Instructor Horwell

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Instructor Horwell




Member of

Knight Academy faculty



Instructor Horwell is a character in Skyward Sword. He spends most of his time at the Knight Academy.

Skyward Sword

Appearance and Personality

Instructor Horwell is first encountered as Link leaves the Knight Academy. He looks quite similar to Instructor Owlan, the other lead instructor of the Skyloftian Knight Academy. He is Headmaster Gaepora's left-hand man, and is entrusted with the academic studies of animals, which he has an interest in. In addition, he quite frequently cares for Mia, the Headmaster's pet cat.

Role in the Plot

When Link first encounters Horwell, he teaches Link Z-Targeting and dashing up to have a conversation with him. He then promptly gives Link his first side quest - Mia, Gaepora's pet, has gone missing again. Once Link has finished this quest, Link can head over to the Statue of the Goddess to meet with the Headmaster and Zelda. Afterwards, Link needs to speak with him in order to delay the Wing Ceremony due to an urgent and unfortunate event involving one of the Loftwings.

Side Quests

Retrieving Mia - Collecting Mia is a fairly simple task, using the railing above Link's head, the hero in green can shimmy over to the next ledge. Running and jumping allow Link to clear the gap, and then using the climbing vines brings Link up to the next level. Link can't jump up to the next level, however, and Horwell tells Link so if he tries. Link must push the crate up to the wall and then climb up to get Mia.



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