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?You can only call Tingle from areas that have maps!

?You've already called Tingle. Check your Game Boy Advance.

?There is no Game Boy Advance connected. Use this item only after connecting a Game Boy Advance to Controller Socket 2, 3, or 4 and turning the Game Boy Advance ON.

?The Game Boy Advance is not ON. Use this item only after connecting the Game Boy Advance to Controller Socket 2, 3, or 4 then turning the Game Boy Advance ON.

?Would you like to call Tingle? Yes No

?Now calling Tingle...

?An error has occurred. Please check to be sure that your Game Boy Advance is properly connected to Controller Socket 2, 3, or 4 and that the power is ON.

?Tingle appeared on your Game Boy Advance!

?There is no Memory Card in Slot A. Please check to confirm that a Memory Card is inserted properly.

?The Memory Card in Slot A is damaged and cannot be used.

?The device inserted in Slot A is not a Memory Card.

?The Memory Card in Slot A is not compatible with this game.

?The Memory Card in Slot A is corrupted and needs to be formatted. Would you like to format the Memory Card now? YesNo

?There is no free space on the Memory Card in Slot A. To save The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, you need at least 1 save file and 12 free blocks of memory.

?The Memory Card in Slot A cannot be used with this game.

?Formatting the Memory Card will erase all previously saved data. Are you sure you want to format? YesNo

?The Memory Card is being formatted... Do NOT touch the Memory Card or the POWER Button.

?The Memory Card has been formatted.

?The Memory Card could not be formatted.

?Would you like to create a save file for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker on the Memory Card in Slot A? YesNo

?There is no save file for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker on the Memory Card in Slot A.

?Now creating a save file... Do NOT touch the Memory Card or the POWER Button.

?A save file could not be created.

?A save file has been created.

?The game cannot be saved. Would you like to continue anyway? YesNo

?File Selection

?Erase this data?

?Erasing data...

?The data was erased.

?Copy to where?

?Overwrite this data?


?The data was copied.

?This data is corrupted. Erase this data?

?This data is corrupted. Erase and copy over data?

?Do not touch the Memory Card or the POWER Button.

?The data could not be erased.

?The data could not be copied.

?Name Entry

?The game cannot be saved. There is no Memory Card in Slot A. Please check to be sure that a Memory Card has been inserted properly.

?The game cannot be saved. The Memory Card in Slot A is damaged and cannot be used. Please insert a functional Memory Card into Slot A.

?The game cannot be saved. The device inserted in Slot A is not a Memory Card. Please insert a functional Memory Card in Slot A.

?The game cannot be saved. The Memory Card in Slot A cannot be used with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Please insert a functional Memory Card in Slot A.

?The Memory Card in Slot A is corrupted and needs to be formatted. Would you like to format the Memory Card now? YesNo

?There is not enough free space on the Memory Card in Slot A. You need 1 save file and 12 free blocks of memory to save The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

?The game cannot be saved. The Memory Card in Slot A cannot be used with this game. Please insert a functional Memory Card in Slot A.

?If you format the Memory Card, all previously saved data will be lost. Are you sure you want to format? YesNo

?Now formatting the Memory Card... Do not touch the Memory Card or the POWER Button.

?The Memory Card has been formatted.

?The Memory Card could not be formatted.

?Would you like to create a save file for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker on the Memory Card in Slot A? YesNo

?The game cannot be saved. There is no save file for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker on the Memory Card in Slot A.

?Now creating a save file... Do not touch the Memory Card or the POWER Button.

?A save file for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker could not be created.

?A save file has been created.

?Would you like to save?

?The game could not be saved. The Memory Card in Slot A does not contain the save file you last used.

?The save file on the Memory Card in Slot A is corrupted and cannot be used. Would you like to erase this save file and save over it?

?Now saving... Do not touch the Memory Card or the POWER Button.

?The game could not be saved.

?The game has been saved.

?The game has been saved. Would you like to continue playing?

?Would you like to continue playing?

?I'll use this bow to cover you! Attack him as best you can!

?Warp to Mother & Child Isles?

?Warp to Windfall Island?

?Warp to Dragon Roost Island?

?Warp to Greatfish Island?

?Warp to the Tower of the Gods?

?Warp to the Forest Haven?

?Warp to Outset Island?

?The game will save and make a file for a second play-through. To keep current saved data, save over a new Quest Log. Do you want to save?

?Are you sure you want to return to the title screen without saving?

?Choose a Quest Log.

?Save over this data?


?The game was saved.

?[Link]! You have to distract him!

?Are you ready?! I'll aim for you! And you use your shield... Do you get it?

?Are you ready?! I'll aim for you! And you use your shield... Do you get it?

?Big Brother!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?Postage due is 201 Rupees. Will you pay? Yes No

?IN-credible Chart

?Dragon Roost Cavern

?Forbidden Woods

?Tower of the Gods

?Earth Temple

?Wind Temple

?Ganon's Tower

?[+]Pick Warp [A]Decide [B]Cancel

?You got a Green Rupee! That's worth 1 Rupee! Better collect lots of them!

?You got a Blue Rupee! That's worth 5 Rupees. Not too bad, huh?

?You got a Yellow Rupee! That's worth 10 Rupees. Not too shabby!

?You got a Red Rupee! That's 20 Rupees. What a pleasant surprise!

?You got a Purple Rupee! That's worth 50 Rupees. That's just great!

?You got an Orange Rupee! Just one of these is worth 100 Rupees! Your face is beaming!

?You got a Piece of Heart! Collect four of these to complete a new Heart Container. More Heart Containers equals more life!

?You got a Heart Container! Your life energy has increased by one! Plus, your life gauge has been replenished!

?Conduct with [C].

?Well done, [Link]! With the shards you have collected, the Triforce of Courage is now complete at last! We must make for Hyrule, quickly!

?The sword-hilts of my servants who lurk deep in the darkness shall be the guideposts that point to me.

? Dear [Link], If you are reading this letter, it can only mean you have peeked into one of our many postboxes. I am indebted to you. I am very sorry I let you leave without thanking you. Please accept my heartfelt apology along with my thanks. We cannot do much to help you, but we can at least do this: if we get any letters or parcels for you, we will deliver them to a postbox near you. If you see any wiggling postboxes, please look inside them. I suppose you have a long way to go before your perilous journey is done. I have included a gift for you with my letter in the hope that it might help you. Please accept this small token. I look forward to the day that we meet again. May Fortune Fill Your Wings From Komali's Father

? Notice from Beedle's Shop Ship! It's time for our semi-annual Big Chance Extravaganza! We have a new product that has burst onto the scene: Bombs!!! We're having an extra-special sale on this choice item for a limited time only! You'll know where to find us by checking the enclosed Beedle Shop Ship Chart! Visit a Beedle Shop Ship near you today! (Offer not available in all regions.) Don't miss this HUGE opportunity!!! Beedle

? Yo! How ya been, man? I gotta tell ya, you really helped me out back there at the Mail Center. I appreciate it! I've been trying real hard ever since then, but my postman skills are still weak. I just can't seem to hit 22 letters! I doubt I'll ever be as good as you, man. So anyway, I've been hearing all kinds of crazy tales about you, and I figured I just had to write you a letter. It sounds like you're doing some pretty amazing stuff, man! You're great! You're awesome! You're...the man, man! You can probably tell that I had no idea what to write, but hey, I figured the least I could do would be to send you a letter of encouragement. So... Yay, man, yay! Go, man, go! Go! Go! Never give up! Never lose hope! And while I don't make much, I'm sending you the wages I've earned lately. Just doing my part! Hope it helps! I'm really sorry I had to send this C.O.D., but I guess that's the price of fame! Take care! Thanks again, boss! From Baito

?You got a Silver Rupee! One is worth a whopping 200 Rupees! It's time to jump for joy!

? If you wish to be a true swordsman... find some Knight's Crests! And return to me! Orca

?Foolish creature who does not fear the gods! To the end of the sea with you! Let the winds of Cyclos's wrath blow you away!!!

?[Link], are you all right? It would seem that the wind god Cyclos bears some ill will toward humans. As you go forward, it would be wise to try not to get sucked up by any cyclones you see upon the seas. Ah, but if only we could find a way to harness the power of those cyclones... Then it might be possible for us to travel across the ocean instantaneously.

?You do not yet have an item that can pierce distant targets! If you did, you might be able to obtain such a power. Keep that in mind!

?If you use your item that can pierce distant targets, you might be able to harness the power of the whirlwinds that Cyclos has control over.

?You got a small key! Use it to open locked doors. You can use it only in this dungeon.

?[v] Fairy Fountain Site Ahead Increase your fortune!

?You got a Joy Pendant! You can keep it in your Spoils Bag. These pendants are said to flock to those who spread joy, like butterflies to nectar-filled blossoms.

?You got the Telescope! This is your sister's most precious belonging. Treasure it dearly! Set it to [Y], [Z], or [X] and use it by pressing whatever button you set it to. Do it now, and see what you can see!

?He gave you the Tingle Tuner! If you get stuck or need a quick hint, connect a Game Boy Advance to your Nintendo GameCube to talk to Tingle. After connecting the Game Boy Advance to Controller Socket 2, 3, or 4, set the Tingle Tuner to [Y], [Z], or [X] to call Tingle.

?You got the Picto Box! Set it to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X]! It can hold up to three pictographs. Press [R] to view your pictographs.

?You got the Spoils Bag! You can keep the items you get from enemies in this handy pouch. It can hold up to eight types of items. Press [Y], [Z], or [X] on the Items screen to see what's inside. Press [Y], [Z], or [X] again to set and use one of its contents.

?You got the Grappling Hook! This was an item used by the Rito people before they had wings. Set it to [Y], [Z], or [X] on the Items screen, then press that button to aim. Use this item to latch on to anything with a [Target lock mark] on it. You can even use it to haul things up from the sea floor while on your boat.

?You got a Deluxe Picto Box! It has been imbued with a mystical light, so now it can take color pictographs! Set it to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X].

?You got the Magic Armor! Use your magic power to create a barrier around you that protects you from enemy attacks! Set it to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X]!

?You got the Bait Bag! You can keep plenty of bait in this convenient satchel! It has eight pouches for storing bait. Press [Y], [Z], or [X] to see what's inside, then press [Y], [Z], or [X] again to get your bait ready to use!

?You got the Boomerang! Set it to and throw it with [Y], [Z], or [X]. Target specific objects by holding the button you set it to and aiming at something until the red targeting cursor changes to a [Target lock mark]. You can target up to five objects at once.

?You got a Delivery Bag! Finely crafted bags like this are used by Rito postmen everywhere! With so many pockets, it can hold many items. Select it on the Items screen and press [Y], [Z], or [X] to see what you have inside.

?You got bombs! You can carry up to 30. Pull one out, then press [A] to throw it, or [R] to set it at your feet. Try it's a blast! Using bombs while on your boat gives you a mighty cannon you can use to fight off seagoing enemies. Set them to and use them with [Y], [Z], or [X]!

?You got the Skull Hammer! Set it to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X]. This mighty hammer can break things and pound obstacles into the ground. Some enemies even get stunned by the shock waves it causes when you pound the ground with it.

?You got the Deku Leaf! Set it to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X]. Plant your feet on the ground and use it to blow blasts of air at objects and enemies. You can also jump in the air and use your magic power to drift on the currents of the wind!

?The powers of fire and ice have been added to your arrows! When you take out your bow, use [R] to change arrowheads, then fire away!

?You got the Light Arrow! When you take out your bow, use [R] to change arrowheads, then fire away. The sacred light of these arrows can pierce pure evil itself!

?You accepted the Hero's Sword! Wield it with [B]. Use it wisely and carefully... You don't want to let down the kind old man who has entrusted it to you!

?You got the Master Sword! The legendary blade with the power to repel evil...once wielded by the legendary hero himself!

?The prayers of the Earth Sage have restored the Master Sword's former energy! There is but one last step before it becomes the true Master Sword once again!

?You got the Hero's Shield! This is the legendary shield said to have been used by the hero himself! Hold [R] to defend yourself. You can also hold [R] to defend while [L]-targeting.

?You got the Mirror Shield! Its shiny surface reflects beams of light. Hold [R] to shield and use [+] aim its reflection.

?You got back the Hero's Sword you dropped! Now you're in business! Take care not to drop it again!

?You got a Skull Necklace! You can keep it in your Spoils Bag. This rather off-putting accessory would appear to be of little value, but shown to the right person, it is apparently of great worth.

?You got a Boko Baba Seed! You can keep it in your Spoils Bag! This is the source of the evil plant's magic. Perhaps if you can find someone to cook it up, its magic can be unleashed!

?You got a Golden Feather! Keep it in your Spoils Bag. A certain strangeness emanates from the quill of this beautifully shining golden feather. Winged girls are said to be infatuated with these treasures.

?You got a Knight's Crest! Keep it in your Spoils Bag. All who are skilled in the ways of the sword know the value of a crest such as this!

?You got some Red Chu Jelly! Keep it in your Spoils Bag. This gelatinous goo comes from deep within Red ChuChus. It is effective as a cure for exhaustion, but it can't be used in its current state.

?You got some Green Chu Jelly! Keep it in your Spoils Bag. Inside Green ChuChus is a magical gelatinous essence, but it can't be used in its current form.

?You got some Blue Chu Jelly! Keep it in your Spoils Bag. Deep within Blue ChuChus is a gelatinous essence that is said to be a magical cure-all. ...But unfortunately, it can't be used in its current form.

?You got the Dungeon Map! Press [D-pad][v] to view it. Green areas are ones you've visited. The flashing area is your current location. Tilt [+][v][^] to view other floors.

?You got the Compass! Now you can see where things are hidden in the dungeon. Press [D-pad][v] to view your map and see for yourself!

?You got the Big Key! Use it to gain entrance to the room where the dungeon's boss lurks! Press [D-pad][v] to see for yourself on your map.

?You got an empty bottle! Set it to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X]. Bottles are great for carrying water and holding other things.

?You got some Red Potion! Set it to [Y], [Z], or [X] and use it to replenish your life energy. You can keep it in your bottle.

?You got some Green Potion! Set it to [Y], [Z], or [X] and use it to recover your magic power. You can keep it in your bottle.

?You got some Blue Potion! Set it to [Y], [Z], or [X] and use it to replenish both life energy and magic power. Keep it in your bottle until you need it.

?You got Elixir Soup! This healthy soup your grandmother makes replenishes all of your life energy and magic power! Your attack power also doubles until the first time you take damage! Now THAT is one hearty soup! And your kind old grandmother filled your bottle so full that there's two helpings inside! Isn't she the sweetest?

?You filled your bottle with water! Try pouring it on something that looks dry and withered.

?You caught a fairy in your bottle! When your life energy runs out and you collapse from exhaustion, this fairy will replenish your strength. Set it to [Y], [Z], or [X] and use it if you want to replenish your energy immediately.

?You caught a Forest Firefly in your bottle! A strange light emanates from this mystical creature...

?You filled your bottle with Forest Water! You can use it multiple times, but it loses its forest freshness after just 20 minutes. After that, it becomes normal water.

?You got Nayru's Pearl! The water spirit Jabun was kind enough to give you this jewel, a treasure of one of the goddesses!

?You received Din's Pearl! This is the gem the Ritos claim was passed down from the great goddess!

?You received Farore's Pearl! The earth spirit, the Deku Tree, has seen fit to give you this jewel, a treasure of the goddess, Farore.

?You got a boat's sail! Set it to [Y], [Z], or [X], then use it while on your boat to sail across the sea. Press [A] to put it away.

?You got All-Purpose Bait! Animals will be drawn to this gourmet pet food the moment you put it down. (It has three portions.) Choose your Bait Bag on the Items screen, then set this bait to [Y], [Z], or [X] to use it!

?You got a Town Flower! This flower hails from the town of bright smiles. If you find a place to set this rather small flower, choose your Delivery Bag on the Items screen and set this item to [Y], [Z], or [X] to use it.

?You got a Sea Flower! The scent of the sea wafts from the delicate petals of this flower from an exotic, far-off land. If you find a place to put it, choose your Delivery Bag on the Items screen, and set the flower to [Y], [Z], or [X] to use it.

?You got an Exotic Flower! It's a refreshing flower that blossoms in the tropical regions to the south. If you find a place to put it, choose your Delivery Bag on the Items screen and set the flower to [Y], [Z], or [X]!

?You got the Hero's Flag! This flag has a rather courageous feel to it. If you find a place to put it, choose your Delivery Bag on the Items screen and set this item to [Y], [Z], or [X].

?You got the Big Catch Flag! This flag was made by a fisherman from a foreign land and designed to encourage a big haul of fish! If you find a place to put it, choose your Delivery Bag on the Items screen and set the flag to [Y], [Z], or [X].

?You got the Big Sale Flag! This flag looks like it would definitely be good for business. If you find a place to put it, choose your Delivery Bag on the Items screen and set the flag to [Y], [Z], or [X].

?You got a Pinwheel! The wheel on it spins when it catches puffs of air. It's kind of fun! If you find a place to put this item, choose your Delivery Bag on the Items screen and set the Pinwheel to [Y], [Z], or [X].

?You got the Sickle Moon Flag! This flag of a bright-red crescent moon is quite fancy. If you find a place to put it, choose your Delivery Bag on the Items screen and set the flag to [Y], [Z], or [X].

?You got a Skull Tower Idol! It's made of the fossilized skulls of strange creatures. It's pretty weird. If you find a place to put it, choose your Delivery Bag on the Items screen and set the idol to [Y], [Z], or [X].

?You got a Fountain Idol! This is a strange statue of a girl carrying water. If you find a place to put it, choose your Delivery Bag on the Items screen and set the statue to [Y], [Z], or [X].

?You got a Postman Statue! This is a carving of the Rito postman, hero of all Ritos and a symbol of laborers the world over. If you find a place to put it, choose your Delivery Bag on the Items screen and set the statue to [Y], [Z], or [X].

?You got a Shop Guru Statue! This little statue is the apple of every businessman's eye. If you find a place to put it, choose your Delivery Bag on the Items screen and set the bust to [Y], [Z], or [X].

?You accepted Father's Letter! It is a letter from a father addressed to his son. Since you've just received a fine Delivery Bag, why not use it to carry this letter down to Komali? When you want to take it out, choose your Delivery Bag on the Items screen and set this letter to [Y], [Z], or [X].

?You accepted a Note to Mom! It's so sad you could almost cry... Keep it in your Delivery Bag until you find a postbox to drop it in.

?You got Maggie's Letter! It's a letter from Maggie to her sweetie. Keep it in your Delivery Bag until you find a postbox to drop it in.

?You got the Moblin's Letter! This letter has sort of a stink to it. Take it to Maggie.

?You got the Cabana Deed! It's written on yellowed parchment. It looks quite old.

?You got the Complimentary ID! Who knows what this is, but apparently you should take it to Beedle... Keep it in your Delivery Bag for now.

?You got the Fill-Up Coupon! It will fill every item you have to the max! Give it to Beedle, but remember: it doesn't cover all of his products... Keep it in your Delivery Bag for now.

?You got the Dragon Tingle Statue! It bubbles over with warmth. It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island.

?You got the Forbidden Tingle Statue! It's covered in sticky sap. It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island.

?You got the Goddess Tingle Statue! Its salty seawater coating is kind of gross. It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island.

?You got the Earth Tingle Statue! It's cool and damp and smells like mold. It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island.

?You got the Wind Tingle Statue! It's sandy and kind of rough. It feels weird. It will be waiting for you on Tingle Island.

?[v] The way to the Northern Fairy Isle is to the north. Increase your fortune!

?You learned the Hurricane Spin! Hold [B] to build up your power, then release it to perform a whirling attack with your blade. Remember, it consumes magic power.

?You can now carry more Rupees! Now you can hold up to 1000 Rupees!

?You can now carry more Rupees! Now you can hold up to 5000 Rupees!

?You can now carry more bombs! Now you can bring a maximum of 60 with you wherever you go.

?You can now carry more bombs! Carry a maximum of 99 with you wherever you go!

?You can now carry more arrows! Carry up to 60 with you wherever you go!

?You can now carry more arrows! Carry up to 99 with you wherever you go!

?Your magic power has increased! You now have twice as much as what you had before!

?You got the Ghost Ship Chart! Press [D-pad][v] and check your charts to view it.

?You got Tingle's Chart! What kind of chart could it be? Head out to sea, then press [D-pad][v] and check your charts to find out!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Once you are out to sea, open your Sea Chart and check this map. After viewing this chart with [Y] and opening it up, the spot where the treasure lies will light up! Go to that area and rely on this chart to guide you to the spot. Then you can get the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Once you are out to sea, open your Sea Chart and check this map. After viewing this chart with [Y] and opening it up, the spot where the treasure lies will light up! Go to that area and rely on this chart to guide you to the spot. Then you can get the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Once you are out to sea, open your Sea Chart and check this map. After viewing this chart with [Y] and opening it up, the spot where the treasure lies will light up! Go to that area and rely on this chart to guide you to the spot. Then you can get the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Once you are out to sea, open your Sea Chart and check this map. After viewing this chart with [Y] and opening it up, the spot where the treasure lies will light up! Go to that area and rely on this chart to guide you to the spot. Then you can get the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Once you are out to sea, open your Sea Chart and check this map. After viewing this chart with [Y] and opening it up, the spot where the treasure lies will light up! Go to that area and rely on this chart to guide you to the spot. Then you can get the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Once you are out to sea, open your Sea Chart and check this map. After viewing this chart with [Y] and opening it up, the spot where the treasure lies will light up! Go to that area and rely on this chart to guide you to the spot. Then you can get the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Once you are out to sea, open your Sea Chart and check this map. After viewing this chart with [Y] and opening it up, the spot where the treasure lies will light up! Go to that area and rely on this chart to guide you to the spot. Then you can get the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Once you are out to sea, open your Sea Chart and check this map. After viewing this chart with [Y] and opening it up, the spot where the treasure lies will light up! Go to that area and rely on this chart to guide you to the spot. Then you can get the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Once you are out to sea, open your Sea Chart and check this map. After viewing this chart with [Y] and opening it up, the spot where the treasure lies will light up! Go to that area and rely on this chart to guide you to the spot. Then you can get the treasure!

?You got a Triforce Chart! You can't read it yourself, so you'll have to get it deciphered somewhere.

?You got a Triforce Chart! You can't read it yourself, so you'll have to get it deciphered somewhere.

?You got a Triforce Chart! You can't read it yourself, so you'll have to get it deciphered somewhere.

?You got a Triforce Chart! You can't read it yourself, so you'll have to get it deciphered somewhere.

?You got a Triforce Chart! You can't read it yourself, so you'll have to get it deciphered somewhere.

?You got a Triforce Chart! You can't read it yourself, so you'll have to get it deciphered somewhere.

?You got a Triforce Chart! You can't read it yourself, so you'll have to get it deciphered somewhere.

?You got a Triforce Chart! You can't read it yourself, so you'll have to get it deciphered somewhere.

?You learned the Wind's Requiem!

?You learned the Ballad of Gales!

?You learned the Wind God's Aria!

?You learned the Song of Passing!

?[v] The way to the Northern Fairy Isle is to the north.


?Grappling Hook

?Pirate's Charm

?Piece of Heart

?Hero's Sword

?Hero's Shield

?Dungeon Map


?Big Key

?Targeting Mode


?Tingle Tuner


?Hero's Charm


?Joy Pendant

?Wind Waker

?Picto Box

?Spoils Bag

?Deluxe Picto Box

?Hero's Bow

?Power Bracelets

?Iron Boots

?Magic Armor


?Bait Bag



?Delivery Bag

?Skull Hammer

?Deku Leaf

?Hero's Bow

?Hero's Bow

?Master Sword

?Master Sword

?Mirror Shield

?Master Sword

?Skull Necklace

?Boko Baba Seed

?Golden Feather

?Knight's Crest

?Red Chu Jelly

?Green Chu Jelly

?Blue Chu Jelly

?Language Selection

?Empty Bottle

?Red Potion

?Green Potion

?Blue Potion


?Triforce Shard

?Triforce of Courage

?Nayru's Pearl

?Din's Pearl

?Farore's Pearl


?Wind's Requiem

?Ballad of Gales

?Song of Passing

?Command Melody

?Earth God's Lyric

?Wind God's Aria



?Rumble Feature

?Hyoi Pear

?All-Purpose Bait






?Town Flower

?Sea Flower

?Exotic Flower

?Hero's Flag

?Big Catch Flag

?Big Sale Flag


?Sickle Moon Flag

?Skull Tower Idol

?Fountain Idol

?Postman Statue

?Shop Guru Statue

?Father's Letter

?Maggie's Letter

?Moblin's Letter

?Cabana Deed

?Complimentary ID

?Fill-up Coupon


?Forest Firefly

?Forest Water

?Elixir Soup


?Elixir Soup (1/2)


? I'm sorry to disturb you with this unsolicited letter. If the following does not interest you, please throw the letter away without a second thought. BUT THIS IS YOUR BIG CHANCE!!! Do you have need of an empty bottle, a Piece of Heart, or a Treasure Chart? We have them at special bargain prices. BUT WE HAVE ONLY ONE OF EACH! If you're interested, go to the Shop Ship near Rock Spire Island. First come, first serve! I can't wait to serve you! To those who took the time to read this letter...please accept my humble thanks. Asst. Manager, Rock Spire Shop Ship

?This is Hyrule...

?You are Princess Zelda.

?[Y][Z][X] Open

?You received this treasured item from your sister on your birthday. Peer through it and tilt [C][v] to zoom in and [C][^] to zoom out.

?Latch onto [Target lock mark], swing with [+][v][^], and jump with [A]. Stop swinging with [R], use [+][v][^] to climb up or down, and use [<][+][>] to change direction. Use it on the boat to lift treasure.

?This is the mysterious stone the pirate Tetra lent to you. Use it when [flashing icon] appears to speak with Tetra.

?Four Pieces of Heart form one Heart Container. Increasing your number of Heart Containers adds to your life energy.

?This is the blade given to you by old man Orca. Swing it with [B].

?When holding your sword, press [R] to use this shield to defend yourself from enemy attacks. Use [R] while [L]-targeting to defend yourself while moving.

?Green rooms are ones you've visited. The flashing area indicates your current location.

?This handy item reveals the locations of items hidden in the dungeon.

?Use this key to enter the lair of the dungeon's master.

?Tilt [+][v][^][<][>] to change settings.

?Have you noticed, [Link]? Morning has not broken since we arrived at Greatfish Isle_the land that was so ravaged by monsters. It is as if time itself is frozen. Perhaps this is the curse that Valoo spoke of? Whatever the reason, if this night does not end, then we need not worry about the pirates overtaking us. In fact, it might not be a bad idea for you to visit your hometown and family again after such a long time away. We can speak with Jabun after you do.

?To call Tingle, use a Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable to connect a Game Boy Advance to Controller Socket 2, 3, or 4, then use this item with [Y], [Z], or [X].

?I cannot say when you will again have a chance to return to this island, young [Link]. It would be wise for you to show your family members that you are alive and healthy while you have the chance.

?This mystical charm is able to see into an enemy's soul. It will reveal an enemy's life energy when you equip it. Equip Don't Equip

?Pull out one of these and press [A] to throw it or [R] to set it down. Use bombs while on your boat to fire them with a large cannon. You can carry up to [?].

?Joy Pendant These pendants are said to flock to those who spread joy, like butterflies gathering around nectar-filled blossoms.

?This conductor's baton can call upon and borrow the power of the gods. Use [C] to swing it and [+] to choose between 3/4, [<][+] 4/4, and [+][>] 6/4 time.

?Set this to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X]. It can hold up to three pictographs. Press [R] to switch to its pictograph-viewing mode.

?This bag is primarily used to hold up to eight different kinds of items that defeated enemies drop. Press [Y], [Z], or [X] to see what you have inside.

?This high-tech type of Picto Box can take full-color pictographs. It, too, can hold up to three pictures inside. Press [R] to switch to its pictograph-viewing mode.

?Hold the button you've set this weapon to and you'll nock an arrow_release the button to let the arrow fly. You can carry up to [?] at one time.

?Strength flows through your limbs when you wear these bracelets, allowing you to lift heavier objects than before. Press [A] to grab and lift things.

?Set these heavy-duty boots to a button and press it to wear them. Press the button again to remove them. With these on, you can stand in the face of the fiercest winds.

?Use your magic power to raise a protective barrier around you that guards against enemy attacks! Set it to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X].

?Are you ready? If that is the case, then we must search for the cave around the backside of Outset where Jabun is said to hide.

?This spacious sack can hold up to eight pieces of bait. Press [Y], [Z], or [X] to see what is currently inside.

?Set this weapon to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X]. Use the red cursor to aim. It will lock on to and hit any object you target with [Target lock mark]. It can target up to five things at one time.

?It extends! It retracts! It latches onto things! Hold down the button you've set it to and use [+] to aim. It will fire out when you release the button.

?This handy bag holds a maximum of eight different kinds of items. Press [Y], [Z], or [X] to see what you have inside.

?Set this mightiest of mallets to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X]. It can smash objects and break through barriers. Strike the ground with it to stun enemies with a shockwave.

?Set this magic leaf to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X] to blast objects with a gust of air. If you have magic power, you can jump into the air and use it to fly through the skies.

?Take out your bow and press [R] to switch between ice and fire power. You can carry up to [?].

?Take out your bow and press [R] to switch between ice, fire, and light arrows. You can carry up to [?].

?This is the legendary blade said to have been used by the Hero of Time himself.

?This is the legendary blade of evil's bane.

?This mirror-plated shield can reflect beams of light. Press [R] to hold it and use [+] to aim the light beams.

?This is the Master Sword, the edge of which has been restored by the prayers of the Earth Sage. Another sage's prayers are needed to regain the power to repel evil.

?Skull Necklace They may look worthless, but these fine accessories are quite valuable amongst connoisseurs.

?Boko Baba Seed This source of the monster plant's magic is said to be most helpful when mixed in the proper quantities.

?Golden Feather A certain strangeness emanates from this beautifully shining golden feather. Winged girls are said to be fond of these treasures.

?Knight's Crest All who are skilled in the ways of the sword know the value of a crest such as this!

?Red Chu Jelly There's a gelatinous substance in the red jelly. It's an effective cure for exhaustion, but it can't be used in its current state.

?Green Chu Jelly There is a gelatinous essence in the green jelly that is filled with magic power, but you can't use it in its current form.

?Blue Chu Jelly There is a gelatinous substance in the blue jelly that is a cure-all, but you can't use it in its current state.

?From the sound of things, the cave where Jabun is hiding must be blocked by some sort of hard stone doorway. Once we approach it, try using the item you obtained from the pirates.

?Set it to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X]. You can keep a variety of things in bottles. They're quite handy.

?Set it to and drink it with [Y], [Z], or [X] to recover life energy. Keep it in a bottle to take it with you wherever you go.

?Set it to and drink it with [Y], [Z], [X] to recover magic power. Keep it in a bottle to take it with you wherever you go.

?Set it to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X] to drink it and recover both life energy and magic power. Keep it in a bottle to take it with you wherever you go.

?Set it to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X]. Keep it in a bottle to take it with you wherever you go.

?This is a piece of the sacred golden triangle that sleeps on the ocean floor, far beneath the waves.

?This is the complete sacred golden triangle that had been hidden on the sea floor, far beneath the waves.

?This is the pearl of the gods, given to you by the great sea spirit, Jabun.

?This is the pearl of the gods spoken of in Rito legends.

?This is the pearl of the gods given to you by the Great Deku Tree_the great spirit of the earth.

?You can only place three shop items in your Delivery Bag at one time.

?This chart shows sunken treasure. Open the Sea Chart with [D-pad][v] and check your special charts with [Y]. Compare island terrain on the left with Treasure Charts on the right.

?[Link], have you seen any filthy, thieving rats around? I know they are annoying, but keep your wits about you...they are only rats! If you spread bait near their nest, they may share their store of treasure with you. Why don't you try it?

?I have scattered the seeds of the future...

?To the living: Light the six torches and dive down to the sea floor. Guide the lost spirit of the boat that forever wanders in darkness.

?[Link], your foe may be fierce and fearsome, but do not be afraid! Forged deep within the steel of your Master Sword is the power to repel evil... Even as his ball of fell magic bears down on you, stand your ground and knock it back with your sword! ...I am sure you will have a shot at victory!

?You got a Submarine Chart! Now you know where to find the enemy submarines that surface from below! Press [D-pad][v] and open your charts to view it.

?Set this to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X]. Use it on your boat to hoist it and sail in the direction the wind blows. Press [A] to put it away.

?Submarine Chart

?The Savage Labyrinth Deep in the never-ending darkness, the way to the Golden Shard you seek awaits.

?Use this bait to take control of a seagull. Set it to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X]. When controlling the bird, press [A] to flap its wings and [R] to quit.

?This handy bait is great for attracting animals_it's essentially gourmet pet food. Set it to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X].

?If we stay here much longer, our foes may be drawn to Zelda's whereabouts. Climb into the boat and let us return to the world above the sea before that happens!

?The effects of the tune you conducted can only be seen in places where the sun and moon are visible.

?Unexplored Sector

?Ho ho! My, that battery of mounted guns is a dangerous thing. If only someone could blow the entire lot of them to bits! It is such a shame that they exist, for there is something wonderful hidden there!

?[v] Head west from here to reach Mother & Child Isle.

?This little flower is reminiscent of the town. If you find a place where you think it belongs, set it to and place it with [Y], [Z], or [X].

?The scent of the sea wafts from the delicate petals of this flower from a distant exotic land. If you find a place to put it, set it to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X].

?This refreshing flower blossoms in the tropical regions to the south. If you find a place to put it, set it to [Y], [Z], or [X].

?This flag has a rather courageous feel to it. If you find a place to put it, set it to and place it with [Y], [Z], or [X].

?This flag was made by a fisherman from a foreign land and designed to encourage a big haul of fish! If you find a place to put it, set it to and place it with [Y], [Z], or [X].

?This flag looks like it would definitely be good for business. If you find a place to put it, set it to and place it with [Y], [Z], or [X].

?The wheel on this spins when it catches puffs of air_kind of fun, huh? If you find a place to put it, set it to and place it with [Y], [Z], or [X].

?This flag of a bright-red crescent moon is quite fancy. If you find a place to put it, set it to and place it with [Y], [Z], or [X].

?This thing is made from...the fossilized skulls of some strange creatures. It's pretty weird. If you find a place to put it, set it to and place it with [Y], [Z], or [X].

?This is a strange, bubbling statue in the shape of a girl carrying a jar. If you find a place to put it, set it to and place it with [Y], [Z], or [X].

?This is a carving of the Rito postman, hero of all Ritos and a symbol of laborers the world over. If you find a place to put it, set it to and place it with [Y], [Z], or [X].

?This little statue is the apple of every businessman's eye. If you find a place to put it, set it to and place it with [Y], [Z], or [X].

?A letter from a father addressed to his son. Take it to Komali, the Rito prince. The Rito chieftain has asked you to do so.

?A letter from Maggie to her true love. Maggie has asked you simply to drop it into the nearest post box.

?This letter has a sort of stink to it. Take it to Maggie.

?This seems to be the deed to a resort cabana on a far-off island. It's written on yellowed parchment and looks quite old.

?This special gift was given to you to commemorate your silver membership level. Take it to the nearest Beedle Shop Ship and use it there.

?This prize was given to you to commemorate your gold membership level. It fills your consumable items to the maximum number you can hold. Use it at Beedle Shop Ships.

?[v] To reach Dragon Roost Island, head east from here.

?This mystical creature unleashes mysterious bursts of light.

?This magic forest water never seems to run out, but within 20 minutes of taking it out of the forest, it loses its potency and becomes plain old water. Only [?] left!

?This is two helpings of your grandma's homemade soup. Drink it to replenish all life energy and magic power and to inflict double damage until you take damage.

?This little sprite will lend you its energy when you've used up all of yours. Set it to and use it with [Y], [Z], or [X] to immediately replenish your life energy.

?This is one helping of your grandma's homemade soup. Drink it to replenish all life energy and magic power and to inflict double damage until you take damage.

?[v] To reach Western Fairy Isle, head west from here.

?[v] To reach Eastern Fairy Isle, head east from here.

?[v] To reach Bomb Island, head south from here.

?[v] To reach Thorned Fairy Isle, head north from here.

?[v] To reach Southern Fairy Island, head east from here.

?No Entry The forest paths are closed until suspension bridge repairs are complete.

?[<] Watchtower Forest of Fairies [>]

? Wielder of the Flaming Arrow: When you appear, the lighthouse signal shall return to light the seas at night. (The Seer, J. L. Picall)

?Notice: Windfall Auction Tonight! Bidding starts at dusk. All comers welcome!

?A Thrilling Night of Money and Desire! This way to the Auction House (Floor 1) (6:00 P.M. - 6:00 A.M.)

?Date: Unknown At last, I have succeeded in stealing the Picto Box I have desired for so long. Succeeded, yes...but sadly... Due to a slight mistake on my part, I was also caught. I have been imprisoned, but I do not give in easily! I refuse to give this wondrous box to my captors! I have decided to hide it here in the depths of my cell and then make my escape by tunneling out. Yes! That is my plan!

