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Nintendo Gallery
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The Nintendo Gallery is a gallery of Figurines that are created by giving color Pictographs to the gallery's owner, Carlov. The Gallery is located on a small, towering island near the Forest Haven. It can initially be reached only by flying with the Deku Leaf, but after hitting a switch (which can only be accessed through the usage of a Hyoi Pear) on the main Forest Haven island, a ladder drops down, making the Gallery accessible from the sea. When Link gives Carlov photographs of respective characters, he will carve them out and place them in separate rooms, depending on the locations the characters inhabit.

Completion Requirements

There are certain requirements that must be met in order to complete the gallery. The first thing is that Carlov only accepts photographs that are taken in a certain way. If the photographs do not reach these requirements, he will not accept them. Here are the requirements in question:

  • The photograph must be in color
  • The characters, enemies, or boss needs to be facing in Link's direction
  • The subject's full body needs to be in the picture (although in the case of enemies and bosses, this is difficult to do so it's not essentially required for those types of pictures)
  • The subject is in the center of the picture (same as the last one, as that this may be difficult for enemies and bosses)

In The Wind Waker HD, knowing that the right kind of picture is taken has been made a lot easier than it was in the Gamecube version. When a picture is taken in the Wii U version, if it fits the requirements, a golden emblem with Carlov's face on it will appear in the upper left corner. This will help to assure that he will accept it.

Another thing is that certain figurines, upon reaching a certain point in the game, will no longer be obtainable after that point is reached. There are very few figurines that have this requirement, but every figurine is essential if the gallery is to be completed. Lastly upon giving photographs to Carlov it will take one day to fully complete the figurines and until that day passes, Link cannot give any more photographs to him. In the GameCube version, this limit is 1 a day; but in the Wii U version, it is 12 a day.

Figurine Collection

Main article: Nintendo Gallery Guide

The Nintendo Gallery has seven rooms, each of which have a theme to them that shows the location of the subject that the figurine was made from. There is a key included with this list to show the figurines that have requirements attached to them. After this list, there is another list that details where to find the subjects that each figurine is made from.


  • *= needs to be obtained before a certain time in the game
  • ^= these have different variations but only one needs to be taken
  • #= this figurine is only obtainable through getting another figurine
  • != this figurine is only obtainable through one of the Legendary Pictographs

Hall A: Forest Haven

Hall B: Dragon Roost Island

Hall C: Enemies

Hall D: Bosses and Mini-Bosses

Hall E: Outset Island

Hall F: Windfall Island

Hall G: Great Sea


  • The figurines in the Nintendo Gallery on the GameCube version of The Wind Waker are not lit with a cel-shaded lighting system; rather, they are lit with the GameCube's standard hardware lights.