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This is a list of items found in Ocarina of Time.

C-Button Items

Deku Stick

Deku Stick.png
Main article: Deku Stick

Deku Sticks are an item commonly found in the Kokiri Forest and inside the Great Deku Tree, usually dropped by Withered Deku Babas, but they can also be found in jars, in bushes, and can be purchased in most shops. These can be lit on fire in order to light torches, solving certain puzzles in dungeons, and can only be wielded by Young Link. They also deal +1 weapon damage, making them more powerful than the Kokiri Sword, although they do break after just one hit.

Deku Nut

Main article: Deku Nut

Deku Nuts are commonly found in the Kokiri Forest and in many other places in the overworld, most commonly from Deku Babas. These can be thrown at enemies in order to temporarily stun them, making many enemies, such as Keese, Floormasters, and ReDeads much easier to vanquish.

Fairy Slingshot

FairySlingshotG Large.png
Main article: Fairy Slingshot

The Fairy Slingshot is an item found Inside the Deku Tree. This allows Link to have a more ranged attack, shooting Deku Seeds at faraway targets. This item makes Skullwalltulas and even some Gold Skulltulas very easy to defeat. Only Young Link can use this item.


BombG Large.png
Main article: Bomb

Bombs are usually found all over, from the overworld to any dungeon. They are originally encountered in the Dodongo's Cavern. Bombs can be used as an attack method to defeat certain enemies, Beamos and Dodongos being the most notable. They are also used for opening up any cracked walls or finding secret holes in the ground.


Main article: Bombchu

A mouse-like explosive, these little guys scurry along a straight pattern wherever Link places them, even climbing the walls and the ceiling. The red blinking light from its tail will indicate when it will explode, blinking more and more rapidly as it approaches the explosion point. Bombchus can only be found in chests in dungeons, or they can also be purchased from the shop in Hyrule Castle Town's Back Alley at night. They are at first very expensive, but after Link collects the Spiritual Stone of Fire, they will be lowered in price.


Main article: Boomerang

The Boomerang can be found Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly. This item can defeat some enemies, such as Keese, Guay, or Stingers, but merely stuns most others. It also can be used to retrieve hearts, Rupees, and other items on the ground, and also is key in getting many of the Gold Skulltula Tokens. It can only be used by Young Link.

Fairy Ocarina

Main article: Fairy Ocarina

Saria gives you this Ocarina just as you are leaving the Kokiri Forest for the first time. This allows Link to learn and play the mystical songs he finds along his journey, Zelda's Lullaby being the first. This Ocarina vanishes when Link receives the Ocarina of Time, making it an item only used by Young Link.

Ocarina of Time

OcarinaofTimeG Large.png
Main article: Ocarina of Time

There is no real difference between this and the Fairy Ocarina, other than its size, color, and its ability to open the Door of Time once the Song of Time is played at the Pedestal of Time. Link retrieves it from the moat surrounding the Hyrule Castle, where Princess Zelda had thrown it.

Magic Bean

Main article: Magic Bean

These are to be planted in any small hole in order to grow into a small sapling. Only Young Link can plant the beans, but Adult Link can use the plants that these saplings grow into in order to find Pieces of Heart and shortcuts in certain areas. They can be purchased from the Bean Seller sitting near the Zora's River, but this man can only be found as a child.

Fairy Bow

Main article: Fairy Bow

This item is found in the Forest Temple. It can be thought of a better version of the Fairy Slingshot, except that only Adult Link can use it. It is powerful and helpful for taking out faraway enemies. It can be upgraded with items like the Fire Arrow, Ice Arrow, and Light Arrow.

Fire Arrow

Fire Arrow.png
Main article: Fire Arrow

The Fire Arrow is found after shooting an arrow at the sun at the correct angle. This must be done in Lake Hylia after the Water Temple has been completed. The Fire Arrows are useful in destroying webs and harming enemies in a fiery blaze. They do cost a small bit of Magic Power to use.

Ice Arrow

Ice Arrow.png
Main article: Ice Arrow

The Ice Arrow is the prize for successfully completing the Gerudo Training Ground. There is no real useful trait to them, other than a sort of gimmick item, and can freeze enemies on the spot. Because they do take about as much magic power as the Fire Arrow, it is better to just use a Deku Nut to freeze an enemy instead. The real prize of having an Ice Arrow is less of its functionality, and more of the effort put into obtaining it.