?Of course, if I ever successfully escape from this prison, I shall one day return to recover the Picto Box. I will write the controls for it in case I should forget them... Set it to [Y], [Z], or [X] on the Items screen. Press [A] to snap shots. Use [C] to zoom in and out. Press [R] to switch to its delightful pictograph-viewing mode. It saves up to three pictographs at one time. Oh, how it pains me to leave it! ...I just wish I could get out of here so I could start taking pictographs!

?Help Wanted For light product sorting, etc. Pay depends on experience. Inquire at the Dragon Roost Island Mail Center.

?[<] Wind Shrine [v] Mail Center

?Your sword landed all the way up there? Shoot! I'm sorry! I apologize! I guess my aim was off by a little bit. Heh heh... The look on your face... Priceless!

?Come on! What are you doing?! If you start wandering around a place as well-guarded as that without any means of defense, you're bound to get caught! At the very least, you should see if there's anything nearby that you can use to hide yourself with! Think stealth! See what you can find around there, and be quick about it! Time is short!

?Are you planning on spending the rest of your life in there?! Look around! I'd be surprised if a run-down cell like that didn't have a hole or two that you could use to worm your way out!

?Ah-hah! I've got it, [Link]! In order to reach the top of the tower where your sister's being held, you'll have to find the room right below the tower. The path to the tower begins in the rear of that room! You got that?

?Those searchlights are a real pain, huh? You're going to have to deal with them somehow, I'm afraid... There's got to be a way to get up to where those searchlights are. Look around and see what you can find, OK?

?Listen up, [Link]... There's a monster running the searchlight up there! If you can slay the monster, then just maybe it'll shut the searchlight down. Oh...but you're unarmed, aren't you? All you have is a shield... If I were you, I'd try to use my shield to deflect the monster's blows and see if I could make it drop its weapon. If you did that, you could pick up its weapon with [A]. ...But that's just me. What'll you do?

?What's the matter!? The room your sister's in is just up ahead... Look carefully at the tower wall. Isn't there a narrow ledge you can cross? Face the wall and press [A] to sidle along the wall. You should be able to get across the long as you're careful. Just remember, you can't do anything else while you're sidling, so you have to be extra-careful of what's around you!

?Heh heh... I slipped this stone into your pocket just before we fired you over there. It's no ordinary stone, either. I can see what you're doing through this stone, and obviously you can hear me through it. So...if you see [flashing icon], you'd better press that button! I've put the stone on your Quest Status screen. Press START and use [L] or [R] to scroll around. It's pretty basic. Hey, but listen carefully! I need this back after you save your sister, so don't go losing it, you understand?!

?Ah, now I remember... I was eating shrimp last night... Heh heh heh...

?Warp to this area?

?There is no wind for you to conduct.

?You can only call up cyclones when you are in your boat on the sea.

?All right, [Link]... I'll need you to listen to me for a moment. The item you seek is hidden somewhere in this castle. To find it, you must find the entrance to the basement. But...that entrance has been blocked by a mighty threshold, firmly sealed to prevent evil from ever gaining access. Do you know where to search and what you must do to open the hidden way? You will find a clue in the shape of the herald near where we arrived at the castle.

?Excellent, [Link]. To perceive such a puzzle and decipher it is no small feat. Now, take the sword that lies before you. It is none other than the Master Sword... The blade of evil's bane. It is the only sword that can banish Ganon from the world above!

?[Link]! We must return to the surface! Return to me, quickly!

?Long ago, there existed a kingdom where a golden power lay hidden.

?It was a prosperous land blessed with green forests, tall mountains, and peace.

?But one day a man of great evil found the golden power and took it for himself...

?With its strength at his command, he spread darkness across the kingdom.

?But then, when all hope had died, and the hour of doom seemed at hand...

?...a young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere.

?Wielding the blade of evil's bane, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light.

?This boy, who traveled through time to save the land, was known as the Hero of Time.

?The boy's tale was passed down through generations until it became legend...

?But then...a day came when a fell wind began to blow across the kingdom.

?The great evil that all thought had been forever sealed away by the hero...

?...once again crept forth from the depths of the earth, eager to resume its dark designs.

?The people believed that the Hero of Time would again come to save them.

?...But the hero did not appear.

?Faced by an onslaught of evil, the people could do nothing but appeal to the gods.

?In their last hour, as doom drew nigh, they left their future in the hands of fate.

?What became of that kingdom...? None remain who know.

?The memory of the kingdom vanished, but its legend survived on the wind's breath.

?On a certain island, it became customary to garb boys in green when they came of age.

?Clothed in the green of fields, they aspired to find heroic blades and cast down evil.

?The elders wished only for the youths to know courage like the hero of legend...

?An evil power seems to have blocked the effects of the music you conducted!

?There is nothing nearby that you can control.

?Conduct with [C]. Change rhythm with [<][+][>].

?You conducted the Wind's Requiem!

?You conducted the Ballad of Gales!

?You conducted the Command Melody!

?You conducted the Earth God's Lyric!

?You conducted the Wind God's Aria!

?You conducted the Song of Passing!

?Conduct with [C]. Change rhythm with [<][+][>].

?It is too dangerous to go any further in this direction! We must turn back!

?Did you get a sail? There is no time to lose! You must find one, quickly!

?Why do you hesitate so? Quickly, come next to me and then press [A] to climb in.

?Oh! That look in your eye... So, you've found yourself a sail, have you? Very well! Then I shall teach you the art of sailing!

?Come next to my hull and press [A] to climb aboard. Set the sail you got to [Y], [Z], or [X], and press that same button to hoist it. The sail will catch the wind, which will push the boat forward. The [v] that appears behind me indicates wind direction. Use [+] to steer. If you wish to move quickly, you should keep the wind blowing directly into the sail. You can always press [A] to put away the sail. Try it when you want to adjust your speed.

?Did you understand all that? Yes No

?I see... Then allow me to explain again.

?Ah! One more thing. When you are out at sea with few landmarks to go by, you will be at the mercy of your Sea Chart. I have marked the place we should currently be heading for on your Sea Chart. If you get lost at sea, simply press [D-pad][v] to open the chart and confirm your position. Now! A westerly wind blows! Hop in and let it carry us to the east!

?There! On the horizon! That is our destination, [Link]... Dragon Roost Island!

?High atop this island's peak lives the spirit of the skies...a great dragon by the name of Valoo.

?You must go see this dragon and request from him a jewel called Din's Pearl.

?Ask the people of the Rito tribe who inhabit this island about how to see the dragon.

?Oh, I almost forgot! Wait just a moment!

?This island has been a calm and peaceful place for as long as I have known it. What could have happened to it?

?Ask the winged Rito tribespeople about the sky spirit, Valoo. We cannot set sail again until you have the pearl.

?It would seem that Ganon sent those monsters to this place. But that would mean...

?There is no time to lose! We must depart at once for the place where the next pearl sleeps! We sail to the south!

?The wind is blowing to the south! Quickly! Swim beside me and press [A] to climb aboard! We must depart at once for the place where the next pearl lies sleeping!

?...Unfortunately, we cannot depart until the wind blows to the south. It would be a fatal mistake to set sail under an unstable breeze. I have heard legends that tell of a wind god who once resided on this island... Have you heard nothing of him?

?Yes! Do you not see what rises up from the horizon? That is where you must go, [Link]... the Forest Haven.

?It may appear as though this is but a great tree rising far above the ocean's surface... But it is a sacred place. It is inside this grotto that you will find the spirit of the earth, the Great Deku Tree.

?You must speak with the Deku Tree and receive from him the sacred gem known as Farore's Pearl.

?I fear that Ganon's vile hand may have already reached this most sacred of sanctuaries. Go forth with caution, [Link].

?Around the Forest Haven there were once many lush islands that were home to throngs of forest fairies... When did this place become so barren and sad?

?Could those withered islands be... [Link]! You must hurry to the Deku Tree and ask him for his sacred pearl!

?So this place, too, has been attacked by Ganon. Could he already be regaining his power?

?[Link], you must get the remaining pearl! It lies in a place northwest of here. We must set sail immediately!

?What are you doing? I have marked our next destination on your Sea Chart. We have no time to delay here!

?You can change the direction of the wind from aboard my deck. If you get lost out on the sea, just check your Sea Chart and change the wind so it blows toward your destination.

?Look, [Link]! Do you see it? ...What has happened to this place? .............

?Wh-What is the meaning of this? The island... It is...

?...We are too late. I knew we had precious little time, but I never suspected how little... A great water spirit named Jabun once lived here, but no sign of him remains...

?Ho, there! [Link]!

?So, you're here! I've been looking for you! Are you by chance seeking the great spirit, Jabun? I'm sorry to report to you that Jabun can no longer be found here.

?Just look at how this place has been torn to pieces... I suppose this, too, is the work of the shadow in Forsaken Fortress. But fear not! Jabun was able to flee this island before it was attacked. He is in a safer abode now. Would you like to guess where that abode may be?

?...On the island where you were born. On Outset.

?Yet even if you were to go to Outset now, you would not be able to see Jabun. The cave where he hides is sealed with a mighty stone slab that repels all who try to pass it. Why, not even the pirates with their mighty ship could get in...

?...I must apologize, [Link]. I thought if anyone would know of your whereabouts, it would be the pirates. I told them this tale without so much as a thought for the consequences. I don't know what they hoped to get, but they immediately set sail for Outset Island and tried to break into the cave.

?...It is lucky they could not gain entrance. I have heard that they were last spotted on Windfall Island, but doing what, I do not know. If you wish to see Jabun, I think you'd better search for the pirates on Windfall Island.

?What an eerie isle this is... Everywhere else boasts clear skies and calm seas, but this place suffers under dark clouds and rain.

?Valoo must have been right when he asked me to bring word of Jabun to you... He called this island cursed...

?I would counsel against staying here longer than you have to. ...But that is your decision. I have told you of Jabun, so my task is complete!

?So, Jabun has survived! The sea spirit has lived through the trials of many long years. He must have caught wind of Ganon's attack beforehand... If we are to believe the words of the Rito postman, then the pirates know something about the cave where Jabun hides. Why don't we go first to Windfall and search for them there?

?What is the matter? Have you forgotten where Windfall Island lies? If you have, then check your Sea Chart.

?It is too soon for us to venture in this direction. We should sail directly to our next destination.

?Beyond here is outside the bounds of the course. We must not stray out-of-bounds!

?[Link]... You must remember well the appearance of this room. The shape of the floor... The number of items hanging on the walls... Such things are the keys to solving the riddles that lie ahead. Do not overlook anything!

?Closed all night for pirate party.

?Sorry, but I'm asleep. Please don't bother me until after nightfall. Thank you!

?I've been waiting for you, [Link]. [Link]... Try these on.

?Time certainly flies... I can't believe you're already old enough to wear these clothes.

?Don't look so disappointed, dear one! Just try them on. Today is a day to celebrate! It is the day that you become the same age as the young hero spoken of in all the legends. You only have to wear them for one day, so don't look so down. Be proud, child!

?In the olden days, this was the day boys were finally considered to be men. They were taught the ways of the sword to prepare them for battle with their enemies.

?Hanging the family shield on the wall as decoration is another tradition that has been carried down from those days.

?Does all this make sense to you?

?Isn't that nice, [Link]? They suit you perfectly! A perfect fit! Well, tonight I'm going to invite the whole town over for your birthday party, so I'd better start getting ready, shouldn't I? Your grandma is going to make your favorite soup for you tonight! Mmmm! I just know you're looking forward to it! Now, go get your sister, Aryll.

?What is it, [Link]? Go call Aryll for me!

?But we don't live in such an age any longer... Our ways are the ways of peace. Nowadays, I suppose Orca is the only one on the island who still knows anything about swordplay.

?You always wear the same outfit... I think you need a new look...

?Hoo hoo hoooooooooo! If my appearance does not surprise you... Then you, sir, must be a fairy, just like Tingle!

?Blue clothes...and a crawfish design?

?I've been waiting for you, [Link]. Here you are, [Link]. Try these on! These are special clothes...made of a special fabric that only the honest can see!

?What's the matter? Why the long face? You CAN see them, can't you? Hm hm hm... Well, today is the day we commemorate the fact that you've reached the same age as the hero of the legends! You have to be proud about that for at least one day! Put them on and see if you can't fool anybody in town!

?Wow! You really DO have blue clothes... with a picture of a crawfish on them! You're [Link], right?

?You got the Great Fairy Chart! Now you can find the Great Fairies and the Fairy Queen! Press [D-pad][v] to check your charts to view it.

?You got the Octo Chart! Now you know where to find the Big Octos! Press [D-pad][v] and check your charts to view it.

?Octo Chart

?Great Fairy Chart

?[Link], have you seen your sister, Aryll, this morning?

?I wouldn't be surprised if she's climbed up to her favorite spot to play with the gulls again today. I've always thought it quite odd... She's the only person I know who the wild gulls will even approach.

?With the power you have now, you can neither lift nor destroy that stone. And yet, somewhere on this sea, the power to do so lies waiting for one to find it. You must seek it out.

?Hollo's Forest Potion Shop[v]

?[Link]! What's the matter? What's happened?

?Where is Aryll? I know she's a good girl who behaves herself, but she's still just a child. You mustn't let your eyes off of her.

?Why, what are you doing with such a dangerous thing? That's no toy! What's happened?

?[Link], what is that thing you have on your back?

?Why are you carrying a dangerous thing like that around?

?You got a Piece of Heart! You've collected a total of two pieces. Get two more to complete another Heart Container.

?What's the matter? Is there something wrong? Is it something you can't even tell your grandma?

?What is it, [Link]? Please... Tell Grandma what's troubling you.

?And where's Aryll...? Is she still playing outside with the gulls?

?Ohhh... Uhnnn... [Link]... Aryll... Don't go... Don't leave... Uhhnnn... Don't leave your poor old grandma... ...all alone... Uhnnn... Uhhhnnn...

?Ohh, [Link]? Is that you, [Link]?

?[Link]... My dear, sweet [Link]. You're safe... That's wonderful... Just wonderful. Did you do this? Did you heal me? Oh, you're such a sweet child...

?Ohh... That's right... You and your sister, Aryll, are trying so hard to be strong, and I've just been sitting here, moaning and worrying... I'm your grandmother... I'm the one who should be taking care of you... I'm so sorry, [Link]. I haven't even considered what you must be going through. I'm a terrible grandma...

?[Link], this is all I have to give you right now. You can keep it in your empty bottle!

?You and your sister love this soup, don't you? If you run out, I can make it for you any time you like.

?Grandma's going to try to be strong, so you try to be strong, too!

?But don't do anything reckless! All right?

?You got a Piece of Heart! You've collected three so far. Collect one more to increase your life energy by one heart.


?My dear, sweet [Link]...


?Oh, [Link]! How are you? You haven't injured yourself, have you?

?If you run out of Grandma's homemade soup, then you just come see me. I can make it for you whenever you like.

?Aren't you hungry? Would you like Grandma to fill your bottle with some of her special homemade soup? Yes, please No, thank you

?You are such a well-mannered boy! Here you go!

?You and your sister love my soup, don't you? If you run out, you come back and see me. I can make it for you whenever you like.

?You are such a well-mannered child! But you do know you can ask me for some whenever you like, don't you?

?Whenever you have an empty bottle, you just bring it straight to Grandma. I can make more soup for you whenever you like!

?Taking this out here won't do anything...

?Oh, [Link]! Happy birthday! Hey, did your sister, Aryll, find you? She was supposed to tell you that your grandmother is looking for you. Speaking of your sister, she saw me at work the other day, and she said she wanted to learn to carry jars on her head like me so she could help your grandma with chores. So...if you see her, tell her that all she has to do is stand in front of a jar and press [A] to carry it. To put the jar down, she just has to press [R]! Can you tell her that for me?

?The secret to lifting jars is to stand in front of them and press [A]. And don't forget to tell Aryll to set jars down with [R], OK?

?What was that noise!? It was awful! You'd better return home quickly... A sound like that can only mean trouble! You know what I'd do if trouble came my way? I'd throw rocks to fight it off! You could handle that, couldn't you? It's easy! Just stand in front of a rock and press [A] to lift it. Press [A] again to throw it. If you just want to set the rock back down, press [R]. Do you understand?

?To lift a rock, stand in front of it and press [A]. When you want to throw, press [A] again. Press [R] to set it down. Couldn't be easier!

?[Link], I thought I heard Aryll's voice cry from far away... Is it... Is it really true?

?What kind of weird boat is that?

?...That's just terrible! My precious jars... How could you?

?That's just awful...

?Oh, that was fine... It won't do. It won't do.

?Oh, that's right! I knew I forgot something. Yes, I'd better head back.

?Is... Is that you, [Link]? Well, looks as though you're safe... That's good to know.

?Your grandmother has been having a terrible time of it ever since you left. She rarely leaves the house, and as far as I can tell, she just spends her days sleeping. She hardly eats... I've actually come here to see if my old grandpa knows of any medicine or anything that might make her feel better.

?The island has really taken a turn for the worse since you left. I'm sure you noticed them... The monsters... Those horrible creatures... They rampage through town every night after dark. I'm scared... Too scared...

?Ever since you left, our lovely island has become a horrible place to live. Every night now, when the sun disappears, vile monsters appear and tear across the island, causing havoc. It's frightening... So frightening...

?Your poor old grandmother... Her days are spent in worry, and her nights are filled with horrific nightmares... I've tried to give her medicine to help her feel better, but she just can't seem to drink it... I don't know what to do...

?[Link]? Are you all right? Our island is a dangerous place now. You shouldn't stay outside long!

?Monsters have begun appearing in town at night. It's awful out there! You really should go home while you can. Who else is going to protect your grandmother?

?Oh, [Link]. Hey, congrats! I'm really looking forward to tonight, buddy! We're gonna party! But...are you really that old already? Wow! Time just flies right by, huh?! It never ceases to amaze me. I mean, for example, I swear I just cut the grass in this field the other day, but look at how tall it's gotten! Ah, well... The mysteries of time and grass...

?Say, do you want to try cutting it, too, [Link]? You'd be surprised at the things people drop in the grass. It's like hunting for treasure! Except... Without some kind of grass-cutting tool, you can't cut the grass. Sorry, buddy.

?I can't just let this field be, you know. If I did, the weeds would take control!

?Cutting grass is hard work, but it pays off! People leave the darnedest things in the grass, so if you go to the trouble of cutting it, you get to keep whatever you find.

?Did you hear that noise, [Link]? Did something happen? What was it?

?Oh, say! That's a fine sword you have there, buddy! Just look at that thing! You know, you'd be doing me a big favor if you'd cut this here grass for me.

?Sometimes you can find things in the grass when you cut it, so it isn't always a thankless chore! It pays, buddy!

?Eh? [Link]? Is that you, [Link]? Whoa. You kind of startled me there, buddy. I thought more of those monsters had come to harass me.

?I tell you, there have been a lot of strange things going on here at night lately. I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in ages because of it! And I love sleep!

?In fact, I saw something really odd just a little while ago. Of course, this was back before the bridge was destroyed... It was up in the Fairy Woods, near the old dried-up fountain. I saw this tall girl who glowed like a fairy, which was odd enough, but then she vanished into that rock... Really! I saw it with my own eyes!

?There have been strange things going on at night, I tell you! It's turned my whole schedule upside-down. Now I'm up all night and asleep in bed all day...

?Awww... I just want to cut the grass...

?I wonder what that was all about... That fairy-looking girl I saw up there by the big stone...

?[Link]! Is that you? If I recall correctly, today, you are the same age as the legendary hero. When did you get so old? You must build strong muscles from now on! Strong muscles!

?You have come at the perfect moment! I was just trying my rolling attack. Allow me to teach it to you!

?Are you ready? Just run as fast as you can, then press [A]. That is how you perform a rolling attack. If you think you understand, then try to roll into the wall. Go on, young one!

?Did you hear me, [Link]? Run as fast as you can and press [A] to perform a rolling attack. Try rolling into the wall.

?Oh! What is the matter, [Link]? You have an urgent look about you... Has something happened?

?Whatever it is, from the look on your face I suspect it is no laughing matter... What say you, [Link]?

?Do you wish to practice your skills with the sword? Yes No

?Do not begrudge the effort required to build strength. If you change your mind, come see me. I will be happy to train you.

?Very good! Your first lesson shall be the horizontal slice! Face me and press [B]. Do not fear for my safety... I am ready for you!

?Very good. Next is the vertical slice! Hold [L] to target me, then press [B]!

?Very good! Next is the thrust! [L]-target, then tilt [+] [v] and press [B]. Come at me! Thrust with your sword!

?Very good! Now finally, the jump attack! Draw your sword, [L]-target, and press [A]!

?That was a fine display!

?You still have much to learn, but the skill to become a master is in your veins. Do not neglect your practice!

?Wrong! Press only [B]!

?[L]-target and press [B] to perform a vertical slice!

?You thrust by [L]-targeting, tilting [+] [v], and pressing [B].

?You must perform a jump attack! Draw your blade, [L]-target, and press [A].

?What say you?

?Such a racket! Can't you keep quiet!? You've knocked everything off my shelves, you dratted hooligan!

?Ah! My brother upstairs is very high-strung. His is the way of knowledge. He locks himself in his room and studies all day. He is quite wise, but with that big head of his, he is hardly...accommodating. On top of it all, he is so very feeble! At times, I am ashamed to call him my brother.

?But enough of that, [Link]! I sense the natural talent that beats in your veins. But you need more than talent to make it in the world today. You must also be bold! And to that end, I shall teach you the art of swordplay. What say you?

?I am sure you can master the sword quickly, as well! What say you?

?From now on, [Link], you must train your body constantly!

?Press [A] while running to do a rolling attack! [L]-target and press [A] while tilting [+] [<] or [>] to jump. Ah, yes! And remember, to do a back-flip, just tilt [+] [^] and press [A].

?You should practice daily from now on. By the way, [Link], might you be interested in learning the art of fencing? What say you?

?Press [A] while running to perform a rolling attack. [L]-target and press [A] while tilting [+] [<] or [>] to jump. Tilt [+] [^] and press [A] to do a back-flip. Do not forget these things.

?Good! ...Keep coming at me until you hear me say "Very good!"

?Keep swinging!

?Very good! Keep thrusting!

?Next is the spin attack! Hold [B] briefly to build up your strength, then release it! (Or rotate [+] once and press [B].)

?Hold [B] briefly and release it to do a spin attack! (Or rotate [+] once and tap [B].)

?Very good! More! Keep it up!

?Come at me once more!

?Next is harder! This is a parry attack. [L]-target until you see [flashing icon], then quickly press [A] to perform a defensive strike!

?Very good! And again! [L]-target and watch closely for [flashing icon]!

?No! You can only perform a parry by [L]-targeting and pressing [A] when you see the [flashing icon]!

?Ah? [Link]? You are all right!

?Why did you not tell me about Aryll? That was thoughtless of you...

?This island has seen hard times ever since you departed...

?Hmm... I do not know what you have been doing on your journey, but you seem a little more daring these days. That look in your eye is not the one you left here with.

?Very good! Show me just how much you've improved your sword skills! OK Not now

?If I must say so, your skills with the sword are still at the level of a page!

?Very good! Try to hit me 100 times or more before I hit you three times!

?Very good, knight!

?Now, try to hit me 300 times before I hit you three times!

?You are still at the level of swordsman when it comes to your sword skills.

?If you want to be a true master, you must hit me 500 times before I hit you three times!

?Are you happy just being a swordsman? Surely you can do better than that!

?Keep coming at me until I hit you three times!

?Do not hold back, Master [Link].

?Come at me as if I were your fiercest enemy!

?This is all I can do for you, I am afraid! Of course, I will always be happy to face off against you...


?You couldn't pierce my defenses even once... What a poor showing. You must remember... As you grow stronger in your skills, others may grow stronger as well!

?You may come here to practice as often as you like. I will always be happy to face off against you.

?[?], eh...? Remember, though you may grow in strength, others grow stronger as well!

?Ah! [?]! You have improved!

?I guess it was wrong of me to treat you like you were still a lowly page. You are a page no more! Now you are a knight!

?Knight! It is not much, but it is now yours! Take this with you!

?It was wrong of me to treat you like a child. From now on, you have my respect. I shall call you swordsman!

?Swordsman! You will likely need something like this in your travels... Take it.

?You have already become a fine swordsman. But I am certain you can do even better!

?[Link], take this!

?Impressive, [Link]! I lost count of how many times you struck me!

?You have learned all I have to teach, Master [Link]!

?Master! It is not much to speak of, but please, take this.

?Ah. How...pleasant. My arm feels numb. Master, is your left index finger not numb, as well?

?Master! Please, take this.

?Ah. How...pleasant. My arm feels numb. Master, is your left index finger not numb?

?Impressive, Master [Link]!

?This is thanks for giving me a good lesson!

?I have learned much.

?Ah. We have not met for some time.

?Do you wish to fight me again? What say you, [Link]? Sure No thanks

?It has been some time since I last saw you, Master.

?Shall we, [Link]? Sure No thanks

?Wh-Why, that is...a Knight's Crest!

?How many of those do you have?

?Hmph! Then I suppose the time has come for me to speak to you about the crests...

?The Knight's Crest... It is the symbol of a courageous knight... But not just anyone can gather them... No! It takes a soul who possesses not only power, but wisdom and courage as well! Any courageous soul who gathers ten of these crests can learn a powerful new sword technique!

?Both my brother and I dreamt of learning this technique in our youth. We worked so hard to collect the crests... But it took many long years and adventures beyond count before we even approached finding ten of them, and we both grew old...

?It appears you have enough might to learn that technique now.

?Perhaps, just perhaps, you can master it! Very good, [Link]! Heed my words!

?Hold [B] to build up power, then release it! Come at me, now! Do it!

?Hold [B] to build up your power! Then release it! Heed me! Try it again!

?[Link]! Where are you going!? Hold [B] to build up your power, then release it!

?Amazing, [Link]! You did it! You have mastered the Hurricane Spin! At last, you have made our long-held dream come true!

?Oh, the joyful tears... They won't stop... I thought my tears had dried up long ago.

?There is nothing left for me to teach you! I am certain now that you will save your sister, Aryll, and bring her home to Outset!

?... Come see me once you have collected ten of the Knight's Crests! Then I can teach you what they are for!

?I have nothing left to teach you! I am certain you will save your sister, Aryll, and return with her to Outset!

?'Hoy! [Link]! Press [L] right there and use [A] to talk to me! Try it!

?That's correct. You're a smart one!

?You, my friend, have just [L]-targeted me. You see, when you press [L], you can target certain objects. I, for one, use it quite often to talk to folks who are far away from me. Of course, even if there isn't anything around to target, you can press [L] to face forward, you know. It's quite handy, indeed. There are a myriad of other ways to use [L]-targeting, as well. Quite an ingenious little thing, if I do say so myself!

?Of course, that's not the only trick in my bag. Not remotely! I can teach you a few more things if you'll just climb up that ladder over there and drop by my room.

?That [L]-targeting you just did has a wide range of uses, my boy! Most certainly! For instance, you can use it to talk to far-off people, or if there isn't anyone to target, you can use it to face forward quickly. It's quite ingenious, I should say!

?If you desire the benefits of my wisdom, I can teach you many other things. Just climb up that ladder over there and come see me in my room for some expert tutelage.

?You're growing up, [Link], which means you're going to need as much wisdom as you can get from this point forward! And if you want to be wise, you must first know things! Now, I was born before you, so I know all sorts of things. Yes, I've been studying all manner of topics for many years now. Now, I can tell you're a smart lad... Lately, I've been thinking it's time for me to pass some of my wisdom down, and I think you're the one I'm going to pass it down to... Count yourself lucky, lad!

?Everything that you see tacked to the walls here is something that I've researched thoroughly. And before you ask, yes, I do know my filing system is odd. Organizational issues aside, however, it's all extremely useful information. You would do well to read it all very carefully. Reading leads to knowing, you know!

?Such a racket! Can't you keep quiet!? You've knocked everything off my shelves, you dratted hooligan!

?Honestly! The hooligan I'm referring to is my younger and much less intelligent brother, who lives just downstairs... He hates studying. All day, every day, the lout just exercises and practices with his weapons. Does he exercise his brain? No! The brain's a muscle, too! ...I think. Anyway, the only thing he DOES study is the art of fighting. Right now, for instance, he's been studying fencing and whatnot. As if that's of any use to anyone... He simply doesn't know how to do anything besides exercise. I ask you, what's a brother to do?

?You're a smart lad, [Link]. You'll find that everything I've written down and tacked to my walls will be very useful in life. A lifetime of knowledge, all for you! You just be sure to take the time to read it all through very carefully. If you don't, you'll surely end up like that useless hooligan of a little brother of mine who lives downstairs.

?Oh! [Link]? You've come back! And in one piece, too! Gracious!

?My granddaughter tells me that your grandmother is in poor health these days... Now, I'm certain that a little fairy dust would provide all the lift her spirits need, but... Well, the problem is, I haven't seen any fairies in these parts recently. Of course, long ago you could find a lot of them up by the old Fairy Fountain, and you could even capture them in empty bottles. Sure! It was easy as you please! Yes, there was a time when I used to like playing with fairies... Uh...ahem! In any case, ever since the fountain was blocked up by that huge rock, I haven't seen a one...

?I tell you, my boy, this island has seen more than its share of trouble lately. Night after night, monsters appear in town. The fiends! They come to ravage our peaceful little island. Why? None know. And seems they don't desire to do harm to us villagers... It's quite puzzling, even for my larger-than-average intellect.

?The island has fallen on hard times lately, my young lad. You must have noticed all the monsters on your way here tonight. They come after dark to ravage our poor little village. And seems they are not here to harm us villagers... Quite puzzling.

?Before the Fairy Fountain was plugged by that rock, you could always find fairies there. In fact, long ago, I used to put them in empty bottles and play with them. I don't see many fairies these days, though. It's sad, how life's little pleasures have a way of slipping through the cracks of time, isn't it? Ah, well. In any case, your grandmother will need some fairy dust if she is to get better. Then again, I suppose seeing you and Aryll safe and happy again is more important to her than anything else!

?The monsters appear night after night and rampage across the island. What could they possibly want here?

?Did you see them? They come every night after dark. What could they want here?

?Wh-Why, that's a Swordsman's Crest! Have you already shown that to my brother downstairs?

?Must you show it off like that...?

?If you want to know what that thing is, ask my brother downstairs.

?I just saw a wild...a wild pig! Ooh! See? Look! That black one there... Don't you see him? This is perfect! My wife was just telling me how she really wanted a pet... You ready to go grab it, [Link]? Now, you can't just run up on it! Pigs are too alert about their surroundings for you to just jog up and capture one. If you want to get close to one, you have to hold [R] to crouch and tilt [+] to crawl slowly up behind it. Slowly... You could also distract it with bait, I guess.

?Remember, you can't frighten those oinkers! Hold [R] to crouch and use [+] to slowly crawl up behind them. And then POUNCE!!! ...Or you could just give them bait.

?If you come across wild pigs, you've got to be careful not to scare them. What you need to do is open your heart to them. ...Yeah, you heard me right! For example, you can feed them bait to settle them down, or hold [R] and use [+] to slowly crawl up behind them. That way, you won't startle them and they'll like you. Oh, and remember to put away anything you're holding before you press [R] to crouch. You can't go crawling around with stuff in your hands!

?Wild animals scare easily. Just trust me on this one, all right? The secret is to put them at ease by feeding them bait. Or you can press [R] and use [+] to sneak up on them. Just remember to put away anything you have in your hand before you press [R] to crouch.

?[Link], your sister, Aryll... She's... Don't tell me... You're not going to board that ship and try to save her, are you?

?Listen, I can imagine how you must feel... but think about it for a second! Setting out like this means many long hours of toil and hardship lie ahead of you. Are you really prepared to see this quest all the way through to the end, without giving up halfway through, [Link]?!

?Oh! [Link]! You made it back!

?Nasty things have been happening here at night ever since you left on that boat... You'd better head home early today... And don't come out to play until long after the sun has risen tomorrow.

?The pig you caught for us has really grown up since the last time you saw him, hasn't he? You'd better believe it!

?He's really put on the pounds, too. In fact, I've had such a hard time getting him over the fence lately that I didn't think I'd be able to do it anymore without an assistant. But look at you! You picked him up as if he were light as a feather! That's unbelievable! You know, [Link]... It doesn't seem like it's been all that long since you first left here, but you're MUCH stronger than I remember you being.

?Say, [Link], do you remember the day you first caught this oinker and brought him over here? Just look at that thing! Isn't he a lot bigger now than the last time you saw him? And not just bigger... He's a lot heavier, too!

?Say, [Link], is there any way you could pick him up and take him for a walk for me? I'd really appreciate it! My back is just killing me...

?Isn't our pig just mind-bogglingly huge? We caught him after you left the island, but who knew he'd get so big? Even if I wanted to take him out for a walk, he's so heavy now that it's all I can do just to heave him over the fence.

?Say, [Link], you look pretty strapping... I bet you could lift him! Could you do me a favor and take this guy for a walk?

?Isn't our pig just monstrously huge? We caught him after you left, but I had no idea he'd get so big! Even if I wanted to take him for a walk, it's all I can do to just get him outside the fence, nowadays.

? just picked him up as if he were light as a feather! That's mind-blowing! Wow, [Link]! I didn't think it had been that long since you first left, but you must have been working out every day since then! You're a powerhouse!

?It's too dangerous to walk around outside at night. I'm being serious, here. If you want to play with the boys, come back after the sun has come up. The boys will be here waiting.

?Hey, if you've got free time, why don't you come back when it's light out and take our pig for a walk?

?You know our pet pig? Well, to be honest... We named him after you! Lucky you! He's very smart, just like you. And just like you, when you feed him some bait, he starts digging with all his might until he digs up treasure. ...Wait, you don't do that!

?I'm still having trouble believing that you were able to lift our pig up over your head like that... You're so burly!

?I wouldn't mind you testing your might by picking up that pig, [Link], as long as you take him for a walk afterward. What do you say?

?Our pig is really smart, just like you. But unlike you, when you feed him some bait, he starts digging with all his might until he digs up treasure.

?You really should try it yourself... But I don't know, [Link]... Do you even think you can lift him?

?You're obviously strong enough to lift the pig over the fence... Do you think you could take him for a walk for me?


?If you have time, could you maybe take our little [Link] for a walk?

?I suppose I should congratulate you on your birthday, shouldn't I? Well, to tell the truth, I could congratulate myself, too. We just finished building our little hutch and paddock today! Isn't it a delightful addition to the place? I was actually thinking of getting a pet and keeping it here. The boys would really like that, I'm sure. Boys love pets!

?I wonder what kind of animal we should get... What do kids like these days? Listen, dearie, if you see any good pets around, be a lamb and just bring one here. If you do, I'll give you a little reward. Oh! But we won't tell your grandma about it, will we?

?If you find an animal that would make a good pet, just bring it here and put it inside the fence, all right? I'll give you a little spending money if you do! And won't that be nice?

?Why, did you bring that little piglet all the way here just for me?

?Oh! Thank you! Thank you so much! I've been thinking of getting a pet pig for a while now. The boys will be SO happy when they get home. You sweetie! OK, [Link]... Hold out your hand. This is your reward! Don't spend it all in one place!

?Why, this little darling is cute as a button! You know, it's so cute that I wouldn't mind having even more of them!

?Why, did you find these pigs and bring them here just for little old me?

?Oh! Thank you! Thank you so much! I've been thinking of getting a pet pig for a while now. Oh, and the boys will be SO happy when they get home. OK, [Link], hold out your hand... This is your reward... Don't spend it all in one place!

?And this is our gratitude for bringing us new family members!

?Why, these little darlings are so adorable that I wouldn't mind having even more of them! No, I wouldn't mind a bit!

?Why, did you find these pigs and bring them here just for little old me?

?Oh! Thank you! Thank you so much! I've been thinking of getting a pet pig for a while now. Oh, and the boys will be SO happy when they get home. OK, [Link], hold out your hand... This is your reward... Don't spend it all in one place!

?And here's our gratitude for bringing us new family members!

?And finally, this is to congratulate you for working so hard on your birthday! Happy birthday to YOOOOOUUUU!!

?I suppose now I'll have to name these little oinking cutie-kins...

?Why, did you bring me another piglet? Oh, were you all worried that this little guy would get lonely hanging out inside the fence all by himself? That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard! Thank you SO much for bringing us yet another family member. Here's a little something for you!

?If you find any other little piggies, you know where to bring them!

?Did you bring me another piglet? What? You brought me a pair?! Oh, you thought this little guy would get all lonely behind the fence by himself? That is SO sweet! Now they can have a little pig party in there! Sooo-eee! Thank you so much for bringing us a new family member! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

?And this is for working so hard on your birthday!

?I suppose now I'll have to think up names for these little cutie-poos...

?Ooh! Ooh! Look at this one! You sure do know where to find the cutest pigs on the whole Great Sea! Hey, oinker! Oink! Oink! Oh, now things will be ever so much more lively in the pen. It'll be like a big pig jamboree in there! Thank you so much! Oh! That's right... I can't let you leave without giving you a present... Happy birthday, [Link]!

?I guess I'd better think up some names for these little oinky-woinkies, huh?

