Spirit Temple (Ocarina of Time)

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This article is about the temple from Ocarina of Time. For the temple in Tears of the Kingdom, see Spirit Temple.

The Spirit Temple is the eighth dungeon in Ocarina of Time. It can be found in the depths of the desert, inside the Desert Colossus.

Gaining Entrance

Accessing the Spirit Temple is a lengthy, multi-step process. Firstly, as an adult, Link must use either Epona or the Longshot to get across Gerudo Valley's destroyed bridge. He then must rescue the carpenters from the Gerudo's Fortress; after which the Gerudo Warrior, impressed, presents him with a Gerudo Membership Card, allowing him unimpeded access to the Fortress.

With this, he can have the gate to the Haunted Wasteland opened by speaking to the guard atop it, and enter it. After using the Longshot or Hover Boots to cross a river of quicksand, his next step is to follow the flags to a stone building in the middle of the Wasteland. From here, he can use the Lens of Truth to see the Phantom Guide to the wasteland, who will guide him the rest of the way to the Desert Colossus.

Having reached the Colossus, he can enter the Spirit Temple, but finds no way to progress, with one side blocked by a huge block of stone, and the other only accessible by a small crawlway which he is too big to fit into. On leaving, however, Sheik appears and directs him to return as a child, teaching him the Requiem of Spirit to allow him to bypass the Gerudo Fortress and the Haunted Wasteland by warping directly to the Colossus' Triforce Pedestal.

With the warp song, he can return as a child, and enter the Spirit Temple with hopes of getting beyond the entrance lobby.

Dungeon Overview

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"Will you go through this tiny hole and get the treasure that's inside?"

When Link first visits the temple as a child, Nabooru attempts to get inside the temple to get the Silver Gauntlets, but she cannot fit inside the small hole. She convinces Link to go inside and retrieve them, and once he does, he witnesses Kotake and Koume capturing Nabooru. The bonus to that is Link gets to keep the gauntlets, allowing him to get inside the temple as an adult.


When Link returns as an adult, Link uses the Silver Gauntlets to move around the temple. After traversing numerous enemies and puzzles, Link obtains the Mirror Shield. Link also fights the witch sisters, Twinrova, who are the boss of the Spirit Temple. After defeating them, Link gets a Heart Container and receives the Spirit Medallion. This is the final medallion required for the confrontation against Ganondorf.

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