Light Arrow

Light Arrow.png
Main article: Light Arrow

The Light Arrow is an item Link obtains from Princess Zelda as an adult. The Light Arrows are key in defeating Ganondorf. They take a slight bit more Magic Power to use than the Fire Arrows or Ice Arrows. If a regular enemy is defeated with a Light Arrow, they will drop a Purple Rupee, worth 50 Rupees.


OoT Hookshot.png
Main article: Hookshot

The Hookshot is an item Link receives from the ghost of Dampé after he completes the race in the Kakariko Village Graveyard. The Hookshot's sole purpose is to cling to distant wooden objects and pull Link towards them. Objects such as crates, certain trees, and black target-like objects are the most common things to hook to. It can also be used to stun enemies, and even defeat a few, such as Keese or Guay. It can only be used by Adult Link.


Main article: Longshot

The Longshot is found in the Water Temple after defeating Dark Link. It has the same purpose as the Hookshot, the only difference being in appearance and the distance it can be shot, vital for many of the puzzles in the Water Temple and in dungeons afterward. It can only be used by Adult Link.

Megaton Hammer

Megaton Hammer.png
Main article: Megaton Hammer

The Megaton Hammer is a powerful item found in the Fire Temple. Being very heavy, this hammer allows Link to do a variety of things. It can serve as a replacement of the Master Sword or Biggoron's Sword. One of which is to flip Torch Slugs over, leaving them completely harmless. Another is to press down Rusty Switches, and destroy red boulders. It is also key in defeating Volvagia. It can only be used by Adult Link.

Lens of Truth

Lens of Truth.png
Main article: Lens of Truth

The Lens of Truth is an item found after defeating Dead Hand at the Bottom of the Well as a child. It allows Link to see invisible walls, see through walls that weren't really there, as well as invisible enemies. This is essential, especially in the Bottom of the Well and the Shadow Temple. It does take Magic Power to use, but this can easily be avoided by rapidly turning it on and off, thus conserving Magic Power.

Din's Fire

Main article: Din's Fire

Din's Fire can be acquired from the Great Fairy located in the Great Fairy Fountain on the trail to Hyrule Castle. Link must crawl though a small hole located behind a rock, which must be blown up using a bomb. Din's Fire creates a great orb of fire to surround Link, expanding and spreading, setting fire to any enemies or torches around Link. It consumes a good chunk of Magic Power. It is key in accessing the Shadow Temple.

Farore's Wind

Farores Wind.png
Main article: Farore's Wind

Farore's Wind can be obtained in back of Zora's Fountain behind a giant wall. This wall can be destroyed with a bomb. After gaining access, it can be received from the Great Fairy within the Great Fairy Fountain. Farore's Wind can only be used in dungeons, and is used to make warp points in the dungeon. This is useful in getting back to certain areas where there are steep drops, or merely if you save and quit halfway through, and want to restart without having to get back to the desired area. It uses a good chunk of Magic Power.

Nayru's Love

Nayrus Love.png
Main article: Nayru's Love

Nayru's Love is found in the Desert Colossus, located on the far right (in relation to Link facing the Spirit Temple). It can be accessed through the cracked wall after it is destroyed with a bomb. Inside the wall is a Great Fairy Fountain, and the Great Fairy will give it to Link after he plays Zelda's Lullaby at the foot of the fountain. Nayru's Love allows Link to become invulnerable, but only as long as his Magic Power allows. Link will still get knocked back by enemies, but he will take no damage. This item takes the most Magic Power at once than any other in Link's arsenal.


Kokiri Sword

Kokiri Sword.png
Main article: Kokiri Sword

The Kokiri Sword is the first sword Link finds on his adventure. It is found in the Kokiri Forest, near the back, past the small hole in the Forest Training Center. It is one of the two items needed to get past Mido and speak to the Great Deku Tree, the other being the Deku Shield. It can only be wielded by Young Link.

Master Sword

Master Sword OoT.png
Main article: Master Sword

The Master Sword, also known as the "Blade of Evil's Bane", can be found within the Temple of Time. When Young Link draws it from the pedestal, he will move forward in time seven years, and when he returns it, he will revert to his young self. Only Adult Link can wield this sword, and it is much more powerful than the Kokiri Sword. It is key in defeating Ganondorf.