?[Link]! Don't you worry about giving them exercise. I'll take the pigs out for a walk whenever they need it. Be a lamb and leave them behind the fence, OK?

?Any pig as cute as this one is welcome in my pen! You just go ahead and bring me however many you like!

?Look at how much space there is in that pen! I'll tell you what... If you find any other lost little piggies, you just go right ahead and bring them here! OK?

?What should I name these little oinkers...?

?Say, [Link]...did something happen to you? You don't look well...

?I'm so glad you're safe, [Link]! We've all been so worried...

?And the boys have been longing to see you again!

?The boys will be so surprised to hear you've returned! ...Just as soon as they wake up, that is.

?Oh, did you notice how large the pig you gave us has grown? It's a king among pigs!

?Things got so quiet and lonely after you left the island... So we decided to get a pet pig!

?'Hoy, [Link]! Hey, is it true that if you just have a little courage and run as fast as you can, then you can jump to that rock out there? Huh, is it? Is it? Tell me!

?Hey! Aren't you listening to me? I've been trying to ask you... Is it true that you can jump to that rock out there just by running as fast as you can? I've gotta know, or I'll burst!

?Wow... I hope I'll be able to jump like you some day, [Link]...

?[Link], are you going somewhere?

?Hey! Aren't you listening to me? Don't go, [Link]!


?Lots and lots of things have happened here since you left, [Link]!

?First of all, my little brother doesn't wet the bed anymore, so that's good, I guess. And Mom got kind of chubby again.

?Hey! You shush!

?And, umm... Umm...

?Oh, yeah! And now, when you feed old [Link] bait, he gets real excited and digs holes in the hard patches of black dirt you see around the village. He always finds treasure in them! Yeah!

?Yes, we named the pig you caught for us after you... I hope you don't mind!

?Yup, that's our pet pig's name...

?I can't believe all it takes to get [Link] all excited is a little bait. Talk about a dummy!

?The pig! He's talking about our pig, not you!

?We don't have any other pigs anymore. We used to, but then we had to...

?Hey! You shush!

?They just... They just ran away somewhere. Yup! That's all! They just up and ran away one day... Yup...

?It was delicious!


?Th-The milk you just drank was delicious, ri-right? That's what you meant, wasn't it, my darling son? What am I to do with these boys...?

?Oh, ho ho ho ho ho ho!

?But about those other pigs you caught for us, [Link]...

?Umm... See, [Link]...

?[Link]... Shouldn't you go back to your house? I mean, isn't your grandma waiting for you?

?It was delicious!


?What am I to do about these boys...

?Oh, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!

?So? So? So? So...aren't those clothes hot?

?So...what are you doin'?


?Don't go!

?Yay! [Link]!!! It's [Link]!!!

?So? So? So?

?So...did you save Aryll?

?Hey! Shush!

?I'm sorry, [Link]. Don't you pay any attention to him...

?So? So? So?

?So...haven't you saved Aryll yet?


?Oh, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!

?Ah! 'Hoy, Big Brother! Did Grandma make that outfit for you?

?But wow... You look like you'd be way too hot in those clothes...

?I guess they're pretty neat, though!

?So, anyway, [Link]... Can you close your eyes and hold out your hand? Just for a second!

?I'm going to give you my most treasured belonging...but just for one day!

?So? Well?! Do you like it? I'm letting you borrow this special gift just because you're my big brother! Aren't you lucky?! Hee hee hee!

?Ooh, why don't you try it out! Right now! Try looking over at our house from here!

?Don't you know how to use my Telescope? It's really easy to use, Big Brother... Press START/PAUSE, then set the Telescope to [Y], [Z], or [X] on the Items screen. Then you can use it just by pressing the button you set it to! It's simple!

?Hey, what's that? [Link]! Are you looking at the red postbox?

?The postman looks kinda weird, doesn't he?

?AAAAAHH! [Link]! The sky! Look up in the sky!

?[Link], this is so terrible! That girl fell into the forest! You have to go help her!

?[Link], this is so terrible! That girl fell into the forest! She needs help!

?...But it's too dangerous for you to go in there without something you can use to defend yourself with!

?Wh-What are you going to do if you go into the forest and that big bird attacks you?! You need something to fight it off with!!!

?Oh, I hope whoever fell into the forest is all right! This is so terrible...

?That giant bird has just been flying around searching for whoever it dropped. It'll find her soon, I just know it! Oh, what do we do? What do we do? You have to find her and save her, quickly!

?Big Brother! Are you using [C][v] to zoom in? 'Cause you should be!

?If you press [X], you can look through the Telescope! Neat, huh?

?If you press [Y], you can look through the Telescope! Neat, huh?

?If you press [Z], you can look through the Telescope! Neat, huh?

?Big Brother!

?Big Brother!!

?I knew you'd be here!

?Hee hee hee! This is my FAVORITE spot to gaze out at the sea. When I play with the gulls, I call it "Aryll's Lookout."

?So, do you remember what day it is today?

?...You're still half-asleep, aren't you?

?Did you forget?

?Big Brother, it's your birthday!

?That's why Grandma has been waiting for you to come back to the house! She's been waiting for a while now...

?It's a good thing I came to find you!

?You should probably go home and see what Grandma wants, don't you think?

?Hurry up, Big Brother! Grandma is waiting for you back at the house! And I'm sure everyone else on the island wants to say hello to you, too!


?Is this what you're looking for?

?...Take it with you.

?I guess it is true... Aryll really has been kidnapped... Hasn't she?

?What kind of monster could take such a sweet, young child?

?Oh, Aryll...

?Oh, my! [Link]! Congratulations! That outfit looks cute on you! Hey, your little sister, Aryll, was looking for you not too long ago. Oh, did I tell you? She was watching me not too long ago, and she said she wanted to learn to carry jars on her head, too, so she could help your grandma do chores. Hey! If you see Aryll, tell her that all she needs to do to lift a jar is stand in front of it and press [A]. And to set it down, she just needs to press [R]! Tell her, OK?

?'Hoy, [Link]! What's that? Today is your birthday? Well, congrats, buddy! Are you that old already? Wow! Time just flies right by, doesn't it? You blink and POOF! There goes a year! Why, I swear I just cut the grass in this field the other day, but look at how tall it's gotten already...

?Say, do you want to try cutting it, [Link]? You'd be surprised at the things people drop in the grass. It's fun! It's like a treasure hunt.'re gonna need some kind of grass-cutting tool if you want to cut the grass. That's just common sense, buddy.

?What say you, [Link]?

?Wh-Wh-Wh-What!? What do you want?


?Wow. What's with that get-up? Well, whatever. So, where am I...?

?Oh, that's right! That giant bird came and...

?Huh? What're you showing me this for? This is just a regular old letter.

?Miss! Miss Tetra!

?Oh! Oh, thank... Thank goodness! You're safe! When I saw you get dropped on this summit, I thought for sure you'd...

?Summit? So that bird dropped me on the top of a mountain?

?Well, wasn't that nice of it!

?Well, don't just stand there! Let's go! Time to repay our debt to that bird in full!

?But, Miss... What about this boy?

?Don't worry about him. Come on!

?'Hoy! Big Brother!


?Uhhn! Stupid kid! Get ahold of yourself! She's gone. There's nothing you can do.

?What?!? You want to come with us on our ship?

?Do you understand what you're asking? We're pirates! You know... PIRATES! The terror of the seas! What do we get out of bringing some helpless little kid along with us? I'll tell you what we get...a headache. I know how you must feel, with your sister having been kidnapped and all... But that doesn't really have anything to do with us, now does it?

?And how do you figure that...?

?Whoa, whoa, whoa there! Just who are you?! Where do you get off butting in on someone else's conversation?!

?Please! All I mean to say is that if you big, bad pirates hadn't come to this quiet little island... That poor girl wouldn't have been snatched away by that bird.

?And just what do you mean by that?

?Just be quiet for a moment, and I'll tell you! Now, as my work entails delivering letters, I spend much of my time traveling amongst the many different islands. As a result, I hear many things... Haven't any of you heard word that young girls have been getting kidnapped lately from all regions of the Great Sea? No matter. Whether you've heard it or not, that seems to be the case. Young girls with long ears like yours have been getting kidnapped, never to be seen again. And unless my eyes fail me, the young girl who was just kidnapped from this island also has long ears, does she not? Much like YOU do, Miss Fearsome Pirate. My point is that the bird mistook that poor girl for you, and that's why it grabbed her!


?And correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it was young [Link] here who saved you from the monsters in the forest, wasn't it?

?...Is this true?

?Oh! And while I'm at it... I may as well tell you that the bird that kidnapped both you and [Link]'s sister has made its foul nest to the north, on the heights of the Forsaken Fortress.

?The Forsaken Fortress?! Isn't that the place where...

?So, what are you going to do? Under the circumstances, I don't think it would be unreasonable for you to give [Link] a little help, now, would it?

?Hmph... I don't need you to tell me that!

?Even if I were to consider it... Lately, I've heard nothing but evil rumors about this Forsaken Fortress... You can't possibly mean to go there with nothing but that cheap little sword! That's not brave! It's stupid! I mean, come on! Even a simple little island like this has to have something you could use as a shield. You know, something to protect yourself with? Anything? Tell you what. If you come back with something like that, we'll let you stow away on our ship. Oh, and one more thing: once we leave, you won't be coming back here for a while, so you'd better go say good-bye to your family while you have the chance. I don't want you getting all weepy-eyed and homesick on me!

?Are you ready? Yes No

?Well, hurry up, already! If you take much longer, we're going to leave without you! Don't think we won't!

?This is a terrible situation, [Link]... I'm truly sorry. Unfortunately, I can't go in your stead... but if anything happens, please come to my island. I will do what I can to aid you.

?Don't worry about your home while you're gone. If anything bad happens, I promise to bring word of it to you. I swear it!

?She can't be serious! What is she thinking, bringing a shrimp like you on board?! Talk about a joke... Boy, Miss Tetra's impulsive nature sure has a way of landing us in hot water...

?Listen, shrimp, whatever young Miss says goes, so do what you have to do and be quick about it, yeah?

?Heya, shrimplet! Are you gonna be our new pirate swabbie? ...'Cause any new swabbie reports to me!

?Helloooooooo, new pirate swabbie! Goooooood-bye, dirty pirate underwear!

?Yes! This means I don't have to wash the other pirates' dirty underpants anymore!

?Shrimp! If you're going to go sailing on a pirate ship, you better be prepared to become a pirate, yeah? 'Cause if you get scared and start begging and crying at us to let you off the ship somewheres, then you're guaranteed to end up as shark bait!

?Good luck, [Link]!

?Good luck finding Aryll!

?Take care of yourself!

?Ugh... How much longer is this going to go on, do you think? Do you have an estimate?

?Are you sure you shouldn't just quit right now? Seriously, think about it.

?I can tell you're just going to get more sentimental from here on out.

?There's still time, you know... Are you sure we shouldn't just turn around and take you back to your island?

?Gooood moooorrrning!

?Gooood eeeevening!

?Welcome to the Island Postal Service! What do you have for delivery?

?Kah-chunk! Puhhh-whirrrr!

?Krzzzzt! PAHHHFT! This item cannot be delivered.

?Krzzzzt! PAHHHFT! This letter has no addressee written on it. Please deliver it yourself...

?Letters for [Link]? We have [?]!

?Well met, Hyrule King!

?Well met indeed, Jabun. I am pleased to see that you are safe...

?The events which we have long feared seem to have been set into motion.

?Yes. It seems Ganon has returned. There can be no other explanation.

?If you have sought me must mean you have found the Hero of Time, does it not?

?Unfortunately, that is not so.

?Then for what purpose have you come to see me?

?The one I have brought with me has no connection to the legendary one. And yet I sense great promise in the courage that this one possesses.

?Promise? You suggest that I leave the fate of Hyrule up to mere chance?

?I do. It is the only way.

?I see. Then I suppose it is up to the gods to deem whether his courage is true.

?I give to you the guidepost to the gods.

?This jewel should dispel the curse that Ganon has cast upon this land.

?So...that foul rain and endless night were indeed elements of a curse brought on us by Ganon! He must intend to cast this land into pure darkness for all time...

?Tell me, Hyrule King... Have you learned the whereabouts of the one who carries on the bloodline of the princess, Zelda?

?...I believe I have.

?That is well. You must protect Zelda. She cannot be permitted to fall into the hands of Ganon. I am counting on you!

?Ganon's curse has been broken by the power of the pearl that Jabun gave us, so morning should come soon. It is well that we have gathered all of the pearls. Are you ready, [Link]? I have marked the places where you must set the pearls on your Sea Chart. Once you have placed each of the pearls in its proper location, the proving grounds for your courage will become apparent.

?Clearly, the search for Jabun has shown that Ganon has begun to make efforts to block our path forward. It is certain that the perils ahead will be greater than any you have faced thus far. You should finish any business you have here on Outset right now, so that you shall not have any regrets later.

?Ahhh! I was forgetting something important!

?Oh, Mr. Fairy! You want to come to my island, don't you? Don't you? Don't you?

?When you go out to sea, open it!

?If you ever need any help with your charts, just leave it to Tingle! Don't ever forget it!

?If you ever need help with charts... Don't forget it!

?Oh! Mr. Fairy! I've been longing to see you, sir!

?Yah! [Link]! I... I must say I've been wanting to see you very badly!

?What should we play? What do you want to play? What? You're not here to play?

?Next time, bring me one of my favorites: a chart I haven't seen yet! Please, sir, just bring me one! Please!

? To the esteemed Mr. Fairy-Person, Thank you very much for your purchase. Enclosed is an IN-credible Chart. This chart will show you where you can find the Triforce Charts. I want you to use it to find lots of them_they are my favorite kind of charts! And also, sir, have you been checking your Tingle Chart? Have you seen those giant fairy marks? Follow the chart to them and your fortune will increase greatly! Tingle

?If you're here for shrimp, you're just in time! Huh?! Wait! No!

?My older brother has the same face I do, but he wears green clothes, just like the hero of legend.

?Hooo... I've put it on display down below. You should look at it on your way down.

?Goodbye, Mr. Fairy! Please come visit me here at Tingle Tower again, where wonderful fairy magic makes the place spin and spin!

?Hmmmmm?!? That fragrant musty scent! Sir! You have found a chart!

?Splendid! Splendid! Show me! Show me!

?Why, you can't read that chart in its current state! Impossible, sir!

?Would you like me to decipher it for you? ...For 398 Rupees? Sure No thanks

?Ehhh... Mr. Fairy... Are you...poor?

?You don't have enough Rupees, sir!

?Well... Well, I guess that's fine. You can just return later to Tingle Tower, where the wonderful fairy magic keeps the world spinning and spinning!

?Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-limpah! Become...READABLE!

?Would you like me to decipher another chart for 398 Rupees? Sure No thanks

?Hmmm... Mr. Fairy! I have marked the location of the Triforce shard on your IN-credible Chart, too! When you open this chart by pressing [Y] on your Sea Chart, the place where the treasure is will shine forth! Then, just go to that place and rely on your chart to help you find the treasure!

?Heave... Ho...

?Why must we rotate this thing like this! This life is so very hard for us all...


?Heave... Ho... Ugh! This is heavy!

?Day in and day out, I work. You want to know the secret of how I ended up here? Yes Not really

?I know you probably have a hard time believing someone dressed as I am, but...

?This guy here and I are complete and utter strangers! I kid you not!

?Once upon a time, I was a sailor.

?One night, as I was floating aimlessly across the sea as I usually did...

?That night... Yes, I remember it vividly. There was a fierce and terrible storm!

?I was swallowed up by a giant twister, and my boat was spun round and round!

?...That is the last thing I remember.

?When I awoke, I was dressed like this! And what do you think I was doing?

?But I guess telling this story to you won't do me any good... It sure won't get that crazy guy in green off my back!

?I suppose if you don't want to hear my tale, there is nothing I can do about it.

?Just taking time to talk gives me a little bit of a rest... It's nice...


?Oh! It's so heavy! Isn't there anyone who can spin this thing for me?!?

?This is just between you and me...

?But this guy has another brother. If that guy could just come spin this thing instead of me...

?Heave... Ho... Hooo...

?That guy's younger brother down below... That blue guy... He doesn't help out at all!

?He just hangs out down there, standing guard and making sure no one writes any graffiti on Tingle Tower! That's all! No manual labor whatsoever!

?But who would even bother vandalizing this place?

?Hey! Mr. Fairy!

?Some outrageous fellow threw this fantabulous Tingle Statue into the sea!

?It is sad to know there is one on this sea who does not even know the meaning of beauty!

?But not you, Mr. Fairy! You are different!

?Big Brother! I was worried about you! Huh?!? You are not my brother!

?My brother said he was going to Windfall Island, but it has been so long...and still he does not come back!

?My brother looks just like me! And he wears clothes just like yours!

?I am certain you will know him the moment you set eyes on him. Can you not look for him for me? If he were here, he could decipher any chart you have that needs deciphering, no matter how difficult it is to read...

?Windfall Island is northeast of here. If my brother were here, he could decipher any chart you have that needs deciphering, no matter how hard it is to read...

?Um... You have a Tingle Tuner, do you not?


?No, if you do not have one, do not worry about it. If you lack a Tingle Tuner... It is sort of complicated, I suppose...

?No, no. Do not go out of your way. No, really.

?I mean, it is quite useful...The Tingle Tuner, I mean. But no, really. I would not expect you to...

?My brother is so happy on days when you call him up, Mr. Fairy. So very happy!

?And then he is nice to us! So nice!

?I suppose I can pass this on...

?Thank you for the gift_I know that Tingle Statues are quite hard to come by.

?Umm... It is not much, but please... Take this.

?I know what my big brother is like, but please play with him again soon. Otherwise he gets out of sorts.

?Ah! You have gotten them all!

?Please wait a moment. As usual...

?My big brother saved up everything he got from you, Mr. Fairy.

?I do not have anything else I can give you.

?But please play with my big brother again soon. Promise me...

?But please play with my big brother again soon. Promise me...

?For each Tingle Statue you find, I will give you 50 Rupees. It is not much, is it?

?You got all of the Tingle Statues! You get a 500 Rupee bonus!

?I have decided that in the end, this one is the most beautiful of all!

?Beauty does not come from what you see... it comes from what is inside you.

?Mr. Fairy! The Tingle Tuner is definitely quite fun, but meeting face-to-face and talking in person is better! It is the best!

?You can record three more pictographs.

?You can record two more pictographs.

?You can record one more pictograph.

?You can't record any more pictographs. Press [R] to switch modes and erase any pictographs you don't want to keep.

?Save this pictograph? Yes No

?You have three recorded pictographs.

?You have two recorded pictographs.

?You have one recorded pictograph.

?You have no pictographs recorded. Press [R] to switch modes and record a pictograph.

?Erase this pictograph? Yes No

?Show this pictograph? Yes No

?You have no recorded pictographs.

?Wandering traveler who seeks the guidepost of the goddesses... Place the pearl you hold here.

?You placed Din's Pearl in the ancient statue's hands.

?You placed Farore's Pearl in the ancient statue's hands.

?You placed Nayru's Pearl in the ancient statue's hands.

?Two pearls remain.

?One pearl remains.

?You got a Piece of Heart! That's the fourth piece, completing another Heart Container! Your life energy has increased by one heart!

?Throw this away? Keep it Throw it away

?Remove this from the pedestal and place it in your Delivery Bag? Yes No

?Words of Joy Breathe deep and read it loud and proud! Joy is hidden in all the places of the world. You must widen your eyes and search for it. The first joy you find earns you a present. With 20, you become a joy steward. With 40, you'll have the look of a hero. Aren't all of these things joyous? Me, you... We'll all be full of joy!

?You put it in your Delivery Bag.

?You threw it away.

?Place a decorative object here with [Y], [Z], or [X]. Sincere good wishes will soon cover the town in pure joy.

?The Joyous Volunteer Association

?Ho ho! Too bad! All I can see is seagulls now... What a shame! I was certain that huge fairy could be seen right around here... Of course! ...Magic! That fairy is using magic! That is the only explanation!

?This tower, which the pearls of the gods have caused to appear, is a place that the gods of the ancient world prepared so that they might test the courage of men. Only one who is able to overcome the trials that await here will be acknowledged by the gods to be a true hero. Only then will that hero be permitted to wield the power to destroy the great evil. [Link], that which you must obtain now lies before you! You must believe in your own courage, which has led you to triumph over the many hardships you have faced...and you must triumph once again! You must rise above the trial of the gods!

?OHHHHH! A customer! Welcome to Beedle's Shop Ship! I deal in pretty much anything and everything! Do you have anything you don't need? If you do, show it to me! I'll pay top Rupees for your junk!!! you see anything you'd like to buy?

?Oh, just use [+][>] to browse.

?Huh? I don't have anything to say... Just buy something! Buy! Buy!

?'Bye! Come again!

?What are you looking for, huh? Do you have anything to sell? Is there nothing you want to buy? Speak to me! I must know!

?Bait Bag 20 Rupees This holds bait. It's quite useful. And it's my very last one. You can't buy bait if you don't have a bag like this!

?All-Purpose Bait (3 servings) 10 Rupees Good things happen to those who feed this stuff to animals! Do you have a bait bag, O fine customer of mine?

?Hyoi Pear (1) 10 Rupees You can't buy this anywhere else! Only here! I'm serious! Now's your chance! Buy buy buy! Buy!

?Bait Bag 20 Rupees Will you buy it? I'll buy it No thanks

?All-Purpose Bait (3 servings) 10 Rupees Will you buy it? I'll buy it No thanks

?1 Hyoi Pear 10 Rupees Will you buy it? I'll buy it No thanks

?Warp to Tingle Island?

?You can't buy bait if you don't have a bait bag. I'm serious! Do I look like I'm kidding?

?OHHHHH! You don't have enough Rupees! You may be a customer, but that doesn't mean I have to laugh at your silly "pretend-money" jokes, you know.

?You don't need any more than you already have!

?Thank you! Yes, thanks to you!

?OHHHHH! You don't have an empty bottle! I'm only selling the contents, not the jar! Too bad for you, huh?

?You're the greatest! I'll never forget you! I'm going to make a Member's Card just for you! When you buy lots of things and build up your points, something good will happen to you! Something very good, indeed! My shop is kind to its customers. No other shop will do this sort of thing for you, I'll have you know.

?Now you have [?] saved up. You should try to save up 30 points, so you can earn a Silver Membership!

?OHHHHH! You saved up 30 points! You've earned a Silver Membership!!!

?We give a luxurious gift to all of our Silver Members. It's the least we could do! I'll send it to you shortly. It should be arriving at a postbox near you any day! Promise me you'll wait anxiously for it! Next, try to earn our Gold Membership!

?Now you have [?] saved up! What you want to do is try to save up 60 points to earn our Gold Membership!

?OHHHHH! You've saved up 60 points! You've earned a Gold Membership!

?To you, our latest Gold Member, Beedle's Shop Ship offers a fabulous gift! It will be arriving soon at a red postbox near you. I hope you'll await it anxiously! And on top of that most special of gifts, you shall be treated as a V.I.P. in our store!

?OHHHHH! A customer! I've been waiting for you! You lucky person, you. Pirates sold me bombs for cheap! Now's your chance! Buy! Buy! Buy!

?By the way, Mr. Customer, are you acquainted with that adorable little pirate girl?

?You have a bashful look on your face, Mr. Customer. You can't hide it from me! Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk!

?Buy something, you little imp!

?Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk!

?OHHHHH! Thank you, as always! I appreciate your business. If you have anything you want to sell, show it to me_I'll buy it off you! Or would you prefer to buy something?

?If you don't have anything you want to sell, then buy something! Buy!

?Welcome, kind sir! Is there something you'd like to purchase today? Or is there anything else I might be able to help you with at this time?

?If you don't have anything you want to sell, then buy something...please!

?Dummy Message Not Used In Game

?You, Mr. Customer, have saved up [?], haven't you? If you save up even more points, something good will happen to you! Something very good, indeed...

?Generally, over time, I have to raise the price of a product to keep up with inflation, but you, Mr. Customer, are a V.I.P. I'll sell to you at the same price I always have. But don't tell anyone about this...

?'Bye! Please come again!

?I'm sorry!

?I don't know when I'll get a shipment of bombs in. They're too expensive for me to stock. That old guy is so greedy...

?Due to circumstances beyond my control, I don't carry arrows at this point in time! Please wait just a little longer, huh?

?Umm, I'm all out of potions right now...

?Thanks to you, I've completely sold out!

?30 Bombs 30 Rupees Buy them while you can!

?30 Bombs 30 Rupees You want to buy them? I'll buy them No thanks

?10 Arrows 10 Rupees Ours fly farther than the ones sold at other shops, I swear. If you have a bow, you'd better buy them! Buy! Buy buy buy!

?10 Arrows 10 Rupees You going to buy them? I'll buy them No thanks

?30 Arrows 30 Rupees That's 30! What a deal! And look at this color: it matches your bow perfectly!

?30 Arrows 30 Rupees You going to buy them? I'll buy them No thanks

?Red Potion 30 Rupees When it comes to replenishing hearts, nothing is more potent! Do you have an empty bottle? If you do, then BUY!

?Red Potion 30 Rupees Will you buy it? I'll buy it No thanks

?You want to use your Complimentary ID?

?OK! Here it goes...

?You are soooooooooooooooooo GREAT! Absolutely fantastic! Incredible!

?And there you go! Isn't it nice to be complimented once in a while? It is, isn't it?

?Would you like to use your Fill-up Coupon?

?Ready? INSTANT ITEM FILL-UP! Be haaaappy!

?I can't buy that! I only buy things that fit in a Spoils Bag. Don't you have anything else?

? Notice to Silver Membership Holders: Thank you for your frequent patronage of Beedle Shop Ships. Since you have earned 30 points, you have been granted Silver Membership. All Silver Membership holders receive a special gift of one Complimentary ID. It is valid at all Beedle Shop Ships, so bring it to a shop ship near you. I look forward to your future patronage. Beedle

? To all Gold Membership Holders: Thank you so very much for your continued patronage of Beedle Shop Ships. It has come to my attention that you have earned 60 shopping points. This entitles you to Gold Membership in my stores. All Gold Membership holders receive a special gift of one Fill-up Coupon that fills your stock of items. When you find yourself running low on items, bring this coupon to your nearest Beedle Shop Ship for an instant fill-up. (Does not apply to all products.) Beedle

?Hey! That's a pretty slick boat you got there, kiddo!

?So what do you say, kiddo? You wanna play a boat game for 30 Rupees?

?What do you say? Tell me the rules I'll play now No thanks

?Well, I ain't that good a talker... But here goes... Now listen up! The deal is, you take your boat and sail over the barrels floatin' in the water and see how many Rupees you can bring to the finish line within the time limit.

?There's two kinds of floatin' barrels you gotta watch out for: the ones that float on their sides and the ones that float upright. You can get the Rupees above the barrels floatin' on their sides by just sailin' right over the barrels... But if you run into the barrels floatin' upright in the water, they'll rough you up.

?You know you can press [R] to jump your boat, right? Yeah, well, to get the Rupees over the upright barrels, you gotta jump with [R]! It's the only way!

?The barrels get placed out there based on which way the wind's blowin'... So watch that wind gauge behind your boat real careful-like!

?Oh, and one more thing: if time runs out before you finish, you lose! So watch the timer, too, will ya?

?Them's the rules! What do you say? Wanna give it a shot?

?Oh, yeah! This time I've taken 10 seconds off the timer, so you gotta be a little faster than before.

?What's the matter, kiddo? You want to play after all? Heh. I can tell by that look in your eye!

?Whoa! You wanna play again?

?What's the deal? You got yourself a boat because you're hopin' to make it in the world, right? You wanna get rich, right? Well, playin' my game'll make you money faster than sailin' around lookin' for treasure! Oh, well! Your loss, kiddo!

?Really? Ah, well. That's how it goes. But hey! If you change your mind, come back and see me, OK, kiddo?

?...[Link]!? Listen, kid, you can't just stand around on deck! You'll get in everyone's way! I've told Niko to look after you, so you'd better report below decks and ask him what you should be doing.

?I'll call you when we reach the Forsaken Fortress, so until then, just go talk to Niko and do whatever he tells you.

?Into the big blue, boys!! Turn the ship full to starboard! We head for the northern seas!

?Listen, shrimp, you're really creeping me out standing there like that! So quit it, yeah? Stay outta my way! WAY outta my way! Go down below and find Niko!!

?Hey! Zuko! You keep a strict watch up there, yeah?! If you spot anything, give us a shout! A LOUD shout!

?What are you doing, shrimp!? Miss Tetra is waiting for you up in the crow's nest! Shake a leg, yeah? Go! Hoof it!

?So, your name's [Link], right? Heh heh heh! That's one weird get-up you got on, there. So what's the deal? Is that popular back on your island, or what? Now that I think about it, though... I think I've seen an outfit like that before somewhere...

?You know, come to think of it, I think there's a picture of someone in an outfit like yours hanging on the wall down in Miss Tetra's cabin...

?So that's the Forsaken Fortress... What an evil-looking place...

?You! Get outta the way, will ya?! ...... Turn around right now! Climb down!

?So... You really plan on going... into the Forsaken Fortress? ...Listen, I'll tell you once I see it. So climb down, will ya?

?The young Miss... is waiting for you up above. We've reached the Forsaken Fortress.

?Hmmm! That Niko didn't make out half-bad. ...With you being the new swabbie and all.

?You should know... There's always a test when a new pirate swabbie joins up.

?Was Niko's test...easy? ...Really?

?Stop right there! This is Miss Tetra's cabin! Most of us REAL pirates aren't even allowed in here! There's no way we're letting an outsider in! Don't you even THINK it!

?You're probably wondering why we treat young Miss Tetra with so much respect when she's clearly so much younger than us, aren't you, now? Now, I won't go saying this in a very loud voice, but while she may look young... Miss Tetra's actually 35!

?HAR! That's a joke, shrimpy!

?Ahoy there, young shrimpy! It sounds like we've actually arrived! Head on up to the deck and have a look-see, why don't you?

?Oh! Well now! Ahoy there, swabbie! As of today... EH-HEH-AHEM! I am your superior... Niko! Now, I promise I'll go easy on you, so you do as I say, OK?

?Right! Now, first off you have to take the test all new pirates have to take. It's a bit of a doozy, so get ready! You watch everything I'm about to show you real careful-like so you can cram it into your no-doubt mushy swabbie brain!

?First off, you gotta press this switch. This is the only easy part. Just walk up to it and tilt [+] [v] to step on it. Presto! Switch pressed!

?Now, check it out! After the platforms rise up from the floor, you gotta jump on them!

?OK, so I was able to jump to this first one myself...but that next one is too far, right? That's when you gotta do THIS!

?If you jump right at the rope, you can grab onto it and use [+][v][^] to swing. Swing until you get close enough to the next platform then press [A] to let go and jump to it!

?So, do you think you get how to do it? You have to swing from platform to platform and try to get to the entrance of that room over there!

?Here's the problem, though, swabbie! The platforms only stay raised for a little while, so if you don't get there by the time they drop, you have to start over!

?It will probably take you at least one year before you're good enough to make it all the way here. One rough year. One tough year, full of bumps and bruises. Of course, if you manage to do it faster, I'll reward you!

?Now, give it a try! This ought to be good for a chuckle or two!

?Hey! What are you doing? You have to jump and make it over here! Falling isn't part of the program, swabbie!

?Whaaaaat!? You did it already??? .........

?I... I... I'm proud to have you as... As my... As my underling!

?I... I wonder if it's OK to just give that to him...

?...I don't see why not... I doubt I'll get busted...

?All right, swabbie! I'll tell you what! You can have the treasure in that chest over there! It's your reward from the great and generous Niko!

?Hu-Hurry up and take it! I'm serious! Grab it and get outta here! Someone might come! Hurry up, swabbie!

?Gah! But there's still so much stuff I have to teach you... This is so lame! Ahh, well... I guess it can wait until you finish whatever it is you have to do.

?Come back and see me again after you finish your errand, OK, swabbie?

?Hey! [Link]! We've reached the Forsaken Fortress! Hurry and get up here!

?Oh, there's one thing I forgot to tell you. When you're hanging on to a rope, you can hold [R] then tilt [<][+][>] to change direction and tilt [+][v][^] to climb up and down. Try it if you don't like the angle of the next jump.

?Hurry and take it before someone comes!

?'Cause I can never figure out what you're trying to say! THAT'S why you've gotta be sure to shout, Zuko!

?New swabbies always get stuck doing the hardest work. It's a real raw deal, but hey. I'll tell you... It sure sounds like Niko is happy to finally not be the bottom rung on the pirate ladder! You bet he is!

?...Hey, but don't sweat it. I'm sure you'll do just fine, so long as you don't disobey him.

?I guess you could say it's our way of welcoming new swabbies. Yup. That it is.

?One way or the other, you'll figure out what it is you gotta do once you get below decks. Then be sure to do it. Yup. Do it.

?I suppose it was just chance that we lost our last Miss when Miss Tetra was still young. Hooo... Fate is cruel, she is. That's why Miss Tetra took over so young. She owes it to her predecessor. Everyone's come to respect her for that. For coping with so much, at such an age. Respect has nothing to do with how many years you've been on the earth. But you're probably too young to understand that.

?Hey! [Link]! Here I am! Up here!

?What were you doing with Niko?

?Don't tell me you were playing some stupid game for treasure...were you?

?...Well, whatever! There's something you need to see! Have a look over there... That's the cursed isle known as the Forsaken Fortress.

?There are all sorts of strange rumors about this place. What I do know is that long ago, it used to be the hideout of a no-good group of pirates we used to compete with... But they were just small-time. Now, the place looks like it's pretty dangerous.

?Ah! I knew it! Look! Over there! By that window!

?Have you ever seen so many seagulls flock like that before? ...I'll bet you anything that's the place where they've got your sister locked up!

?...But it looks like the whole place is under really tight guard.

?This won't work... We'd be spotted before we got anywhere near landing there.

?Hmmm... What do we do now?

?Look, don't struggle. If you really want to get into a dangerous place like that, this is the only way to do it. Trust me. We pirates do this all the time. Don't worry about it! It'll be a piece of cake!

?Is everybody ready!?

?Never you fear, kid. We're pros. We're going to launch you good!




?Hmmmmmm! I see the same green clothes and the same green hat! By the look of you, I'd say... Sir! Could you, by chance, be...a fairy?

?Goodness! Did you feel my telepathy?! That's why you saved me, isn't it? Isn't it? Isn't it?

?Do not worry! Tingle knows without you telling him, sir! Yes, sir!

?Tingle is my name! I have been looking for you and your kind, for I, too, long to be one of the fairy folk!

?And yet, I was mistaken for some kind of troublemaker and put into this dreadful sort of place! How disrespectful!

?Please, Mr. Fairy... Rescue poor Tingle from this place and take him to where you and your kind live in splendor!

?If you help me, I will give you a fabulous present! Soooo...

?Why! If it isn't Mr. Fairy! Do you remember poor Tingle?

?Hooooo... You're mean. You're terrible. You're not even lifting a finger. And after poor Tingle begged you to help him like that...

?Sir, do you, by chance, enjoy watching me suffer? Is this lack of assistance done intentionally...?

?No, that cannot be true! Fairies are good beings. Tingle sees all, he does! He does!

?Please, Mr. Fairy! Please rescue poor Tingle and take him to where you and your kind live in harmony!

?If you help me, I will give you a fabulous present! Sooooo...

?Hoorayyyy! Thank you oh so VERRRY much!

?Here is Tingle's heartfelt gift of thanks!

?Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-limpah! Become an item!

?Now, no matter how far we travel from this dingy cell, our souls will be as one!

?Splendid! Tingle is going to get ready to go to the realm of the fairies, so you just wait here, OK, sir?

?Big Brother!

?You're OK!

?...I was...worried.

?The cell won't open that easily!

?There you go... Acting before you think, as usual...

?I swear! Do you even realize that we had to draw that monster bird off for you? It was about to come flying in here after you again!

?...That sword!

?Where did you get that?!

?Are you... Is it even possible...?

?...How could it be?

?Hmm... Well, never mind about that. For now, we'll just take these girls. I'm sure their fathers back in town will pay a handsome reward for their return.

?I'm so sorry to interrupt such a heartwarming reunion...

?But isn't there still something that you need to take care of?

?If you're worried about your sister...don't be. I promise I'll deliver her safely back to your little island. Normally, I'd expect a huge reward for something like this...but this time, it's my treat!

?Listen, Aryll, your brother still has some things to take care of. Big, important, grown-up things. He'll be back soon, so you just wait nice and quiet until he returns, OK?

?But, Big Brother...

?Miss Tetra! We have to hurry! The bird will be here any second!

?Gonzo! Excellent! You're just in time! Take this one for me.

?Huh?! But she's...

?She's fine! Just do as you're told!

?Big Brother!

?[Link]! We'll be back. I swear it!

?I swear it.

?It's been a while, boy.

?You have done well to sneak into my fortress and wriggle your way all the way up here.

?I suppose the least I can do is commend you for your reckless courage.

?My name is Ganondorf... And I am the master of Forsaken Fortress.

?By the way, boy... When you drew that sword of yours out of its resting place... Did you by chance notice how all of the monsters frozen in time down there suddenly began stirring again?

