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Major Characters


Link is the hero of Skyward Sword, starting off the game as a young man living in Skyloft who attends a Knight Academy. Link is dressed with boots, green pants, and a sweatshirt, not unlike the rest of the citizens of Skyloft. He is a very active young lad who goes skydiving and bird riding to impress Zelda and his other classmates. Each of the citizens of Skyloft have large birds that they use for transportation, but Link has a rare red bird that he befriends early on. Link is very close friends with Zelda and they seem to care greatly for each other. Early on in his quest, Link successfully wins a bird race conducted by the Ceremony Leader and this allows him to win a prize from Zelda.

While Link and Zelda are riding off through the clouds, a sudden tornado has been summoned, causing Zelda to fall off her bird and get sucked down into the land below. Link goes after Zelda, but appears to be knocked out cold by the huge fall. Before falling into the land below he is saved by his Loftwing and taken back to Skyloft. When he gets back to Skyloft he is given his green tunic, which represents his year in the Knight Academy, to him by Gaepora.

Link will travel down to the land below in search of Zelda. Throughout his quest, he will use a standard set of inventory items that he will upgrade along the way as he battles through the overworld and dungeons, attempting to save Hyrule from the evil that lurks there. Using his Loftwing Link will travel between Skyloft and the surface world. Part of his quest will take him to the Silent Realm, an alternate dimension of the surface world, where he must collect tears of light and avoid guardians without the aid of his sword. He will fight many foes along the way, but perhaps none fiercer than the Demon Lord Ghirahim. Ghirahim is also in search of Zelda and has no problem bringing Link within an inch of his life. It is up to our hero to defeat Ghirahim, rescue Zelda, and save the lands of Skyloft and Hyrule.


Zelda is a resident of Skyloft, a classmate of Link and one of his closest friends. It is obvious from very early on that Zelda has a thing for Link. She too enjoys soaring through the clouds on top of her own bird. Despite being a normal girl in the town, Zelda seems to have some special status amongst the people of Skyloft. Early on in the game, Zelda gives out a prize to whomever wins the flight race.

After Link successfully wins the race, Zelda leaps off of the ledge from Skyloft, dropping down onto Link's bird to congratulate him. Things eventually take a turn for the worse when Link and Zelda are flying about. A huge tornado is summoned causing Zelda to fall off her bird and get sucked to the land beneath the clouds. As she falls to the ground, she appears to be swallowed by a giant monster. Ghirahim claims that a servant of the Goddess rescued her from the tornado and she was taken to the Forest Temple. It is unknown whether this creature, which strongly resembles a creature Link encounters in the land below, is the servant, or if it is what the servant rescued her from.

Link, his rival, and the evil Ghirahim set out to look for Zelda. Link is out to rescue her while Ghirahim seeks her holiness for some unknown end. Her importance is a mystery, but she is referred to as an "oracle" and "a female servant of the goddess". She apparently has been taken to the Forest Temple, but is taken elsewhere before either Link or Ghirahim have a chance to reach her. Link picks up her trail in Eldin Volcano, but not before Ghirahim enters. It is uncertain who will find her first and what will become of her.

Demon Lord Ghirahim

One of the game's antagonists, the demon Ghirahim is a tall and slender man with grayish skin and albino hair. His bodysuit and mantle are decorated with diamond patterns. He is skilled in the ways of magic, his sorcerous powers allowing him to teleport, conjure knives, and summon a distinct black sabre with which he is incredibly skilled.

He is one of several members of a tribe that rules over the surface world. His standing in this tribe, whether it be leader or merely a member, is uncertain. They seek Zelda's holy power so that he may revive his master and in an attempt to capture her, Ghirahim uses his considerable magical powers to form the massive tornado which was intended to kidnap Zelda. Before she could fall into their hands however, a servant of the goddess saved Zelda, which greatly enraged Ghirahim.

Ghirahim's regard for himself is incredibly high. He prefers to be referred to by his full title, Lord Ghirahim and he constantly mocks Link's ability in combat. His arrogance is second only to his depravity. Ghirahim enjoys bloodshed, and in his anger at the whale's interference he attacks Link and toys with him. He enjoys appearing out of nowhere and taunting his victims from close behind, and constantly licks his lips and at the air when he is excited about violence.