Giant's Knife

Giant's Knife - OOT3D.png
Main article: Giant's Knife

This sword is found in Medigoron's Blade Store, on the second floor of Goron City behind several bombable walls. The large Goron in the store will sell Link the sword for 200 Rupees, but only if Link is an adult. It is a very powerful, but feeble sword and breaks after 8 hits. It can be thought of the prototype of Biggoron's Sword, which can be found after the Trading Sequence.

Biggoron's Sword

Biggoron's Sword - OOT3D.png
Main article: Biggoron's Sword

It is found after completing the entire Trading Sequence that Adult Link must do. It is very large, and Link must use both hands to wield it, meaning he cannot use his shield with this sword. This blade is unbreakable, unlike the Giant's Knife.

Deku Shield

Deku Shield OoT.png
Main article: Deku Shield

The Deku Shield is the first shield Link can obtain. It is found in the Kokiri Shop for 40 Rupees. It can also be found in various dungeons inside treasure chests. Being made of wood, it is very flammable, and will be destroyed if it comes in contact with any fire. It can only be used by Young Link.

Hylian Shield

Hylian Shield OoT.png
Main article: Hylian Shield

The Hylian Shield is the second shield Link can get. It can be found in various places. The first place is in the Graveyard in Kakariko Village, inside the grave with the flowers in front of it. It can also be purchased in the Bazaar in Hyrule Castle Town Market for 80 Rupees. This price can be lowered when the gate to the Death Mountain Trail is opened. It can be used by both Young Link and Adult Link, but only Adult Link can stand and use it, while Young Link crouches to use it, in a turtle-like position. It is made of metal, and can never burn.

Mirror Shield

Mirror Shield.png
Main article: Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield is the final shield found by Link. It is found after defeating an Iron Knuckle within the Spirit Temple when Link is an adult. This shield allows Link to reflect light off of it to distant objects, key in both puzzles and the boss within the Spirit Temple. It is the only shield that only the Adult version of Link can wield.

Kokiri Tunic

Kokiri Tunic.png
Main article: Kokiri Tunic

The Kokiri Tunic is the first tunic both Young Link and Adult Link wear, and can be thought of as the default tunic. It holds no special properties.

Goron Tunic

Goron Tunic.png
Main article: Goron Tunic

The Goron Tunic is the second Tunic Link finds. It is found inside Goron City when Link is an adult. He receives it from a young Goron, but he can also find one from the shop for 200 Rupees if he ever loses it. It is heat resistant, and will allow Link to be able to walk into the Death Mountain Crater and the Fire Temple.

Zora Tunic

Zora Tunic.png
Main article: Zora Tunic

The Zora Tunic is found inside the Zora's Domain in two different ways. They can be given to you for free if you melt King Zora out of the ice with Blue Fire, and it can also be purchased from the Zora Shop for 200 Rupees, but it also blocked by ice that must be melted by Blue Fire. This tunic gives Link the ability to breathe underwater, a key factor in completing the Water Temple.

Kokiri Boots

Kokiri Boots OoT.png
Main article: Kokiri Boots

The Kokiri Boots are the first boots both Young Link and Adult Link wear. They hold no sort of special properties.

Iron Boots

Main article: Iron Boots

These extremely heavy boots allow Link to dive deep underwater and walk around. They are found in the Ice Cavern. Another trait is the ability to resist high winds experienced inside the Shadow Temple and Ganon's Castle. They can only be worn by Adult Link.

Hover Boots

Hover Boots.png
Main article: Hover Boots

The Hover Boots give their wearer the ability to float over gaps in the ground, as well as water, for a short amount of time at the cost of low traction. They are located within the Shadow Temple after defeating Dead Hand. This is very important to make progress within the Shadow Temple, and comes in handy in at least one puzzle in the Spirit Temple. Only Adult Link can wear them.


Deku Seeds Bullet Bag

Deku Seeds Bullet Bag - OOT64 render.png
Main article: Deku Seeds Bullet Bag

The very first Bullet Bag Link receives can hold up to 30 Deku Seeds. It is received at the same time Link gets the Fairy Slingshot. Link can upgrade the size of the bag two times. The first upgrade allows him to hold 40 seeds, and the second gets him a maximum of 50 seeds. One upgrade is found in the Lost Woods, after shooting a target hanging off a tree, and the other is found in the area with the two Skull Kids. When Link shoots a perfect 100 three times, he gets an upgrade. Another upgrade can be found in Hyrule Castle Town at the Shooting Gallery. If Link plays a perfect game, he will receive the upgrade. These can be obtained in any order.