?Do you understand precisely what that means? ...I highly doubt you do.

?Foolish child. While that sword is indeed the blade of evil's bane, at the same time, it has long played another role... You see, it is also a sort of key... a most wretched little key that has kept the seal on me and my magic intact!

?By withdrawing the blade, you have broken that seal...

?Fool! ...Why do I waste my breath on a child? Do you still not understand?

?You cannot defeat me with a blade that does not sparkle with the power to repel evil! What you hold is useless.

?Go back to the world below, and tell that to the pathetic fools who made this blade!

?Its power is gone, and its edges are dull!

?[Link]! Get up!

?Uhh! Stop! Let... Let me go!

?You pathetic little sea rat!

? ! ? !

?My Triforce of Power is resonating! Ha! At long last, I have found you... Princess Zelda!

?Wh-What?! What are you talking about? I don't know any Zelda...

?Feigning ignorance will gain you nothing! Tell me... If you are not Zelda, then why do you have this fragment of the Triforce?

?It's all right, [Link]! She has merely lost consciousness.

?Your sister has escaped the Forsaken Fortress with the pirates. You can relax. She's safe now.

?Lord Valoo! You arrived not a moment too soon... We are deeply grateful.

? is too soon for us to relax. Ganon cannot be destroyed by such simple means as wrath and fire.

?I am aware of this. Yet I thought our first priority should be to separate these two from Ganon's grasp.

?I see...and I agree. Very well, then! We are counting on you!

?[Link], I will explain things later! Now we must return to the world beneath the sea!

?O great hero, chosen by the Master Sword!

?My name is Laruto.

?I am a Zora sage. For an age, I offered my prayers here in the Earth Temple, praying that the power to repel evil would ever remain within the Master Sword.

?And yet...unfortunately, due to Ganondorf's evil designs, the Master Sword you hold has lost this power.

?After his defeat at the hands of the Hero of Time, Ganondorf was sealed away...but not for all time. He was revived, and he returned to Hyrule in a red wrath. He attacked this temple and stole my soul, knowing that he had to remove the power contained in that enchanted blade. In order to return the power to repel evil to your sword, you must find another to take my stead in this temple and ask the gods for their assistance.

?You must find the one who carries on my bloodline... The one who holds this sacred instrument...

?Nothing can stop the flow of time or the passing of generations...but the fate carried within my bloodline endures the ravages of all the years. It survives.

?The song you just conducted is one which will open the eyes of the new sage and awaken within that sage the melody that will carry our prayers to the gods.

?The door that blocks your way will only open when the sage plays that song.

?May the winds of fortune blow with you.

?Are you the new hero?

?I am Fado of the Kokiri tribe. I know I appear to you as a child, but the eyes can oft deceive. I am a most esteemed sage.

?I had been praying here so that the power to repel evil would continue to be contained within the blade of the Master Sword...

?But I was attacked by the evil Ganondorf... and this is what happened to me.

?You wish to return the power to your blade, don't you?

?In that case, look for the one who has the same instrument that I hold, and teach him the song you just played.

?Once you do, I'm certain the holder of the instrument will feel the blood of the sages awaken within his veins.

?That Wind Waker you hold was used long ago to conduct us sages when we played our song to call upon the gods.

?In those days, it was always the king who conducted for us...

?Please... Tell the king that I will still play...even in the next world!

?That garb you wear... Could you be the legendary hero? Has the king at long last found the Hero of Time?

?What is the matter? Do you not understand the ancient Hylian tongue? are not the Hero of Time.

?I must apologize. I was in error. I saw your clothing, and suddenly I felt a longing for an age gone by... That longing caused the ancient tongue to pass my lips. I am the guardian spirit of this Forest Haven_the Deku Tree. I owe you my thanks for your aid in ridding me of those foul creatures... Tell me... Was it not the King of Red Lions_the boat who speaks_who led you to this place?

?So it is true... Then you have come here because you have need of the pearl of the goddess?

?I see... I knew there was a reason the monsters had begun to congregate in the regions around my wood. Now I understand it. He has returned... Ganon has returned... In that case, we must make haste.

?Koroks! Little children of the woods! This traveler is not your enemy. Let your hearts be at ease, and show yourselves!

?What do you call yourself? [Link]? Well, then, [Link]... These are the Koroks_the spirits of the forest. Once upon a time, long ago, the Koroks took on human forms, but when they came to live on the sea, they took these shapes. Now they fear people...but to me, they will ever be my cherished little children.

?As it happens, you have come just in time for a ceremony that the Koroks hold but once every year. It is about to begin. I shall grant the pearl to you once their ceremony is complete. I must apologize for the brief delay, but if the ceremony is not completed soon, an ill fate could befall us. So, let it begin! Are you ready, my children?

?W-We are not, O Great Deku Tree! Something terrible has happened! It is Makar! Makar!

?What is the matter, Linder? You and Makar are always late...

?N-No! It is not that, O Great Deku Tree! Makar...fell into the Forbidden Woods!

?WHAT?! The Forbidden Woods?

?I told him to be careful! But still Makar flew above the Forbidden Woods, and as he drew close to it...

?Foolish little Makar...

?[Link], you have heard all this? The Forbidden Woods are right beside the hallowed island of our Forest Haven. Those woods... The whole region is a vile place that is home to evil beasts. And now it seems they have taken a child of the forest named Makar. ...Your presence here is no mistake, I deem. The King of Red Lions likely expects great deeds of you_it is why he brought you here. I am sorry to ask this of you, but can you go rescue young Makar for me?

?But, Great Deku Tree! ...People cannot fly through the air...

?Ah, yes... Thank you, child. You are right. It is not possible to enter those woods from the sea, is it... [Link], I would guess from your size that you are heavier than my Korok children...yet I think we may still be able to solve this dilemma. You must use the item I shall bestow upon you and fly through the sky!

?Hmmm? What is this? You seem to be quite bold.

?Hmph! Forgive me, [Link], but could you climb up to my crown and get the leaf from up there?

?Ah, yes... For one like you to reach the heights, it will be necessary to use the Baba Buds scattered around here. Ask the little Koroks about how to use them. They shall teach you all you need.

?What is the matter?

?If you cannot even reach that leaf, there is no way you will be able to save Makar from the monsters in the Forbidden Woods.

?You will need Magic Power to use my leaf. You can find magic jars in grass clumps and vases and after you defeat monsters.

?You must build up your reserves of magic power and use that leaf to fly from the high cliffs of my Forest Haven over to the Forbidden Woods!

?The Koroks can teach you how to fly.

?Please take care of Makar!

?Every year after the Koroks perform this ceremony, they fly off to the distant islands on the sea and plant my seeds in the hopes that new forests will grow.

?Forests hold great power_they can change one tiny island into a much larger land. Soon, a day will come when all the islands are one, connected by earth and grove. And the people who live on that great island will be able to join hands and, together, create a better world. Such is my dream.

?...But the one you are chasing is trying to prevent that dream from ever coming to pass.

?[Link]... Already, your fate is tied to the fate of this world. You must proceed with great care.

?If ever you find yourself troubled or lost, return to this haven... I shall be waiting for you.

?How are things in the world, [Link]?

?As you can see, I am slowly growing older and feebler. It seems only my wisdom is full of vigor lately. But that is just the way of life, child, and not cause for sadness. If there is anything you wish to know, just ask! I will aid you as I may.

?What is it you wish to know? Tell me about the Koroks Tell me about Forest Water Nothing

?What do you wish to learn about? The Koroks The King of Red Lions Nothing

?What is the matter? Is there something else you wish to ask me?

?What do you wish to learn about? The Island Koroks The Forest Koroks Nothing

?Are you concerned about the little Koroks who left the safety of our Forest Haven? It is indeed true that there are many islands on the Great Sea that have grown dark and dangerous. Who knows what perils might await my children? I shall mark the places that my Korok children have journeyed to on your Sea Chart, [Link]. Could you be so kind as to check on them for me as you proceed with your quest? I entrust their care to you...

?All you need to do is check your Sea Chart to see where my children are.

?But do you not already know about the Koroks who have left our haven?

?You can conduct this melody here, but it will not do anything.

?Ahh, if only the Great Deku Tree were here right now...

?OHHHH! If you don't need Boko Baba Seeds, I'll buy them for 5 Rupees each!

?I'll buy a maximum of [?].

?You want to sell your Boko Baba Seeds? Yes No

?You wish to know about the Koroks who remain here in the Forest Haven? Well, you can find Hollo in that hole over there, researching potions.

?How many do you want to sell? [?] Choose how many with [+] and press [A].

?For [?], I'll pay [?]! You sure you want to sell? Yes Maybe not

?'Bye! Come again!

?But even if I buy them, you can't carry all those Rupees!

?Huh? Then don't show them to me!

?OHHHH! If you don't need your Skull Necklaces, I'll buy them for 5 Rupees each.

?I can buy up to [?].

?You want to sell your Skull Necklaces? Yes No

?How many do you want to sell? [?] Choose how many with [+] and press [A].

?And as for Makar, well...just look! He is right there!

?He is busy practicing a new song for next year's ceremony. He is already looking forward to it.

?As for Makar, he is somewhere here in the Forest Haven. But I do not know where. ...Outside...perhaps?

?I am certain he is practicing his little leaf cello somewhere. You should be able to hear his music when you are near to him.

?Makar...? Now that I think about it, I haven't seen him of late. Perhaps he is hiding somewhere preparing a song for next year's ceremony. At such times, he never allows himself to be seen. It would be useless to look for him. But do not worry. I am certain he will return before long.

?Is there anything else you wish to ask?

?I see. Well, if ever you wish to ask anything else of me, you are welcome to do so.

?The Forest Water? So, you have learned the secret of our Forest Haven?

?The Forest Water is a mystical and powerful draught that fills the trees with life and vitality.

?With such water, it would even be possible to return life to a battered, withered tree.

?And yet, the Forest Water is quickly spoiled by the air outside the Forest Haven. Once it leaves the borders of these woods, it will lose its potency after just 20 minutes and become no different from ordinary water.

?I suppose it is thanks to such water that this gnarled, old tree has been able to live for so many long years.

?When the worst of all possible events comes to pass, and Ganon is revived once again... One shall seek the hero who is destined to defeat the great evil...

?That is the destiny the goddesses have placed upon the King of Red Lions.

?Since that day, he has been sailing the Great Sea in search of a young hero not unlike yourself.

?But I cannot yet reveal to you the truth behind who that boat really is. Perhaps if you are able to defeat Ganon as the hero of old once did...

?Then, all will be revealed to you.

?Until then, you must proceed in your quest, [Link]. Do not lose your way.

?We Koroks pass most of our days far away from our sacred Forest Haven, raising new trees to foster healthy forests on the many islands of the Great Sea. Today is the day we were to return to our home for our annual ceremony.

?But poor Makar...

?Please, great swordsman! Please save our brother, Makar!

?If we are unable to hold our ceremony, we will not be able to raise any new forests.

?If that comes to pass, then evil days will follow. The Great Deku Tree's power will wane, and our power will wane with it... We might even wither altogether...

?The Forbidden Woods were once our home. They were peaceful back then.

?I would guess that our homes should still exist somewhere deep within the woods. If you have trouble anywhere in the forest, just look for the stump-shaped houses.

?High atop the Forest Haven is a branch that hangs out over the sea. If you take off from there, you should be able to float to and enter the Forbidden Woods. That is what you need the Deku Leaf for.

?Wow! You're quite good at that, Mr. Knight! Just keep doing that until you get all the way up to the top!

?If you shoot out facing the wrong direction, don't panic! If you don't tilt [+] in any direction, you'll land safely back in the Baba Bud.

?You're almost to the top! But be careful! You don't want to fall now that you're so close. It's only a little higher.

?Do you know about this flower? It's called a Baba Bud. You can stand in front of it and tilt [+][v] to jump into it.

?Baba Buds have this peculiar habit of shooting you up into the air after you jump into them. So you can use them to jump up to hard-to-reach places.

?As soon as you jump into a Baba Bud, tilt [<][+][>] to align the direction you wish to jump in. Once you're in the air, you can use [+][v][^] to adjust the length of your jump.

?You're very talented, Mr. Swordsman!

?See?! If you jump from Baba Bud to Baba Bud like that, you can gradually make your way to higher and higher branches.

?We Koroks can fly through the sky using our own Deku Leaves.

?We Koroks are very light... You look like you weigh a lot more than we do. Do you think you'll be all right?

?In order to fly using the Great Deku Tree's Deku Leaf, you must have magic power.

?...You look a lot heavier than us Koroks, so you probably need a lot of magic...

?Now that I think about it, my friend Hollo is researching potions that replenish magic power. You should go see him before you leave here.

?Very good, Mr. Swordsman! You've already mastered using the Deku Leaf!

?But...since you're so much heavier than we are, you can't fly very far, can you? How unfortunate... Well, anyway, this is the exit that leads to the Forbidden Woods, where our brother, Makar, is being held.

?Please take care of Makar!

?You need magic power in order to use the Deku Leaf to fly. Without magic power, it's just a useless twig! You can find Magic Jars hidden in the grass and vases around here, so be sure to look for them when you run low.

?Congratulations, swordsman! It appears you've finally gotten the Deku Leaf!

?That eerie-looking island over there is home to the Forbidden Woods. Makar is trapped somewhere within there. You'll have to float over to the entrance from here using your Deku Leaf. But...when you're flying with the Deku Leaf, you're at the mercy of the wind. If the wind can't carry you there, you'll fall into the sea before you land...

?If only the wind were blowing in the right direction to carry you there...

?You need lots and lots of magic power to float from here to the Forbidden Woods. My friend Olivio is on that tiny plateau there to the southwest. You should be able to replenish your magic power there, so you probably should fly that way first. If only the wind was blowing in that direction...

?Too bad the wind isn't blowing to the southwest...

?Wow! The wind is blowing just right! Please! Ride this wind to the southwest and let it carry you to my friend Olivio.

?First, make sure your Deku Leaf is set to either [Y], [Z], or [X]. Then just jump from here and immediately press the button.

?Let this wind carry you to my friend Olivio on the plateau to the southwest! Please bring Makar back to us!

?Nice job, swordsman! It looks like you've already mastered using your Deku Leaf. You're a quick study! The first thing you should do is cut the grass around here to replenish your magic power.

?The entrance to the Forbidden Woods is on a much higher level than the entrance to our Forest Haven. In order to get up to such a high place, you'll have to catch the swirling updraft. Can you see the updraft, swordsman? The updrafts around here move swiftly. You have to time your jump just right, so that the wind will fill your Deku Leaf and carry you into the updraft, giving you the lift you need. Once you're floating on high, just let the wind take you to the entrance to the woods.

?I don't think you can make it to the Forbidden Woods if the wind isn't blowing to the northwest... And that's not all. You also have to catch the updraft just right...

?It would be really helpful if the wind would just blow to the northwest...

?This is great! The wind is perfect! I'm amazed, swordsman! You can control the wind? That's incredible! Well, now you just need to time your jump so the wind carries you into the updraft. Fly, swordsman! To the Forbidden Woods!

?But be careful! The monsters flying around the entrance to the Forbidden Woods might try to stop you from getting there. If they do, you can use the Deku Leaf in midair to fend them off.

?Just press the button you set the Deku Leaf to_[Y], [Z], or [X]_to create a gust of air that will fend off monsters. Use it to get by the monsters near the entrance.

?Please find Makar!

?Hello, swordsman! You seem to be in high spirits! As for me, I'm using the fruit of the forest to create potions. I'm called Hollo.

?I wish I could create a potion that would help you, swordsman...

?But the ones I have here only seem to work on my fellow Koroks...

?I know! If you can somehow gain magic power, swordsman, then you will surely need a potion that can replenish it!

?Then_if I can get the right ingredients_ I might be able to make a potion for you.

?Oh! But I haven't seen the ingredients that help recover magic power here in the forest.

?If I had seeds from the flower monsters in the Forbidden Woods, then maybe I could make a potion for you...

?Do you know about those seeds?

?I need at least four Boko Baba Seeds in order to make a potion. Well, that, and an empty bottle. You mustn't forget that.

?If only I had many of the flower monster seeds from the Forbidden Woods, then I could make a potion that replenishes both life energy and magic power for you.

?Don't you know about them?

?What is that? Did you want me to do something with it?

?Oh! That's... That's a Boko Baba Seed!

?That's it! That's what I need to make the kind of super-replenishing potion that would help you, swordsman!

?That's a Boko Baba Seed, isn't it? If I mix some of these up, I can make the kind of super-replenishing potion that would help you, swordsman!

?Oh, but I'd need at least four of these seeds to make one helping of the potion.

?I'm sorry.

?In order to create a potion from Boko Baba Seeds, I'll need at least four of them. Return after you collect at least four seeds.

?All right, I'm going to use four of your seeds to create a super-replenishing potion.

?Please wait just a moment.

?Onjalla, manjalla, CHO-WAY!

?Hah hah! It's ready. Here you go.

?Come see me again after you gather more seeds.

?I'll be waiting.

?Oh, but I can't give you any potion if you don't have an empty bottle to carry it in.

?I'm sorry.

?Please come back after you get an empty bottle to carry the potion in.

?Swordsman! Thank you so much for bringing Makar back to us! And now that we have completed our ceremony, I can go back to researching my potions!

?By the way, did you find any Boko Baba Seeds? If you have any, set them to [Y], [Z], or [X] and show them to me.

?Swordsman! Thank you so much for bringing Makar back to us! I am Hollo. I make potions from the fruits of the forest.

?Swordsman... Are you the one who rescued me?

?You have my thanks!

?When all went dark around me, I thought my time on the earth was over.

?But...why are you here, swordsman?

?What? The Great Deku Tree sent you?! Oh! Th-That's right! Today's the day of our annual ceremony! Oh, I'm in trouble! I shouldn't be here! I must get out of here immediately!

?Let's go! Quickly!

?Thank you very much, swordsman. You must find [?] more of my fellow Koroks. If you pour that Forest Water on all of our trees, then the trees will surely grow strong again.

?But remember: in just [?], the Forest Water you have will turn into plain water. So hurry up and look for my fellow Koroks!

?The Forest Water you have will turn into plain water in just [?]. Hurry! Please! You must find my fellow Koroks!

?Swordsman! Come see how healthy my forest tree has become! Wow! I'm so happy! Thank you so much!

?You should return once this tree has spread its roots to create a large forest. I'm certain it will be quite beautiful.

?That's too bad... Your Forest Water turned into plain water before you were able to pour it on all of the wilting trees.

?You have to water all the trees before the Forest Water loses its life-giving power.

?The Great Deku Tree probably knows where the rest of my fellow Koroks are. Please bring Forest Water for my tree once again.

?Hello, swordsman. I haven't seen you in a while. How have you been?

?I've come here to plant the Great Deku Tree's seed...

?But look!

?Usually, the forest trees sprout quite vigorously wherever you plant them, but for some reason, this one has withered...

?...I'd be willing to bet that the trees my fellow Koroks have planted are withering, as well.

?It seems that when one tree fails to grow from its seed, all the forest trees from that year's seeds wither and fail to grow tall and mighty.

?What are we to do? If we are not able to nurse these trees to health, the forest will never spread, and the Great Deku Tree will slowly wither and die...

?... Maybe if we could sprinkle the water from the Forest Haven on the tree... Maybe then this sapling would be saved. That water is the wellspring of the Great Deku Tree's life force.

?Swordsman! Could you go to the Forest Haven and get some of the water that flows around the Great Deku Tree? Could you get some and sprinkle it on this poor forest tree?

?Please? Please help me!

?I will do what I can here to make sure this forest tree does not wither any further.

?Please, swordsman, go to the Forest Haven and bring back some of the Forest Water.

?Can you please help me?

?Hello, swordsman! I haven't seen you in a while. How have you been?

?Huh? You say the forest trees my fellow Koroks have planted are withering?

?So, it's true! As you can see, the forest tree I have planted is doing the same.

?I can't help but think that this, too, is the result of Ganondorf's evil plot. Could it be?

?...Regardless, in order to bring the life back into this poor withered sapling, I will certainly need Forest Water.

?Swordsman! Could you please go to the Forest Haven and bring back some of the water that flows around the Great Deku Tree? Could you sprinkle it on this tree?

?Please? I beg of you!

?Please, Mr. Swordsman. Could you please go get Forest Water once more and take it to all eight of the Koroks who guard the withered forest trees?

?The tree is withering...

?You poured Forest Water on it, but it still has not recovered all of its vigor.

?The tree has recovered all of its vigor!

?You already have Forest Water in your bottle.

?Your Forest Water has become plain water.

?Oh, Makar! You have returned safely!

?I'm sorry, Great Deku Tree... I know you warned us many times, but still I did not listen...

?Do not worry, Makar. You are safe now. Just be more careful from now on. You have done well, [Link]. I must thank you for your brave deeds. Here is that which I have promised you. Please accept it.

?It is my hope that this pearl shall lead you to a fair destiny!

?All is well, Makar. Do not cry. Please... Play your songs for me as you always do.

?Oh, that's right! We must begin our ceremony soon, before the day ends! I'm sorry to keep you all waiting. Let the ceremony begin!

?Oh, Great [Link]... As my thanks to you, I shall play even harder than I normally do. I hope you enjoy it!

?Great Deku Tree! This year you have once again produced some splendid seeds!

?With these seeds, we will continue to spread new forests across the Great Sea.

?Let us go, Koroks! To the sea!

?See you all next year!

?Take care!

?Farewell, great swordsman! May the winds of chance bring us together again someday!

?Thank you, [Link], for all that you've done for me. How was my performance? Did it suit your tastes or no?

?This instrument is the one the Great Deku Tree gave to me on the day of my birth. He said it is an instrument that people played long, long ago. It has taken many long hours of practice for me to be able to perform at the level I do now.

?Eight of my fellow Koroks have set out on journeys to create new forests in the world. But both Hollo, who studies the making of potions, and I are always on this island. Please come to see us here again. We'll be waiting for you.

?I'm going to practice much more so that next year's performance will be spectacular. I hope you'll come back to see us again then. You will, won't you?

?Oh! [Link]! I haven't seen you in quite some time, have I? I'm surprised you were able to find me here.

?Hmm? You're wondering why I'm all the way down here?

?I'm practicing a new song for next year's ceremony. And I need privacy! It isn't any fun if everyone knows in advance what song I'll play.

?What? You can hear my song outside?

?Ruh-really...? I thought the sound of the waves would drown it out...

?Perhaps I should play a little more softly when I practice from now on.

?Please, if you don't mind, keep the fact that I'm practicing here a secret. I don't want everyone to know about it.

?Why, is that a conductor's baton? [Link]! Are you a maestro?! That's incredible!

?Are you going to conduct for me, [Link]? What kind of song is it? I can't wait to hear it! Please, conduct!

?Oh! Are you going to conduct for me again? Ooh, I can't wait! This will be so much fun!

?Hmmm... That's a nice song. Is that it? My songs are better than that...

?Oh! I'm sorry! Did you hear that? I guess that was kind of rude!

?Huh? Are you done? Oh, that's too bad. I was looking forward to your song.

?Hmmm... Does it go something like...this? Strange... Why does it feel like I already know this song..?


?This sacred song that you've conducted has awakened me... I know myself now! I am the sage of the Wind Temple...

?It is my fate to return the power to repel evil to your Master Sword.

?...And to ease the regrets of my ancestors. Oh, [Link], please! You must take me with you to the Wind Temple.

?[Link], I have fully restored the power to repel evil to your Master Sword.

?...And my ancestors are most satisfied.

?I shall continue praying to the gods here. [Link], please step into the light and return above ground.

?May the winds of fortune be at your back.

?Ohhh... Owwww...

?[Link]! You're all right?

?What is this place...?

?Hey! And Ganondorf! What happened to him?

?[Link]! What are you doing?

?You must come now to the room where you got the Master Sword!

?Who is using that stone...?

?Just who are you?

?[Link] and I are the only ones who can speak through this stone! How dare you use what's not yours?!

?...Your name is Tetra, correct?

?You must come with [Link] to see me at once!

?Hmph! Well, don't you sound important! ...Fine. We're on our way. Just hold your horses, whoever you are.

?[Link], what are you waiting for? You heard the stone. You're supposed to show me how to get to where that voice is!

?Are you him? Are you the one who was speaking through my stone without my permission? Answer me!

?That stone is an enhanced version of the Gossip Stones long spoken of in the legends of the Hyrulian Royal Family. I am the one who made it.

?You made it? The royal family's Gossip Stone? I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about.

?Have neither of you heard the tales? Tales of the kingdom spoken of in the legend of the great hero... The place where the power of the gods lies hidden...

?This place, where the two of you now stand, is that kingdom.

?And I am its king: Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule.

?[Link], do you not recognize my voice?

?Indeed, I am the one who guided you here. I am the King of Red Lions.

?There was no need for me to reveal my true identity to you so long as that blade, the Master Sword, could defeat Ganon...

?But now...both of you must listen to me.

?Once, long ago, this land of Hyrule was turned into a world of shadows by Ganon, who sought to obtain the power of the gods for his own evil ends.

?My power alone could not stop the fiend, and our only choice was to leave the fate of the kingdom in the hands of the gods... When the gods heard our pleas, they chose to seal away not only Ganon, but Hyrule itself...and so, with a torrential downpour of rains from the heavens... Our fair kingdom was soon buried beneath the waves, forgotten at the bottom of the ocean.

?Yet all was not lost. For the gods knew that to seal the people away with the kingdom would be to grant Ganon's wish for the destruction of the land.

?So, before the sealing of the kingdom, the gods chose those who would build a new country and commanded them to take refuge on the mountaintops.

?Those people were your ancestors.

?Hundreds of years have passed since then... So long as Ganondorf was not revived, Hyrule would remain below, never waking from its slumber.

?Tetra, come to me.

?This necklace you wear is part of a sacred treasure called the Triforce of Wisdom, which has been passed down for many ages within the royal family of Hyrule.

?Your mother passed this down to you and instructed you to treasure it...and to guard it with your life. Am I not correct?

?The Triforce of Wisdom is none other than the sacred power of the gods that we have kept from Ganon's clutches for so many long years. The gods placed upon your ancestors the task of protecting it from evil's grasp.

?You, too, must abide by the laws of the past...and so the time has come for me to teach you the fate into which you were born, the very reason that you live.


?You are the true heir of the royal family of Hyrule...the last link in the bloodline.

?...Zelda? I'm...a princess?

?You are confused, aren't you? I suppose such is to be expected.

?[Link]! I am terribly sorry that you have been caught up in these events.

?But now that it is known that Tetra is indeed Princess Zelda... Ganon will be searching frantically for this child in an attempt to get the power of the gods that she possesses. He will not rest until he has found her.

?If he succeeds, my ancient kingdom under the sea will be turned into a land of shadow and despair...and so will the world you know above the waves.

?[Link], I need you to lend me your strength in this dark hour. I have a suspicion about what has caused the Master Sword to lose its power.

?I need for you to come with me back to the lands above the water and return the power to repel evil to the Master Sword!


?It is far too dangerous for you to join us in this task.

?Fortunately, this sacred chamber is not yet known to Ganon. It is my wish that you wait here in hiding until we return.

?[Link]! We must go!


?Everything that's happened to you and your poor sister... It's all been my fault.

?...I'm so sorry.

?[Link]... Be careful...

?[Link], listen well...

?The fact that the Master Sword lost the power to repel evil suggests to me that something has happened to the sages who infused the blade with the gods' power.

?The sages should be here in the Wind Temple to the north and the Earth Temple to the south, praying to the gods.

?You must head for these two temples to see what has happened to the sages and attempt to find a way to recover the power to repel evil.

?Unfortunately, Ganon seems to have erected some sort of magical barrier down here in Hyrule, blocking our path to the temples.

?But...each temple should have another entrance high upon Hyrule's mountaintops, which are now islands above the sea.

?As always, I shall mark these places on your Sea Chart.

?Now then... If we stay here much longer, we shall draw our enemy's attention to Princess Zelda's whereabouts. We must return to the surface immediately!

?[Link], do you know the legend of the Hero of Time?

?Once, long ago, he defeated Ganon and brought peace to the Kingdom of Hyrule... A piece of the Triforce was given to the Hero of Time and he kept it safe, much as Zelda kept hers.

?That sacred piece is known as the Triforce of Courage. When the Hero of Time was called to embark on another journey and left the land of Hyrule, he was separated from the elements that made him a hero. It is said that at that time, the Triforce of Courage was split into eight shards and hidden throughout the land.

?It seems you already have some knowledge of these shards... If you are able to collect all of them, they will fuse together and complete the piece of the Triforce, once again opening the passage through the waves to Hyrule. You must search for the remaining shards.

?Even I do not know where they rest, but this much I do know: they lie hidden somewhere in this Great Sea. The Triforce of Courage is the only key that will once again open the doorway to Hyrule. You must search for it.

?You have done well, [Link].

?It would seem the gods have acknowledged you to be a true hero.

?But this does not mean your trials have ended here...

?Once you take your first step into the world beyond the ring of light you see shimmering in the waves before you... Your true trial will begin.

?Are you ready, [Link]?

?Then hang on tightly!

?You are probably wondering where we are, aren't you?

?Unfortunately, there is not enough time for me to explain it to you now...

?Once you are able to strike down Ganon with the item you obtain in this castle... ...All will be made clear to you.

?Trust in my words! See what awaits you in the castle!

?[Link], it is still too early for you to come to this place. Even though the power to repel evil has been returned to the Master Sword, you will not be able to return to Hyrule until the Triforce is complete.

?Quickly! You must now think only of finding the eight shards and completing the Triforce of Courage.

?You cannot defeat Ganon until the power to repel evil has been returned to the Master Sword.

?I, too, am worried about Zelda, as you are... But for now, you must focus on recovering the Master Sword's power.

?Hurry, [Link]!

?Well done, [Link]. You must show the Triforce piece you have assembled to the gods.

?Oh! What is this? There, on your hand_the Triforce piece now dwells within you!

?It is the Triforce of Courage_proof that you are indeed the true hero.

?You have controlled the wind and crossed the seas, and here, near the end of your quest, the power of the gods has been bestowed upon you... Surely, from this moment on, you shall be known as the Hero of Winds...

?[Link]! Hero of Winds!

?Go forth! To Hyrule! To Zelda's side!

?You have done well to find your way to this place.

?Oh, chosen one...

?Accept this final challenge...

?The path can now be opened.

?Oh, chosen one...

?What will now come to pass is tied to your fate_to the path that you have chosen.

?Go forward with caution.

?[Link]? [Link], is that you?

?It is! I'm pleased to see you're OK.

?I must say... You've traveled far for one with no wings...

?And your sister? Is she...

?Is that so? Well, don't worry too much. I'm sure she'll hang in there.

?I have an idea, [Link]. Would you like to meet our chieftain? I've told my people here about you, and all of us Rito are very concerned. I'm certain the chieftain will befriend you and lend you the aid of our aerie. It's settled, then! I'll fly on ahead and let everyone know you're coming. Come inside, [Link]! I'll be waiting!

?Well? Have you discovered the cause of the great Valoo's anger?

?Ah. So, you are [Link], are you? Quill has told me all about you. A troubling tale, indeed...

?I insist that you let us know if there is anything we can do to help you. We shall do everything in our power to assist you.

?However, in the meantime, we have a problem of our own to deal with...

?When you arrived on the island, did you notice the raging dragon perched atop the mountain?

?As you can see, we of the Rito tribe are profoundly connected to the sky. We make our livings on the airways.

?We do so by the graces of the sky spirit, Valoo. When a Rito reaches adulthood, he or she journeys to the top of Dragon Roost to receive a scale from the great dragon. It is this scale that enables the Rito to grow his or her wings.

?Recently, however, the once-gentle Valoo has grown violent and unpredictable. Sadly, we can no longer approach him.

?If this continues, the fledglings who are of age will never be able to receive scales from Valoo on Dragon Roost. They will remain wingless, and in time, our very way of life will be threatened.

?As chieftain of the Rito, my first responsibility is to solve this problem. My apologies, but I must ask you to wait for our assistance until this is done. Will you do so?

?Chieftain, what do you think of consulting [Link] with regards to your son, Prince Komali? As you can see, [Link] is a gallant young lad! I feel certain that Prince Komali would open his heart to him and speak freely of his fears and worries.

?That may be...

?Let me be direct. My son, Komali, is of the age to earn his wings... Yet...he is weak, in some ways...and in light of the current situation, he may just give up on ever getting them...

?What say you? Will you share some of your courage with my son?

?Will you meet with my son?

?Treasure Chart 16

?Treasure Chart 17

?I thank you! We shall do our best to solve our problem as quickly as possible, so that we may better help you with yours.

?I have something I wish for you to give to my son. A young girl named Medli is holding it for me. Would you find her and take it?

?I am counting on you!

?Here, [Link], take this with you! Who knows? It might come in handy.

?You should find Medli in one of the upper rooms. Leave the great Valoo to us. In the meanwhile, do your best to aid Prince Komali!

?Ah, [Link]! I hoped I would get the chance to thank you in person. Medli told me everything. I am extremely grateful for all that you have done.

?It seems you have helped my son, Komali, find his courage, as well. You have done so much for us!

?I thank you.

?Tell us if there is anything the Rito can do for you. Anything at all.

?I believe your journey is far from over, but no matter where you may go, we can still reach you. As you travel from island to island, be sure to check the local postbox. We shall be sure to deliver any letters or packages addressed to you to the postbox nearest to you. Keep your eyes peeled for the moving postboxes, for they have mail within them. I trust that is clear.

?We will deliver any letters or packages addressed to you to the postbox nearest you. Without fail, I promise you. You may continue your journey knowing this to be true.

?Ah, [Link]! I hoped I would get the chance to thank you in person. Medli told me everything. I am extremely grateful for all that you have done.

?It seems you have helped my son, Komali, find his courage, as well. You have done so much for us!

?I thank you.

?By the way, are you using our postboxes? Well, as you might know, since you left the island, all letters and packages addressed to you have been delivered to whatever postbox was nearest you. Of course, the system is not perfect_you tend to move around a lot. So be sure to check any moving postboxes you find in your travels. Do not forget!

?We shall deliver any letters or packages addressed to you to the postbox nearest your location. You may continue your journey knowing this to be true.

?Ah, [Link]! So you have returned safely. May I assume that you have been checking our postboxes?

?Since you left, our island has been beset by a plague of monsters, which appear after the setting of the sun. Luckily, they have never come during daylight hours, so you may rest safely.

?As you can see, when the sun goes down, monsters appear outside... Do not worry: the aerie's borders are well protected, and they cannot get in here. Please go and rest yourself.

?Make yourself at home.

?Ah, [Link]! It is good to see that you are looking so hale and hearty.

?Relax and rest your weary spirit.

?Wow! You really DO have green clothes and a strange-shaped hat... You're [Link], aren't you?

?Oh, me? I'm an attendant to the great sky spirit, Valoo. My name is Medli.

?Well, to tell the truth... I'm not an attendant quite yet. I'm actually still studying to be one.

?Oh, what am I thinking? Here! This is from the chieftain. [Link], he wants you to give this directly to Prince Komali.

?The room way in the back on the first floor is Prince Komali's room. You have to go down a couple steps to get there.

?By the way, ummmm... Listen, [Link]... I have a small favor I'd like to ask of you...

?Could you please come to the entrance of Dragon Roost Cavern later? ...I'll explain everything then.

?After you've spoken to Prince Komali, please come to the entrance of Dragon Roost Cavern. It's really important. I'll explain everything then, I promise.

?[Link]! You came to rescue me! Oh, thank you!

?I have to tell you what I found out! This is terrible! ...Some creature is doing awful things to the great Valoo's tail! That's why he's so angry!

?The great Valoo's tail hangs down into the room right below here. There's got to be something in there...

?I wonder if those mean monsters who captured me have something to do with it...

?We've got to do something! Now! Before it's too late!

?I'll go and tell everyone what's happening!

?Here, [Link]! Use this to get out of here! It's what I used to get this far. It's a device we Rito used before we evolved wings.

?Here, [Link]. Climb up on that little ledge over there, so I can show you something.

?Grab this branch with the Grappling Hook and you can swing over there to get out of this area! When you aim at a branch that you can latch onto, [Target lock mark] will appear. Remember that! Don't you worry about me, [Link]. Get going!

?Hey, you actually came! I'm really sorry for bringing you to such a dangerous place. I had to! I wouldn't have asked if I didn't need help desperately.

?You see this place? There used to be a spring here, surrounded by a beautiful pond... It was peaceful and lovely... But then the great Valoo... He became so angry, and... In his rage, he shook the mountain and this boulder crashed down, plugging the spring. You can see the result. Oh, but where is my mind? Tell me, how was Prince Komali?

?Oh... That doesn't sound right... Not at all...

?I may be partially to blame for the bad turn that Prince Komali's taken...

?See, Prince Komali's grandmother was the great Valoo's former attendant. She was an amazing woman. I was honored to have her as my teacher... She was kind and brave, and unsurpassed in her dealings with the great Valoo. I'm not yet worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as her. If only I'd possessed some of her strength, I'm sure Prince Komali would have felt more secure.

?[Link], I'm sorry to ask this... but I need your help!

?I want to go to the small shrine that's near the peak of Dragon Roost, but that ledge over there is so high... If I could get some wind under my wings, I'm sure I could get up there.


