Beedle's Shop Ship

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Beedle's Shop Ship
Beedle's Shop Ship from The Wind Waker HD





Beedle's Shop Ship is a boat shop owned by Beedle. It can be found in The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass. Beedle himself can be found in many other The Legend of Zelda games.


The Wind Waker

Beedle's Shop Ship makes its debut in The Wind Waker. Inside his boat, Beedle sells All-Purpose Bait, Hyoi Pears, Bombs, and many other items. His Shop Ship constantly floats around an island, and if Link is close and tries to enter the Shop Ship, it stops for him. It appears near the most visited islands of the Great Sea.

Prices for items he sells are as follows:

Item Price
Bait Bag 20 Rupees
Hyoi Pear 10 Rupees
All-Purpose Bait 30 Rupees
Bombs Varies
Arrows Varies
Red Potion 30 Rupees

Rock Spire Shop Ship

Another version of Beedle's Shop Ship can be found at the Rock Spire Isle. There, a masked man who resembles Beedle sells Link various useful but expensive items, such as a Piece of Heart.

Prices for Masked Beedle's Shop are as follows:

Item Price
Piece of Heart 950 Rupees
Treasure Chart #4 900 Rupees
All-Purpose Bait 10 Rupees
Bottle 500 Rupees

Phantom Hourglass

Similar to its Wind Waker counterpart, the shop in Phantom Hourglass is found sailing on the seas. He will restock all his goods except the Bomb Bag with time. His prices are as follows:

Item Price
Bomb Bag 1000 Rupees
Red Potion 60 Rupees
Purple Potion 150 Rupees
Various Ship Parts Dependent on rarity
Various treasure Dependent on rarity