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Windfall Island is one of the main islands in The Wind Waker. It is the third island that Link visits in the game. The island is home to one of the most thriving towns in the Great Sea, rivaled only by Outset Island. Some consider it to be a capital of the great ocean.


Having nice weather and containing grassy fields with flowers and tall trees, the island is a nice place to relax and live. Although it is a small community, mostly everyone knows each other, so everyone is pretty close. With the abundance of shops, houses, game centers, and even a windmill, Windfall Island contains many diverse buildings unlike other islands in which establish its dominant role in the Great Sea.


Link arrives at the island after the King of Red Lions saves him from the ocean, where the Helmaroc King tossed him out of Forsaken Fortress. He awakens in a small cove just off of the northern beach, and the King of Red Lions requests that Link finds a sail. He can purchase one from Zunari for 80 Rupees.

Link returns to the island often throughout his adventure. There are many sidequests available here, and multiple Heart Pieces and other treasures can be found. Because the island is so populated, Link can find many sidequest to perform and complete with Heart Pieces and treasures as rewards.

Points of Interest

Bomb Shop

Main article: Bomb Shop

The Bomb Shop on Windfall Island is the only Bomb Shop in the Great Sea at the start of the game. As a result, the owner of the shop, Bomb-Master Cannon, runs it like a monopoly, and the prices are too high for Link to afford. However, later in the game, the pirates tie up Cannon and steal his bombs because they cannot afford the price and want to get a treasure on Outset Island. After that, he lowers his prices so that even Link can buy them, and Beedle now begins to sell bombs as well.

Zunari's Shop

Main article: Zunari's Shop

Zunari runs a shop in a small stand near the cafe. He has no wares at the beginning of the game aside from the Sail, which he gives to Link for 80 rupees, but after Link obtains the Delivery Bag he asks Link to help him gather new wares and will begin by selling the Town Flower. Link must travel to the other islands to get more products from Traveling Merchants. Zunari will give Link the Magic Armor for all of his work.

There is also a safe in the back of his shop that is left unguarded at night. Mila will try to steal money from it, but Link stops her and she gives him a Bottle.

Cafe Bar

Main article: Cafe Bar

The Cafe Bar is next to Zunari's Shop and can be reached via a staircase. It is run by Gillian. Many citizens gather here to relax. Link can find a man here who is terrified of many sounds that Lenzo wants a picture of.

Lenzo's House

Main article: Lenzo's House

Lenzo is a man with a passion for Pictographs. If Link shows him the Picto Box, he appoints him as his assistant. This initiates a sidequest in which Link takes three pictures of different events around the town. After completing this sidequest and getting the Deluxe Picto Box, Link can buy Legendary Pictographs here.


Main article: Jail

The jail is outside of the main town area. Link finds Tingle trapped in here. If Link sets him free, he gives him the Tingle Tuner and Link can explore the cell. There is a large maze behind a box, and hidden within it is the Picto Box.

Mrs. Marie's School

Main article: Mrs. Marie's School of Joy

There is a school across the path from Lenzo's house that is taught by Mrs. Marie. She loves Joy Pendants, and she gives Link the Cabana Deed and Hero's Charm depending on how many he brings.

Chu Jelly Juice Shop

Main article: Chu Jelly Juice Shop

The Chu Jelly Juice Shop is run by Doc Bandam. Here, he makes potions out of Chu Jelly.

Sinking Ships Mini-Game

Main article: Sinking Ships

Salvatore runs a mini-game on Windfall Island called Sinking Ships.

Other Locations

Tott dances in front of a grave stone next to the jail and will teach Link the Song of Passing.

There is also a large Windmill and a Lighthouse that Link can reactivate to get two Pieces of Heart—one in the chest that is made accessible by the light from the Lighthouse, and another by talking to the man who stands next to the Ferris Wheel.

In addition, there is an expensive home owned first by Mila's father and then by Maggie's where Link can sell Skull Necklaces. If he breaks pots on the lower floor while Mila's father owns the place, he then forces Link to pay rupees for them. Later in the game, Zunari runs an auction here at night. One item on sale is a piece of heart.