?Will you help me? Sure I don't think so

?Oh, please? I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important! It's just that...I'm not that good at flying yet...

?Whew... Thank you so much!

?OK, pick me up.

?Then face that ledge and toss me!

?The atmospheric currents are really messed up, so pay close attention to the direction of the wind.

?All right, I'm ready! Don't hold back, now! Throw me as hard as you can!

?I'm... I'm fiiiine! That...didn't really hurt. What was I saying? Oh, yeah! Once... Once more! With the wind! Toss away! Please!

?OK, that didn't exactly work. Let's try once more. Use the wind and throw me up to that ledge!

?Oh, thank goodness! I had a bad feeling that you weren't going to come back, [Link].

?Remember, use the wind to launch me up to the top of that ledge!

?Oh, thank you!

?I think now I'll be able to climb Dragon Roost and meet with the great Valoo!

?Don't worry, I'll be fine! I may be just an apprentice attendant, but I can understand some of the great Valoo's language.

?I'm not exactly bursting with confidence, but...

?Look, if anything happens to me...

?Please look after Prince Komali!

?This is all I have to give you. I know it's not much, but please take it!

?Oh, and please don't tell anyone that I'm climbing Dragon Roost! It'll be our secret, OK?

?Well, good luck! ...To both of us.

?When you meet Prince Komali, please don't get offended by his manner. He has no bad intentions, I promise.

?Huh? Who are you supposed to be?

?What do you want from me, huh? I... I don't want to talk to anyone right now!

?What do you want me to do with that, huh?

?A letter? From my father?

?Oh, sure, telling me to be brave is easy enough for him... It's not like he's the one who went through that horrible experience... It's not like HE still has to go get a scale from Valoo.

?You're in this letter, too, you know... Poking your nose in other people's business... You're nosy, aren't you?

?Sorry, but I really don't feel like going to see Valoo right now. I mean, how am I supposed to get a scale from him when he's so upset?

?What? Are you trying to say that YOU can calm Valoo down? Psssssh! That's just a big, fat lie! It's easy to SAY you can do anything! Bragging doesn't cost a thing! I'll tell you what: If you can find me someone who can get past all the obstacles on Dragon Roost to get to Valoo... THEN I'll listen to anything you say!


?Oh, this...?

?It's strange... Holding this calms me down. I forget all the bad things.

?It's so pretty, isn't it? It's called Din's Pearl. My grandma gave it to me.

?My grandma used to be Valoo's attendant. She was the only person on the island who understood Valoo's language.

?Oh, Grandma... If she were here, I know she could calm Valoo down. I just know it...

?But my father and the rest? No matter how hard they try...they'll fail. I know it. No one else can calm Valoo down. It's impossible...

?What? What is it, huh? Listen, you can stare all you want, but I'm not giving this to you. This is MY treasure. You understand? I'm not going to just hand it over to some do-nothing guy, am I?


?You can stop staring any time now! I'm not giving this to you!

?There's no one out there who can get Valoo to settle just go away and let me be miserable by myself.

?Master [Link], you really helped us out of a pickle!

?Am I right, Akoot?

?You could not be MORE right, Skett!

?You saved our tailfeathers!

?Master [Link], I must thank you so very much!

?What are you, mute, Skett? Could you not show a little appreciation?

?I am working on it, Akoot!

?Er... Thank you oh so very much. Take care of yourself.

?I believe that Prince Komali has gone to Dragon Roost to study.

?Is that not right? Akoot! Look alive!

?Yes! Yes, of course! I deem you are absolutely correct, Skett.

?He told us to give you his regards, Master [Link].

?Master [Link], Medli is busy with her attendant studies.

?Is that not correct, Skett? ...Skett?

?Oh, that is quite correct, Akoot!

?Please come back and see her some other time.

?Master [Link], I believe that Prince Komali has gone out...

?Am I right or am I right, Akoot?

?I believe you are right, Skett.

?He should be returning before too much longer, so do not worry.

?Master [Link], if you are looking for Medli, I believe she is atop the cliff just outside.

?Do I speak the truth, Skett?

?You do, Akoot, as usual! She is right in the same old spot!

?If you step outside near where she is, you should be able to hear the song she is playing.

?Master [Link], do not push yourself too hard.

?Akoot! Speak up! Is there nothing you want to say to Master [Link]?

?Of course there is, Skett! And that something is as follows...

?Do your best! We are with you all the way!

?Master [Link], you know Medli, do you not?

?Well, we cannot find her! I am not lying, am I, Skett?

?You most certainly are not, Akoot!

?Now, I do not think there is any need for alarm, but let us know if you see her.

?As you're from off-island, allow me tell you about the Dragon Roost. Even in the best of times, it's a dangerous place with all those bomb flowers growing everywhere. ...And now, it's even more perilous. It's so bad that the bomb flowers themselves have all dried up. The "great and wonderful Valoo" has created quite a mess!

?We used to have to worry only about bomb flowers when we went to get our scales. Now, climbing's not even an issue since we can't even get close to the mountain. You think I'm joking? Go and take a look for yourself. The bomb flowers that marked the entrance to Dragon Roost Cavern have all wilted because the earth is so dry. They're not producing bomb-fruit at all. It's sad, really.

?I guess it's to be expected in this heat, but just take a look down there! Dragon Roost Pond is completely dried up!

?The pond came from this bubbling spring. It was such a beautiful little pond... Now it's so arid that even the bomb flowers have completely dried up. It's just so hot... I'm sure the chieftain and those guys are having a tough time checking things out, but it's tough for us guards, too.

?[Link], do you know Medli?

?Just now, some fellow told me that he saw some unfamiliar creatures near Dragon Roost Cavern... He said that they grabbed a girl that looked like Medli... ...Which is odd, because I know Medli can't fly well enough to get to the Dragon Roost Cavern entrance by herself. So I figure it must be some sort of mix-up. It IS a bit disconcerting, though...

?This whole business of someone resembling Medli getting snatched near Dragon Roost Cavern has got to some kind of mistake. Still, I'm going to wait here for a while and watch things extra-carefully. Don't worry, [Link]. Just look after Prince Komali.

?We used to have such nice breezes blowing through here... Now the air is crazy. I'm positive the strange winds are a result of the wind god's anger. See, there's an important shrine below here that got broken...and now we're paying the price. What cursed luck...

?We Rito cannot live without the wind. Before we take to the skies, we always go down and visit the wind god's shrine. That's the way it's always been.

?Every year, the Rito sponsor a Bird-Man Contest on that island off to the east. I wonder if we'll have one this year, what with the current situation on the island...

?No time to waste! Everyone's so busy with the great Valoo that we're running short of delivery personnel. It's a mad-house! Ah, well, back to work!

?If you want to get to Dragon Roost Cavern, I've got some bad news for you... The bridge is out. There's no way to even get inside. I'm sure you'll understand once you've seen it for yourself. As for swimming across, well... You need water for that, and the pond's all dried up... No need to panic, though! I'm sure the chieftain will think of something.

?Sorry to tell you this, but you can no longer get to Dragon Roost Cavern. Even if you were of a mind to swim across, the pond's empty. That's right, it's bone dry...

?Dragon Roost just up and stopped shaking! I wonder if this means the great Valoo's feeling better...

?This is great news for the fledglings! Now they can climb Dragon Roost and get their scales!

?Long time, no see. How've you been?

?Please, make yourself at home.

?Long time, no see. How've you been?

?Don't want to stay outside, huh? Well, make yourself at home.

?I was just thinking that it hasn't been quite so hot lately, and what do you know? The pond's gone back to normal!

?The pond's filled up again! We've got to get busy repairing the bridge!

?Hey! Welcome back!

?Apparently there are still some weird things up on Dragon Roost.

?Oh, it's you...

?The night's full of dangers, you know. It's better to stay inside.

?You can hear that song coming from up on the cliff, can't you? Mmmm... Such beautiful tone. Medli's really gotten good.

?The top of that cliff is Medli's special spot. That girl really is a hard worker. She's beginning to fill the shoes of her teacher.

?Wasn't Medli on top of that cliff outside?

?It's starting to get dark... Could you go and tell her it's time to come inside?

?It appears that the great Valoo is in much better spirits. Maybe we'll have our annual Bird-Man Contest after all.

?Ah, I'm off to do some more work!

?We're holding our traditional Bird-man Contest on that little island over there. Why don't you give it a try?

?Maybe I'll go ahead and take a break myself...

?You can go ahead and take a look at Dragon Roost if you want. They're still assessing the situation, though, so I wouldn't go inside.

?They're still checking to see if Dragon Roost is safe. Wait just a bit more, please.

?Ah, I heard of your trials. Nicely done. You must be weary!

?Be careful out there...

?Ah, nicely done. You must be weary!

?It's dangerous out at night, so be extra-careful.

?There appear to be markings that indicate specific directions.

?It's broken...

?Yep! That's a miiiiiighty nice breeze!

?The name's Zephos. I'm the god of winds. So, you're the new Wind Waker, are you?

?Great, great. For a beginner, you've got a nice wind-sense about you. I like you, kid!

?That tune you just picked up? Well, it gives you control over the direction the wind blows.

?Depending on how it's used, wind can be a good thing...or a very bad thing. You want an example of it being a bad thing, then you should see my brother.

?It saddens me to say that my brother, Cyclos, is miffed about his monument here being broken, and now he spends his time creating cyclones to torment people with.

?So if you encounter any cyclones at sea, chastise my brother for me, will you? And my request for you!

?That's a heck of an arm you've got there!

?And what an eye! No one's ever been able to spot me in there before now!

?You obviously have mastery of the air. And now that we've established that you're quite the Wind Waker...

?Let's see if you can handle this!

?Bah! What's wrong? So! You can't keep up with marvelous me after all, can you? Oh, all right! Fine! I'll show it to you one more time!

?Waaaaa-hoooooooooooooo! In the hands of a Wind Waker like you, my adorable little cyclones will be as happy as can be!

?If you need to move like the wind over the ocean deeps, just call on my cyclones!

?Well, I guess I'll head for home now! See you on down the road!


?Well, Prince Komali? Don't you have something you want to say?

?Um, I heard everything from Medli... [Link]... Thank you so much! I'm sorry I mistrusted you!

?I hope I can be like you someday, [Link].

?You will, Komali! I just know it! Right, [Link]?

?So, [Link]? ...Here!

?I want you to take this, [Link]!

?Giving you the thing I value most will give me the courage I need to stand up to bad things!

?The great Valoo is grateful to you, [Link].

?O Hero! Thank you! O Hero! Use the wind god's wind!

?Use the wind god's...wind? That's what he said, but I don't understand. I wonder what it means?

?The wind god's wind... I wonder if what he's talking about has anything to do with the Wind Shrine that's through that tunnel...

?Oh, I almost forgot! The great Valoo also names you, [Link], a true hero.

?I agree with him. As far as we're concerned, [Link], you really ARE a hero!

?Well, I'm going to go and visit Valoo! I'll come and see you sometime_with the best pair of wings ever!

?Hey! Prince Komali!

?Thanks so much, [Link]. See you again someday!

?Hey! I know you! Yeah! You're the adventure guy. Sailing from island to island. Action! Excitement! Right?

?So, with all the adventuring you do... Did you happen to find a Golden Feather? My girlfriend, she's wanted one of those things for the longest time. And actually, I kind of promised that I'd send one to her...

?I have no idea why she wants a Golden Feather, but you know how it is...

?It doesn't matter why, really. I just want to see her happy. To see her smile, you know? ...Which is why I told her I'd send her one...

?I don't get to see her very often, and I know she's been a bit lonely... I just want to make her happy.

?I'm really rooting for you, adventure-guy! Get out there and do your best!

?I'm going to write a letter right away and send this off! Wow! I'm really excited! And if I'm excited, then SHE'LL be ECSTATIC!

?Aw, wow! That's spectacular! Are you going to let me have it? You really are a good guy, aren't you? The best!

?Hey! That's what my girlfriend wants! A Golden Feather!

?So, how many of those do you have?

?Yeah, well, when you get 20 of those, would you let me have them? I know she only wanted one, but if I give my girl 20 of them, I'll be loving life! I'd like to get out and gather them on my own, but... Well, you know, I've got guard duty and all.

?So, are you really going to let me have 20 of those? Sure I don't think so

?I guess I understand... That's a bit too many, isn't it? But I promised, and...I want to be able to keep my word!

?Really? Are you sure? Yessss! I'm going to stick these little beauties in a letter and send them off right away! I'm going to tell her all about you, too! I'm so happy! Seriously!

?It's not much, but please accept this.

?Whoa! You've got some cool stuff!

?Dear [Link], I recently received some Golden Feathers from my boyfriend, who mentioned you. I'm something of a bird enthusiast, so I know how hard it must've been to get all of these feathers. I want you to be as happy as we are, [Link], so I'm sending you this [?] as a token of our affection.

?You got a Piece of Heart! Collect four to form one Heart Container. More Heart Containers mean more life energy! How exciting!

?Oh, [Link]! You're OK!

?You know, Prince Komali's been asking me all about your adventures, [Link].

?I can rest easy now that I've seen you safe and sound with my own eyes.

?Prince Komali's turned into a fine young adult, hasn't he? Recently, he's even begun doing things on his own, without my guidance. ...Every conversation still ends up centered on you, though, [Link].

?Watching Prince Komali grow up fills me with pride...but it makes me a little sad, as well...

?I wonder if this is how a mother feels...

?Oh, but just listen to me go on! How weird I must sound! Hee hee...

?Well, I'd better continue practicing so that I can be useful around here, too!

?Performing music like this is an important duty of an attendant.

?This instrument is called one of fate's tools.

?Prince Komali's grandmother saw me carrying it one day and called out to me to stop. She'd seen my fate in the curves of the instrument, you see.

?She eventually became my teacher, and that's how I became the attendant you see before you today.

?So, now you understand why I need to hurry and improve my skills, so that I may help the aerie.

?Hey, is that the Wind Waker?! Wow!

?[Link], will you conduct me?

?I wonder how I'll do...

?What song shall we perform?

?Incredible, [Link]! How was my performance?

?[Link], let's play another song.

?Are you finished? Is that it? Oh, that's too bad.

?For [?], I'll pay [?]! You sure you want to sell? Yes Maybe not

?Hmm... What a mysterious song... It sounds so...familiar. It's almost as if something I've forgotten is trying to be remembered...

?Oh... I feel...

?Just now, a sage spoke to me. She spoke so gently...

?There's something...something that I must do.

?[Link]... Thanks to you, I've been awakened to the knowledge that I'm a sage of the Earth Temple.

?There's actually something that I can do to help this world. It's incredible...

?I bet my teacher knew all about this...

?[Link], please... You must take me to the Earth Temple.

?We must hurry and wake the power to repel evil that sleeps within the Master Sword.

?Let's go now, quickly and quietly.

?Oh, Komali... I just want him to remember me as a simple attendant...

?[Link], the power to repel evil is not yet fully awakened.

?To complete the awakening of the Master Sword, you must go to the Wind Temple for one more prayer.

?Now, [Link]... Step into the light behind you and return to the surface. Your next duty is to find the sage of the Wind Temple.

?I will remain here and continue to pray. You must hurry!

?...And [Link]!

?Um... About Prince Komali... Please watch over him for me.

?Well, now! I've not seen your young face before. Nope. Don't believe so.

?Hmm? You wouldn't be here in response to our posting for some part-time help, would you? Yes No

?No? Well, too bad for us, I guess. Can't say I'm happy to hear that. With everyone out patrolling the island at night, we've been a bit shorthanded.

?No? Well, that's not any kind of good news. In fact, it's bad. The thing is, this hoopla with the great Valoo has left me without enough help.

?Ooh, excellent. That's good. But first, to see if I can use you or not, I need to give you a little test. Just a small one.

?Match the seal on the envelope with the same icon on the shelf and throw the letter onto that shelf. Real easy. Simple. Use [+] to select a shelf and press [A] to throw a letter. Like I said: simple.

?Is that clear? Sure Not really

?OK, now listen up...

?Before time runs out, you have to sort at least ten letters!

?Give it your best shot!

?[var. # letters sorted] letters! Great! Good! Terrific! You pass!

?OK, you get one Rupee for every two letters, so that comes to a grand total of [var. # rupees reward for sorting], am I right?

?Come back anytime. I mean it. Anytime. The more letters you sort, the more you'll earn! Not a bad deal. For both of us.

?Hmm, not even one... Shocking. Crazy. Sorry, but it seems you're not cut out for this sort of work. You can always try again some other time, though. It's almost guaranteed you'll do better than this.

?One letter... Yikes. Sorry, but it seems you're not cut out for this sort of work. You can always try again some other time, though. I'm sure you'll do better than this.

?[var. # letters sorted] letters... Too bad. Unfortunate. Luck wasn't with you this time, I'm afraid. Try again some other time.

?Are you looking for work? Yes No

?No? Well, we're looking for help, so tell anyone you know who needs work, will you?

?Are you looking for work? Yes No

?Oh, I see... Disappointing. Sad. Think it over, will you?

?You've got spirit! Excellent! Great! Well, I'm going to give you that simple test again... You know the drill.

?Match the seal on the envelope with the same icon on the shelf and throw the letter onto that shelf. Real easy. Simple. Use [+] to select a shelf and press [A] to throw a letter. Like I said: simple.

?You got that, right? Uh-huh Nope

?Hey! You ready for work? Yes No

?Oh, OK... I suppose I understand. Well, stop by again when you have time!

?You already understand what you need to do, am I right? Yup Nope

?Match the seal on the envelope with the same icon on the shelf and throw the letter onto that shelf. Real easy. Simple. Use [+] to select a shelf and press [A] to throw a letter. Like I said: simple.

?Now you've got it, right? Sure do Nope

?You still don't get it?

?OK! If you can sort 20 or more letters, you'll see some nice financial gain!

?Go ahead and get started.

?That's [var. # letters sorted] letters! Splendid! Super!

?Hmm... Your salary this time is one Rupee per letter, so I need to pay you [var. # rupees reward for sorting].

?Come on by anytime. I mean it. Anytime. The better you do, the higher your salary will become! That's economics.

?What? You didn't even get one? That's sort of distressing. Disturbing. Bad. Are you feeling a bit under the weather?

?Ooh... Only one letter... That's really not very good. Poor. Substandard.

?Too bad. Really, just unfortunate. You have to sort fifteen letters or more or you don't get paid.

?[var. # letters sorted] letters.

?Let's see... I owe you one Rupee for every two letters, so that's [var. # rupees reward for sorting].

?You need some work? Yes No

?If you can sort twenty-five letters or more, your salary will really jump! I mean it!

?All right! Get to work!

?[var. # letters sorted] letters! You have amazing coordination! Seriously, I'm stupefied! Incredulous! We veterans do this all day long, and even we have a hard time reaching that amount!

?I've got to give you more money! Got to! Three Rupees per letter comes to [var. # rupees reward for sorting]. How's that sound?

?Hey, your name wouldn't happen to be [Link], would it? It is, isn't it?

?Mmm-hmm. I thought you looked like the lad the chieftain was talking about. In that case, I should have expected you to be able to pull off something like this.

?I've heard all about you. Yes, I sure have. You've had a rough time, [Link]. I feel bad making you help us... But hey, things are looking up! Our new helper's just arrived. Maybe you can give him some advice the next time you come by.

?You must be tired. Exhausted. Sleepy. You should try to get to bed earlier.

?Ouch! Only one letter...

?Oh! You're getting a pretty good wage here, so you need to get at least twenty letters. That's just how it's got to be.

?The more letters you sort, the higher your salary gets. Come back and try again!

?[var. # letters sorted] letters.

?Well, your salary was one Rupee per letter, so you get [var. # rupees reward for sorting]!

?[Link]! Be a pal and give our new helper some pointers the next time you're around! Just a few! Even one!

?Hey, man! I'm the new part-timer!

?Green clothes...and a green hat?

?Pardon me for asking, but you're [Link], aren't you? Yes No

?Ah-hah! I knew it!

?You're a legend among the part-timers here! I really admire you, man!

?Just once, I'd love to see the legendary twenty-five letter sort!

?Do your best, man!

?! [var. # letters sorted] letters! Amazing, man!

?I'm so impressed! Seriously, man! I've gotta tell my mom back home all about this. I just gotta!

?I've got a favor to ask of you, man. I'm still new here, so I'm not allowed to leave. So, would you mind putting this letter to my mom in the postbox for me?

?Thanks a lot, man!

?I guess I could just throw it in here with all the other letters, but... I just can't bring myself to do it! It's against the rules, man!

?Zero... Man...

?One letter... Man, you must be really, really tired. I hope you'll try again later, though.

?[var. # letters sorted] letters. Man, you must be bushed. Can't wait to see you try again, though!

?Huh? Oh, really...? My mistake, man.

?C'mon... You really ARE [Link], aren't you? Yes No

?Really? Truly, man?

?Just go ahead and put that in the postbox, man. Thanks.

?Hey, there! Long time no see, man!

?What's up, man?

?What's up, man?

?Look, man, I have a big favor to ask of you. You have just GOT to show me the legendary twenty-five-letter sort! Pleeease!

?So, what do you say, man? Yes No


?I just really wanted to see it, man...

?Ummm... Have you had a chance to mail that letter to my mom? I'm counting on you, man!

?You got something from my mom? After I told her not to bug you and everything! Sheesh!

?My co-workers let me in on your little secret, man... All letters addressed to you are specially delivered to the postbox closest to you! No matter what island you happen to be on! That's so cool, man!

?I've heard all about the work you did here. You've really been through some rough times, man. Way to go.

?To my son's superior, Thank you very much for looking after my boy. This isn't much, but I hope you'll accept it all the same. I politely request your continued kindness toward my son. Kashiko (Baito's mother)

?Listen, man, you're not one of the native islanders, are you?

?My problem is, I just have no idea how I'm supposed to get up there, and I have a job interview...

?I've got a bad feeling about this, man. How am I supposed to get up there?

?Look, don't be mad at us! It's not our fault that we absolutely gotta have bombs to get the treasure we're after! How about you just think of it as payback for the nasty little monopoly you've been running here, yeah?

?So I bet you're thinking it was foolhardy to ask pirates to pay such an outrageous price, huh? Yup. I bet you are.

?...You know, Gonzo, I still can't get over that bit of fast-talking you pulled to get that information out of the postman!

?Huh? ...Oh! Oh, yeah! That was smooth!

?I tell you, the minute I set my eyes on that [Link], I just knew he was hiding something back at Outset, yeah? So when I saw that postman, I just pretended like I was all worried about the kid and stuff... And presto! He spills the beans!

?Good work, Gonzo! Really! Just top notch! It's funny, though... I'm thinking this is maybe the first time you've shown such wit... Such cunning...

?...You know, with your cunning and Miss Tetra's smarts... If you two got married and had a kid... ...That kid would be the greatest pirate to ever sail the seas! Yup! The greatest!

?You idiot! Keep your mouth shut, yeah? Don't be so stupid!

?Miss Tetra! Are you listening to this nitwit? Can't you dock him some pay or something?

?Quit goofing off, both of you!

?Keep your childish jokes to yourselves and get those bombs back to the ship! The second you're done loading them up, we're setting sail for Outset Island!

?Whaaat!? Miss! We have to leave immediately? But it's been so long since we were on shore!

?We need to fill our bellies with some good eating, yeah? How about we grub tonight and shove off tomorrow morning instead?

?I mean... Uh, I-I'm fine either way, of course! Whatever you say is fine, Miss, is what I mean to say!

?...It's just that, the boys were so excited to come to town, yeah? And I can't help but think it would be awful hard on them to leave so soon without a proper layover.

?So, what say we set sail tomorrow, yeah? What do you say, Miss? That treasure isn't going anywhere!

?You're with me, right, boys?! Who's for a night of fun?


?You're all fools, do you know that? You saw that demolished island! You saw the senseless destruction. We have to hurry on to Outset, or the same thing could happen there!

?Huh? Not to be disrespectful, but by the sound of things, you're worried more about that island than the treasure, Miss...

?Don't be ridiculous! I want, you know... the treasure...

?All right! Fine! Have it your way! We can leave town tomorrow, you big babies. But we're setting sail at first light, so no sleeping in! Understood?


?Say there, brother, what was today's password, again?

?Mako! Are you serious? You forgot already? You're so useless.

?Today's password is [var. Password], yeah? Remember?

?You know that Niko won't let you in if you don't say it exactly right! And he's real picky about it... So I'll say it once more...

?Today's password is [var. Password], yeah?

?[var. Password], eh?

?Right, right! You may enter!

?No! No! That's completely wrong! Now scram, non-pirate!

?Who can't walk the plank?

?What do pirates love more than the sea?

?The ship's only tooth is a...?

?Who cleans pirates' ears?

?How do you treat a shark?

?I can sail upon the water or be filled with it. I am a...

?Oh! [Link]! My old swabbie, [Link]!

?So you're alive? All the other pirates said you got done in by that bird-monster in the Forsaken Fortress, so I thought... Never mind what I thought! You're alive!

?Oh, I get it now! You came back because you missed me so much! I had no idea you wanted to be my swabbie so badly! I see, I see...

?Well, after you left, I went back to being the bottom rung on the ladder...which is why I'm stuck here while everyone else is in town having fun and eating and stuff...

?But...I guess being so worshiped by my swabbie ought to cheer me up! All right! Why don't we set you to your next test, huh? This one is harder than the last! Good luck! You'll need it, swabbie!

?You can see there are lanterns hanging throughout the room, right? Well, last time when you pressed the switch, platforms rose up for you to jump onto, right? Yeah, well, this time, there aren't any! Which means you have to jump from one rope to the next rope! Pretty tough...

?And that's not all! This time, I've put a gate on this door, too! The switch opens the gate, but it'll close if you don't get here before time runs out. Run out of time, and you'll have to try it again, little swabbie!

?The switch that opens the gate is in the same place as before, so go step on it. If you get all the way to this side before time runs out, I'll give you the bombs we got in town! Yeah, you heard me! Give it your best shot, swabbie!

?What?! You've gotta be... You did it already?!

?You're... You're incredible!

?This isn't good... I've never even passed this test... How could he do it so quickly...? And make it look so easy?!?

?And if I give this to him, everyone will know for sure... Oh, I'll be so busted...


?You're the best swabbie of all time! So...I guess I'll just give you the bombs! Go on! Take 'em!

?Just don't tell anyone, OK? I'm serious! Really serious! OK? OK!?!

?That's mighty courageous of you...trying to steal treasure from pirates.

?I suppose I should be shocked...but I'm more amazed that you managed to survive after being tossed out of that tower...

?From the look on your face, I have to guess you haven't saved your sister yet, huh? You don't give things much thought, do you? You just rush in, never thinking how badly things could go for you. Like just now... The only reason you got what you did was because we left a simple-minded little rat like Niko behind to look after things. No one else would have parted with our treasure so easily, I assure you!

?And just how do you intend to use those bombs, anyway? Don't tell me you're going after Jabun's treasure, too...

?Right now, Jabun is hiding in a cave at the back of the island you were born on. But the entrance is blocked by a giant stone doorway. You can't get in without breaking down the door.

?We're going to relax in town and eat our fill of whatever this town has to offer, but we'll be leaving for Outset first thing in the morning. If you manage to find Jabun tonight, then I guess you win. But if you take too long, we'll come sailing right by you tomorrow morning! And believe me, you didn't get ALL of our bombs. You'd better be quick, kid!

?Wow! Awesome! You have a stone just like the one that Miss Tetra has! Hey, how do you use that thing? Can you talk to Miss Tetra through that?! Man! You're so lucky!

?If you give me that stone, I'll be your swabbie! I swear I will! Come on, please! Please give me that stone! Please! I'm begging here!







?OH! Oh, if you please! Young boy, there! Please help me! Please listen to my tale of woe! Uh, OK Eww, no!

?Ooh, hoo hoo! My sweet, sweet daughter! My only daughter! Poor Maggie... She was captured by a bunch of villains and taken to the Forsaken Fortress! What on earth could those scoundrels want with her? Are they just roaming around looking for young maidens? Are they just evil creatures who delight in mischief?

?Please! Please save my poor daughter! I beg of you! Here I stand, begging!

?Young boy! Oh, brave young boy who promised to rescue my daughter, Maggie... Hurry! You must hurry! You can't dawdle! I'm so very worried about my daughter. I can't even sleep at night...

?...That's terrible! Why, that's just...AWFUL! TERRIBLE! You...mean child! What harm could it possibly do you to simply listen to the request of a poor and miserable man like myself...? What harm, I ask you?!

?Eh?! Then...fine! Begone with you, you wretch! I will find another to ask!

?Please! Whatever you can do! Anything! I beg of you! I PLEAD of you! Please! I'm counting on you!

?Go away! Ptheh! Ptheh!

?Well, crud! Having a kidnapped daughter doesn't get you a single Rupee, you know...!

?I hope you'll give those scoundrels in the Forsaken Fortress a good scare! They'll pay for what they've done! Oh, yes! Pay!

?Don't touch me with those filthy hands, you mischievous little scamp!

?Eh-HEM! This cabana belongs to the master, and the master alone! You grimy, trespassing little scoundrel! Away with you! AWAY, I say!

?...And just what do you want me to do with that bit of rubbish!? You disrespectful, unwashed imp!

?Ewww! Unclean! Most foul! Don't lay those grungy hands...

?Wait... Tha...? Tha... That's_!?!

?Why that's the... Are you... Are you the new master?! ...Are you Master [Link]? Ah... I am so pleased to hear that name!

?Hmmm... I wonder... I wonder if a boy like you will do...

?...It's difficult to tell. Yes. Difficult. You see, my one and only daughter, Mila, was taken away from me to a frightening place called the Forsaken Fortress... I have asked many to rescue her, but it seems to be a difficult voyage to that cursed place...

?I sincerely wonder about the wisdom of asking a boy like you to do this... But would you lend a hand to help rescue my precious daughter? Sure No way

?You are a brave boy to take on this task. I assure you, if you do rescue her, I will pay much money as it takes. I'd give my entire fortune for her safety!

?Ugghhh... My life cannot get worse. And my back has been aching fiercely of late... If only I were ten years younger.

?By the way, it might interest you to know that I've been renting out the first floor of my home as a so-called auction house. Of course, the auctions are held in the evenings, after dark. Ho ho ho! Do I sense more than a little interest? Do you wish to join in as well?

?Well? What do you think of the chances for my daughter's rescue? They say the place is called the Forsaken Fortress. Go now! My daughter, Mila, waits for a hero!

?Hmm? What is it? ...You look like you want something. Don't tell need some funds to get you started?! Yes, I do I suppose not

?Is that so? Speak up! I don't need any timid heroes, boy!

?You do want money? Oh, is that a fact? Money, huh?

?In that case...I must first test your resolve!

?Wait just one moment!

?Let me see now... That comes to a total of... [?]!

?I shall accept your payment!

?Don't stand around looking like you've been swindled... Be on your way!

?...What's this nonsense?! Why, this is ridiculous! You don't have enough money!

?Be on your way!

?You got a Yellow Rupee! That's 10 Rupees. What?! Th-That's it?! This is a joke, right?

?...When you break someone else's vases, it's only natural that you compensate them for the loss! You, my boy, are in the wrong because of your destructive tomfoolery! And now, because of you, I'm going to be even richer...and I was quite rich before! The world is a cruel place, isn't it?

?Oh, to see my sweet Mila again... My precious little daughter... I worry so over her welfare. I can't recall the last time I slept more than a wink!

?Hrrrgh! Of all the cheekiness! I can't BELIEVE you'd go around breaking people's vases when you so clearly lack the money to pay for them! Such rudeness!

?Do you think you can just break someone's vases and leave without paying for them? I must chortle at your naivete! Ho ho! Those happen to be extremely high-class bone-china vases that run a minimum of 10 Rupees each!

?Most assuredly, I shall now accept compensation for them!

?As you can see, I've placed red Rupees in three of my vases downstairs. So... Which vases are they in?

?Oh! Hi! We meet again! ...What?! Of course! Honestly! I'm working! How dare you suggest that! I'm done with all that sneaking around in the dark. In fact, I head off to a faraway island to work in the evenings now, so I won't be seeing you at night anymore!

?All right? Well, all right. Now, you're keeping me from doing my job, so could you please step aside?

?This way to the only stall with extra-fun happy things for sale! Your happiness is guaranteed! Fun awaits you! Step right up! Stop by!

?Hey, you! Come on! Use your head! You can't just stand there like that! You're in my way! Can't you move?

?Oops! That won't do! That won't do at all! Already I'm back to my old habits... I'm terribly sorry! Really, I am!


?Shh! Shhh!


?Y-Y-You startled me...! Wh-Wh-What do you want? M-M-My heart is racing! You scared me!

?Wait... Are you...? ...the kind of creep who goes around at night scaring people?! That's just plain mean!

?Just who do you think you are, anyway?! An ally of justice! A night-creeping rascal!

?A...what!?! An... An ally of justice?! I-I'm not a thief! I swear! I haven't stolen anything! Well, yet. Please let me go! It was just an impulse! That's all! Just a bad idea!

?...Why won't you say anything? Does this mean you're mad at me? Could you at least listen to the circumstances in my life that led up to this moment? Please, you owe me that much! Sure Quiet, you!

?...What?! Why, that's just cruel! You awful boy! Sometimes there are odd circumstances that make people do what they do! How could you be so close-minded?

?I...was once the richest little debutante in this town. Did you know that? But one day, a monstrous bird came and took me away to a terrible place called the Forsaken Fortress, where I was locked up and held captive. Oh, it was awful! My father spent every last Rupee in his coffers in an attempt to get me rescued.

?That's right! Every last bit of our family fortune, gone... That was when my life of poverty began. Now, every day, from morning until night, I'm busy working for the open-air shop. So, as you can see, at least I'm trying to settle into my poor lifestyle. Doesn't that just tug at your heart strings? What do you say about the tragic events in my pitiable life? That's terrible That's kind of funny


?And to make matters worse, for some reason I still can't figure out, that slob Maggie, who was the poorest girl in town, suddenly got filthy rich! Maggie, of all people! It makes me so mad that I want to do something terrible! Grrrr!

?Do you understand my plight? Very well Not at all

?...Then you'll let me go?! Unfortunately, no I'll let you go

?But...why not?!? Because I'm honest Because I like you

?...Hah! You awful boy! I was honest with you, too! And now I'm just angry! Good-bye!

?...Ah hee hee hee hee! I'm sorry! I guess it was a little too complicated for a KID to understand!

?...Oh. That's...really annoying! You know? I just remembered! I have something very important that I'm supposed to be doing. I'll be RIGHT back, so can you just wait here for me? It'll only take a second!

?It's true... I know I'm quibbling over nothing... But being so poor weakens a person's very soul...'s time I quit making silly excuses for myself!

?Thank you so much...

?Let me at least thank you. Please take this!

?Designs that reflect wind are drawn here.

?Don't look at me like that! I didn't steal it! It washed up on the shore, so I picked it up. Don't tease me like that! It's a tiny bottle made of crystal-clear glass... It's so beautiful. I wish my soul could be that beautiful...

?Oh! What am I saying? When you live in poverty, you can say the cheesiest things without blinking an eye. ...Hmph!

?So, umm...I guess I should go soon. My father will start worrying.

?Good-bye, little ally of justice! ...and good luck to you.

?...Hmph! That's not funny, you know. I can't believe you'd try to make a joke out of this! You're an awful boy!

?Warp to Southern Fairy Island?

?This way to the only stall with extra-fun, happy things for sale!

?Step right up! Please stop by!

?Welcome to you, sir! This way to Windfall's outdoor shop, chock-full of fun and happy products!

?Thanks to you, I didn't have to sink down to the level of a common thief. I will never do anything like that again! Ahhhh... What an amazing feeling! I've let all of my worries out of my heart. Wow! I actually feel refreshed!

?'Bye! Thanks for tonight!

?Take off! Go away!

?Who's there?!

?...Who's that?



?Ho ho! To think that over there... There would be such a container...

?Ho ho! All the way out there? I see! I see! Quite so!

?Ho ho! So close! If only I could fly to the top of that hill! If only! Beneath that rock head... The Trifrmphm... Oh! I nearly spoke aloud without thinking. It is a secret.[?] Yes. Quite a secret...[?]

?Ho ho! Fuh-Frightening!

?Ho ho! I see. I do, indeed.

?Ho ho! One! One flying seagull! No! Two! Two flying seagulls! Wait! I see more seagulls! Three! Four! Five! Now six! No! No! Seven seagulls! Eight! This is madness! Eight seagulls...

?Ho ho! So THAT is how that works...

?Yes, yes, yes! First, let me thank all of you bargain-loving people for joining us this evening! Dear me, what a turnout! The auction is about to begin. Yes! And what do you suppose will pop up as our item of the evening?! Oh, dear me! I'm so excited I can't stop sniffling! The calm before the auction storm always makes my nose run!

?Let's get to it! This evening, our glorious auction item is... This!

?A fabulous [var. auction item]!!!

?...Oh, my dear, what a prize! At last, the suspense is over. But all drama aside, you should know it is extremely rare to even get a chance to own a fabulous item like this! It is precious! Quite dear! Very valuable! Yes, yes, yes! Listen well, for I do not lie!