Unfortunately for Link, Ghirahim's arrogance seems justified. Link barely survives his tornado and the battle with Ghirahim himself, only surviving because of the Skyward Sword. Link's life does not matter to Ghirahim but he offers Link mercy after their battle, threatening to kill him if he ever interferes again.


Link's sidekick in this game appears as a female spirit-like entity called Fi. Both her and Zelda bear the same diamond crest on their chests. She is first encountered in a dream when she appears from the sky above Link as he is falling to the land below. Later he sees her and chases her around Skyloft until she leads him to the Goddess Statue revealing a secret room housing the Goddess Sword. Her origins are a mystery. With her advising and aiding him Link journeys to the Forest Temple, where he fights Ghirahim. The Demon Lord himself states that the Goddess Sword is the only thing that kept Link alive during their fight.

Fi's humanoid form appears by expanding out of a light from the hilt of the Goddess Sword and disappears by shrinking and returning to that light. She does not seem to act human, speaking to Link like a robot as she analyzes his items and surroundings and gives him information about them. When Link enters a new area, Fi comes out of the sword and announces where you are and a very brief blip about it. Also, when Link finds an upgrade or a new item, Fi comes out of the sword and tells you what the item is and what it does. When she talks to Link, she refers to him as master. Why she acts this way is also, like her origin, a mystery.

The Goddess Sword is somehow important to the forging of the Master Sword. Exactly how has yet to be revealed.

Minor Characters


Like his previous incarnations, Beedle is a shop owner and sells a wide variety of very useful items, only this time, he sets up business in a floating wooden shop. Link can grab onto a rope and be pulled up to the shop via a pulley mechanism. The inside of Beedle's shop is covered in large gears, which Beedle keeps spinning via a bicycle-like machine. His shop carries four items at any time, ranging from item-carrying pouches to pieces of heart. His familiar "OH" sound effect has been carried over from The Wind Waker.

Ceremony Leader

The Ceremony Leader is first seen standing next to the old man at the beginning of the Bird Rider's Ceremony. Wearing a decorative blue sash across his shoulders similar to that of the old man he seems to be an authority on bird riding. Presumably the instructor of the skill of birdriding to the youths of Skyloft and overseer of the race.

Before the race he gives Link and three other Skyloft youths the instructions for the ceremony. He attaches a ceremonial bird statue, (brought by Zelda) to a small gold bird and tells the children that whoever catches the bird and claims the statue will be this year's champion. Giving quick instructions on how to control the birds he then goes on to say that the champion will receive a gift from the lovely Zelda. Before the race begins he tells Link and three other Skyloft youths to show him just how well they have practiced. He asks to see good clean flying with no interfering with the other flyers. Then upon his command the competition begins.


Gaepora is the headmaster of the knight academy but seems to hold an even higher position of authority in Skyloft, slightly higher than the ceremony leader. He observes the ceremony, offering a scolding remark to Groose. His decorative red sash is similar to the ceremony leader's except that it features four golden triangles, as well as the Skyloftian bird symbol on its back. His belt also has a bird design. Gaepora is Zelda's father and has a symbol on his back almost identical to hers. His robes bear a striking resemblance to those of Rauru, who credited himself as one of the ancient Sages who constructed the Temple of Time. He also has long eyebrows and laughs with a "Hoo Hoo Hoo" much like Kaepora Gaebora, said to be a reincarnation of an ancient Sage. Some even think he resembles the Kings of Hyrule who appears in The Adventure of Link, The Wind Waker and The Minish Cap.

After Zelda is taken by the tornado, Link goes to Gaepora to tell him of Zelda's fate and ask for help. Gaepora thinks of his daughter as strong and is not worried, but can only offer Link support and give him his green tunic from being promoted to Senior Class, saying his old clothes were not suitable for a journey.


