Savage Labyrinth

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The Savage Labyrinth is a mini-dungeon in The Wind Waker.


While the entrance to the Savage Labyrinth is on Outset Island, it is located on a cliff on the far east side of the island that is not accessible by foot. Link can either use the Deku Leaf to fly to the cliff or use the Hookshot to hook onto the tree on top of the ledge. While Link can access the ledge, the labyrinth is covered by a Stone Head that can only be lifted with the Power Bracelets.


The Savage Labyrinth consists of 50 floors, each split up into 5 different themed portions from the game's main dungeons along with enemies that correspond with that area. Also, enemies do not drop spoils, recovery items, and pick-up items if Link defeats them, but he can use the Grappling Hook on many enemies like a Darknut to obtain items. In order to assemble the Triforce of Courage, Link must come here to get the Triforce Chart in the GameCube version or a Triforce Shard in the HD version, both being on the 30th floor. Here, Link must use the Wind Waker to play the Wind's Requiem on the Wind Crest to reveal the Treasure Chest containing one of the two items.

On the same floor, Link can use the Mirror Shield to reflect light onto the Elephant Statue to optionally complete the rest of the labyrinth. When Link completes the labyrinth, he is rewarded with a Piece of Heart in the GameCube version or the Hero's Charm in The Wind Waker HD on the 50th floor.

If Link wants to continue further on in the labyrinth, he should not accidentally go into the exit warp on the 30th floor after he opens the Treasure Chest and obtains the item.

The use of Potions, fairies, or a combination of both is strongly recommended along with obtaining most or all of the Bottles since recovery of health and items are not inside except at the 10th-level interval. As a result of this, Link should prepare before trying to complete the labyrinth.


E. Fairies
  1. Keese ×10
  2. Miniblin ×6
  3. Bokoblin ×4
  4. Red ChuChu ×6
  5. Magtail ×4
  6. Keese ×4, Miniblin ×4
  7. Fire Keese ×4, Magtail ×2
  8. Bokoblin ×4, Fire Keese ×2
  9. Moblin ×2
  10. Recovery Floor, Optional Exit
  11. Peahat ×6
  12. Green ChuChu ×4
  13. Boko Baba ×5
  14. Green Bokoblin ×4
  15. Wingless Mothula ×5
  16. Boko Baba ×3, Peahat ×3
  17. Blue Bokoblin ×4, Green ChuChu ×4
  18. Wingless Mothula ×3, Green Bokoblin ×2
  19. Winged Mothula ×2
  20. Recovery Floor, Optional Exit
  21. Wizzrobe ×3
  22. Armos ×4
  23. Armos Knight ×2
  24. Yellow ChuChu ×6
  25. Red Bubble ×4
  26. Green Bokoblin ×2, Darknut ×1
  27. Armos ×3, Wizzrobe ×1
  28. Armos Knight ×2, Red Bubble ×2
  29. Darknut ×2
  30. Recovery Floor, Triforce Chart (GC) or Triforce Shard (HD), Optional Exit
  31. ReDead ×6
  32. Blue Bubble ×5
  33. Dark ChuChu ×6
  34. Poe ×5
  35. Winged Mothula ×3
  36. ReDead ×3, Moblin ×2
  37. Dark ChuChu ×5, Winged Mothula ×1
  38. Poe ×5, Moblin ×2
  39. Blue Bubble ×4, Stalfos ×2
  40. Recovery Floor, Optional Exit
  41. Miniblin ×24
  42. Red ChuChu ×10, Green ChuChu ×10, Yellow ChuChu ×10
  43. Wizzrobe ×5
  44. Bokoblin ×16
  45. ReDead ×4, Stalfos ×2
  46. Moblin ×3, Darknut ×2
  47. Wizzrobe ×3, Darknut ×2, Electric Barriers
  48. Stalfos ×3
  49. Mighty Darknut ×4 with Moblin Bust ×6
  50. Piece of Heart (GC) or Hero's Charm (HD)