?My dear! Oh my dear me! As you no-doubt see, this is the item that [var. winner last auction] won in our last auction... ...And yet, for reasons I cannot fathom, [var. winner last auction] has since parted with this fine item, and thus it is once again appearing in our auction! But do not worry! This certainly does not mean the item is subpar. It just means that clearly this item is worth far more than the original amount it was purchased for! But just listen to me delay! Enough with the long-winded explanation...

?Let the auction begin! Let's open the bidding at [var. current bid]!


?[var. winner last auction]: [var. winning bid]!

?How much will you bid? [var. new bid]

?Oh, dear! You don't have enough Rupees!

?Do you wish to quit? Yes! Not yet!

?Yes, yes, yes! Our current top-bidder is none other than the esteemed [var. winner last auction]! The bid is [var. winning bid]! But come now, friends! I hope you won't let it stop there!

?Yes, yes, yes! Our current top bidder is the worthy [var. winner last auction]! The bid is [var. winning bid]! Do I hear another bid? Come on, my dear people! Let loose! Let loose!

?Our top bid is [var. winner last auction]'s, a bold and spine-tingling offering of [var. winning bid]! But dear me! Isn't there a lady or gentleman here willing to bid more than [var. winning bid]? Loosen up those purse strings, good people! Cast caution to the wind and bid away!

?[var. winning bid]! Very nice! But are you all going to let [var. winner last auction] run away with the prize for a mere [var. winning bid]!??! Truly?! Dear me, can this be it? Are there any more bids? Speak up, people! Going once!

?Time is running out, dear friends!

?There isn't much time left, good people! Are you done bidding?

?Yes, yes, yes, yes! Only five seconds remain! Are you all done? Is this the end?!?

?Aaannnddd SOLD! Here ends the auction!

?Tonight's fabulous [var. auction item] goes to... [var. winner last auction] for the price of [var. winning bid]! Dear me... Let me just say... ConGRATULATIONS!


?My dear! How incredible that such a youngster walked away with the prize! I've never seen such a fat wallet! That kid was a bidding machine right up to the end!

?...But now then! On to business. For you lucky ones out there, and yes, yes, also for you not so lucky ones... Let me say thank you for your participation! I must bring tonight's auction to an end. Dear me, such excitement...

?Dear people! Thank you VERY MUCH!

?Whah! Wh-Why... I don't think I've ever seen a wallet so tiny! There's so little room in it that you must be throwing away most of those beautiful, sparkly Rupees that you find! How tragic!

?We're closed today! So scram! Now!

?Joy Pendant

?Treasure Chart

?Treasure Chart

?Piece of Heart

?...She is so saucy, isn't she! I can't believe she's a schoolteacher!

?Rumor has it she has mountains of tacky pendants and earrings. It's as if she loves nothing in the world more than jewelry!

?Hm? ...Now, just WHAT are you doing? Were you listening to us, you scamp?

?Hmmmmm! It looks like you are carrying a slightly larger wallet around with you, but is not quite large enough! If you don't have a really, really big wallet, it will be very difficult for you to carry enough Rupees to your hardworking friend Tingle! And that would be terrible!

?Do you wish to bid? Yes! Not yet!

?Now then, now then! This is the item [Link] has put up for sale tonight! Yes, yes, yes! Come one! Come all! Everyone is welcome to participate!

?And, of course, [Link] will receive [var. winning bid] Rupees and an extravagant gift for going to the trouble of providing such a worthy and excellent auction item! Yes! Now then, [Link]... Raise your hand high!

?[Link]... You sure got something nice there, didn't you? I must admit, I'm filled with envy! Maybe this time...

?You can raise the bid higher than [var. winning bid]! If you don't, you won't win!

?Yes, yes, yes, [Link]! Fine! Time to go! Run along now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

?Oh, dear me! [Link] bids [var. winning bid]! And the crowd of auction-goers reels! I see nothing but stunned faces!

?Ohhhhhhh! Oh, dearest me! Incredible! The drama! Everyone is struck speechless at [Link]'s bid!

?Ohhhhhhh! Dear me! The spectacle of it all! [Link]! What an incredible bid! You've sent shockwaves through the auction house! Can these dear people recover?

?Incredible! Such passion! Such bidding! [Link] steps up with a tremendous bid! He's frozen everyone! Never have I seen such a powerful display of bidding power!

?Ohhhhhhhh! This is incredible! I never thought it possible, but the bid has reached the ceiling for this item! No higher bids can be accepted! Dear me!

?Maybe you should kindly ask the fairy on the island where you were born for a little assistance! Yes, asking fairies for help is always a good idea, sir!

?Nooooo! Whyyyyy??? How?? It's not fair!

?Yessss! I won! I won! I'm the winner! I'm the one who won! I'm number one!

?Grrrrrrgh! ...Next time, I'm definitely winning!

?Well, honestly! Where on that tiny body could he be hiding all that cash?

?Oh, I've never been happier! [?][?][?]

? so annoying! ...Next time, the prize is mine!

?Where would a kid get that much money...? That's crazy! I can't even match funds with a child!? Talk about humiliating...

?This is the best feeling I've ever had in my entire life!!! I am the all-time greatest auction-bidding-guy in the whole world!!!

?That is just not fair...

?Just look at how young this kid is! The way he handles his money is so...reckless! Young sir, you are my hero tonight!

?Hooo... I can't believe it! At long last, spring has arrived in my wintry world!

?Grrrrrrgh! I can't stand it! I was right in the thick of it! I was in the mix! Everything was going according to plan! Yaaargh!

?Kid... Well done, I guess.

?You won't catch me losing to some kid!

?Whuh?! This is terrible! Ahem! AAAA-HEM! ...Clearly there's been some kind of awful mistake here! I demand an investigation!

?The key to winning the auction is to be right in the thick of all the bidding. Be aggressive! It's the only way!

?For example, try upping the bid by more than just a few Rupees. You need pretty deep pockets, of course, but... If you play it right, your move may just be such a mental shock to the other bidders that they don't know what to do!

?If you manage to shock them, they won't be able to bid until they snap out of it. Then you can get things for cheaper than they would normally go! Neat trick, huh?

?What? You already knew all that? Well. ...I guess I underestimated you. Sorry.

?So, I guess the objective would be to raise it by 10%...or maybe even 20%?

?(...Sheesh! THIS guy?!)

?(What's THIS craziness?!?)

?(This is nuts! That wallet is bottomless!)

?(...EXCUSE me?)

?(No! ...I can't lose! I just can't!)

?(What's with this kid? And just how much of an allowance does he get, I wonder?)

?(Hmph! Not bad for a kid!)


?(Gah! How did I get stuck competing with this annoying little rich boy?! Drat it!)

?(...WHAT did he say?!)

?(Cripes! I'll get him for this!)

?(But he's just an innocent little boy... How did I let him trick me like that?!)

?(...Uh-oh! This kid means business!)

?(What?! ...Now?!)

?(Ack!!! Is he serious?! What a brat!)

?(My word!)

?(Oh, no! Another bid...)

?(Ahhhhhh... I can't believe this! The kid's rolling in dough!)

?Hey. Welcome.


?You here again?

?You must like this place, eh?

?Eh? Haven't seen you a while, buckaroo. You been busy or what? Don't tell me you been playing some other games... Seriously, have you? Well, don't! You oughta know better. My game is the funnest!

?It's 10 Rupees per game for kids. You wanna play or what? Yeah No thanks

?No?! Whatever. Come back soon. Or not.

?It's 10 Rupees per game...

?Yeah, OK. Then, uh... AHEM!

?Velcome to zee fleet! I am zee great Admiral Dolvalski! Look sharp, for vee are zee sole protectors of zis island!

?Admiral! Red alert! All hands on deck! Sonar shows that schools of deadly giant squid are approaching! All ships prepare for battle!

?VAT?!? VERE?!? Ah! Hoo! I see! Zee fiends approach!

?Zere are three squid groups: a large one, a medium one, und a small one! If vee allow zem to come any closer, zee children on zee island vill be in grave danger! Sailor! Take command of our new radar system to seek out and sink all of zese fiendishly hidden enemies! But be haff only 24 cannonballs zat you can fire. To destroy zee marauding squid pods, you must score four direct hits on zee large, three on zee medium, und two on zee small! Use [+] to move zee cursor und press [A] to fire a cannon blast! May your aim be true! Zat is all! Zat is all zee instruction you need!

?Is zat clear, sailor? Aye-aye, sir! What's going on...?


?Excellent! So far, our best sailor has managed to destroy all of zee giant squid using only [var. # Cannonballs used in Zee Fleet] cannonballs! May you fight as bravely!

?Oh, bad news, uh...sailor. The enemies... have retreated. Or something...

?It's 10 Rupees per game for kids... Wanna try again? Yes! No thanks

?Excellent vork, sailor! Your deeds haff successfully protected zee peace on zis fair island! Vee are so very proud! Zee children on zee island vould like to thank you, sailor.

?Hoorayyy! Yayyy! Yayyy! Oh, thank you, Mr. Sailor! Please take this Piece of Heart as a sign of our gratitude. You are soooooo GREAT!

?Hoorayyy! Yayyy! Yayyy! Oh, thank you so much, Mr. Sailor! This is our thanks to you! It's been passed down on our island for many years, so don't tell the island elder, OK? Here...[?] Please accept this Treasure Chart!

?Yayyy! Yayyy! Yayyy! Oh, thank you, Mr. Sailor! Please accept all of our combined allowances! Take these 50 Rupees as your reward! Hooray for money!

?Whoa. Wait a sec. [var. # Cannonballs used in Zee Fleet]?! Hey, that's a new record... So, uh, you get this, too.

?So, uh, thanks for playing and all that. I can't tell you how fun it's been for me. And, uh, don't forget your umbrella or nothing on your way out the door.

?Hello, hello, and hello! You are standing in the one and only Chu Jelly Juice Shop! You must have heard! Our potions are the best! I'm telling you! They're TOO good, in fact! ...They're absolutely incredible!

?Hrm...? What's that? What's Chu Jelly, you ask, looking somewhat bewildered? Oh, sir! You simply must be joking! You don't know what Chu Jelly is?

?Well, just ask yourself this, good sir! What is a robustly nourishing element? What is a mystical substance that is good for the body and mind? Ask yourself!! The words Chu Jelly roar out in answer to these questions, proclaiming themselves to be true! ...Why, it is the key ingredient in the most effective potions around!

?All you have to do is bring an empty bottle to my little juice shop here, and I'll let you have a taste. Which begs the question...sir, do YOU have an empty bottle?

?Maybe you should kindly ask the fairy on the island north of here for assistance! Yes, when you ask a fairy for help, good things are bound to happen, sir!

?Have a look! Use [+][>] to see my wares.

?Our restorative juices are specially made with plentiful portions of Chu Jelly! If you get your hands on any Chu Jelly, please! I beg of you! Bring it to my shop!

?...Hrm? What might that be?! Why, sir, that's no potion ingredient!

?Gasp! Is that...? Could it possibly be?!? Did you, by chance, bring me Chu Jelly?!?

?It's quite clever of you to be bringing such quality ingredients to me! I'll take five of them, if you can spare them! And to thank you, I'll give you one free serving! Not a bad deal, no sir.

?...At least, I WOULD if you had an empty bottle, but unfortunately, you don't! ...Too bad for you.

?For every five glops of Chu Jelly you bring me, I'll give you one free potion. Come back after you collect more of that wonderful, gooey, potion-making stuff!

?But now that I look at your supplies, I can't help but notice that you only have a little bit of jelly, hrm? Not much at all, really. Barely enough to mention, I might say. That doesn't surprise me. Of course, not many things do. For I am a genius.

?Hrrrmmmmmm... Oh hohhhhhhh... Ahhhhhh... This is an extremely rare color of Chu Jelly! ...Perhaps it indicates a new breed!? What a fascinating jelly development! I've never seen one of this particular hue on Pawprint Isle, a small atoll famous for its robust Chu population... But I digress, and the game is afoot! For when it comes to making potions, I am a true artist! I have been shown something rare! Inspiration bubbles up from within me!

?Oh... Wait for it... Here it comes... OHH!? ...That's it!

?That's it! That's it! That's it! That's it! That's it! That's it! That's it! That's the sparkle I was looking for! That sudden burst of inspiration! Eureka! I'm going to use this Chu Jelly to create a brand-new, unheard-of kind of potion! It's been ten years since I began my now legendary studies of the Chu Jelly. I must begin mixing this new potion before my first new inspiration in years vanishes!

?...It... It's ready at last. My new...Chu Jelly concoction. It's still piping hot! And I want you to have this first batch, my fellow jelly connoisseur!

?...Hrm? What's this? Nooooooooooooo! Oh, what a travesty! You don't have an empty bottle! I can't give you any potion!

?La di do! My next project is to create a gripping advertisement for my new potion! You come back any time!

?Hrm... Hm... Hrrrrm???

?...Whoa whoa WHOA! For a second there I thought we were all square, but now it seems quite clear that you don't have enough.

?I hate to ask you this, but can you bring me some more? Sorry, but we geniuses are a fickle bunch, and when we say we need more, we need more!

?Red Potion 20 Rupees Drink it to replenish your life energy. One drink washes away all weariness!

?Green Potion 10 Rupees This completely refills your Magic Meter! Take a swig of it to ease your heart.

?Blue Potion 60 Rupees This powerful potion replenishes both life energy and magic power. It's an incredibly effective dose of medicine!

?Red Potion 20 Rupees I'll buy it No thanks

?Green Potion 10 Rupees I'll buy it No thanks

?Blue Potion 60 Rupees I'll buy it No thanks

?Hrm?! What!? Don't tell me you don't have an empty bottle! I can't sell you any potion if you don't have something to carry it in! It's not my's the law of physics!

?...Your bottle is full! Sir, I can't sell you any potion if you don't have an empty bottle to keep it in. Sorry, but two potions can't occupy the same space at one time!

?...Sir! You don't have enough Rupees. I'm sorry, but I don't just give potions away. That's just bad business.

?La di do! Thank you muchly!

?Hello, hello, and hello again! This is the Chu Jelly Juice Shop! We use only 100% natural Chu Jelly here, I assure you!


?Zounds!! Whuh-what?!

?You there! Halt!

?...Oh, you're just some wretched street urchin. I thought you were the postman.

?Be thankful, because if you WERE the postman, I would have shooed you out of here before you could say "boo"!

?But say... You look rather familiar for a street urchin. Have we perhaps met before someplace?

?...What? Whatever do you mean? You don't mean MY daughter, do you? Because MY daughter has already been rescued from the Forsaken Fortress. Why, she even returned with a huge load of lovely, glittering, delicious treasure. Thanks to her little incident, we've become filthy rich overnight! And I mean FILTHY!

?Why, there isn't a girl in the world who's as good a child as my Maggie!

?You may not have been able to help me... but there's no harm done. I'm sure you'll accomplish something in life...someday. In the meanwhile, my daughter has blossomed into quite the little beauty. Run along! Go spend some time with her!

?Eeeyeh heh heh heh heh!!!

?I'm telling you for the last time, we don't allow postmen here! ...Oh! I'm sorry! My mistake!

?Money for this! Money for that! A little money over here! A little money over there! Money, money, money... Grah ha ha ha ha ha HAR! Money makes the world go round!

?What do you need, little urchin?

?Eh?! This is one of those Skull Necklaces that my daughter, Maggie, brought back from the Forsaken Fortress!

?These sell quite well at antique shops... In fact, it was thanks to these beauties that I became so filthy rich overnight...

?Eh? And from the looks of it, I'd say you have about twenty of these, don't you? They aren't easy to come by, either. Frankly, I'm amazed you found so many!

?Twenty of them... If you bring me twenty of them I'll give you quite a gift! ...I don't suppose an urchin like yourself could scrape up a few more for me...?

?Eeyeh heh heh heh heh heh! I'll be bathing in money yet again! The money bath! The only bath that gets you filthy...filthy RICH!!!!

?All right, boy... I'll give you this as a tip! Now, I'm not thanking you or anything. I'm just feeling good today!

?I was once quite poor myself, you know. Back then, I used to dream of owning a boat... A boat I could use to go off in search of treasure...

?And now look at my filthy richness! Chase your dreams, little urchin! Eeeyeh heh heh heh heh!

?Oh! A Skull Necklace! And not just one! You brought me twenty of them?! You're a resourceful little urchin, huh? Well, thank you so much! Allow me to take them off your grubby little hands!

?Oh! Did you bring me more? It looks like they're a bit worn... That's a good sign. It shows personality! Antique shops love that.

?Don't worry, my little gutter urchin. I'll take them all off your hands. I'd hate for you to have come all this way for nothing!

?Here's your tip: 20 Rupees!

?Here's your tip: 40 Rupees!

?Here's your tip: 60 Rupees!

?Eeeyeh heh heh heh heh! Keep picking them up, little urchin!

?Hmm? Are you actually bragging about whatever that is? Well, I suppose being poor does impair one's judgement...

?You're pretty bright for a grubby urchin! Not many people your age can see the value in these Skull Necklaces! ...But you know what? If this is all you've got, it's not quite enough for me. Sorry!

?Oh, that Moe... I just adore Moe's messy handwriting. Ooh di loo la la! [?] It's so dashing...and wild...and dangerous! But enough of writing! Tomorrow I travel! Troo di loo la la! [?] ...To where Moe waits for me...

?Whenever I think of my dear father, I lose my resolve to leave home...

?He's so infatuated with money and precious objects. And I am quite precious, you know. I guess I just have to stay here with him! ...By the way...

?Lately he's been so obsessed with a particular kind of strange necklace... Yes, he fancies those Skull Necklaces! That day I used [Y], [Z], and [X] to show him all of mine, he just...

?Oh, Moe... My dear, sweet, burly Moe... When, oh when, will you respond to me? Troo di loo la la!

?My father has been so strict with me lately. He won't let me out of the house!

?That's why I need you to take this letter_this note to Moe_and drop it into the postbox for me. Please, troo di loo la!

?Ohhh... To think that I would survive my ordeal and return to this town... And to think that I would ever be able to live in such a beautiful, opulent house... It's like a dream come true!

?Hmmmm... But no! NO! It's a nightmare! Without HIM by my side, it's like a rainstorm rages in my heart... He was so kind to me in the Forsaken Fortress. That sweet boy who gave me all those expensive necklaces when I fled from that cursed island...

?Just hearing his name lifts my spirits... Moe... The wonderful Moblin from the Forsaken Fortress! ...Oh, Moe! Why, Moe?

?I'm always writing heartfelt letters filled with my overflowing emotions, but why don't you answer me, Moe?

?...Agh! This is bad! Oh, terribly bad! I've already drifted off into my own dream world!

?...Oh, by the way, I have a request for you. Could you take the letter I've just finished inking and deliver it to the postbox for me? Please? I beg of you! Sure No way


?What? Really? You're such a dear! ...You've made Maggie so happy!

?The postbox! Don't you dare forget! ...But you must promise not to read it! The secrets of a girl's heart are to be shared only when she so desires!

?Love is so very painful... When I think of my precious little Moe... Troo di loo la la! I can't sleep at night... Why doesn't he write me back?

?Is... Is that...?! Could it be? The letter from Moe that I saw in my dreams?! ...Let me read it this instant!!!


?"This is Moe."

?"I... like... you... ...Ma...ggie... you...for dinner."


?Did you hear that? Those words? This means... I mean, it must mean... Can it be...?!? Is this his marriage proposal? It must be! At last, my feelings have been conveyed to Moe! At last he understands how I feel!

?This is the happiest day of my life! Troo di doo di loo la LAAAAAAAA! From here on out, today will be the anniversary of true love for me and Moe...

?Oh! It completely slipped my mind! I must thank you for your role in this! To commemorate my anniversary of true love...I give you this!

?Troo di loo hoo! Treasure it always!

?What's the matter? Hang it up proudly!

?Why, this trinket is just like... This is one of the necklaces that Moe gave me so many of when I was stuck in the Forsaken Fortress! It was by selling these for lots of cash that my father and I were finally able to escape from poverty!

?...Honestly! You just don't understand, do you?! Open up your ears!

?Silence! I'm telling you we don't allow postmen here! Begone! Begone!

?Don't be ridiculous! I went through great trials and tribulations to go all the way to the Forsaken Fortress and return with Moe's letter...

?SILENCE! Begone! Begone!

?Then, please! Be reasonable! Can you at least sign for the letter?!

?SILENCE! Begone! Begone!

?Just acknowledge I was here!

?SILENCE! Begone! Begone!

?RAAAAAAWRK! Foolish man! Now you've made me angry! I cannot even look you in the face any longer, or I fear I might... ...I must go somewhere to cool my feathers!

?...Well, what a wretched, unruly postman! I don't know anything about any Mr. Moe in any Forsaken Fortress! And yet he always comes here bringing his letters!

?Does this Moe think I'll let him lay a hand on my one and only daughter, Maggie?! I don't care whose letters they are, they'll never reach her on my watch!

?Oh! It's you! I'm sorry you had to witness me fly off the handle like that at Maggie's house. I'm most embarrassed. That man just...never mind.

?To tell you the truth, though... I came to deliver a letter addressed to Maggie from a Moblin named Moe, but as you saw, the girl's stubborn father won't permit me to give it to her. What a stubborn, meddling old man... Refusing to accept letters from the postman? Who's heard of such nonsense!?

?I went to great trouble to go all the way to the Forsaken Fortress, and it was a most frightening ordeal, let me tell you! ...If I don't deliver this letter, then I am a failure of the delivery trade... But...

?I have other deliveries waiting to be made. I cannot mope here forever!

?Actually, though... I have an idea. That old fool may not permit postmen on his premises... But surely he would allow YOU in the place, would he not? Could you deliver this letter to Maggie in my stead?

?What do you say? I'll do it Actually, I'm busy

?Honestly? You, young man, are a lifesaver. ...It truly never hurts to ask! I shall leave this letter in your care!

?I'm counting on you to put this in Maggie's hands. And I thank you.

?Alas... Is there no one to take my place? The life of a postman is so hard...

?Ahhhh, that lessens the weight on my shoulders by quite a bit! How nice! Perhaps I'll do a little sight-seeing here in town before I go! ...Although I do have other deliveries waiting to be made...

?Ohhhhhh... No, that's not it_that's just NOT it! And the problem is, even though THAT'S not it, THIS isn't it, either...

? !

?Say, guy, you know what I was just reminded of? Long ago, I met this delightful little guy who performed the most dazzling magic dance... A dance that turned night into day right before my very eyes!

?I can remember those fabulous dance moves, but I just CAN'T seem to get that intricate rhythm down...

?Do you think you know the rhythm, guy?

?That magical dance that changes day into night and night into day... If I could only recall the rhythm. Oh, the RHYTHM! Then I could dance it perfectly!

?Why! Why does my dancing do nothing to the skies?! Why am I cursed so? Just where am I lacking, guy? What is WRONG with me? I must know!

?Unh, unh, CHA! Unh, unh, CHA! That's... That's it! That's the rhythm I've been trying to recall! OH! I can feel it! I can FEEL it, guy!

?AUGGGHHH!!! No! No! No! That's ALL wrong, guy! Watch me! Watch me DANCE!

?That's it! That's IT, and it's PERFECT! I'M PERFECT! Now bring on the night!

?That's it! That's IT, and it's PERFECT! I'M PERFECT! Now let the sun SHINE ON!

?...Hey!!! What's the matter? Nothing happened... Nothing AT ALL! WHYYYYY???

?Oh! Are you giving up already, guy? ...But you haven't done enough!

?Oh, dear! Pardon me. Pardon ME, guy! I was so fully and wholly absorbed in my dancing that I didn't even notice little old you standing there!

?I am Tott. I love dancing more than I love three meals a day. You will come to know me as The World's Charismatic Dancer Extraordinaire!

?Ready, guy? One! Two! One! Two!

?Note to Mom

?This is Baito's letter to his mother. The part-timer at the Mail Center asked you to drop it in the nearest postbox.


?Hey! I got somethin' real good I'll sell to ya! For real!

?Yeah! You're the coolest, bud!

?Huh huh! How ya doin'?

?You ain't bad!

?You're amazin', bud! You're the greatest!

?Yarrrrrgh! Ya got me!

?Aww... Lame!

?You're awesome!

?Gaaaaaahhhhhh! Ya got me!

?No wayyyyyyy!!!

?Huh huh huh huh huh! You ain't caught everybody yet!

?Wow! You're pretty good, bud. But I'm wonderin' if you can catch four of us at this rate...

?You ain't nice!

?Heyyyyyyyyyy! It's just 'cause you're older! Don't think it makes you tough or anythin'!

?Huh huh huh! Are you a hick or somethin'?

?...Why are you wanderin' around here lookin' so sad? You think it's fun to go walkin' through town lookin' all pathetic? You think that makes you a big man?

?You look like a goody-two-shoes! And we hate goody-two-shoes! You can't go walkin' around our town pretendin' to be all big!

?This town is our turf_the turf of the world- famous Killer Bees! Don't mess with us!

?Yeahhhhhhhh! Buzz! Buzz!

?What're you lookin' at, bud?

?...Huh huh huh! Hey, bud, what are you? Some kinda country rube? I mean, look at that outfit! What a get-up!

?...Are you all alone or what?

?You must feel pretty lonely walkin' around a place like this all by yourself. What are you doin', anyway?

?You stink, mister!

?We ain't seen your face around here before, bud!


?Yo, bud! You got a problem with us Killer Bees? Huh? DO YA?

?Don't tell me it's that annoyin' hag of a teacher again... Is it? You came here to give us a talkin'-to 'cause Mrs. Marie asked you to, right? Tell us not to skip school, right, bud? Tell us not to be "tardy", right, bud?

?Well, forget about all that! We're the mighty and invincible gang of four_the Killer Bees! Do you think we'd listen to a chump like you?!

?But...I'll tell you what, bud! If you wanna challenge us to a competition, then we'll think about maybe listenin' a little bit!

?What do you say, bud? Do you want to challenge us? I'll take you on! Leave me alone


?You wimpy iiiiiiiiiidiot!

?OK! Your funeral, bud! The rules are simple! We're gonna go hide somewhere, and if you find us, we're gonna run! You gotta try to catch us. Easy as that, bud! We won't hide indoors or nothin', and we won't leave this island, so look for us around in the shadows and behind buildings and stuff.

?If you catch all four of us, we lose. You got it, bud? Ready...


?Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I can't believe it. You found all four of us... and you caught us all, too! Talk about utter defeat!

?Looks like we lost our touch, Killer Bees. I guess maybe it's time we chilled out. From now on, we won't cause no more trouble for anyone...

?And to reward your hide-and-seekin' skills... Here! Take this, bud!

?Uh, this is our favorite possession, but you've proven that you're worthy.

?To our bud_the hide-and-seek master!

?Oh, and one more thing... We need you to apologize to Mrs. Marie for us. All right? We're countin' on you, bud!

?Yo, bud! Are you lookin' for a Picto Box or somethin'? Yeahhhhhhhhhhh! Thought so! There ain't nothin' in this town that we Killer Bees don't know!

?Boss! I heard about this from my dad! A while back, this thief stole a Picto Box, and he was held in the town jail for a long, long time! Yeah, real long!

?That thief managed to get free after a while, but the box he stole never got found.

?Huh huh huh! Maybe it's still hidden somewhere in the jail cell! Don't you think? Maybe?

?Gimme a break! ...How stupid would that be! Real stupid, that's how stupid.

?Welcome to Mrs. Marie's School of Joy! I don't think I've ever seen your face around here before, my young scholar... Are you a new pupil?

?What can I do for you on this fine day? We need to talk Nothing

?Oh, you're the fine young gentleman who gave me a Joy Pendant present! How could I forget? How many did you give me again? [?]? My, but wasn't that nice! So! What can I do for you, young man? Talk to me Nothing

?I see...

?I know I may look a bit flashy for a teacher, but I assure you I am one. How long has it been since I opened my school here on Windfall Island? Twenty years? Ever since then, I've been teaching the children of this island about true joy!

?But I do have a rather joyless problem... There's this delinquent gang of four young boys who never listen to a word I say. Even though I wait patiently for those boys to show up, they never come. It's as if they don't want joy in their hearts! Could you please catch their leader, that little boy named Ivan, and talk some sense into him for me?

?Please, young man? For me? Yes, ma'am Sorry, lady

?...Oh! That does NOT make me joyful!

?Oh, thank you so much! You're such a dear. They're such troublesome little boys. I'm at my wit's end over how to handle them...

?But they won't be so mean to a boy their own age, will they? I should think not.

?Good luck, young man!

?Those four little troublemakers are out running around in the plaza again today. I'm counting on you to talk to them!

?You did it, didn't you...? You said something to those delinquents for me, didn't you, dear?

?You can't fool me! I watched it all from the shadow of my door! You really are a dear! You fill me with joy! I have to reward you... so here's a little spare change!

?When it comes to children, my eyes never deceive me. Someday, dear, you will grow up to be a fine young man, and your name will go down in history...

?That's what I think, dear!

?...What terrible weather we have today. Little boys shouldn't be out wandering around at a time like this! My, no!

?Well! What would you like to talk about? Pendants Volunteering The kids

?Although I may be a school teacher, I have a certain...flair about me, don't you think? And let me tell you, I love jewelry more than anything else in the world! Hoo hoo! And why not? It's not like I can't afford it! Why, I have so much cash, I have my very own oasis cabana! But...I happen to be after a very particular kind of jewelry.

?You see, lately I have been rather taken with collecting Joy Pendants! Those are very rare trinkets that you can't buy at any store. They're quite amazing. Why, their color...and their shape... I feel as if I was destined to gather them! If you have any, please show them to me. Just set them to [Y], [Z], or [X]!

?Tell me, dear, do you know about the Joyous Volunteer Association and the work they do? The association's objective is to decorate our little town of Windfall with flowers and other small decorative items to make our town a better, more joyous place.

?If you must know, the society came into being when the shop master Zunari arrived here. He heard about my efforts to spread joy, and it moved him deeply.

?He asked himself, "Is there nothing a poor, worthless merchant such as myself might do to make this a better place?" And then, suddenly, his eyes were opened! That's when I gave him a little advice: "Do something that only YOU can do!" ...Yes, that's what I told him, dear!

?It was after that that he began to show an interest in volunteer activities... He apparently came from a very cold place, but let me tell you something: Despite his appearance, that Zunari is definitely one hot volunteer!

?You've seen that rascally gang of four walking around the plaza out there as if they own the place, haven't you, dear?

?Apparently, they came up with the most suitable of names for their little gang... or so I've heard.

?"We be tough!" "We be bad!" "We be the toughest, baddest boys in town!" "...Yeah! We're the Killer Bees!" ...It went something like that. I guess they were looking for something of a fierce name for themselves. They sort of failed spectacularly, if you ask me.

?It must be be young!

?Oh, dear! You needn't show off like that! I get it! I get it! You're incredible, dear!

?My dear! That's...

?A Joy Pendant!!!

?To tell you the truth, I love jewelry above all else! And that... Why, that is extremely rare and hard to come by. It's the hottest thing around, dear!

?Oh my, yes! I will happily take a single one from you! No, no! I insist! Only one. To tell you the truth, I'd actually like about 20 of them. But that would probably only happen in my wildest of dreams.

?How many Joy Pendants do you have right now? [?]...?

?...This'd be the Bomb Shop!

?...Go on and use [+][>] to look around!

?My ancestors been making bombs for generations. Uh-huh. Now, seems like I'm the only person left in the world who still works in the bomb industry...

?...Which means I'm the best in the world! And which means I don't go selling my work without approving of who I sell it to! And I don't approve of you! So beat it!

?I didn't call for you, boy! Go on, now! Beat it!

?10 Bombs 10,000 Rupees Come on, now! How's a kid like you going to pay for these? You're dreaming!

?20 Bombs 20,000 Rupees Look! Can't you read?! Do these look like something you can afford?! Huh?!

?30 Bombs 30,000 Rupees Listen to me, boy! You're out of your mind! You CAN'T pay for these! So scram!

?10 Bombs 10,000 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?20 Bombs 20,000 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?30 Bombs 30,000 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?...Ummm, you don't have enough cash, do you? No, didn't think so.

?Do you expect me to sell my fine bombs to some boy who has no money?! HAH! I'm done with you! Beat it! Scram!

?Welcome! Yes, welcome to you! Welcome to the Bomb Shop!

?Go on, now! Use [+][>]! Look around! Tell me, what'd you like today?

?Now, I don't like to brag, but aren't these just the finest bombs you've ever seen in your entire life? Real fine, and real cheap!

?Yes, kindness is our policy here! We're the Bomb Shop for the world! ...We're always ready to serve!

?Come again, good sir! Come again, now!

?10 Bombs 20 Rupees Well, good sir? Are you interested?

?20 Bombs 35 Rupees We're pleased to give discounts for larger orders. You just say the word, now!

?30 Bombs 50 Rupees These are so very cheap! No one can offer you a better price on bombs, good sir!

?10 Bombs 20 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?20 Bombs 35 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?30 Bombs 50 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?Oh, good sir! You don't have quite enough money! Please, sir, I'm afraid I've got to insist you only buy what you can pay for.

?Good sir, you just can't carry that much. Please, now, only purchase what you can take with you.

?Thank you so much!

?...How'd you sneak in here? You little rat! Shoo! Beat it! Scram, vermin!

?...Please, can't you use our door to enter? Why else would we have one, now?

?Well, now! Good evening!

?Hey, now! Here again?

?Yes, yes! I rent out the first floor of this mansion in order to run a nightly auction. And actually, tonight's auction is about to begin. Oh, dear me, is it EVER!

?Now it is, indeed, an auction, but I like to describe it in more simple terms: it is a competition of the very highest order! Oh yes! It is a competition to see who can get the item that is being auctioned! Can you outbid everyone else? Do you have the courage and the fundage? Oh, the drama!

?Ah! But what's this? Well, dear me! ...Do I detect a hint of curiosity? I believe I do! Fortunately, we welcome bidders of all ages! Both kids and adults!

?Yes, so tell me... Would you like to participate in the auction? Absolutely Not tonight

?No, no. It is my fault. I should not have invited you. Do not mind me. Ignore me.

?Really? Dear me... Really?

?Now, you are completely fine with me NOT explaining the auction to you... Am I correct in assuming this? I'm fine with that I'm completely NOT fine

?Yes! Good... That speeds things up!

?Then, my dear, allow me to explain.

?Once the auction begins, you must shrewdly tap [A] repeatedly so you can earn the right to bid. Oh, the tapping! The excitement! Yes, yes, when you want to bid, tap [A]! As you do, your gauge will gradually build up. Once your gauge is full, your chance to bid has finally come! Oh, dear me, yes! Now, when you bid, you're naming the price you're willing to pay for the item. Let us just call it your chance to show off your wealth! Flaunt it, my dear!

?Of course, if your fellow bidders try to buy the item out from under you by raising the bid, you can always raise it in return! Indeed, this produces much excitement! This dramatic back-and-forth goes on until time runs out, at which point the person who had the highest bid gets the sublime honor of purchasing the item. The auction only lasts one minute_not counting the time people spend talking! But do not worry! I will show you how much time remains when you make your bid.

?...Now do you understand? I understand I still don't get it...

?...The blood doesn't flow through your brain very well, does it? Dear me, what a shame.

?Very well, then! Let us begin immediately! It's no time to dawdle. The auction is afoot! On your toes! On your toes!

?Well, isn't this a fine pictograph?

?Viewing your favorite figurines: [+][+] Move Up and Down [+][+] Rotate [C] Zoom by Tilting Up and Down [A] View Explanation [B] Quit Talk about simple!

?Young waker of the winds...

?How did you manage to find this place?

?I am the queen of the fairy world. I have been awaiting your arrival. ...But now is not yet the time for us to meet.

?You still have many challenges to overcome. You seek to protect an individual very dear to you. Yes, I know of her...

?Dear me! I'm sorry to say it seems we won't be holding the auction for some time... It seems as if someone made off with every last auction item... Talk about a hit auction!


?Well, that was a simple win!


?Oh, yeah! It's mine!

?I win! I win!


?My dear, let me tell you, operating a prosperous business is a truly fine thing! Ahh, yes... I'm so busy... So wonderfully busy, indeed.

?Yes, yes, yes, my fine sir! You seem to be in quite good spirits. And why not? Thanks to you, my shop has become quite fine! Quite fine, indeed! Dear me, yes!

?My dear! I am most incredibly grateful. Most grateful, indeed!

?Yes, yes, yes! A shipment has indeed arrived! A shipment of new products! Thanks to you signing agreements with merchants for me, my product line has increased dramatically! Dear me, yes! Please, please, please! Keep it up! My, you're such a hard worker!

?Say, I've heard that there is a wandering merchant on Bomb Island, a small land mass near the Forest Haven. If there is such a fellow, perhaps you can trade something with him. If you did, it might convince him to send his products to be sold in my shop. The more you are able to trade, the wider my product assortment becomes. And wider is better! Oh, my dear, yes!

?Yes, yes, yes! You're the young master who purchased my sail! At last, with those funds, I have been able to open my stall!

?But...I hate to say that my poor little stall is not an instant success. In fact, it is rather deserted, I'm afraid to say... ...I think this tragic turn of events is due to the fact that I don't have a wide enough lineup of products. For, if I am to be fully honest, I only have one product.

