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Henya - Skyward Sword HD.jpeg
Henya as seen in Skyward Sword HD







Henya is a character in Skyward Sword. She is an employee of the Knight Academy. She has worked there since it started, 25 years previous. According to Fi, she is very spirited and quick to give her opinions. Henya serves meals to students at the academy. Henya is very disgruntled when a student comes in for a meal late or breaks her pottery and glassware.[1][2][3]

If Link sits at one of the tables, she will yell at him for being late to breakfast, and that he will have to wait for lunch. If Link walks over to her, she will complain about Fledge being late with her barrels. After speaking with Fledge a second time, Link can take a barrel over to Henya, who will simply say thanks and mention the Wing Ceremony.


  • Henya was modeled to have a rooster's body.[4]



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