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Kina (Daughter)


Pumm is a character in Skyward Sword. He is the owner of the Lumpy Pumpkin. He lives with his daughter, Kina, on the Pumpkin Landing to the southeast of Skyloft. He sells Hot Pumpkin Soup for 10 Rupees, and he is quite proud of the chandelier that hangs on the second floor of the building.[1] He warns Link not to break it.[2]

If Link ignores him and breaks the chandelier anyway, Pumm becomes enraged and orders Link to perform tasks for him to pay for a new one.[3][4] He first sends Link out to deliver Pumpkin Soup to Eagus.[5] However, the soup will become cold after five minutes, so Pumm warns him to deliver it quickly.[6] Next, he asks Link to help Kina harvest the pumpkins.[7] Finally, he requests that Link accompanies Kina's singing on the Goddess's Harp at night.[8] If Link manages to perform well, then Pumm announces that his debt has been paid off and he purchases a new chandelier.[9]

Every year, Pumm delivers a basin full of Pumpkin Soup to Levias.[10] However, he says that this year he has been unable to deliver it due to the Thunderhead clouds.[11] He is relieved when Link offers to take the soup to Levias instead, and he cooks up what he claims is the best batch he has made in a long time.[12][13]


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    Fine... :No way!" — Pumm, Skyward Sword.
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    Of course! :Nah..." — Pumm, Skyward Sword.
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