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This article is about the 1989 wristwatch-based game. For the 1989 dedicated LCD handheld game, see Zelda (Game & Watch).
This article describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.
The Legend of Zelda Game Watch
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Nelsonic Game Watch

North America October 5, 1989
Europe December 1992





The Legend of Zelda Game Watch is a multi-purpose wristwatch made by Nelsonic and licensed by Nintendo. This LCD Game has players compete for highscores in The Legend of Zelda-inspired rooms. It was manufactured in black, red, white and pink colors. In total, twelve million The Legend of Zelda Game Watches were sold. It is one of two Zelda LCD games that was released. The other one is Zelda (Game & Watch).


Page-corner.png Plot details for the game do not exist, but according to the manual:[1]
Link enters a cave. He is defenseless, without any weapons. Link is attacked by crushing Iron Balls, Ferocious Keese/ Bats, and a fire breathing Dragons [sic]]. In order to defeat these enemies, he must pick up the appropriate weapon designed to destroy a specific enemy. When entering the first cave, two Iron Balls chase Link. He must avoid them by using the K directional controls. If the 'weaponless' Link does not avoid the attacking Iron Balls and they catch him, a musical effect will be heard and link will flash signifying that he lost one life. In the upper left conner, a Boomerang will appear. When he reaches this needed weapon, pree S1 to pick up the boomerang. When weapon is picked up, it will be seen in the top left square; letting you know that Link has acquired the weapon and now can defend himself. Link now chases the Iron Balls and when he chases one, press S2 and it will be destroyed.

After all enemies are destroyed, a Key will appeared in top left conner. If you can pick up the key (S1) with in 4 seconds, bonus points will be awarded to you. Once Link has the key, a door will appear telling Link which way to go to the next cave. You have 10 seconds to get Link through the door. For every second after that, 10 points will be deducted from your score until all points are lost and game is over. At the top left, there are flashing map telling you in which cave Link is located. In higher levels; to destroy Keese, Link must first destroy all Iron Balls with the boomerang and then a Sword will appear in bottom middle for the destruction of the bats. The sword can only be used eight times (press key S2).

There are 4 caves in each level and 4 levels for total of 16 caves. At the end of each level, the fire breathing Dragons will appear. If Link is hit by the fire, no weapon will protect him and he will lose all his lives. Link must destroy the Dragon by picking up a Bomb (S1) at the top left conner and dropping the bomb (S1) near the Dragon. Link must get away before the bomb explode or else, Link loses all his lives. When the Dragon is destroyed, a triangle will be seen in the bottom right conner. Pick it up (S1) and it will be added to the Triforce triangle of the top right. A key will then appear to enter the next level and cave. After Link has lost all his lives, the game is over. To resume play, press S2. The score is cleared and a new game will begin.


The player controls Link as he enters the dungeons to retrieve four pieces of the Triforce. The game consists of four dungeons, each with four rooms. In each room, Link has to collect a Boomerang to defeat the Iron Balls or a Sword to defeat the Keese/ Bats. After defeating all of the enemies, he will gain a Key that allows him to proceed to the next room. When entering the next room, he loses his found items and has to recollect them again.

The third room of each dungeon has Recovery Hearts to replenish Link's health. Once all the enemies in the fourth room are killed, the dungeon's boss, Dragon, will appear. He shoots a fireball that warps all over the room to attack Link. To defeat the Dragon, Link has to collect a Bomb and place it in front of him.

After Link defeats the Dragon, a Triforce fragment will appears, giving him access to the next dungeon. After collecting all four pieces of the Triforce, the game ends and resets to level one.



  • Iron Ball - Iron Balls are weakest enemies in this game. Link uses the boomerang to defeat them. 20 points are awarded after you defeat this enemy.
  • Keese/ Bat - Keeses or Bats are stronger than Iron Balls. Link uses the Sword to defeat them. 40 points are awarded after you defeat this enemy.
  • Dragon - The Dragons are level bosses. To defeat the Dragons, Link has to collect a bomb and place it in front of the dragon. 50 points are awarded after you defeat this enemy.


  • Boomerang - Use it to kill the Iron Balls.
  • Sword - Use it to kill the Keeses/ Bats.
  • Bombs - Use it to kill Aquamentus/ Dragons.
  • Key - Collect it to proceed to the next room. If you can pick up the key within 4 seconds, 20 bonus points will be awarded to you.
  • Recovery Hearts - Replenish Link's health.
  • Triforce piece - 20 points will be awarded for every pieces of Triforce, and 60 points for the last piece of Triforce.