Farore's Pearl

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Farore's Pearl
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Reveals the Tower of the Gods


Farore's Pearl is the second Goddess Pearl that Link receives in The Wind Waker. Its name comes from the Goddess of Courage.

After receiving Din's Pearl at Dragon Roost Island, the King of Red Lions suggests that Link goes to Forest Haven and ask the Great Deku Tree about Farore's Pearl.[1] The Great Deku Tree promises to give Link the pearl after the Koroks of the forest complete their annual ceremony.[2] However, Linder appears, shouting that Makar has fallen into the Forbidden Woods.[3] The Great Deku Tree then asks Link to rescue Makar for him.[4]

At last, Link saves Makar from the clutches of Kalle Demos, and he thanks him before they return to the Forest Haven.[5] Makar apologizes to the Great Deku Tree, who is relieved to see him safe.[6][7] As promised, the Great Deku Tree then grants Link Farore's Pearl.[8]

Once Link collects all three pearls, Link must place Farore's Pearl at Eastern Triangle Island to reveal the Tower of the Gods.


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