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Gorko (master)


Golo is a character in Skyward Sword. He is a Goron archaeologist and an assistant to Gorko.

Skyward Sword

Golo is an archaeologist, working for his fellow Goron, Gorko. Link first encounters Golo at Lanayru Caves, excavating a passageway to Lanayru Gorge. When told that Link is searching for Nayru's Flame, Golo gives him a steer towards the Lanayru Sand Sea and a Small Key to help him. [1]

Sitting on the stool near Golo will cause him to ask for 10 rupees as an investment in his dig.[2] If Link gives him the money, he will receive a Silver Rupee later, after Golo finds "a large cache of Timeshift Stones".[3]

Golo's primary interest is in the three dragons, but even after he excavates a path to Lanayru Gorge[4] where he suspects the Thunder Dragon lives, he cannot fit through without further excavation.[5]. When Link makes it through, he is jealous of his beating him to it.[6]

Song of the Hero Glitch

A game-breaking glitch exists in Skyward Sword for Wii during the Song of the Hero quest. If Link gets Lanayru's part of the song and speaks to Golo before collecting the parts from Faron and Eldin, the other segments will not trigger and Link cannot progress.[7]

While a Wii channel was previously made available to repair save data, this ceased to be available to new downloads with the closure of the Wii Shop Channel in January 2019. Consequently, it is strongly advised not to go to Lanayru Province first in the Wii version, and even more strongly not to talk to Golo if the player does so.



  1. "I almost never get visitors! My name is Golo, and I am researching the legend of the three dragons, one of which is said to live here! At first glance, it would seem that there is nothing in this area, but I know there is something here. I will just keep on looking! So your name is [Link]? I see... Not the easiest name to say, is it? And how about you, [Link]? Why are you here...? You are looking for a sacred flame? That sounds like something I have heard of before, but maybe not... Sweet goro, I remember now! I read something about it in ancient scrolls that spoke of the Lanayru Sand Sea. I do not remember all the details, but you can get to Lanayru Sand Sea if you just go straight through here. If you want to get to the Lanayru Sand Sea, you are going to need this key!" — Golo, Skyward Sword.
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    Sure! :No chance." — Golo, Skyward Sword.
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