BigQuiverG Large.png
Main article: Quiver

The Quiver is an item found when Link finds the Fairy Bow inside the Forest Temple. It can hold 30 arrows, and can be upgraded twice. The first upgrade brings it to 40 maximum, then the last brings it to a 50 arrow maximum. One upgrade can be found in the Shooting Gallery in Kakariko Village, if Link wins the game with a perfect score. The second upgrade can be won from the target shooting mini-game found in the back of the Gerudo's Fortress.

Goron's Bracelet

Main article: Goron's Bracelet

The Goron's Bracelet is an item Link can obtain after he agrees to help Darunia. Darunia will give him the bracelet, though he will claim he just wanted to, and there wasn't any particular reason why he gave it to Link. This item allows Link to pick up Bomb Flowers, as well as grass clumps from the ground.

Silver Gauntlets

Main article: Silver Gauntlets

The Silver Gauntlets are an item found inside the Spirit Temple as a child. After Link defeats an Iron Knuckle, he will find the Silver Gauntlets, but won't be able to wear them until he is an adult. These gauntlets will allow Link to be able to lift and throw the silver stones, as well as push the large, gray blocks found within the Spirit Temple.

Golden Gauntlets

Golden Gauntlets.png
Main article: Golden Gauntlets

Golden Gauntlets are found inside Ganon's Castle, located in the Shadow level. These will allow Link to lift and throw the large black pillars found inside the castle, as well as on the trail nearby.

Bomb Bag

BombBagG Large.png
Main article: Bomb Bag

The Bomb Bag is an item found inside the Dodongo's Cavern. It can hold a maximum of 20 bombs, and can be upgraded twice. One upgrade can be found by stopping the Hot Rodder Goron with a bomb in the overhang inside the Goron City. The other upgrade is a prize won in the Bombchu Bowling Alley.

Silver Scale

Silver Scale.png
Main article: Silver Scale

This item allows Link to dive six meters underwater before needing to go up for air. It can only be obtained after completing the Diving Game inside the Zora's Domain. It is necessary to make any progress in the game.

Golden Scale

Golden Scale.png
Main article: Golden Scale

This item allows Link to dive 9 meters underwater before needing to go up for air. It is found after catching a fish 13 pounds or higher at the Fishing Pond in Lake Hylia. It is not necessary to complete the game, but does allow Link to get the Piece of Heart in the Lakeside Laboratory by diving to the very bottom of the tank in the lab.

Adult's Wallet

Adults Wallet - OOT64 model.png
Main article: Adult Wallet#Ocarina of Time

The Adult's Wallet is the first wallet upgrade Link can find on his journey, and it can hold up to 200 Rupees. It can be found in the House of Skulltula, after Link defeats 10 Gold Skulltulas. He must talk to the young man whose curse has been broken.

Giant's Wallet

GiantsWalletG Large.png
Main article: Giant Wallet#Ocarina of Time

The Giant's Wallet can be found in the House of Skulltula after Link defeats 30 Gold Skulltulas. It will allow Link to hold up to 500 Rupees, which is the maximum amount he can hold throughout the whole game.

Gerudo Token

Main article: Gerudo Token

This item is found in the Gerudo's Fortress, and is obtained when all four Carpenters are released from their prisons. This allows Link to freely walk the Gerudo's Fortress without being hassled. He can also enter the Gerudo Training Ground.

Stone of Agony

Stone of Agony.png
Main article: Stone of Agony

The Stone of Agony allows Link to detect nearby secrets within the game, mostly letting the controller vibrate whenever a secret hole in the ground is nearby. It is obtained when Link has defeated 20 Gold Skulltulas and he talks to the young man freed of the curse inside the House of Skulltula.

Shard of Agony

Main article: Shard of Agony

The Shard of Agony replaces the Stone of Agony in Ocarina of Time 3D. It allows Link to see secrets by flashing a small icon in the corner of a screen and playing a sound. Just like the Stone of Agony, Link receives it when he collects 20 Gold Skulltula tokens and turns them in at the House of Skulltula.

