The Wind Waker Upgrades

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In The Wind Waker there are essentially five sets of upgrades that Link can obtain to several items he obtains throughout the game. These include upgrades to: the Quiver, Bomb Bag, Wallet, and Magic Meter. There is one last upgrade, which corresponds to learning the Hurricane Spin. This move will allow Link to use the sword in a different means to attack more enemies at once. Each item, along with their additional upgrades, are listed below.


Original Quiver

Location: Tower of the Gods

This Quiver is obtained when Link receives the Bow & Arrow from the Tower of the Gods. It is the smallest Quiver, holding only 30 arrows.

Bigger Quiver

Location: Thorned Fairy Island

This is the first Quiver upgrade that Link receives, and is found on Thorned Fairy Island (G4). Pound the stakes blocking the entrance with the Skull Hammer and then enter. Speak to the fairy who will give Link the upgrade, allowing him to carry up to 60 arrows.

Biggest Quiver

Location: Western Fairy Island

The second and last upgrade Link can receive is found on Western Fairy Island (A3). Once Link gets there, he can pound the stake with the Skull Hammer, which will cause the flames blocking the entrance to go away. Link can then head inside to receive the upgrade, allowing him to carry up to 99 arrows.

Bomb Bag

Original Bomb Bag

Location: Windfall Island

The Bombs are the primary reward during the quest to find Jabun, while the Pirates are stalled at Windfall Island. Link will obtain them from the Pirates after they steal them from the Bomb Shop, and after playing Niko's game in the Pirate Ship. This will give Link the first Bomb Bag, which holds up to 30 bombs.

Bigger Bomb Bag

Location: Southern Fairy Island

The Bigger Bomb Bag can be obtained at Southern Fairy Island. Once Link arrives, he can blow open the panel blocking the door with the bombs he already has. Drop down the hole and talk to the fairy to receive the Bomb Bag upgrade, which will allow Link to carry up to 60 bombs.

Biggest Bomb Bag

Location: Eastern Fairy Island

At Eastern Fairy Island, Link can use one of his bombs to blow open the rock next to the shell. Head inside and speak with the fairy to get the second and final bomb bag upgrade, allowing Link to carry up to 99 bombs.


Original Wallet

Location: Outset Island

The first wallet will be available to Link immediately upon beginning the game at Outset Island. In the original release of the game it will hold up to 200 rupees. In The Wind Waker HD, it will instead hold 500 rupees to start.

Bigger Wallet

Location: Outset Island

High above Outset Island, Link can the Deku Leaf to float over to the Forest of Fairies since the bridge is now broken. Inside, he can then blow up the rock with a bomb and head inside the hole. Speak with the fairy to get the first wallet upgrade, which will allow Link to carry up to 1,000 rupees.

Biggest Wallet

Location: Northern Fairy Island

To obtain the Biggest Wallet, Link can sail over to Northern Fairy Island and head inside the shell. Speak with the fairy inside to receive the second and final wallet upgrade, which will allow Link to hold up to 5,000 rupees.

Magic Meter

Original Magic Meter

Location: Forest Haven

The Magic Meter is acquired after Link obtains the Deku Leaf atop the Great Deku Tree in the Forest Haven. When this bar runs out, Link will no longer be able to use items that require magic, such as the Deku Leaf or the Fire & Ice Arrows. Link can obtain more magic power by cutting down grass and collecting magic jars, or buying green potion if necessary.

Biggest Magic Meter

Location: Two-Eye Reef

The second and only magic meter upgrade can be obtained near Two-Eye Reef. After sailing there, search around the water to find a flock of seagulls. Once Link enters the area, a Big Octo appear. After defeating it a fairy will appear, who will give Link the Magic Meter upgrade.

Hurricane Spin

Location: Outset Island

Link can gain this ability by going to Outset Island and giving 10 Knight's Crests to Orca. He will teach Link how to use this technique, which will allow him to charge a spin attack into a larger spin attack that lasts several seconds. Knights Crests can be found in chests and as spoils from Darknuts.