The people of Skyloft appear to worship only one goddess, and have no knowledge of the Triforce. This goddess is also known by Ghirahim, the Demon Lord of the land below. She sends her servant to save Zelda from Ghirahim's grasp.

A massive statue of the Goddess can be seen looking over the city of Skyloft. Not much is known about this statue, but it has a real world similarity to the Christ the Redeemer statue that looks over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the beginning of the game Fi leads Link to a secret room in the Goddess statue that houses the Goddess Sword.


Gorko reminds viewers of the traveling merchant Goron in disguise in The Wind Waker than in Ocarina of Time. He calls himself an adventurer, and wants to see all that the world has to offer. He shows Link new things, such as the Goddess Cube (which he named himself) He also carries a Triforce symbol with him ― the only one seen so far outside of the Siren World.

Gossiping Women

These Skyloftian ladies can be seen briefly in several of the Skyward Sword trailers, talking amongst themselves about topics unknown. These characters appearing to be gossiping excitedly, so it is possible they may become a source of information or perhaps comedy relief in the game. Like many of the townsfolk of Skyloft, their importance (if any) is unknown, but it is likely they will be relevant to at least some of the side quests and character interactions of the town.


Groose appears throughout the game in different ways. He has a thing for Zelda and is determined to win the birdriding competition to impress her. He and his lackeys compete very roughly with Link, and tries to knock him around to prevent him from taking the bird statue first. He also has his lackeys, Cawlin and Stritch throw eggs at Link to slow him down. The ceremony leader specifically warned against this behavior just before the contest began, and the old man singled out Groose as someone who is prone to not play by the rules. He will probably be trying to rescue Zelda before Link does, but it is not known whether he will be a help or a hindrance to Link's quest.

Link's Bird

Link's feathery friend is his mode of transportation when traveling amongst the clouds. Link can leap off ledges and call his bird as he falls. Link's bird will swoop right underneath him giving Link a perfect landing spot. Link can use his bird to travel between the various islands in the sky.

Link's bird seems to have some sort of connection with Zelda's bird, as the two can be seen flying together even when Link and Zelda are not with each other. Link's bird can hold more than one passenger at a time, as Link and Zelda are both riding on the bird simultaneously at one part in the game.

Link's Bird is a rare breed of Loftwing Bird that he befriends at some point, possibly before the story starts, in a ceremony. Link's Bird was stated to be a special bird by the developers, and it is unclear if this is the only trait that makes him special or if there is more to it.

Mysterious Woman

Very little is known about this mysterious woman beyond her appearance. She has a red symbol on her forehead that resembles the Sheikah Eye, a tear drop symbol beneath her left eye, and a Sheikah Eye symbol on her shirt. Judging by this attire, she appears to be a part of the Sheikah tribe, though her true affiliation is unknown. It is also unknown whether she is Link's ally, foe, or a neutral party, but she seems to hold an important role in the story. Link at one point races towards her as she turns around towards an ethereal light in a fountain behind her.

It is speculated that this character could be the "servant of the goddess" that Ghirahim referred to as being the one who snatched Zelda out of his clutches, but this has not been proven.

Potion Shop Owner

Like in previous games, the Potion Shop owner can make and sell potions for Link to carry around in his bottle. His shop is located in the Skyloft Bazaar. This particular potion shop owner also seems to be a parent, carrying an infant on his back as he stirs his cauldron. He can also upgrade Link's potions to make them stronger if Link can pay the rupee cost as well as bring him the required types and number of insects.

Scrap Shop Owner

Judging by the wrench on his family or personal crest, this man is a mechanic by trade. He runs the Scrap Shop in the Bazaar where he will upgrade most of Link's equipment throughout the game using items link acquires killing enemies throughout the game. He can also repair Link's shield.

The scrap shop owner is a jovial fellow, speaking to Link loudly and energetically. It is possible that he, along with the other townsfolk of Skyloft, will be interacted with constantly throughout the game in other ways as Link frequently returns to the town.