Bottle Items


Main article: Bottle

The Bottle is an item used to contain various items. A total of four can be found throughout the game. One is found after Link wins the Super Cucco Finding Game. Talon will give him a bottle of milk, and Link can keep the bottle. Another is given to Link by Cucco Lady after Link returns all her Cuccos. Another is found at the bottom of Lake Hylia, with Ruto's Letter. After this is presented to King Zora, Link can keep the bottle. The last can be obtained after Link finds all the Big Poes and presents them all to the Poe Collector in the Ghost Shop as an adult.

Ruto's Letter

Main article: Ruto's Letter

Lon Lon Milk

LonLonMilk Large.png
Main article: Lon Lon Milk

Lon Lon Milk has two servings, each one healing five hearts. It can be purchased from Talon for 10 Rupees after he completes the Super Cucco Finding Game. Link can also get some for free any time he plays Epona's Song near a cow.

Red Potion

RedPotion Large.png
Main article: Red Potion

The Red Potion is used to heal all of Link's hearts. They can be purchased from the shop for 30 Rupees, and from Business Scrubs for 40 Rupees, if they offer them.

Green Potion

GreenPotion Large.png
Main article: Green Potion

Green Potions are used to fully heal Link's magic power whenever the potion is consumed. They can be found in the shops in both Hyrule Castle Town (child) and Kakariko Village (adult) for 30 Rupees each. They can also be purchased from Business Scrubs for 40 Rupees, if they offer it.

Blue Potion

BluePotion Large.png
Main article: Blue Potion

Blue Potions are used to fully heal both magic power and hearts. It is a very helpful potion only found a Granny's Potion Shop in Kakariko Village when Link is an adult. It can be purchased for 100 Rupees only after Link has given her the Odd Mushroom.


FairysSpirit Large.png
Main article: Fairy

A Fairy is a very helpful tool in the game. Getting one allows Link to heal eight hearts, and captuing it in a bottle allows him to save this for later. It will automatically work its magic when Link loses all his hearts. They are found all over. In dungeons, the overworld, and in great abundance in Fairy Fountains. It can also be purchased from any shop for 50 Rupees.

Blue Fire

BlueFire Large.png
Main article: Blue Fire

Blue Fire is an item used to melt red blocks of ice in the Ice Cavern and the Zora's Domain. It can be found naturally within the Ice Cavern and Ganon's Castle. It can also be purchased at a shop for 300 Rupees. It can be sold for 150 Rupees.


Main article: Fish

A Fish can be found in many different places across Hyrule, most notably Zora's Domain and in holes in the ground, but can also be purchased in shops for 200 Rupees. They can be scooped up with a bottle. They are used to gain access to the dungeon Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly, and can also be sold to the Buyer in both Hyrule Castle Town (child) and Kakariko Village (adult) for 100 Rupees.


Main article: Bottle Bug

The Bug is a very useful creature. They are found mostly in the small holes across Hyrule, but can also be purchased in shops for 100 Rupees. It is used to find the Gold Skulltulas inside the soft soil found across the land. When they are released upon the soft soil, they will burrow and bring up the Gold Skulltula. They can also be sold for 50 Rupees.

Poe Spirit

Poe Large.png
Main article: Poe Spirit

A Poe Spirit is found after defeating a purple Poe. After Link defeats it, he is given the option to put the spirit in his bottle. Consuming said spirit can result in two different results: healing him or hurting him. It can also be purchased from a shop for 30 Rupees.

Big Poe Spirit

BottledBigPoe Large.png
Main article: Big Poe Spirit

Big Poe Spirits can only be found in Hyrule Field when Link is an adult. They are left behind whenever Link defeats a Big Poe. They should be given to the Poe Collector in Hyrule Castle Town in order for Link to gather "points", giving him a Bottle if Link gives him 10 Big Poes.


Piece of Heart

Piece of Heart (Ocarina of Time).png
Main article: Piece of Heart

A Piece of Heart is an item mostly found in the overworld, and in certain dungeons. If Link collects four heart pieces, he will create a Heart Container, and he will gain an extra heart in his life meter. There are a total of 36 all across Hyrule, making a total of 9 extra Heart Containers.

Recovery Heart

Main article: Recovery Heart

A Recovery Heart heals a whole heart of Link's life energy. It is found when defeating enemies, cutting grass, breaking rocks and pots, and rolling into trees.

