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Mail Center



The Mail Center is a location in The Wind Waker.


The Mail Center is located insided at Dragon Roost Island. It can be found on the top floor and it is managed by Koboli. Koboli is initially having trouble running the Mail Center, due to the troubles with Valoo.[1][2] He repeatedly asks Link if he is willing to help out, or if he knows anybody that is looking for work.[3][4]

Mail Sorting

Main article: Mail Sorting

Link is able to speak with Kobali and help out with Mail Sorting, beginning the Part-Time Job side quest. After successfully sorting 10 or more letters, Koboli will reward Link with rupees, depending on how many letters Link can sort. After Link has sorted 25-letters, this will trigger the Mail Center to higher a part-timer, in Baito. Link can then play the mail-sorting game with Baito and after successfully sorting 25-letters, Baito will give him the Note to Mom. Link can deliver this in a Mailbox and will later receive a Piece of Heart in the mail as thanks, from Baito's mother, Kashiko.



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