayru Caves only to find him excavating a passageway to Lanayru Gorge.


Main article: Gortram

Gortram is the sole inhabitant of the Shipyard in the Lanayru Sand Sea. He doesn't mind this solitude, however, as he remarks he occupies himself by riding the mine carts present. Gortram operates the Rickety Coaster mini-game, which is unlocked after defeating Tentalus. "Scary!" and "Heart-stopping!" difficulties are offered. Completing the scary track earns various amounts of Rupees, depending on time. Prizes on the heart stopping track include rare treasures and a Piece of Heart.


Main article: Lanayru (Dragon)

Lanayru is one of the three dragons. Also known as the Thunder Dragon, he protects the Lanayru Province. When Link first arrives at Lanayru Gorge, he only finds Lanayru's skeleton. After activating a Timeshift Stone, the time reverts to when the dragon was alive. However, he is sick and cannot sing his part of the Song of the Hero. The Ancient Robots try to grow the Tree of Life in a hope that it might help the cause of Lanayru. Link can take the Life Tree Seedling to the Sealed Temple and plant it in the past so that it grows into the Life Tree Fruit in the future. The Life Tree Fruit restores the dragon's health and he can sing his part.

Lanayru runs the Thunder Dragon's Lightning Round after he recovers from his sickness. It allows Link to fight bosses from his past, or repeat Silent Realm challenges. If Link beats precisely eight rounds, Lanayru rewards him with the Hylian Shield.


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LD-301N Skipper, or more simply known as Skipper, is located in the Lanayru Sand Sea. Like most other Ancient Robots, Skipper is only alive and working when a Timeshift Stone is activated. Unlike the others, however, he demonstrates awareness to the fact that the Timeshift Stone is the only thing keeping him running. He helps out Link by lending his boat to aid him in receiving Nayru's Flame. Skipper originally resided in Skipper's Retreat, but left to explore the sea with his crew. One of the notes in Skipper's house refers to him as "Dad", implying that he has a son. Skipper is a proud captain of the Sandship that guards Nayru's Flame. It is later attacked by the Abysmal Leviathan, Tentalus.