?To put it another way, I think my stall would do much better if only I could stock rare items that people can't get here in town... Yes, yes, that is what I need!

?Then I would make plenty of money! Not just plenty of would be like taking candy from many rich babies... No, no, not even that! By running a prosperous business, I can play my part to help this town develop and become a happy place... Yes, yes, that is the proper perspective!

?But dear me! If only I had a young partner to help me out... A real go-getter...

?...My young master, you sadden me.

?Yes, yes! Master! Now that I take a longer look at you, I see that you have a fine Delivery Bag, do you not? Dear me, it is a bag fit for a hero...of delivery!

?I have a small request, and it requires the use of that bag... A request? I'm out of here!

?Oh, dear me! I knew it, young master! I knew you would understand my plight... It is a rather long-winded explanation, but please take the time to hear me out.

?My stall is a kind of general store that makes its money by obtaining rare products at inexpensive prices and then selling them. ...With a reasonable mark-up, of course. However, because I have so few products to sell, the shop remains rather...deserted.

?I will sell anything! I am a master of the sale! I just need to get some new products!

?Could you not seek out traveling merchants and negotiate supply contracts with them for me?

?No, no, no! Do not look so frightened! I say contracts, but it is just a word. You do not have to do anything very difficult. All I need for you to do is trade one of my products for a new product that the merchant has in stock. You see, among merchants, a trade is proof of a contract! That is to say, it is the merchant's oath... That is what we call it. Yes, yes.

?Merchants that have sworn a merchant's oath will afterwards send their products to me. It is the way things work. So, as you succeed in trading my products, my product lineup will increase!

?Do you understand everything I've told you? Perfectly! Not at all...

?...My dear! The blood flows slowly through your brain, doesn't it? How awful for you.

?Yes, yes! Young master, you are now my new salesman! No, no! Scratch that! Starting today, you and I are partners! Dear me, yes!

?I give to you my proof of contract... In other words, this is my merchant's oath! Take it with you, my young partner!

?The first thing you need to do is take this to another traveling merchant and trade it for build on the foundation of my merchant's oath. As soon as you trade, the merchant you traded with will send his products to my shop, thereby increasing my product line. Which will make me quite happy! Well...your new trading partners_the traveling merchants_are waiting for you somewhere out there on the Great Sea!

?My dear! My expectations are high!

?No, no, no! Young master! I have ill news! Someone has been fiddling with my safe! I come to the shop first thing in the morning and DEAR ME! I see signs suggesting someone fiddled with things!

?Perhaps someone has been sneaking in here at night and doing shady things! ...But I do not have any proof.

?Dear me! Such a mystery! If only I could catch them in the act, I could scold them! And OH! What a scolding I would give!

?Yes, yes! Young master, look! Already, my shop has a wide variety of products to choose from! It is a cornucopia! Thanks to you, young master, every morning the postman comes with packages from the traveling salesmen you traded with.

?At last, my humble stall has the appearance of a full-fledged store! My dear! Your unflagging dedication has strengthened my determination to live my life for the success of my business!

?Master, you are the savior of my stall! I must thank you from the very bottom of my heart. This is my most prized posession_next to my hoodie coat, of course! It is none other than the Zunari family treasure... Please accept it!

?This is the only heirloom I brought with me when I moved here from my hometown. ...Well, excluding the lovely sail you purchased from me earlier, of course! It is a magical that calls up a mysterious power to protect your body from harm. Of course, you can use it even when you are sailing the open seas. My dear! Please! Use this to protect you seek out more merchants! I beg of you! And please, be on the constant lookout for new and exciting products... ...Not that I have anything left to reward you with if you find any...

?Yes, yes, yes! It is another fine day, is it not? Days like this are best spent shopping!

?Use [+][>] to have a look at my wares!

?No, no, no! If you wish to speak to me, please, I must insist you do so at my reception counter. Rules are rules!

?Do not look at me...look at my products! If you are shopping for chitchat, then we can do that at the reception counter.

?Come back soon!

?No, no, no! You do not have enough money! This is a business, not a charity!

?Dear me! Your bag seems to be quite full, does it not? How tragic for you! I would feel bad if I completely filled your delivery bag with my goods, so I will only let you put a maximum of three items from my shop in it. Does this sound good? You can come back for more after those are gone.

?My dear! Thank you so very much!

?Town Flower 10 Rupees A flower from the town of bright smiles. Use it to decorate the town with joy.

?Town Flower 10 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?Sea Flower 20 Rupees The aroma of the sea wafts out of this flower that hails from a faraway land. Use it to adorn the town with a sea breeze!

?Sea Flower 20 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?Exotic Flower 25 Rupees An exotic flower from a tropical island. Trim the town with a summer breeze.

?Exotic Flower 25 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?Hero's Flag 75 Rupees A flag with a bold feel to it. Use it to cover the town in courage!

?Hero's Flag 75 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?Big Catch Flag 85 Rupees A flag from a festival in which fishermen hope for a good catch. Use it to decorate the town with fish!

?Big Catch Flag 85 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?Big Sale Flag 35 Rupees You won't find a flag cheaper than this. Decorate the town in a theme of a big bargain sale.

?Big Sale Flag 35 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?Pinwheel 55 Rupees A tiny windmill that catches the wind then spins and spins. Use it to send gentle breezes through the town.

?Pinwheel 55 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?Sickle Moon Flag 40 Rupees A showy flag in the shape of a crescent moon. Use it to decorate the town with a salute to the night sky.

?Sickle Moon Flag 40 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?Skull Tower Idol 60 Rupees The fossilized skulls of weird creatures. Use it to give the town a mysterious feel.

?Skull Tower Idol 60 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?Fountain Idol 60 Rupees A sculpture of mysteriously bubbling water. Use it to cover the town in ocean blue.

?Fountain Idol 60 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?Postman Statue 100 Rupees A wooden carving of the postman from Dragon Roost Isle. Use it to populate the town with Ritos.

?Postman Statue 100 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?Shop Guru Statue 200 Rupees The pride and joy of all merchants. Decorate the town with ME!

?Shop Guru Statue 200 Rupees Buy Don't buy

?My dear fellow! I can't have you trying to come in this way! No, no, no! ...Go over there!

?No, no, no! It looks like your bag is quite full, is it not? Yes, it is! I can only put a maximum of three of my products in your bag. Come back after you use all of them up!

?Hmm... And who might you be? Why do I get this strange feeling that we've met before?

?Ah... It's you... The little boy who promises big promises and then fails to deliver on them. Hmph. Too bad you couldn't save my daughter.

?Fortunately, not everyone in this world fails to deliver. As it turns out, my dear Mila was saved by a group of kind pirates. The pirates had a leader... Tetra, I believe she said her name was. I was most grateful.

?She did demand a rather hefty reward, though... Thanks to them, my fortune has vanished! ...We've hit rock bottom!

? little Mila is alive and home safe where she belongs, so I can't complain. A daughter is more important than money.

?Being poor must be pretty rough... You take one look at me, and that's the first thing you think, isn't it? I ask you, why is that? Sure, the days can get kind of tough, but good things still happen, don't they? Money doesn't make the sun shine, you know.

?Just recently, my missing daughter, Mila, was returned to me. I didn't think I could ever feel more joyful... But then she went and started working at the shop to help out with our tight family finances! What a trooper! Could that girl be any more of an angel?

?Although...I do worry about how she always seems to sneak out at night... Is there any shop in this town that's open at night?

?Hmmm... The look in your eyes seems to imply that you have something to say. Well? What is it? Are you suggesting that I should go to work, too?

?Owwww! But OH! My back has truly been hurting me of late... Really, just ACHING... If I were twenty years younger...

?Lately, my daughter, Mila, has been sneaking out at night to go somewhere.

?I suppose I could tag along and secretly follow her, but when I think about the possibility of her doing something bad, I just...

?If_and this is a huge, unlikely "if"_if you happen to find Mila about to do some dishonorable act, will you stop her for me? Just do it if you catch her in the act. Not that she ever would, but if she does, just jump out and stop her! Please!

?Honestly, though, despite how my little Mila may look, she is a kind child who thinks only of her poor father. She'd never do anything bad...

?My daughter and I have managed to eke out a decent life, and in the process, I've realized a great truth... There is something more important than money in the world...

?I think at long last I've finally come to understand just what true happiness really is. ...And I'm thankful for it.

?Hey? Have we met before somewhere? Aren't you...? No... Couldn't be. Me? I am but a poor, traveling merchant. I travel the world searching for rare objects of all sorts_modern and ancient, foreign and exotic.

?My dream has always been to someday open my own shop, but plans have a way of getting delayed, and now it's been thirty years since I started... Time certainly laughs at us all, huh? And still, day in and day out, rain or shine, I spend my days looking for curiosities and rare items.

?Which reminds me, that Delivery Bag of yours looks like it might have some rare treasure in it...

?If you happen to have something of the quality that one could put on sale in a shop, would you consider trading it?

?I have many fine products to trade. If you have something you'd like to trade, could you show it to me, please?

?I am but a poor traveling merchant. I roam the sea collecting rare goods in the hopes of someday opening my own shop.

?If you have anything in that Delivery Bag of yours that would be perfect for selling in a shop, could you show it to me, please?

?How satisfactory. How utterly satisfactory! I am through working today!

?Running a business is eight-tenths effort... but one still shouldn't work too much. ...That's what my father taught me. And that's why I trade only three items per day.

?Hooooo! I sure put in a lot of work today. Satisfactory! Let's keep up that same level of effort and dedication tomorrow!

?Say, I heard there's another traveling merchant not unlike myself on Great Fish Island to the west of here.

?They say that for every person in the world, there are two more who look exactly alike... I wonder what my twins are like?

?Ummm... Thanks for coming all this way to show me what you have, but I never trade more than three items in one day.

?Running a business is eight-tenths effort, but overworking yourself isn't healthy. That's what my father taught me.

?Huh? Why, that's...

?Hmmm... You don't seem to have any items one could easily sell at a shop, do you? I really only want to trade for the kind of rare items that one can carry around in a Delivery Bag. Everything else is just a little too unsatisfactory for my needs.

?Ummm... This isn't quite the type of thing that sells itself very well. I'm sorry.

?a Town Flower...isn't it?

?a Sea Flower...isn't it?

?an Exotic Flower...isn't it?

?a Hero's Flag...isn't it?

?a Big Catch Flag...isn't it?

?a Big Sale Flag...isn't it?

?a Pinwheel...isn't it?

?a Sickle Moon Flag...isn't it?

?a Skull Tower Idol...isn't it?

?a Fountain Idol...isn't it?

?a Postman Statue...isn't it?

?Why, that's a Shop Guru Statue...isn't it?

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Sea Flower? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Town Flower? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Sickle Moon Flag? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Big Catch Flag? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Fountain Idol? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Hero's Flag? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Sickle Moon Flag? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Fountain Idol? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Fountain Idol? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Sickle Moon Flag? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Fountain Idol? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Postman Statue? Sure No thanks

?Satisfactory. Then my fee will be...

?...Are you sure? It's not my fault if you wish you had traded later on.

?For this...I guess 20 Rupees will do. It's a deal No way

?I'll give you a deal on this one: Only 10 Rupees. It's a deal No way

?Hmm... Gee... Uhh... 40 Rupees, maybe? It's a deal No way

?Yours looks kind of dirty there, so I'll need 85 Rupees. It's a deal No way

?Yours has a little blemish there, so I'll need 65 Rupees in return. It's a deal No way

?Yours has some cracks in it, so I'll need 75 Rupees on top of the trade. It's a deal No way

?Hmm... Gee... Uhh... 40 Rupees, maybe? It's a deal No way

?Yours has a little blemish there, so I'll need 65 Rupees in return. It's a deal No way

?Yours has a little ding there, so I'll need 65 Rupees in return. It's a deal No way

?Hmm... Gee... Uhh... 40 Rupees, maybe? It's a deal No way

?Yours has a little blemish there, so I'll need 65 Rupees in return. It's a deal No way

?Yeah...This guy is pretty valuable, so I have to ask for about 100 Rupees for him. It's a deal No way

?Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear... You don't have enough Rupees. I'm afraid our contract talks have ended in failure. How unsatisfactory.

?Thank you so much!

?Thanks! That settles things. I'll give you your item, as promised. Hold out both of your hands...

?So, by trading your goods for my goods, we have formed a merchant's oath.

?So, from now on I shall honor our merchant's oath by sending shipments of my product to the Windfall Island Shop. How, you ask? Why, my good friend the postman will take it there for me, so it will probably get there before you do. Just go back to Windfall and check for yourself.

?Thanks again!

?I'm what you call a traveling merchant! Yes, I'm just a cheery fellow who bobs between waves in search of all manner of rare items: cracked and pristine, wild and woolly!

?I came from distant lands because I heard there was a treasure of great worth on this island, but I can't find a thing. I thought perhaps my fate would cross with that most mystic of rare items: the fabled Shop Guru Statue! ...But it seems as though I am off the mark yet again.

?By the by, for some reason, looking at that Delivery Bag of yours gives me the sneaking suspicion that it might have some rare treasure hidden in its depths...

?If you have anything even slightly out of the ordinary in there, would you mind trading it to me? Anything at all?

?This knapsack I'm lugging around is stuffed full of all sorts of wondrous things! Why don't you show me what you've got, and I'll show you what I'll trade for it?

?You see, there's this mystical curio that I've been seeking for ages now... It's called the Shop Guru Statue. It's said to be a statue of the most incredible of men, a man who has long reigned at the peak of the business world. ...But why would you have it?

?I've heard there are traveling merchants on the Mother & Child Isles and on Bomb Island... I wonder if either of those guys might have it... Awwwww... If someone would just trade that most excellent item to me, I would offer them a heart-filling reward in return.

?Yes, yes... I'm closed for the day.

?Running a business is four-fifths effort, but overdoing it is a bad policy. ...My Pops gave me that advice long ago. That's why I trade only three items per day!

?Whoa! That was a worthy day of work!

?Ah, what kind of man is he, this so-called Shop Guru?! I am so intrigued by him that I lay awake at night just thinking about him. If someone would just trade his idol to me, I would give them a heart-filled reward in return. Oh, would that happy event occur!

?I hear there is a traveling merchant on the Mother & Child Isles and another on Bomb Island... I wonder if either of those guys has that fabled Shop Guru Statue...

?Err... Thanks for coming all this way to show me this, but I trade only three times per day. So sorry.

?Business is four-fifths effort, but overdoing it is no good for anyone. That's what my Pops always said!

?Huh? That's...

?Hmmm... You don't seem to have any items one could easily sell at a shop, do you?

?Ummm... This isn't quite the type of thing that leaps off the shelf. So sorry.

?a Town it not?

?a Sea it not?

?an Exotic it not?

?a Hero's it not?

?a Big Catch it not?

?a Big Sale it not?

?a it not?

?a Sickle Moon it not?

?a Skull Tower it not?

?a Fountain it not?

?um, a Postman it not?

?Why, that's a Shop Guru it not?

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Sea Flower? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Exotic Flower? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Sea Flower? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Postman Statue? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Fountain Idol? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Hero's Flag? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Exotic Flower? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Fountain Idol? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Fountain Idol? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Skull Tower Idol? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Fountain Idol? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Postman Statue? Sure No thanks

?Most worthy! Then my fee will be...

?...Are you sure? If you're kicking yourself later for not trading, don't blame me!

?Well, I suppose 20 Rupees will do. It's a deal No way

?Ooh... I'll give you a huge deal on this: 25 Rupees will do just fine. It's a deal No way

?If I can just get 20 Rupees for this, that'll cover me. It's a deal No way

?Hmm... I need at least 100 Rupees for this one, I'm afraid. It's a deal No way

?It looks like the item you're offering is kind of dirty, so how about 65 Rupees? It's a deal No way

?Your item there is in need of repair, so how about 75 Rupees? It's a deal No way

?Errr... I'll give you a huge deal: only 25 Rupees! It's a deal No way

?It looks like the item you're offering is kind of dirty, so how about 65 Rupees? It's a deal No way

?It looks like the item you're offering is kind of dirty, so how about 65 Rupees? It's a deal No way

?The colors on that thing you're offering have faded most terribly, so 60 Rupees! It's a deal No way

?It looks like the item you're offering is kind of dirty, so how about 65 Rupees? It's a deal No way

?Mmm-hmm. This is mighty precious... I need at least 100 Rupees for it! It's a deal No way

?Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no... You don't seem to have enough Rupees. It looks like our contract talks have come to a most unworthy conclusion.

?Thank you, as always!

?Thanks! That settles things. I'll give you your item, as I promised. Hold out both hands...

?So, by trading your goods for my goods, we've formed a merchant's oath.

?As such, from now on I shall honor our merchant's oath by sending shipments of my product to the Windfall Island Shop. How, you ask?! Why, my good pal the postman will take it there for me, so it will likely get there before you do. Just head back to Windfall and see for yourself.

?Thanks again!

?My heart-filled reward has touched your heart, hasn't it?

?Is... Is that...? It couldn't be...

?I'm what's called a traveling merchant. Just a poor wanderer cruising the world in search of rare objects of all sorts_ new and old, strange and unsettling.

?I detected a scent wafting from this island that suggested to me that there might be something of value here, so I sailed my tiny raft all this way from far, far away... But the high rock wall on the main island blocks my way, so it seems as though I won't be able to get much farther. What a disagreeable turn of events.

?However, my boy, that Delivery Bag of yours smells to me as if it might well be home to rare and unique items...

?If you have any curios that might be worthy of selling in a shop, might you trade them to me?

?Someday, I'm going to open myself a shop... a huge shop! No! A MEGA-SUPER-STORE! I'm trying to find goods to sell, so can you show me what you've got on you?

?I'm what's called a traveling merchant. I scour the world for oddities and rare items in the hopes of one day opening my own shop.

?If you have anything in that Delivery Bag of yours that's even the slightest bit rare or of an interesting nature, could you let me take a look at it?

?How agreeable. How truly agreeable! That's as much work as I'm going to do today! I'm calling it a day!

?Running a business is eight-tenths effort, but you don't want to work yourself into a grave! I trade only three times a day! ...That's what my dad taught me to do.

?Ahhhhh! I sure put in a lot of work today. Quite agreeable! Let's sustain that same level of grit and determination tomorrow!

?Oh, hey... I hear traveling merchants have appeared on Great Fish Isle and Bomb Island, too...

?If you want to know the truth, I was amazed to hear there were other traveling merchants in this day and age! What an odd couple of fellows they must be!

?Running a business is eight-tenths effort... but one still shouldn't work too much. ...That's what my father taught me. And that's why I trade only three items per day.

?A business is eight-tenths effort, but working too much is bad for your health. ...That's what my dad taught me.

?Huh? Why, that's...

?Hmmm... You don't seem to have any items one could easily sell at a shop, do you?

?Ummm... This isn't quite the type of thing that shoppers crave. I'm sorry.

?a Town Flower...right?

?a Sea Flower...right?

?an Exotic Flower...right?

?a Hero's Flag...right?

?a Big Catch Flag...right?

?a Big Sale Flag...right?

?a Pinwheel...right?

?a Sickle Moon Flag...right?

?a Skull Tower Idol...right?

?a Fountain Idol...right?

?a Postman Statue...right?

?Why, that's a Shop Guru Statue...right?

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Sea Flower? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Town Flower? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Pinwheel? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Big Sale Flag? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Sickle Moon Flag? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Big Catch Flag? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Exotic Flower? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Big Catch Flag? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Big Sale Flag? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Big Sale Flag? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Shop Guru Statue? Sure No thanks

?In that case... Would you be interested in trading that for this Postman Statue? Sure No thanks

?Most agreeable! Then my fee will be...

?...Are you sure? Don't come crying to me if you regret your decision later!

?Yeah... That'll be 20 Rupees on the dot. It's a deal No way

?Yeah... A measly old 10 Rupees will do. It's a deal No way

?Well, that thing you've got doesn't look so hot, so I'll need 55 Rupees for mine. It's a deal No way

?Yeah... I've got a cheap deal for you. How about 35 Rupees? It's a deal No way

?A nice, round number will do... How about 40 Rupees? It's a deal No way

?That thing you gave me looks kind of old, so I'll need 85 Rupees in exchange, OK? It's a deal No way

?Yeah... That'll be just 25 Rupees. It's a deal No way

?That thing you gave me looks kind of old, so I'll need 85 Rupees in exchange, OK? It's a deal No way

?Yeah... I've got a cheap deal for you. How about 35 Rupees? It's a deal No way

?Yeah... I've got a cheap deal for you. How about 35 Rupees? It's a deal No way

?Yeah... This is super-rare, so... How about 200 Rupees? It's a deal No way

?Yeah... This guy is pretty precious, so... How about 100 Rupees? It's a deal No way

?Oh, alas, alas, alas, alas, alas... You don't have enough Rupees. Looks like these contract talks are an utter failure. How disagreeable.

?Thanks for your business!

?Thanks! That squares us. Here's your item, as promised. Hold out both of your hands...

?So, by trading your goods for my goods, you and I have formed a merchant's oath.

?So, from this moment forward I shall honor our merchant's oath by sending shipments of my product to the Windfall Island Shop.

?Thanks again!

?Hmmmmmm, now... I would have to say that I've never seen your face before. Have I?

?...Hmmm, now. Intriguing. Beguiling. I know you're just a small child, but I've found one can rarely trust strangers. Where is it you've come from, young sir?

?I'm sorry, but the years have made me wary. Once, long ago, I rented a room out to a traveler for a single night. The next dawn, my precious Picto Box was stolen... Tell me, young sir, why are good deeds so often repaid with cruelty? I spread kindness where I can, and still my box does not come back to me. It is a sad thing. You may look like a child, but you can see why I cannot be assured of your youth. Be a good boy, and be gone! Shoo! Shoo!

?Of course, I have countless Picto Boxes, but I do not want any of them stolen from me. My heart could not take another loss. Now, shoo! Shoo!

?Why, young sir...

?I must say, you seem to be in possession of a very fine Picto Box there! Are you a lover of pictographs, as well? There can be no villains amongst the ranks of Picto Box-lovers! Take your time. Look around, I implore you![?]

?Hmmmmmm now.... My, but yours is a finely crafted Picto Box!

?I once had a Picto Box of that quality... I would have liked to have had the chance to compare it to yours.

?You see, young sir, I have been studying Picto Boxes since I was but a lad. My lifelong dream of creating a box with incredible pictography capabilities is at long last nearing fruition.

?Young sir, I hesitate to ask, but... Could you perchance become my research assistant? Sure Good-bye

?Hrrf! Well, I never! Kids these days!

?Oh-ho! Really? Really and truly?! My heart leaps at your enthusiasm, but I feel I must tell you...the path an assistant must follow is not a simple one!

?I demand that whosoever takes on the role of my assistant be an individual who can take whatever command I may issue and promptly complete it without hesitation. It will be quite a challenge, I assure you. Are you still sure you want to do this? Absolutely Forget it

?Hahhh! You must share my love of the pictograph! What is your name, young sir? [Link], is it...? Very well then. I shall issue three commands to you. On the dawn of the day you complete all three tasks, you shall be my number-one assistant, [Link]!

?Now then! For my first command...

?A love letter. ...Do you know what that is, young sir? It is a collection of words of love, long unspoken and put into written form.

?Somewhere in this town, there is one who, despite constant rejection, never learns the cold lesson of unrequited passion and continues to write letters of doomed love.

?I am certain the object of this sadly one-sided affection is in quite a quandary over the matter. I am of the mind that I must have a word with the unwanted suitor. However, I must have physical evidence. And thus, your first task is to snap a pictograph of this individual in the act of sending the unwanted letters!

?...That sounds easy, does it not? Rightly so. If you hope to be my assistant, you must perform this task with ease!

?Somewhere in this town, there is one who, despite constant rejection, never learns love's cruelest lesson and continues to write love letters without rest. I need you to recover proof of this sad story by catching this person in the act.

?Be sure to take a clear full-body shot so I can see exactly what is going on. And, of course, so as not to be seen, you should take the pictograph from a distance, yes? Now, to prove you have completed this task, you should set your Picto Box to [Y], [Z], or [X] and press that button to show me the pictograph. Clear, young sir?

?Very well! Next is my second command.

?You must search for this town's most timid and cowardly resident. I intend to flog his spirit so as to lend him some backbone. This individual flinches and jumps at even the slightest of surprises. I need you to capture the instant of pure fear on this individual's face in a pictograph.

?So, tell me, do you think you can complete this task, young sir?

?You must search for the town's most timid and cowardly resident. You must witness this individual in a moment of weakness, flinching in fear. And as this poor creature cowers, you must capture the moment in a pictograph.

?Since this person's face alone will not tell the complete story, you must snap a head- to-toe pictograph so I can see the moment the fear reverberates through the soul. So, tell me, do you think you can complete this more difficult second task, young sir?

?Very good! Next is, at long last, my final command! Open your heart and mind and listen to what I say...

?Somewhere in town is a couple, a man and woman whose hearts are secretly filled with thoughts of the other, and yet for reasons unknown, the two have never spoken. Even when they happen, by chance, to pass each other in the road, they each steal a brief, furtive glance of the other, but they suppress the longing in their hearts...

?I cannot let this tragedy go on any longer! For the sake of the town and my own desire to help these two poor souls... I shall become Cupid, archer of love! These two are timid burglars in the house of love...and you must capture a pictograph of them thinking their furtive thoughts!

?And young master [Link]... If and when, hope beyond hope, you manage to complete this third task... Then shall you be my number-one pupil! Oh ho ho ho ho! Does that not excite you? ...Good luck to you, young sir!

?In this town is a couple whose hearts are secretly filled with thoughts of one another, but when they pass on the street, they only gaze at one another and speak not...

?You must capture in a pictograph this secret couple, at that frozen moment when they think their furtive thoughts of one another! Ah, yes, yes! There is one more thing. Be sure to capture them both in perfect full-body shots. Their faces alone will not tell the full story of their love.

?From here onward, come rain or wind, my heart shall rest in comfortable ease. And at the same time, your heart will learn the love that pictography fosters! Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho!

?My assistant, [Link]! Allow me a brief query. Do you perchance know about pictographs with color? I have researched this concept for many years, and at long last I understand it! A stronger light is needed to imbue color in the pictograph. No normal light will do. In fact, normal light must be overcome! Color pictography requires a light of the very brightest intensity!

?Now, I have heard tales of a mystical creature in a place called the Forest Haven. It is said to be the tiniest of creatures, one that unleashes an otherworldly light... As an aid to me and my research, could you possibly use an empty bottle to capture one of these creatures of legend?

?Ah, young [Link]... Are pictographs not the most divine of creations? You know it is true, my young sir!

?You, too, must snap and snap and snap pictographs until you, like me, finally arrive at the very pinnacle of pictography!

?Hmmm, now? Are you offering me this thing? Sadly, I have no need of it.

?What's this, now?

?Is... Is that...?

?...Why, I feared the secret light had been extinguished forever! Is that truly one of the long-fabled Forest Fireflies?! Oh, glory!

?My fine assistant, [Link]... For ages, it has been said that the Forest Fireflies possess a mystical power. For your efforts, I shall place this one inside your box! Come on now, hand me your Picto Box, if only for a moment...

?Oh-ho! Now, those pictographs of yours that have forever lacked the scintillating palette of life should henceforth show the world as it was meant to be_in living color! Hmm, now... That was quite an easy thing to do after all! ...Ah, well. Such is life. Now go out there and snap pictographs. Snap them in color for me, for all the years I spent unable to do so! Go to it, [Link]!

?I am a bit of a purist when it comes to pictographs. I'm sorry, but skill such as yours would require much polish before I'd consider you for the position of assistant.

?Hmm... That's not quite right. I'm terribly sorry, but there is no way I could possibly give this a passing grade. I'm afraid you must retake the shot! When you snap a pictograph, you must be sure not to snap it too close-up, and yet, at the same time it should not be too zoomed-out... All of which means you must begin your study of the pictography basics anew.

?Oh-ho! Now THIS is a finely snapped pictograph indeed! Hmmm now... They say love is blind, but what could he be thinking, mailing all these letters? I should not ridicule him, though, for he reminds me of myself back in the innocence of my youth... Memories of those bittersweet summer days come rushing back to me...

?But I digress... Very good, young sir! I must congratulate you on...passing your first test!

?I shall promptly take this pictograph from you and use it most efficiently!

?Oh-ho! Now THIS is a finely snapped pictograph indeed! Clearly this individual must be the town's most timid of denizens! Fear is his constant companion! I cannot complain, young sir! You have passed in a most admirable manner! ...Say, and is it me, or is this chap quite the striking individual?

?Very good, young sir! And this means you have passed my second test!

?To take the finest of pictures, you must spend your days devoted to the path of pictography, [Link]! My young sir... ...My assistant!

?Oh-ho! This is a finely snapped pictograph indeed! ...I had no idea these two would get along so splendidly! You can see the love there, hidden but thriving. Even I, who have lived in this town for so many long years, did not realize in the slightest the extent of their passion. You have done well, [Link].

?Now then, my young sir... You have completed all of the tasks I set you to. My doubts about you have all been cleared up! I shall hereby be proud to call you my assistant, [Link]! And to reward you further for your fine efforts, I offer you this! The elderly lady next door tells me it has value, of sorts.

?From here onward, come rain or wind, my heart shall rest in comfortable ease. And at the same time, your heart will learn the love that pictography fosters! Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho!

?Ahh, pictographs.

?Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho! Aren't these some finely snapped pictographs? You must admit it!

?...But come now! You needn't be so surprised, my young sir! It is a hobby of mine to sneak up behind people when they least expect it. It's quite an amusing diversion. Think nothing of it.

?By the way, the pictographs you see decorating these fine walls have all been taken by none other than myself. They are my pride and joy!

?You see, in my younger days I was tireless, sailing far and wide across the Great Sea, snapping pictographs wherever I went...

?Have a look at them, young sir!

?What is this a pictograph of, you ask?

?Well, those are creatures called ChuChus. They are said to have medicinal properties, so they are a most important resource treasured by sailors the world over.

?Why, there is even said to be an extremely rare species of them known as the Blue ChuChu. It is only under very unusual circumstances that they are ever sighted. ...You would be most lucky to ever come across one, young sir!

?This is a pretty nice pictograph.

?This one is of a tiny rock islet resting far out in the seas southeast of here. Isn't it nice?

?There was a very dignified butler standing before the door, and I snapped his photo without even thinking... That aside, I am certain this is someone's private cabana.

?This is an incredible pictograph.

?I saw this strange platform rising up out of the seas, seeming to claw at the sky. ...It makes for an even stranger silhouette.

?I wonder if such things still remain out there on the high seas, lonely on the waves. Ah, if I only had the chance, I would love to see these things once again...

?This is a pictograph of a place I once visited.

?Isn't it a finely snapped shot? I took it in my younger days. It is Outset Island.

?It is the most delightful of fishing villages, innocent and rich with nature's bounty... It was there I met a beautiful young lass... Although I suppose she is probably not as young as she used to be these days...

?What kind of pictograph is this, you ask?

?One ill-fated day, misfortune befell me and my boat was destroyed. Clinging to the wreckage, I drifted at the whims of the waves... That's when I saw this monstrosity. This foul ship, veiled in mist and fading in and out of sight like something of another world... Yes, my young sir... 'Tis none other than the Ghost Ship!

?The rumors I've heard tell of a man who researched the reaches of the sea where the Ghost Ship faded in and out of sight, and that he drew a map of its movements. But it is said that as soon as the man had finished drawing the lines of that cursed map...he died a most unexpected death. ...Chilling! Truly chilling! Now, if one were able to find that map... then it might be possible to sneak onto the Ghost Ship and get the treasure that is said to lurk within its hull!

?This pictograph chills me to the bone...

?The Forsaken Fortress! This place lies to the northwest of our fair isle, but it has been enveloped in filthy dark clouds of late. What are we to do against the silent evil that lingers there?

?If you value your life, young sir, then at the very least you should stay as far away from that place as you possibly can. ...It feels as if evil that is not of this world lies in wait there, biding its time.

?Not a bad pictograph, hm?

?Is that not a rather mysterious statue? The statue's home is on one of the Triangle Islands. It lies due south of here.

?There are a total of three Triangle Islands: the Northern, the Southern, and the Eastern Triangle Islands... Each of them has a statue such as this standing on its shores.

?Does this not make a fine pictograph? It is the epitome of pictography: not too close-up, yet not too zoomed-out to discern the subject. It boasts perfect balance of scale, wouldn't you say?

?What's the secret to snapping a fine pictograph, you ask? Why, it is to stand back at a slight distance and to capture your subject framed in just the right manner. If the Picto Box is too zoomed-in, you cannot discern what the subject is, correct? That is why such pictographs are rarely considered to be fine snapshots.

?Ah, the conditions for a fine pictograph, you ask? Well now... Generally, you should capture your subject from the top of his or her head to the tips of his or her toes. Your subject should be framed fully within the pictograph's border. Essentially, you should just concentrate on getting your subject as large as possible within the frame of the pictograph.

?And with that...

?Quickly now! Up above!

?Greetings, O person who has surely come to take the challenge of the big sky! This is where you can register for the Official Rito Tribe Bird-Man Contest!

?And now, listen. You are free to use any means, methods or tools you have at your disposal to help you soar through the sky. The rules are simple: "See how far you can fly before you crash into the roiling seas like so much dead-weight driftwood!"

?A banner stands now at the site where the Great and Talented Champion, who has flown the farthest to date, crashed into the frothy waves in a massive splash of glory! If you are able to pass that flag... then YOU will be the new champion! And you will be drenched in praise, much as you will be drenched in sea water!

?The participation fee is a mere 10 Rupees! Well? Will you take the challenge? I will Not right now

?Ahh, do you not feel the grand romance of the wide open skies? The roaring invitation of the wind? The soft call of the clouds? You are a boring, boring creature.

?Ru... Ru... Rupees! You do not have enough Rupees, my empty-pocketed friend!

?Ohhhhh-kayyy! Then up the ladder you go! My brother awaits you up top!

?Uh, you don't seem to have any wings or feathers or anything on your back... do have something that you can use to fly, right? I sure hope so. Here's wishing the wind beneath your, uh...thing! Whatever it is!

?Do you want to fly again, young fledgling? The entrance fee is only 10 Rupees! I'll fly Not right now

?Your current record is [?]. May you return as feathered and winged as a bird of the skies!

?Come back any time you have...time!

?...Uh, what was that?! That was so terrible, I don't even know where to begin offering advice! I could have fallen unconscious and done better than that!

?Hmm... [?]? That's...not impressive. At the very least you ought to be paying attention to the direction of the wind when you fly. Think!

?[?]? I suppose that's about average. By which I mean, not even remotely in the league of the great and talented. Say, have you ever thought of flying into any of the updrafts you see out there? They can really boost your distance.

?[?]? Well, you have some skill_that much is for certain. But let me teach you the secrets to pushing your distance further. First of all, the wind has to be blowing directly toward your goal. That's the only time you should be flying. Secondly, use the updrafts, and use them well. Keep these two techniques in your head when you fly... Just don't tell my brother upstairs! Trade secrets, you know!

?[?]!?! Really??? Wow! That's some great flying...but not quite great AND talented! I have no more advice to share with you. All that's left is to cast your luck to the wind and just fly! Fly, boy, fly!

?Flight distance was: [?]! Yes! A whopping [?]!

?Amazing... You blew past my brother's best record in impressive fashion!

?You would make a fine and distinguished member of the Rito Tribe! I guarantee it! The former champion upstairs says so, too! You are both great and talented!

?So, as the new champion of the Bird-Man Contest, please accept this great and talented prize!

?Come back anytime you feel the desire to fly again! I shall await with one eye on the sky and the other on the sea!

?We should have expected as much, O champion! Another stupendous flight!

?This is just a trifling thing, but please accept it!

?Your current record is your superb flight of [?]! All hail!

?O Great and Talented Champion! You've come again! Would you like to fly? I'll fly Not right now

?Oh, how lamentable! ..Where was your skill, O champion!?

?Oh! A challenger! The contest is afoot! You see that banner far off in the distance? That marks the record distance set by our Great and Talented Champion! ...You must pass that banner!

?You can use whatever means, methods and tools you have at your disposal! All you must do is take to the skies and aim for that flag, plain and simple! Just imagine you are flying down from the very summit of Dragon Roost Mountain!

?Have you finished all your stretching exercises? Is the wind blowing the way you like? Is your ballast balanced?

?Once you have performed all your preflight checks, step onto that launch pad and take flight like an elegant creature of the air! The banner you see out yonder marks the record set by our Great and Talented Champion! ...You must pass it!

?Your current record is [?]!

?Oh! You are the New and Great and Talented Champion who surpassed even me! Please show us humble brothers yet another great flight! I tremble with anticipation!

?Have you seen the small metal pedestals all around town? We call those Joy Pedestals.

?Yeah, they got installed a little while ago by the newly formed Joyous Volunteer Association. It's part of this grand plan to help decorate the town.

?Anyway, they're brilliant! I may as well tell you that both myself and Zunari, the guy who runs that stall over there, are members. You just have to be a part of stuff like this!

?Hey there, little joy junior! Thanks so much for being a Joyous Volunteer!

