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Lenzo's House




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Lenzo's House is a building found on Windfall Island in The Wind Waker. It is home to Lenzo.


The multi-story building is located near the center of the island and it has multiple entrances.

The lowest floor of the building is the Town Jail. It has a single entrance and it is where Tingle is being held captive at the start of the game. While it is part of the same building, there is no inside connection between the Jail and the rest of the house.

The main floor of the house is where Lenzo can be found. He initially stands off to the side, preventing Link from walking by. After acquiring the Picto Box and showing it to Lenzo, Lenzo moves out of the way. From that point forward, he'll appear behind the counter.

The top floor is the location of the Pictograph Gallery. When Link examines a Pictograph, Lenzo will appear behind him and give him an explanation of whichever particular pictograph Link is looking at. Behind the cage on the second floor, there are a pair of Treasure Chests. This area of Lenzo's House is accessible by a door from outside that can be reached after the Windmill has been activated, allowing Link to ride the Ferris Wheel.