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Eagus is a character in Skyward Sword. He is the master swordsman, knight commander and fighting arts teacher of Skyloft's well-known Knight Academy, where Skyloftian adolescents and adults who have the courage and perseverance to become knights train to do so. Link attends this academy. Eagus is one of the three major instructors of the academy, his two colleagues being Owlan, the science and history teacher, and Horwell, the language arts and practical skills teacher. He works for Gaepora, the headmaster of the academy, who is also the father of Zelda, Link's close friend. Eagus can always be found in the Sparring Hall, located near the main dormitory of the Knight Academy. During the early parts of the game, Link goes to Eagus on request for a sword. In return, he gives him the Practice Sword to borrow. Eagus will always be willing to let Link practice in his hall, offering many different obstacles that Link must slash strategically to defeat. He will often encourage Link calling him a fast learner and a good student.


  • Signs indicate that Eagus loves Hot Pumpkin Soup made by Pumm, the bartender at the Lumpy Pumpkin, the pumpkin bar that is famous for its pumpkin soup and is popular among the Skyloftians.
  • As the first of three quests required to obtain a Piece of Heart, it is mandatory to deliver a sample of the pumpkin soup to Instructor Eagus.