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Fledge is a character in Skyward Sword. He is one of the students of the Knight Academy.

Appearance and Personality

A seemingly shy guy, Fledge seems to be a bit of a push-over. He spends his time idolizing Link, and often mentions how he would like to be more like our hero. He can't keep a secret under pressure seeing as he told Pipit about Groose and his gang trapping Link's Loftwing.

Role in the Plot

Link first meets Fledge in the Knight Academy, where he attempts to move some barrels for the cook. He is such a weakling that he can't do it by himself. If Link chooses to help him, there is a 20 Rupee reward and Fledge's thanks.

Early in the game, while Fledge was cleaning the dining hall, he overheard Groose and his friends scheming to steal Link's Bird. Fledge tried to sneak out, but unfortunately got caught, and was forced to keep quiet. Once approached after finding Groose bragging about the theft, Fledge admits to his knowledge, and directs Link to their hiding place near the waterfall.

Side Quests

If Link goes to Fledge's room in the Knight Academy at night, he can find him doing push-ups. He complains of not having enough stamina. Bringing him two Stamina Potions leads to him giving Link 5 Gratitude Crystals.


After completing the first side quest and receiving the Bow, Link can find Fledge standing around the entrance of Sparring Hall. He mentions how much he has been working out, having done over 3,000 push-ups. Upon noticing Link's new Bow, he asks if Link can show him how good he is with it by hitting the pumpkins that he tosses using his new-found strength for just 20 Rupees. Hitting pumpkins gives Link 10 points, with the number of points increasing with each consecutive pumpkin. Less than 400 points gives Link 50 Rupees, 400-599 points gives Link a treasure to help upgrade his gear, and 600+ points gives Link a Piece of Heart.