Servant of the Goddess

When Link is speaking with Ghirahim in the Forest Temple, the evil lord mentions that a "servant of the goddess" snatched her away before she could fall into his grasp. It was previously thought by many that the silhouette resembling a whale that swallows Zelda up was this servant, but this is unproven and no longer as likely as it seemed. The Servant of the Goddess is most likely to be the mysterious blonde girl who resembles a Sheikah that is helping to protect Zelda, but there still could be another servant hidden somewhere.

It is also unclear what the singular reference to "the goddess" means, as throughout the Zelda series there are references to the three Goddesses, as well as just "the gods", but never to a single goddess. Zelda is also stated to be a servant of the goddess, so this other servant may be connected to Zelda.

Soup Lady

This woman can be found inside one of the Skyloft homes preparing soup in her kitchen. It is unclear who she is or how important she will be in the story, but she is only of the townsfolk that has a shot in a trailer dedicated to her, though possibly for nothing more than effect. It is likely however that, like many of the townsfolk, she will be involved in side quest activities and character interaction as Link returns to Skyloft throughout the game. It is possible she may be the mother of one of the youths enrolled at Skyloft's boarding school, though this is only speculation.

Statue Watcher

The Statue Watcher is one of the many townsfolk of Skyloft that we have seen. He can be seen admiring an old statue of a bird, one of the many Skyloftian artifacts depicting the Loftwing Birds. Very little is known about him.

Since Skyloft has been stated to be somewhat modeled after Clock Town from Majora's Mask, we can assume that this character, although insignificant in the grand scheme of things, will probably have some involvement in side quests and other interactions.

Zelda's Bird

Much like Link, Zelda has her own feathery friend to ride on when adventuring above the clouds. Zelda will leap off the ledge and land on top of her bird, just like all the other folks in Skyloft do. Whenever Zelda is seen flying, she always has her bluish-purple friend nearby.

Things take a turn for the worse when a tornado is summoned to kidnap Zelda. Both Zelda and her bird are falling down to the land below the clouds when Zelda appears to be swallowed by a shadow monster. Zelda's bird is not shown being swallowed by the shadow monster, therefore we do not know of its whereabouts.


Parella Tribe

These are octorok-squid like creatures new to Skyward Sword. They are believed to be allies towards Link and reside in Lake Floria. They have yellow creamish coloring with blue splotches over their bodies and have tentacle appendeges. A special Parella, with red splotches and a bigger (head part?), guides Link further into the lakes cave-like area. This special parella might be the leader of the other parella but this is not confirmed. Their part in Link's quest is unknown at this point.

Kikwi Tribe

The Kikwi are very diverse creatures new to Skyward Sword that live in the forest region. Skittish of strangers, they start to be friendly towards Link when he rescues their tribe from Bokoblins. Link is asked by the elder of the Kikwis, Bucha, to help find the rest of his tribe and make sure they are safe. Once Link has found them all, the elder remembers that Zelda went into the temple, leading Link to find her whereabouts.

Demon Tribe

These main antagonists are evil magic users who rule the land beneath the clouds. Headed by Lord Ghirahim, this group seeks to capture Zelda for some unknown purpose. At the base of Eldin Volcano, the Mogma tell Link that a bunch of shady "guys in red" have entered the volcano where Zelda is supposedly hidden. This is likely a reference to the demon tribe, since Ghirahim wears a red cloak and they are after Zelda.

There is much speculation on whether this group of sorcerers is related to one or more other races, tribes, or groups. Ghirahim's magic greatly resembles that of the Twili, whose ancestors were said to have sought control over Hyrule before the events of Ocarina of Time. The Mysterious Woman (who has indications of being a Sheikah) shares a similar design with Lord Ghirahim, implying that these two characters may be related somehow. Other possible connections include the "ancient tribe" who created Majora's Mask, and the "Dark Tribe."


Gorons have primarily appeared as mountain dwellers and their rock hard bodies are capable of withstanding volcanic heat. However, Gorons have also taken on the more secretive role of traveling merchants. It is not uncommon for Goron's to range quite a bit in size, from small child-like Goron's to the massively over-sized Gorons.

Only one Goron has been seen thus far in Skyward Sword and it holds the appearance of the traveling merchant variety from The Wind Waker. It is unclear whether or not there will be an entire race of Gorons in Skyward Sword or if there is just a single Goron in the game.


