Spirit Temple (Tears of the Kingdom)

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The Spirit Temple is the 5th and penultimate dungeon found in Tears of the Kingdom. It is part of the Guidance from Ages Past quest, and essentially the conclusion of a multi-part dungeon, with the Construct Factory area containing the four targets (in this case, parts of Mineru's new construct body) which form the first part of the other Temples.

With her new body, Mineru leads Link to the Spirit Temple to retrieve her Secret Stone. After getting Mineru's construct in with the aid of a rocket, Mineru triggers an elevator to descend to the basement where the secret stone lies. However, the area is covered in gloom, and the Seized Construct - the original construct body Mineru created for herself, possessed by the gloom - stands in the way.

Once defeated, Mineru's spirit enters the secret stone, and tells Link about the temporary defeat of the Demon King, and how Zelda came to her with a plan to restore the Master Sword when it appeared in the past. The stone then bonds to the construct, and she gives Link the Vow of Mineru, Sage of Spirit; allowing Link to summon the construct to aid him in his quest.

Afterward, Mineru's construct remains in the Spirit Temple, where the secret stone sat, whenever not summoned to Link's side. The Mining Construct and Smithing Construct she created also come out of hiding beside her. The former sells Link Ancient Blades at 50 zonaite a piece; the latter sells Link Zonai weapons, bows and shields.