Magic Jar

Magic Jar.png
Main article: Magic Jar

Magic Jars are used to recover Link's magic meter. There are two different sizes, one small and one large, each giving different amounts corresponding to the size of the jar. They can be found after defeating an enemy, cutting grass, destroying pots or rocks, or rolling into trees.

Deku Seed

Main article: Deku Seed

Deku Seeds are used as ammunition for the Fairy Slingshot. They can only be found as a child. They are found mostly by cutting grass, but can also be purchased from certain shops.


OoT Arrow.png
Main article: Arrow

Arrows are used as ammunition for the Fairy Bow, and can only be found by Adult Link. They can be found by defeating enemies, cutting grass, and breaking jars. They come in three different sized bundles, one with one arrow, another with two arrows, and one more with three. The more arrows each sprite has, the more Link will receive. They can also be purchased from shops for varying prices.


BombG Large.png
Main article: Bomb

Bombs can be found all across Hyrule after Link has acquired the Bomb Bag. They give Link some of his bombs back. They can be found by defeating an enemy, cutting grass, destroying jars, and in some treasure chests in dungeons. They are also sold by shops and the occasional Business Scrub.


Blue Rupee OoT.png
Main article: Rupee

A Rupee is the unit of currency in Hyrule. Many different kinds can be found all across Hyrule, each having their own value. Green Rupees are worth 1 Rupee, blue are 5 Rupees, red are 20 Rupees, purple are 50 Rupees, and orange are 100 Rupees. There are also "Huge Rupees", worth 200 Rupees, and can only be found in very rare treasure chests. Regular Rupees can be found all across the overworld and in dungeons, from enemies, from cutting grass, breaking jars and rocks, and rolling into trees. They are even prizes for accomplishing certain mini-games. They can be used to do a variety of things in Hyrule, from purchasing equipment to playing mini-games.

Gold Skulltula Token

GoldSkulltulaG Large.png
Main article: Gold Skulltula Token


Dungeon Map

Main article: Dungeon Map

Dungeon Maps are found in every dungeon, and are very useful in finding the way around said dungeon. It will show Link all the rooms in the dungeon he is in, and exactly what room leads to where. They can be found inside treasure chests.


Compass OoT.png
Main article: Compass

The Compass is found in every dungeon, and is helpful in locating every treasure chest in a dungeon. Once the Compass is found, and they are usually stowed away in treasure chests, symbols indicating where other treasure chests will appear on the map, as well as Link's current location and the last door Link came from.

Small Key

Small Key OoT.png
Main article: Small Key

A Small Key is found in most dungeons, but most are used in dungeons after Link is an Adult. They are used to unlock doors locked with silver locks and chains. Once one is used, it cannot be used again. They are usually found in treasure chests, but can also be found lying on the ground or from enemies. They can also only be used in the dungeon they are found in.

Boss Key

Boss Key OoT.png
Main article: Boss Key

The Boss Key is an item found in dungeons, but only when Link is an Adult. They are used to gain access to the room where the dungeon boss lurks. They can usually be found in very fancy blue and yellow treasure chests. They can only be used in the dungeon they are found in.

Heart Container

Main article: Heart Container

Heart Containers are found only after a dungeon's boss is defeated. They give Link an extra heart for his life meter.


Keaton Mask

Keaton Mask.png
Main article: Keaton Mask

The Keaton Mask is the first Mask Link will receive from the Happy Mask Salesman. He must take it to the Death Mountain Trail Gatekeeper in Kakariko Village, who will purchase it for 20 Rupees. After he does so, Link can go back to the Happy Mask Shop and pay the Happy Mask Salesman 10 Rupees. This will allow Link to use the next mask.

Skull Mask

Skull Mask.png
Main article: Skull Mask

The Skull Mask is the second mask Link receives from the Happy Mask Salesman. Link must take this mask and show it to the lone Skull Kid in the Lost Woods. He will purchase it, but for only 10 Rupees, half of the actual price. This mask can also be used to get a Deku Stick expansion from the Forest Stage in the Lost Woods, as well as keeping Keese from attacking Link. When Link goes back to the Happy Mask Salesman, he must pay him 20 Rupees to get the next mask.

Spooky Mask

Main article: Spooky Mask

The Spooky Mask is the third mask Link can borrow from the Happy Mask Shop. He must take it to the Graveyard Boy in the Kakariko Village Graveyard. The boy will purchase it from Link for full price (30 Rupees). Link can then go to the Happy Mask Shop and pay the fee to get the next mask.

