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Erla is a character in Skyward Sword. He lives in the Faron Woods with the other members of the Kikwi race.


In exchange for information on Zelda's location, Bucha asks Link to search for Erla and the other Kikwis of the woods. Link finds Erla up on a ledge that can be reached after climbing a wall of vines. He is hiding in the grass, but once Link cuts it all down with the Sword, he is forced to stand up and face him. Disappointed that Link found his excellent hiding place, he introduces himself as the greatest hider of all the Kikwis, aside from the elder.[1][2]

While Link is obtaining the Song of the Hero, Faron Woods is flooded completely. Erla is stuck on a log that managed to remain floating. He tells Link that the water is coming from Inside the Great Tree.[3]

After Link collects all the Tadtones, the water recedes and Erla returns to his spot up on the ledge. He hides in the grass again, so Link has to cut it down to talk to him. If Link does so, Erla congratulates his ability to find him and gives him a Treasure.[4]


  • Erla's line of "It's a secret to everybody" when he gives Link the treasure is likely a reference to the Secret Moblins in The Legend of Zelda.[5][6]
  • Most Kikwi names seem to be derived from various teas, so it's likely that "Erla" references Earl Grey tea.


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