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Throughout Hyrule, there are merchants who sell Life Potion, or Medicine. There are three types of Medicine. The Red Medicine will boost Link's Life Meter. The Green Medicine will boost Link's Magic Meter. Finally, the Blue Medicine will boost both the Life and Magic Meters.

— Nintendo Power Player's Guide

Potions are recurring items in The Legend of Zelda series. There are many different kinds and have all sorts effects on Link, usually restorative. Typically, they are consumed by drinking. In most games, these Potions must be held in a Bottle.

Recurring Potions

The Potions appear in multiple The Legend of Zelda games. They can be bought from stores for Rupees. Sometimes a skilled brewer will 'craft' them out of materials Link finds. Potions are very useful and can save Link from some pretty nasty situations. Very rarely, there will be a way to obtain free Potions, usually after completing some sort of side quest.

Red Potion

Main article: Red Potion

The Red Potion is a very common Potion in the Zelda games and can restore Link's hearts. However, the amount varies between six hearts to all of Link's hearts depending in the game.

Green Potion

Main article: Green Potion

The Green Potion appears in games with the Magic Meter. It can restore Link's Magic Power.

Blue Potion

Main article: Blue Potion

This amazing stuff fully restores both Link's magic and hearts.


Main article: Milk

While not a Potion by definition, it is extremely similar and its effect is comparable to one. There are many different forms of Milk, such as Lon Lon Milk. It is normally found on ranches or bought in shops. Most types restore three hearts and contain two servings. Chateau Romani, however, instead prevents Link's Magic Meter from depleting.

Unique Potions

These are Potions that are unique to two or fewer games in the series.

The Legend of Zelda

Potions in The Legend of Zelda do not require an empty bottle to hold. Link needs to deliver the Letter to the Old Woman in the Potion Shop in order to purchase Potions.

Water of Life

Main article: Water of Life

Also known as the Life Potion, this can be purchased for 40 Rupees. It restores all of Link's hearts.

2nd Potion

Main article: 2nd Potion

Also known as the Red Medicine, the 2nd Potion is bought for 68 Rupees. Its effect is identical to the Water of Life, but it has two servings. After the first serving is used, it turns into the blue Water of Life.

Link's Awakening

Secret Medicine

Main article: Secret Medicine

Normal Potions do not appear in Link's Awakening because there are no bottles. However, Link can purchase the Secret Medicine from Crazy Tracy. It will automatically restore Link's hearts if he dies.

Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask


Main article: Poe

After being defeated, the souls of Poes can be caught in a bottle in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. Its effect is random and can either harm Link or heal him.

The Wind Waker

Elixir Soup

Main article: Elixir Soup

In The Wind Waker, after Link returns to Outset Island, he will find that Grandma has fallen ill with worry. Releasing a Fairy while standing next to her will revive her. Upon seeing Link, she'll be so happy that she'll cook up his favorite soup; the Elixir Soup, which fully heals Link's hearts, as well as doubles his attack power until he is hit. On top of all that, she stuffed the bottle so full that there is two servings of it in one bottle. Link can then obtain Elixir Soup anytime after he heals her just by talking to her with an empty bottle, as long as he doesn't already have a bottle with some of her soup in it.

Twilight Princess

Great Fairy's Tears

Main article: Great Fairy's Tears

In Twilight Princess, Link can obtain Great Fairy's Tears as a reward for various side quests. It has similar effects to the Elixir Soup in The Wind Waker: fully healing Link and doubling attack power for a short while. However, there is only one serving available in each bottle, rather than two.

Great Fairy's Tears are rather rare. One way to obtain it is by collecting twenty Poe Souls for Jovani. However, if Link manages to beat the entire Cave of Ordeals in the Gerudo Desert, he will be able to go to any of the Spirit's Springs and talk to the Great Fairy there to refill a bottle with it. She will only give it to Link if he has an empty bottle and no other bottles full of the tears.

Chu Jelly

Main article: Chu Jelly

Chu Jelly is found by defeating Chus of a certain color. Red Chu Jelly has an effect identical to the Red Potion, and Rare Chu Jelly has an effect like that of the Great Fairy's Tears. Purple Chu Jelly has a random effect like Poes.

Yellow Chu Jelly also exists, but it does not function as a Potion; instead, it works as Lantern Oil.

Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks

In the two Nintendo DS titles, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, Potions function differently than usual. They do not need to be kept in an empty bottle. Red Potions are present and restore six hearts, but there are also two new types.

Purple Potion

Main article: Purple Potion

The Purple Potion will automatically kick in to save Link from death when all of his hearts are depleted, similar to Fairies. It will restore eight hearts. It can also be consumed anywhere within battle to immediately restore hearts.

Yellow Potion

Main article: Yellow Potion

Yellow Potions restore all of Link's hearts. However, they are very rare and difficult to find in shops. It is also possible to find them in Treasure Chests.

Skyward Sword

The Potions in Skyward Sword are entirely new to the series. They can be purchased in the Bazaar from Luv and then upgraded by Bertie.

Heart Potion

Main article: Heart Potion

The effect of the Heart Potion is similar to the Red Potion. It restores eight of Link's hearts.

Stamina Potion

Main article: Stamina Potion

The Stamina Potion temporarily slows the depletion of Link's Stamina Gauge.

Air Potion

Main article: Air Potion

The Air Potion temporarily slows the depletion of Link's Oxygen Gauge underwater.

Guardian Potion

Main article: Guardian Potion

This will temporarily reduce the amount of damage Link takes.

Revitalizing Potion

Main article: Revitalizing Potion

This restores four hearts and repairs Link's shield.