Bunny Hood

Main article: Bunny Hood

The Bunny Hood is a mask that can be borrowed from the Happy Mask Shop, the fourth in the Happy Mask Side Quest. Unlike in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, the Bunny Hood gives Link no real speed or agility powers, but it does make it so the Stalchildren no longer come out at night, as long as he is wearing it. It can be given to the Running Man, who will purchase it for as much Rupees it takes to fill up Link's wallet. Link can then go to the Happy Mask Shop, pay the 50 Rupees needed for borrowing the mask, and is now given access to four different masks.

Mask of Truth

Main article: Mask of Truth

The Mask of Truth is a mask that can be borrowed from the Happy Mask Shop once the Happy Mask Side Quest has been completed. This Mask will allow Link to be able to hear the hidden messages from the Gossip Stones. It can also be presented on the Forest Stage in order to receive a Deku Nut upgrade.

Goron Mask

Main article: Goron Mask

The Goron Mask is a mask that can be worn only after completing the Happy Mask Side Quest. Unlike in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, this mask will only allow Link to wear it around, not turn him into a Goron. It is used as a gag item, getting humorous reactions from other characters.

Zora Mask

OoT Zora Mask.png
Main article: Zora Mask

The Zora Mask is a mask that can be attained only after completing the Happy Mask Side Quest. This mask gives Link no special powers of any kind. It is just a sort of gag item, used to get funny reactions from other characters.

Gerudo Mask

Main article: Gerudo Mask

The Gerudo Mask is a mask that can be borrowed from the Happy Mask Shop after completing the Happy Mask Side Quest. It gives Link no special powers, and is mainly a gag item. It can be worn to illicit funny reactions from other characters.

Trading Sequence

Pocket Egg

Main article: Pocket Egg

Pocket Cucco

Main article: Pocket Cucco


Main article: Cojiro

Odd Mushroom

Main article: Odd Mushroom

Odd Potion

Main article: Odd Potion

Poacher's Saw

Main article: Poacher's Saw

Broken Goron's Sword

Broken Giant's Knife.png
Main article: Broken Goron's Sword


Main article: Prescription

Eyeball Frog

Main article: Eyeball Frog

World's Finest Eye Drops

Main article: World's Finest Eye Drops

Claim Check

Main article: Claim Check

Quest Items

Kokiri's Emerald

Kokiri Emerald.png
Main article: Kokiri's Emerald

Goron's Ruby

Goron's Ruby.png
Main article: Goron's Ruby

Zora's Sapphire

Zora's Sapphire.png
Main article: Zora's Sapphire

Light Medallion

Main article: Light Medallion

The Light Medallion is given to Link by Rauru, the Sage of Light. It is given to him when he awakens from his seven-year sleep to become old enough to be the Hero of Time. This is the first of the Medallions given to Link, which are given to him when he awakens each remaining sage.

Forest Medallion

ForestMedallionG Large.png
Main article: Forest Medallion

The Forest Medallion is the second of the Medallions given to Link. He receives this after defeating Phantom Ganon in the Forest Temple from the newly awakened sage Saria, Link's childhood friend.

Fire Medallion

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It is given to Link by Darunia, the Sage of Fire, just after he defeats Volvagia and frees the Gorons from their prison. The Fire Medallion is the third of the Medallions given to Link in the game, representing "the power of the fire spirits" and Darunia's friendship.

Water Medallion

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Given to Link by the newly awakened sage Ruto after defeating Morpha in the Water Temple. The Water Medallion is the fourth of the Medallions in the game, representing Ruto's "eternal love" for Link.

Shadow Medallion

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The Shadow Medallion is the fifth of the Medallions, which is given to Link by Impa, Zelda's caretaker. Impa, the newly awakened sage, presents this token to Link after he defeats the dark spirit Bongo Bongo in the Shadow Temple underneath the Kakariko Village Graveyard.

Spirit Medallion

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The Spirit Medallion is the very last of the Medallions given to Link during his quest. He receives it from Nabooru, who awakens as the Sage of Spirit after Link defeats Twinrova in the Spirit Temple. Nabooru gives this medallion to Link as a 'thank you' and an apology for not keeping her promise from seven years earlier. After receiving the last medallion, Rauru informs Link that there is someone awaiting him in the Temple of Time.

Weird Egg

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Zelda's Letter

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