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Jakamar (Father)[1]
Wryna (Mother)[2]


Kukiel is a character in Skyward Sword. She is the daughter of Wryna and Jakamar.[2] She is five years of age,[3] and adores meeting new people and making new friends along the way.[citation needed]


Kukiel, as previously mentioned, is five years of age.[3] Her stature is short with a slender build. She has brown hair and is always seen wearing it up, never down. Kukiel wears a long, red, robe-like outfit with many multicolored accessories and a navy blue shirt underneath. To complete her outfit, she wears black boots.

Side Quest

Main article: Finding Kukiel

After Link places the Ruby Tablet inside of the Statue of the Goddess, Kukiel is reported to have gone missing.[4] Her mother, Wryna, can be seen calling for her lost child outside of the Statue of the Goddess.[5] She soon starts pondering the possibility that her daughter may have been kidnapped, when suddenly Link arrives to offer his assistance.[6][7] She gives Link intel that the person who kidnapped her daughter was a villainous monster, and that her daughter is far too innocent to have gotten lost.[8] As Link gathers information from local residents of Skyloft, he comes to the conclusion that a monster is in fact holding Kukiel hostage, and that she was last seen near the graveyard.[9] Rusta tells Link to push one of the gravestones back, then, and only then is he able to reach Kukiel.[10]

When the hero ventures down to reach Kukiel at last, he is confronted with a monstrous demon who screams at Link. As soon as Link draws his sword, the supposed evil demon apologizes and insists that the hero doesn't harm him.[11] He reveals himself to be Batreaux, Skyloft's resident demon. Kukiel informs Link that Batreaux has saved her life before, and has been very friendly to her ever since.[12] Being aware of the current status of her safety, the hero reports back to Kukiel's parents to give them the updated news. They're delighted by the news, and are extremely grateful for Link's determination to save their lost child.[13][14]

Once this side quest is finally put to rest, Link receives 5 Gratitude Crystals.



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