Knight's Crest

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Knight's Crest

The Knight's Crest is an item from The Wind Waker. The Knight's Crest is worn by Darknuts, and can be claimed if Link defeats them, and usually falls off from them when doing so. Link can also find it in Treasure Chests. When Orca and his brother Sturgeon were young, they searched to find ten Knight's Crests, but never fulfilled their goal. [1][2][3] When Link has collected ten crests and given them to Orca, he is bowled to see that Link has collected ten crests. As a sign of respect, he teaches Link the Hurricane Spin.


  1. "If you wish to be a true swordsman... find some Knight's Crests! And return to me! Orca" — Orca, The Wind Waker.
  2. "The Knight's Crest... It is the symbol of a courageous knight... But not just anyone can gather them... No! It takes a soul who possesses not only power, but wisdom and courage as well! Any courageous soul who gathers ten of these crests can learn a powerful new sword technique!" — Orca, The Wind Waker.
  3. "Both my brother and I dreamt of learning this technique in our youth. We worked so hard to collect the crests... But it took many long years and adventures beyond count before we even approached finding ten of them, and we both grew old..." — Orca, The Wind Waker.