These are creatures native to the sky realm in which Link and Zelda's hometown of Skyloft is located. They are crucial to the culture of Skyloft as images of the birds appear all over Skyloftian carvings and clothes. The people of Skyloft each own a bird partner which they trust with their lives as they dive straight off the floating island, trusting that their bird will hear their call and catch them as they fall. The birds are the primary form of transportation between the floating islands for the Skyloftians.

Two specific sky birds belong to Link and Zelda, with Link's being red and Zelda's being a blueish-purple. The two birds appear to be close friends just like their owners, as they can be seen flying together even without Link and Zelda present. The sky birds are crucial to the bird-rider's ceremony in which several competitors ride their birds and attempt to chase down a bird carrying a statue. The victor will be rewarded with a special gift from none other than Zelda herself! It is uncertain what happens to Zelda's blue bird when she is sucked towards the surface by Ghirahim's tornado, but Link's supposedly special red bird is later seen with him as he searches for Zelda.


The Mogmas are a new race in Skyward Sword who live around Eldin Volcano. Their appearance a kind of cross between a prairie dog and an ape, and they are skilled diggers. Each Mogma has a unique hairstyle. When Mogmas speak with Link, they pop the top half of their bodies out of the ground. They seem to have a jazzy, upbeat theme song.

The Mogmas appear to be a friendly race that helps Link, allowing Link to keep a Bomb Bag that he originally got for them, and warning Link about shady characters clad in red. At some point around the volcano area, two Mogmas are seen talking about a key for the nearby temple. They are arguing about how to find the shard of the key; the key had been broken up and scattered around, until they realize that they do not need the key because they can just dig underground into the dungeon, leaving Link to find the shards.


The recurring Sheikah make an appearance in Skyward Sword, so far only one has been seen. First seen when Link is running up a small set of stairs towards her while she casually turns away from him. She is standing in a large room in front of a round fountain emitting a bright fiery light in the center, with gushing columns of water and surrounded by torches. She appears to be a tall thin woman of Hylian characteristics wearing a shirt bearing the very familiar Sheikah symbol. She also has a notable white teardrop tattoo underneath her left eye simulating the traditional symbol of the Sheikah tribe. This is somewhat similar to the black diamond tattoo that Ghirahim also has underneath his left eye. She has a tan complexion with red eyes and white hair, both familiar characteristics as Impa of Ocarina of Time. She has a very long strand of hair hanging down the right side of her face adorned with three beads. On her neck is tight fitting a red banded necklace and her wrists are covered with bandage like wrappings. It is so far unknown exactly what role she will play in the story, but it is known that she is resentfully referred to by Ghirahim as "the servant of the goddesses" and seems to want to help Zelda complete her quest. She does not seem to like Link that much, saying that he is slow to come and rescue Zelda and that if it was not for her Zelda would be gone. She also makes it clear that Link must train more and step up to protect Zelda better.


"Skyloftians" are the people who live in the village of Skyloft, located in The Sky above the clouds. These people revere the Loftwing Birds which they use as mounts, depicting them as cultural symbols and relying on them for games and travel amongst the islands of The Sky. The Skyloftians regard the land below as a dark place and do not venture there; no Skyloftian has ever seen the surface.

Skyloftians perfectly resemble the Hylians of previous games in the series. The bird symbols that decorate Skyloft look like a variation of the Royal Family of Hyrule's crest, minus the Triforce on it. It is speculated that the Skyloftians predate the Hylians and the Royal Family entirely.

The Skyloftians appear to live a peaceful life, but their interactions with other sky beings is unclear, and they do seem to have a Knight Academy. These Knights complete various missions and tasks, so it may be that Skyloft has heavy involvement with the world that surrounds them, and they may be capable of defending themselves.

Within Skyloft there is a statue of a single goddess. It is unknown how they goddess may or not relate to the three goddesses of series history, but it is likely that this goddess is the deity to which the Skyloftians pray.


Two more birdriders Random townspeople

Cawlin and Stritch, Grooses lackeys