Ice Ring Isle

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Ice Ring Isle

Ice Ring Isle is one of the many islands scattered throughout the Great Sea in The Wind Waker and is located one square west of Forest Haven. The island is covered with ice, and if Link attempts to walk on the ice, he freezes and is teleported back to the King of Red Lions. The only way Link can explore this island is to use the Fire Arrows given by the Queen of Fairies to unfreeze the island long enough for Link to do what he wants. After Link uses the Fire Arrows to warm up the island, he only has five minutes until the island freezes along with him on it. Outside of the island is a pool of freezing water with ice floes floating on top. Link must jump from ice floe to ice floe, carefully moving as not to slip into the water and lose precious time. Once he finishes that part of the trial, he enters into a stone dragon's mouth and drops into a cave beneath the island. Inside the cave are two slide-like structures made of ice, and ink must carefully navigate down them avoiding or defeating Keese to finally get the prize he came to Ice Ring Isle for: the Iron Boots. After Link obtains the boots, he can go through a cavern with enemies and Rupees to bring him back to the surface.

Treasure Chart

On the outskirts of the island is a treasure chest. However, this treasure chest is coated in ice. If Link shoots the frozen chest with a Fire Arrow, it will defrost. Inside of that treasure chest is Treasure Chart #36.