The Wind Waker Locations

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Angular-Isles.jpg Angular Isles
Birds-Peak-Rock.jpg Bird's Peak Rock
Boating-Course.jpg Boating Course
Bomb-Island.jpg Bomb Island
Cliff-Plateau-Isles.jpg Cliff Plateau Isles
Crescent-Moon-Island.jpg Crescent Moon Island
Cyclops-Reef.jpg Cyclops Reef
Diamond-Steppe-Island.jpg Diamond Steppe Island
Dragon-Roost-Island.jpg Dragon Roost Island
Eastern-Fairy-Island.jpg Eastern Fairy Island
Eastern-Triangle-Island.jpg Eastern Triangle Island
Fire-Mountain.jpg Fire Mountain
Five-Eye-Reef.jpg Five-Eye Reef
Five-Star-Isles.jpg Five-Star Isles
Flight-Control-Platform.jpg Flight Control Platform
Forest-Haven.png Forest Haven
Forsaken-Fortress.jpg Forsaken Fortress
Four-Eye-Reef.jpg Four-Eye Reef
Gale-Isle.jpg Gale Isle
Greatfish-Isle.jpg Greatfish Isle
Headstone-Island.jpg Headstone Island
Horseshoe-Island.jpg Horseshoe Island
Ice-Ring-Isle.jpg Ice Ring Isle
Islet-of-Steel.jpg Islet of Steel
Mother-and-Child-Isles.jpg Mother and Child Isles
Needle-Rock-Island.jpg Needle Rock Isle
Northern-Fairy-Island.jpg Northern Fairy Island
Northern-Triangle-Island.jpg Northern Triangle Island
Outset-Island.jpg Outset Island
Overlook-Island.jpg Overlook Island
Pawprint-Isle.jpg Pawprint Isle
Private-Oasis.jpg Private Oasis
Rock-Spire-Isle.jpg Rock Spire Isle
Seven-Star-Isles.jpg Seven-Star Isles
Shark-Island.jpg Shark Island
Six-Eye-Reef.jpg Six-Eye Reef
Southern-Fairy-Island.jpg Southern Fairy Island
Southern-Triangle-Island.jpg Southern Triangle Island
Spectacle-Island.jpg Spectacle Island
Star-Belt-Archipelago.jpg Star Belt Archipelago
Star-Island.jpg Star Island
Stone-Watcher-Island.jpg Stone Watcher Island
Thorned-Fairy-Island.jpg Thorned Fairy Island
Three-Eye-Reef.jpg Three-Eye Reef
Tingle-Island.jpg Tingle Island
TWW Tower Of The Gods.png Tower of the Gods
Two-Eye-Reef.jpg Two-Eye Reef
Western-Fairy-Island.jpg Western Fairy Island
Windfall-Island.jpg Windfall Island


Forsaken-Fortress.jpg Forsaken FortressForsaken Fortress is the first dungeon in The Wind Waker. Near the beginning of the game, Link travels here on board Tetra's ship in search of his sister, Aryll, who was kidnapped by the Helmaroc King. Link must sneak around the fortress without getting caught to make his way up to the cell where Aryll is held. After failing to retrieve his sister in the first visit, he then comes back to face the Helmaroc King, save his sister, and confront Ganon.
Dragon Roost Cavern.jpg Dragon Roost CavernDragon Roost Cavern is the second dungeon in The Wind Waker. Within it, Link will find the Grappling Hook. Link must defeat Gohma to get Valoo to calm down, allowing the Rito to visit him, and to receive Din's Pearl from Prince Komali.
ForbiddenWoods.png Forbidden WoodsThe Forbidden Woods is the third dungeon in The Wind Waker. Within it, Link will find the Boomerang. Link must defeat Kalle Demos to save Makar and to receive Farore's Pearl from the Great Deku Tree.
TWW Tower Of The Gods.png Tower of the GodsThe Tower of the Gods is the fourth dungeon in The Wind Waker. Within it, Link will find the Hero's Bow. Link must defeat Gohdan to prove his courage and open the path forward.
Earth Temple.jpg Earth TempleThe Earth Temple is the fifth dungeon in The Wind Waker. Within it, Link will find the Mirror Shield. Link must defeat Jalhalla to restore half of the "power to repel evil" to the Master Sword.
005 Thumb.jpg Wind TempleThe Wind Temple is the sixth dungeon in The Wind Waker. Within it, Link will find the Hookshot. Link must defeat Molgera to restore the second half of the "power to repel evil" to the Master Sword.
TWW-Ganon'sTower.png Ganon's TowerGanon's Tower is the seventh and final dungeon in The Wind Waker. Inside, Link must travel through rooms based on previous dungeons and defeat their respective bosses. Then, Link must navigate through a maze while fending off attacks from Phantom Ganon to collect the Light Arrows, then use them to defeat Phantom Ganon. Finally, Link must climb the master staircase to confront Ganondorf.


Beedle's Shop Ship (The Wind Waker).png Beedle's Shop Ship
Inside Bomb Shop.jpg Bomb Shop
Cafe Bar.png Cafe Bar
Chujellyjuiceshop.jpg Chu Jelly Juice Shop
TWW-Ganon'sTower.png Ganon's Tower
Ww-ghostship.png Ghost Ship
RTWWWGFF.png Great Fairy Fountain
The Great Sea Chart.png Great Sea
Hall of Wealth.png Auction House
Hyrule Castle (WW).jpg Hyrule Castle
Link's House (WW).jpg Link's House
Nintendo Gallery.jpg Nintendo Gallery
Savage Labyrinth (WW).jpg Savage Labyrinth
Grotto Wind Waker.png Secret Grotto
Submarine (WW).jpg Submarine
Zunarishop.jpeg Zunari's Shop