?Wow! Windfall just seems to be filled with joy lately... Don't you think?

?Say, you haven't been cooperating with the volunteers, have you? You know what I'm talking about? Decorating the town?

?Oh, really? ...You have? Wow, it never fails to amaze me how kind and thoughtful folks can be. ...I know! I'll return your kindness with some of my own!

?I hope you'll continue to help the Joyous Volunteer Association with its work, little joy junior!

?Now I get it... You're secretly assisting the Joyous Volunteer Association, aren't you?

?Yeah, I've been a member for a while now, so I can just tell these things. And being a member is so rewarding! Spreading joy is something you just HAVE to experience!

?The Joy Pedestals are set out so that people can place little joyful objects in them and decorate the town.

?The items you can place in them should be on sale over there, so try asking Zunari about the whole deal. Honestly, you're missing out if you don't take part!

?Whoa! Don't startle me like that! ...Sheesh! I thought we were having an earthquake or something!

?Both Mila and Maggie returned unharmed! It sounds as though they went through quite an ordeal, but they're safe now.

?Oh, the horribleness! I don't know what I'd do if I were kidnapped and taken to the Forsaken Fortress! Just the thought of it sends shivers down my spine! Brrrr!

?Lately, I've been hearing that monsters from the Forsaken Fortress have been going around kidnapping girls with long ears.

?I can believe it. After all, two girls from Windfall have already been kidnapped. Poor Maggie and Mila... It just breaks my heart to think about those two.

?Both of their fathers are desperate to find anyone who can rescue their poor little girls... What kind of world has this become?! So much fear and suffering...

?Tee hee hee! Tell me, little boy... Can you control the wind?

?Hee hee! So young, to have such power... How did you know to find me here?

?I am the queen of the fairy world! What is the matter, my child? Does that not surprise you? Young one...

?I like you. And so, I shall give new power to the bow that you wield.

?Ice Arrows can freeze the hottest flames, and Fire Arrows can melt the coldest ice.

?The fairies in this fountain will ease your weariness. Use them as you need to.

?Child... I must tell you... You are just my type. Tee hee hee!

?Young waker of the winds...

?Allow me to aid you in your quest.

?The fairies in this fountain shall ease your weariness. When you grow fatigued from your battles, come here to be refreshed.

?Oh, waker of the winds...

?Thanks to you, I have been freed from that beast's foul grasp...

?As thanks, I shall give you just a little of my power...

?May the winds of fortune always blow across your bow...

?In the place where the wind god guides you, you will find one who can grant new power to the Hero's Bow that you wield.

?...Power that can freeze fierce flames and melt the coldest ice.

?When you find you have need of such power, you must call upon the powers of the wind god.

?Oh! A fine welcome to you, young person that I've never seen before! You're so lucky to meet me at this time! This shop will close in just seven more days, and I'm having a clearance sale.

?I'm going to be closing very soon, so if you want to buy something, you'd better buy it now. That's what I'd recommend.

?Use [+][>] to browse, huh?

?Why are you looking at me, huh? Look at the goods!

?Come again!

?Empty Bottle: M.S.R.P. This is my last one.

?Piece of Heart Open Price This is my last one of these, too.

?Treasure Chart Current Price The price may be high, but it'll pay off handsomely in the end!

?This Empty Bottle is a mere 500 Rupees! Buy it! Buy it! Buy buy buy! I'll buy it No thanks

?This Piece of Heart is only 950 Rupees! Buy it! Buy it! Buy buy buy! I'll buy it No thanks

?This Treasure Chart is just 900 Rupees! Buy it! Buy it! Buy buy buy! I'll buy it No thanks

?OHHHHH! You don't have enough Rupees! Come on! Get it together!

?You can't carry anything more!

?Oh! You don't have an empty bottle! I'm only selling the contents! Sorry!

?OHHHHH! Thank you so much! You're happy, I'm happy... We're all happy!

?I didn't lie! I closed...and completely redid the inside of my shop. Tah-dah! It's reborn!

?What? I have nothing to talk about... Just buy something, huh?

?What's that? Why would I know what that is? I'm not Beedle! Or whatever his name is! Don't show me that!

?If you have time to show me that, then you're not doing what you should be! Stop fooling around!

?OHHHHH! I'm sad to say that this shop will close in just six short days. Right now, I'm having my clearance sale. Great deals to be had!

?OHHHHH! I regret to inform you that this shop will be closing in just five days. It's clearance sale time! But for a limited time only!

?This shop closes in just four more days. Everything is on sale! It all must go! If you want to buy, buy now!

?OHHHHH! Time grows short! This shop will close in just three days. If you want to buy, do it now!

?OHHHHH! The clock is ticking! This shop will close in just two days! Everything must go! ...But for a limited time only!

?OHHHHH! This shop will close tomorrow! That's it! Closed! Tomorrow! Our clearance sale ends tomorrow! Now may be your last chance!

?OHHHHH! This shop will be closing today! Today, the curtain drops! Everything HAS to go! This is your LAST chance!

?OHHHHH! A fine welcome to you! We've remodeled and reopened! Hoo-rah! And right now, we're having a special Grand Reopening Sale! Have a look around!

?We're having our Grand Reopening Sale! Buy something! Buy buy buy!

?OHHHHH! Welcome! Buy something! Buy! Buy!

?OHHHH! I'm really sorry! Really, I am! I'm all sold out of everything! But luckily, I'll be getting a new shipment of some fine products in shortly! Just wait a bit and then come on back, huh?

?Sorry about that!

?OHHHHH! Hey! I've been waiting for you! These scurvy pirates sold me some bombs for cheap! This may be your only chance! Buy buy buy!

?By the way, are you friends with that adorable little kid?

?Ohhh, you're pretty smart for someone with such a young face, huh? Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk!

?Buy something, you little imp!

?Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk!

?We close tomorrow! If you're going to buy, you'd better buy now!

?We close today! Which means this is the last day for our clearance sale! Which means that you'd better buy buy BUY!

?I don't have anything for sale at the moment, but I'm constantly looking for things that I can sell at good prices JUST to you. I'm serious! I'm not lying!

?Have I ever tricked you before? Yes No

?Of course not! So believe me! Just wait a little longer, huh?

?I'm sorry, I wasn't listening just now...

?What? I couldn't hear you.

?I'm sorry, I don't understand the words that you use. What language is that?

?OHHHHH! You're absolutely right! I've never fooled you! Not even one time! Not once! Thank you so much for believing me!

?30 Bombs 30 Rupees This is a great price!

?30 Bombs 30 Rupees Will you buy them? Buy them! Buy buy buy! I'll buy them No thanks

?30 Arrows 30 Rupees They're quite cheap in bulk! And in this color, they match your bow perfectly, huh?

?30 Arrows 30 Rupees Will you buy them? Buy them! Buy buy buy! I'll buy them No thanks

?Red Potion 30 Rupees This is great for recovering life energy! Do you have an empty bottle to keep it in?

?Red Potion 30 Rupees Will you buy it? Buy it! Buy buy buy! I'll buy it No thanks

?Thank you so much for the sale!

?Hmmm... Well, that's not quite enough... I know! If you could collect 20 of them for me, I'll give you something quite splendid. Yes! That's your homework for today, dear! Collect 20 of them!

?It's just not in my nature to do such scrounging for jewelry... But you can do it, can't you? Please wrap me in the pure joy of 20 of those delightful things!

?Why, to think a child like you would pay such a large tribute to me... Oh, your teacher is very impressed by your efforts, little dear! My whole body is numb with the thrill of excitement! ...So this is what pure joy feels like!

?I'll take precisely 20 of them, thank you. That will do just fine! My heart will be all aflutter! I don't know if you know, but 20 is my lucky number!

?And just as I promised, I will reward you for going out and collecting all these for me. I'm going to give you... A wonderfully splendid thing! Close your eyes, dear...

?Dum-dah-DUM! You see, although I am but a mere teacher, I own my very own cabana in a tropical oasis down south. But lately I haven't made use of it at all, so you can have it! Ooh hoo hoo hoo hoo! It's all right, dear. You can stop gaping in amazement now!

?Now that you have this deed, that cabana is all yours! You OWN it! So whatever you do, don't lose this piece of paper!

?I am getting on in age, and sea travel hasn't exactly agreed with me as of late... Now I can just stay here and relax as I continue my work with the children.

?And just so you know, you'll find the place southeast of here! It's on a tiny, lonely little isle near the Triangle Islands. From now on, it is your own little bachelor pad! Good luck finding it!

?Oh, and one more thing... Don't tell ANYBODY, dear!

?My dear! Did you bring me Joy Pendants yet again?

?Hmm... Are you giving these to me as well? But I told you I was perfectly satisfied with the 20 you gave me before!

?But my, you are such a persistent little dear! Since you are so insistent, I will accept them happily! ...Fine! I have no choice but to unleash pure joy on you! Prepare for an onrush of joy the likes of which you've never imagined!

?You got the Hero's Charm! This mystical trinket gives you the ability to see the life forces of your foes! Equip it on the Quest Status screen!

?Hey, sounds like you apologized to the Teach' for us! Good ol' Mrs. Marie! ...And speakin of, bud, did you know it's gonna be Mrs. Marie's birthday soon?

?Boss! Ooh! Boss! You think maybe we should we give her some kinda present or something?

?Don't be stupid! We're the Killer Bees! We ain't no teacher's pets!

?Yeah, but Teach' loves jewelry and junk more than anythin' else in the world! What's she into these days? What'd she call 'em? Joy Pendants?

?Really? Where do you find 'em? Are they just lyin' around? If we could just find some, we could give 'em to Teach' as a present, and she'd be all happy...

?Hey... Now that I think about it, when I was climbin' trees the other day, I saw some sparkly light up on top of some tree in town. Where was that...?

?Maybe that's one of them pendants! What d'ya think, Boss...? Nah! That's crazy-talk!

?Yo, bud! Looks like you found yourself a Joy Pendant! Solid work!

?Actually, I gotta admit, we hid that thing up in the tree. We thought you might find it!

?Listen up! It's gonna be Mrs. Marie's birthday soon. We were thinkin' of givin' her a present, so it was good that we finally got our hands on that thing...

?...But we can't be goin' around givin' presents to people! No way! That just don't fit the Killer Bees' style!

?Come on, bud! Can't you give it to Teach' for us? Can't you?

?And it's not like we could ask just anybody to do it for us, neither. It's gotta be someone reliable, who can keep a secret... You're the only one we could ask, bud!

?You listen, young man! I haven't seen you around, so I guess you're new to Windfall... but don't you know it's bad to eavesdrop on conversations meant only for adult ears?

?We're discussing...very, VERY important topics that kids just wouldn't understand. You're far too young to be listening to us, young man! So shoo!

?So anyway, you know that brick building at the top of the steps? Well, the gentleman who lives there has SUCH class!

?Ooh, I KNOW! That mysterious pictographer, Lenzo is so...dreamy! Ohhhhhhhh... He makes my heart go aflutter!

? you think the rumors could be true? Is he actually devoted to someone special? He just seems too serious about his work to be involved with somebody...

?The lucky lady! Who could she be?! I wish someone would take a pictograph of the two of them together so we could see if the rumors are true! Oh, that'd be to die for!

?Well, I suppose we were all wrong about the rumors of Lenzo and his "girlfriend"...

?Ahhh... I simply can NOT wait! Tonight's auction is going to be so fun!

?Oooh! Oooh! The excitement! The drama! Just wondering who's going to win the bidding race tonight gives me goosebumps! ...I'm not sure I can wait until dark!

?I'm going to be the auction star tonight, I just know it!

?They call those pictographs. I know all about those things. ...That one's pretty nice.

?Oh, you mean Lenzo and the lady who loves pictographs? Yes, yes, I already know about that.

?OH! This is...

?It's the pictographer, Lenzo, and that pictograph-loving lady!

?I guess we were completely wrong about Lenzo having a girlfriend... It looks as though they're just old friends who happen to share the same hobby.

?Thanks for setting us straight, young man. We really should stop spreading idle gossip like that. ...You've taught us the error of our ways, and to thank you, we're going to give you something nice. Stick out your hand!

?My naughty little boy found this somewhere. I'm sure you'll like it!

?You look like a curious boy... Did you know there's an island a little to the east of here called Dragon Roost Island?

?Folks say that the island is the home of a tribe of people who dance in the skies like birds on the wind. They call themselves the Rito, and they say a sky spirit lives nearby.

? someone like me, a person who's never left this little island, it may as well be a fairy tale out of a child's book. ...Oh, if only I had my own boat!

?Dragon Roost Island... I'd surely love to go there some day. They say it's only a little ways to the east...

?The sky-dancing Rito tribe... A mystical sky spirit... Dragon Roost Island just sounds like a paradise floating in the ocean of my dreams!

?Is... Is... Is that...your boat? Well, that's startling!

?Umm, if I may suggest something, I'd prefer you to take my pictograph from the front... I'll certainly have no complaints if you take a perfect shot of me from my face down to, oh, hips! Yes, that would do nicely!

?Well, that's an excellent pictograph of me! ...I'm amazed! Usually, I look awful on film! Oh, but...somehow my complexion just doesn't look right. Maybe that's because it's a black and white pictograph...

?Oh, yes! Look at my face! ...How charming!

?Well, is this how I look today? ...Why, I had no idea that the gloss on my skin was so...perfect!

?Just LOOK at me! I am so stunning! ...Oh, I feel so wonderful now! I have to reward you for making me feel so good about myself! Here!

?My son picked it up somewhere, and I would imagine you like this sort of thing, correct? My son likes it, so you must, too!

?If you could indulge me for a moment, please admit that I am looking FINE! Why, looking this fine would have won me the Miss Windfall crown way back when! I'm STILL looking better than all the younger girls I know! Hoo hoo hoo!

?Oh, hoo hoo hoo! And how do I look today?

?My skin will always be beautiful! Hoo hoo hoo! Not even the younger girls look prettier than me!

?You know, HE always shows off his pictures of me just as soon as he's taken them.

?...What?! I'll have you know I've only come here to have him take a pictograph of my exceptionally beautiful skin!

?I've been a huge fan of pictographs for a long time now... So don't go taking this the wrong way!

?Allow me to think... Ah. Yes. I first started searching for pictographs that recorded true beauty...oh, about ten years ago...

?How interesting!

?Hah? ...Who's there?

?Wh-Wh-Wh-What are you doing here? Were you trying to give me a heart attack?

?Hmm... And now that I think on it, just how did you get in here? Why, I never even noticed you!

?Well, if that isn't a Joy Pendant! Wait... Are you trying to say that I look even more fabulous when I wear jewelry? Why, you delightful little rascal! Tee hee!

?You learned the Command Melody!

?You learned the Earth God's Lyric!

?You got the Hero's Clothes! They look like they might be a little warm for this weather...

?Hey there, boy! Did you happen to see the postbox down near the docks?

?Well, just so you know, if you want to send someone a letter, just set it to [Y], [Z], or [X], and use that button to put it in the postbox. It's just that easy.

?Before long, the Rito postman will come to deliver it to whomever you've sent it to. He's a hardworking fellow, I tell you!

?I wonder if the Rito postman has already come today...

?Let's see... Was that all I needed to send? I didn't forget anything, did I?

?Dang! I DID forget to send something! What a drag...

?Awwww... What are you doing, taking pictures like this? I'd only send something like this to my future wife!

?I don't feel guilty at all!

?Oh! A pictograph! You know, there's a famed pictographer living in the red brick building in town. Have you been to see him yet?


?Oh, my! You're a very small customer, aren't you? Well, that's fine, of course. You just feel free to look around!

?Oh, can I help you with something? Let's talk Maybe next time

?Well, 'bye!

?You know, the world's a crazy place, kiddo. You're still young, so you probably don't know about what goes on out there beyond the comfortable confines of your home.

?Listen to this... The other night, a gang of gangly pirates came into my shop without any warning, and do you want to know what they did? Well, I'll tell you! They said, "Hey! You! You'll be renting your little place out to us tonight! You got that?!" I had no choice!

?And that night, they stayed up all night drinking coffee, singing strange pirate songs of "love and loss" (whatever THAT means), and generally causing a ruckus! ...Now THEY were a troublesome bunch!

?If I look a little worried, it's just because my pop's been sick and bedridden for a long time now.

?That's why I'm stuck managing this cafe!

?It's taken me a while, but I think I'm finally getting the hang of running this place.

?When night falls around here, this place fills up with all these sour, swarthy sailors.

?In fact, there's this little boat called the Shop Ship that shows up at night and cruises around the island selling things. I'm not sure what the story is with that. I guess what I'm trying to tell you here is that this town has two faces: the nice, pretty one you see in the day and the darker, shadier one you see at night. ...But I suppose that's too heavy a concept for a youngster like yourself, eh?

?Shhh! Keep quiet! ...This is no time for a kid like you to be coming in here!

?You don't want to get hurt, do you? Just be a good kid and go home, OK?

?Just a second, there, kid! ...Look, this isn't any time for a kid like you to be coming in here! Just trust me, OK?

?Go on, now! Go home!

?Fine night, isn't it?

?You know, this thing may look like a windmill, but it's actually a wind-powered ferris wheel! It used to harness the wind's power to spin in quite a nifty manner... But we rarely get a favorable wind around here anymore, so it doesn't budge.

?I'm pretty sure it's not broken or anything, though, so if the wind blew in the right direction again, we'd just have to hit the power switch out back to get it moving.

?Whoa! That's a pretty incredible wind we've got blowing right now! But...the funny thing about this ferris wheel is the fact that it doesn't matter how strong the breeze is_it still won't budge unless someone presses the power switch! I don't know why they didn't just make it work like a regular old windmill. That would have been way better!

?Hmmm... It looks like a southeasterly wind is blowing right now.

?Hmm... It looks like a southwesterly wind is blowing now.

?Hmm... It looks like an easterly wind is blowing now.

?Hmmm... It looks like a westerly wind is blowing now.

?Ummm... It looks like a northerly wind is blowing now.

?Hmm... It looks like a northeasterly wind is blowing now.

?Umm... It looks like a northwesterly wind is blowing now.

?Do you see that, little man? The light in the lighthouse has been reignited! Check out the beam of light that sweeps out now, shining through the night's darkness!

?Seeing that brave beam fighting the gloom has made me so happy, I just feel like giving somebody a present. So, here! I'm giving this to you, little man!

?Now Windfall is going to be even more lively than before! Hurray for everything!

?Well, would you look at that! The ferris wheel just started moving all on its own! Somebody must have started it up. I wonder who got the thing going again? I don't know who it was or where he is, but he must be one nice guy_assuming, of course, that he IS a guy.

?Well, seeing as how it's finally moving again, you should go for a ride while you have the chance. You can jump into the gondola seats just around the corner from here! Trust me, little man, it's fun.

?This tower was originally used as a lighthouse for Windfall Island, you know. Yeah, it used to send a bright shaft of light onto the night sea_sort of a safety beacon. ...But that was quite some time ago.

?Even now, what's left of that lighthouse's illumination device still spins around up top, all night, every night. ...But its fire remains extinguished.

?Isn't that a sad story? And it doesn't have to be. I bet that thing would light up again if someone could just get a spark of fire inside it.

?Looking out from the top of a lighthouse is the best! Don't you agree, little man?

?[Link]... [Link]... Wake up, [Link]!

?Pull yourself together, [Link]!

?Well? Have you come to your senses yet?

?You are surprisingly dull-witted...

?Did I startle you? I suppose that is only natural. As wide as the world is, I am the only boat upon it who can speak the words of men. I am the King of Red Lions. Do not fear... I am not your enemy.

?[Link]... I have been watching you since you went to the Forsaken Fortress to rescue your sister. I understand how your desire to protect your sister could give you the courage to fearlessly stand up to anything... But such a bold attempt was foolhardy! I suppose you saw him... The shadow that commands that monstrous bird...

?His name is...Ganon...

?...He who obtained the power of the gods, attempted to cover the land in darkness, and was ultimately sealed away by the very power he hoped to command.

?He is the very same Ganon... The emperor of the dark realm the ancient legends speak of...

?I do not know why the seal of the gods has failed, but now that Ganon has returned, the world is once again being threatened by his evil magic.

?Tell me, [Link]... Do you still wish to save your sister from him?

?And will you do anything to save her?

?...I see. In that case, I shall guide you as we go forward...advising you on what you should do, and where you must go. Ganon cannot be defeated by human hands, let alone by what little strength you possess.

?The key to defeating Ganon is locked away in a great power that you can wield only after much toil and hardship. Do you understand?

?In that case, we depart! To the Great Sea! ...Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself.

?This is actually a bit embarrassing for me to admit, but...although I am indeed a boat that possesses the power of speech... I possess no sail. And a boat with no sail can sail no seas.

?I have brought you far to the east of the dark gaze of the Forsaken Fortress. On this island is a town of merchants who deal in a wide variety of goods. If you search hard enough, surely you can find one who will sell you a sail. I am sorry to ask this of you, but without a sail, I will be useless to you.

?This island of merchants is home to many valuable goods. While the sail must come first, do not feel limited to buying only it. Once you have it, feel free to stock up on anything else you think you may need. But remember: there is no time to play. Come back here immediately as soon as your errands are done.

?It is just as the postman told us. The pirate ship has stopped here to avoid drawing the attention of the townsfolk...

?I know not what they are researching, but if they are hoping to get their hands on Jabun's sacred gem... I doubt they would tell you anything directly if you were to ask them. [Link], I think you should try to find out what the pirates are up to... without them finding out about you.

?What is the matter? Go see what the pirates are doing, and come back as quickly as you can.

?What is the matter, [Link]? ...Have you forgotten the password? It's simple. It's [var. Password]! And remember, once you hear a password... do your best not to forget it.

?Well done! Our preparations are complete. If what the girl says is true, the pirates won't be leaving until morning. You must meet with Jabun and get the pearl from him before they arrive. Let us delay no longer, [Link]!

?There is no one playing music nearby.

?Medli, listen carefully to what I am about to tell you.

?The temple ahead is the nest of an evil creature...the same creature that stole the life of your predecessor, the sage. It is a dark and frightening place. That is why, if you do nothing else, then at least do this...

?If [Link] comes near you and presses [R] to call you, then be silent, and follow closely behind him.

?And if [Link] presses [A], allow him to lift you, and if need be, fly and carry him through the air.

?And [Link]...

?If Medli gets stuck and cannot continue in the temple, use the Wind Waker to conduct the song you learned in the Tower of the Gods. Do you understand?

?[Link], protect Medli. And Medli, protect [Link]. The power to repel evil shall surely be returned to the Master Sword!

?You got a reward for being so skillful at finding Tingle Statues! You got 50 Rupees per statue! Lucky you!

?You got a reward for being so skillful at finding Tingle Statues! You got 50 Rupees per statue! Lucky you!

?You got a reward for being so skillful at finding Tingle Statues! You got 50 Rupees per statue! Lucky you!

?You got a reward for being so skillful at finding Tingle Statues! You got 50 Rupees per statue! Lucky you!

?You got a reward for being so skillful at finding Tingle Statues! You got 50 Rupees per statue! Lucky you!

?You got a reward for getting all five Tingle Statues! It's 500 Rupees! Lucky you!

?You got your chart deciphered! Now you can use it to find a piece of the Triforce! Press [D-pad][v] to open your Sea Chart to check its location!

?You got your chart deciphered! Now you can use it to find a piece of the Triforce! Press [D-pad][v] to open your Sea Chart to check its location!

?You got your chart deciphered! Now you can use it to find a piece of the Triforce! Press [D-pad][v] to open your Sea Chart to check its location!

?You got your chart deciphered! Now you can use it to find a piece of the Triforce! Press [D-pad][v] to open your Sea Chart to check its location!

?You got your chart deciphered! Now you can use it to find a piece of the Triforce! Press [D-pad][v] to open your Sea Chart to check its location!

?You got your chart deciphered! Now you can use it to find a piece of the Triforce! Press [D-pad][v] to open your Sea Chart to check its location!

?You got your chart deciphered! Now you can use it to find a piece of the Triforce! Press [D-pad][v] to open your Sea Chart to check its location!

?You got your chart deciphered! Now you can use it to find a piece of the Triforce! Press [D-pad][v] to open your Sea Chart to check its location!

?Well? What do you think about my outfit? ...You don't see clothes like this often, do you? Aren't they so cute?

?A friend of mine who lives on Outset Island sent this outfit to me. She's an amazing girl. She can put jars on her head and walk around like it's nothing at all! You have to see it to believe it!

?You know something? When you stand here, you see a lot of different people pass by.

?This is a brand-new outfit, you know. I just wish someone would notice it.

?Actually, there's a fella I've had my eye on lately.

?He's got such a distinguished chin... And he's always walking back and forth.

?Hey, I've had something on my mind ever since the pictographer who lives in the red brick building told me my fortune.

?He told me that if I send a beautiful pictograph of myself to the one who has captured my heart, true love will blossom in return...

?So I couldn't help but notice...that you have a Picto Box of your own, don't you? Do you think you could take a pictograph of me to the apple of my eye? Maybe he'll notice my affections... Leave it to me! Keep me out of this!

?Really?! How splendid! Be sure to get my good side! Oh! I want to show off this outfit, so don't just take a pictograph of my face. Can you be sure to get my whole body in the pictograph?

?Well, that's just plain mean!

?After you do your little "CLICK! CLICK!" and take my pictograph, be sure to take it to him for me!

?Then surely...

?Maybe... He'll come tomorrow!

?The two of us...are going to start dating! Don't we make a delightful couple?

?I'm so happy! And that's why I want to share some of our happiness with you!

?Take good care of it!

?You delivered my pictograph, didn't you? Well, it looks like that was what brought us together... Thank you so much!

?Thanks to you, Anton and I have grown so close to one another. ...Thank you so much!

?You...don't look at all familiar, buddy. Are you some kind of tourist or something? If you are, I'll show you around_why don't you join me for a little stroll around town?

?Our Windfall Island may be a little cozy, so to speak, but people from all over the world come here. The town's always lively.

?Ha ha! Why, just walking around and having a look at things is quite fun! THAT'S the mark of a great town!

?So anyway, taking strolls is kind of like a hobby of mine. I'm always moving, buddy! ...But do you think it's strange for a young guy like me to walk around so much?

?Well, whatever. I'll tell you one thing: Because I take so many strolls, I know all the best walking courses in town.

?Take that little path beside the bomb shop, for example. How many people in town know that it kind of sneaks around behind the building? I think I'm the only one, buddy!

?I tell you, every time I walk by, she kind of gives me that look... You know that look I'm talking about? What do you suppose that look could mean...?

?There's this certain someone that I've had my eye on lately. I don't know her name, but boy, oh boy...

?Whenever I think about her, my heart just starts fluttering in my chest. I've never felt anything like this before... You think I'm catching a cold, buddy?

?That's it! I've made up my mind! First, I'm going to ask her out for coffee, then, if things seem to be going right, I'm going to profess my love for her!

?Urrgh... I just can't seem to settle down. I'm so nervous... I mean, just when am I supposed to invite her out, buddy?

?Hey! It's you! Listen to this, will you? I...DID...IT! I worked up my courage, and I talked to her, and it was totally the right move! You know why, buddy? She likes me! She actually likes me!

?Everything's coming up roses for me... Life IS good, buddy!

?I'm so happy! And you, Linda... You're so swell!

?Oh! A pictograph, eh, buddy?

?Say... Speaking of pictographs, did you know we have a famous pictographer living here on the island? Lenzo is his name.

?Have you met him yet, buddy?

?...But man, is this a terrible pictograph! Who is this, anyway?!

?...Hmm, this one's not bad, but the color just isn't right, somehow.

?Maybe because it's in black and white?

?Ah! This girl...! Actually, buddy, this is the girl I've had my eye on lately.

?Wow! She really IS that pretty! I mean, just seeing this pictograph reminds me of how gorgeous that girl is... But no! I'll never be happy with just a mere pictograph! Never!

?That's it! I've made my decision! I am going to get that girl to go out with me! It's got to be done, buddy!

?I've got it! Maybe I'll invite her to join me at the cafe bar_for coffee, of course! ...So what's her name, anyway? Do you think she's nice? Does she have a steady fellow? Ohhhhh, I'm so NERVOUS!

?Oh, that's nice, buddy!

?Yep, to sailors like us, the wind's our whole life! It'd sure be nice if a fair wind blew today...

?Oh! There's a fair wind blowing to the west!

?If you were to set sail and let this easterly wind take you where it would, you'd end up at a place called the Mother & Child Isles. It's a real pleasant sail_not too far away.

?But the thing is, the mother island is pretty much surrounded by this high rock wall. There's no way anyone'll ever get in there...unless they can fly, of course!

?Oh, there's no fair wind blowing west right now.

?Yup, we men of the sea are real sensitive when it comes to wind direction!

?Squid. ...You ever been all ate up by one o' them squid out on the Great Sea? Oh yeah Nope

?Don't you go lyin', now! Why, stick any other sailor out there in my position and he'd be belly-up. He'd have been finished. FINISHED, I'm tellin' you! It's a darn good thing I'm about as rough-and-tumble a sailor as you'll ever meet! Oh, you better believe it!

?This one time, our ship got caught in this giant whirlpool, you get me? And what's there waitin' for us in the middle of it? ...The giantest squid you ever seen!

?All over its body the thing had these beady, gnarly, glowin' eyes... And I don't even KNOW what was goin' on with its tentacles!

?...Now that I'm thinkin' on it, those were the squirreliest eyes I ever seen! If I ever come across that beastie again, I'll whale him in the eyes. THAT'S what I'll do!

?The sea's a fine thing, to be sure, but it's not until I get back to town again that I can really relax, know what I mean?

?And when I see the area around this fine- lookin' gate we got here... Well, that's when I really start feelin' good. Yeah, that gate in particular just says... "At long last, you're home, boy!" ...I s'pose that's the feelin' I'm talkin' about. That comin'-home feelin'.

?That huge gate there at the entrance to town is one of Windfall Island's most famous features. No matter how much I see it, I never get tired of it, you know?

?Hey, by the by, there's a statue way up there on top of the gate that looks kinda familiar somehow... ...Is that Zunari the Shop Master?

?Hey, by the by, there's a statue way up there on top of the gate that looks kinda familiar somehow... Is that an idol carved in the style of the Rito Tribe? That's a mighty nice lookin' statue, if it is. Well, I guess it's mighty nice even if it isn't a Rito, but still.

?Hey, by the by, the top of that gate is lookin' mighty fancy, if you ask me. ...Is there some kinda festival today or somethin'?

?Hey, by the by, the top of that gate is lookin' mighty regal these days! ...A lover of flags such as myself can't get enough of it, know what I mean?

?Hey, by the by, they seem to have put all sorts of statues on top of that gate... It's a mighty peculiar way of decoratin' the thing, but I like it, know what I mean?

?Hey, by the by, don't it look like they've tried to spice that gate up by decoratin' it and such? I think so, too. But whoever did it don't have no sense of pomp and circumstance at all, do they?! I gotta tell you, before I became a sailor, I wanted to be an artist, so when it comes to ar-tis-tic expression, I'm kind of a snob, know what I mean? A good snob.

?But I gotta admit, it'd be nice to have that gate decorated proper. You know, with a true sense of decorative style... Ain't there any youngsters around who want to be artists anymore?

?Look at that! It's brilliant! It makes me so happy to see the gate like that! ...Here! I want you to have this!

?What inspired you to decorate that gate? What, are you tryin' to be an artist or somethin'? Well, nice work, I say! Nice work!

?Heh heh... What are you doin' in a place like this at such a late hour? Isn't it bedtime for all the little brats?

?Yeah, yeah. Step right up.


?Oh, you again?

?You like this place, eh?

?Wow. Haven't seen you around here for a while. You must be a busy little kid...

?If you have confidence in your target shooting, why don't you give this a shot?

?It's 50 Rupees per game. Wanna try? You bet No thanks


?...Oh... Never mind... My mistake...

?Yeah, whatever. Come again. Or not.

?Umm, it's 50 Rupees per game...

?All right. Now then... Ermm... EH-HEM!

?Oh! Ho! Ho! So, you're the little shrimp who thinks he's a target-shooting hotshot, yeah?

?And you say this knowing full well that we are pirates who are so frightening that crying babies shut their mouths when we step into the room?!

?Har! This should be funny! Fine then, hotshot!

?If you can manage to sink the 5 pirate ships you see off on the horizon, we'll acknowledge your skills with a cannon, you shrimpy little landlubber! HOWEVER! We won't tolerate any comments about how the pirate ships look like barrels! And you get only 10 shots! You heard me! You can move your cannon with [+] and fire it with [A]. Watch the water plumes carefully when you fire, yeah?

?You got it, shrimp? I got it! Not really...

?Then clean out your ears and listen up!

?If you manage to sink all 5 pirate ships, we'll give you all the treasure we've stolen up until now! Good luck to you, shrimp! You'll need it, yeah?

?Oh! Ho! Ho! You again, shrimp!?

?So, our little shrimp has returned to us.

?Oh... Too bad.

?It's 50 Rupees per game... Want to try again? Sure No thanks

?Psssh! Wow! Nice shooting... But we won't hand over our priceless treasure so easily, yeah?

?Miss! Hey, Miss!

?Gonzo! You're at least an honorary member of my family, are you not?! So act like it! Don't lose your head!

?You're a talented little kid! ...I like you! As we promised, here's our treasure. It's yours, so take it!

?Psssh! W-Wait a second!

?Miss! Miss!

?What do you want? Don't you know how to keep quiet, you scurvy dog!?

?Oh! I was just wondering who was out here, and look at this! It's YOU again! Look at you and that adorably cute face of yours! I can't help but give away our treasure to you. It's yours, so take it!

?Did that boy beat you guys again!? Give me a break! This is ridiculous!

?Are you sure a kid like you should be playing in a seedy place like this? Oh well, a promise is a promise! Take our treasure! It's yours!

?All right. Nice job and all that... You can leave via the ladder behind you. Climb down in an orderly manner, if you please...

?Seeker of the goddesses' guidepost... Press [R] to call me and guide me to my place of truth.

?My kin wait beyond the doors. Control them and guide them to their places of truth to open the path to the gods...

?This map must be interpreted before you can read it.

?This map isn't open. Open it with [A].

?You have no maps.

?Forsaken Fortress

?Star Island

?Northern Fairy Island

?Gale Isle

?Crescent Moon Island

?Seven-Star Isles

?Overlook Island

?Four-Eye Reef

?Mother & Child Isles

?Spectacle Island

?Windfall Island

?Pawprint Isle

?Dragon Roost Island

?Flight Control Platform

?Western Fairy Island

?Rock Spire Isle

?Tingle Island

?Northern Triangle Isle

?Eastern Fairy Island

?Fire Mountain

?Star Belt Archipelago

?Three-Eye Reef

?Greatfish Isle

?Cyclops Reef

?Six-Eye Reef

?Tower of the Gods

?Eastern Triangle Island

?Thorned Fairy Island

?Needle Rock Isle

?Islet of Steel

?Stone Watcher Island

?Southern Triangle Island

?Private Oasis

?Bomb Island

?Bird's Peak Rock

?Diamond Steppe Island

?Five-Eye Reef

?Shark Island

?Southern Fairy Island

?Ice Ring Isle

?Forest Haven

?Cliff Plateau Isles

?Horseshoe Island

?Outset Island

?Headstone Island

?Two-Eye Reef

?Angular Isles

?Boating Course

?Five-Star Isles

?[Link]'s Oasis

?Triforce Chart 1

?Triforce Chart 2

?Triforce Chart 3

?Triforce Chart 4

?Triforce Chart 5

?Triforce Chart 6

?Triforce Chart 7

?Triforce Chart 8

?Treasure Chart 1

?Treasure Chart 2

?Treasure Chart 3

?Treasure Chart 4

?Treasure Chart 5

?Treasure Chart 6

?Treasure Chart 7

?Treasure Chart 8

?Treasure Chart 9

?Treasure Chart 10

?Treasure Chart 11

?Treasure Chart 12

?Treasure Chart 13

?Treasure Chart 14

?Treasure Chart 15

?You received the legendary Wind Waker! By using this magical conductor's baton, you can borrow the power of the gods! Set it to [Y], [Z], or [X] and use it by pressing whatever button you set it to. To conduct, use [C] to choose notes. Don't tilt [+] to conduct in 3/4 time. Hold [<][+] to conduct in 4/4 time. Hold [+][>] to conduct in 6/4 time.

?The door is locked and can't be opened...

?This postbox is near the mail center on Dragon Roost Island. Postage is only 5 Rupees.

?Postage for this parcel is 10 Rupees from this postbox.

?This postbox is quite far from Dragon Roost Island. Postage for this parcel is 20 Rupees from here.

?Do you wish to send this now? Yes No

?Krzzzzt! PAHHHFT! When you're ready to send something, the Island Postal Service is ready to serve!

?Krzzzzt! PAHHHFT! You do not have enough Rupees! This parcel cannot be delivered.

?Your parcel has hereby been accepted for delivery. Thank you for using the Island Postal Service. We appreciate your business!

?This parcel has been sent Cash-On-Delivery.

?Postage due is 10 Rupees. Will you pay? Yes No

?Please be sure to come pick it up later.

?You do not have enough Rupees. You may not pick up the parcel until you pay the postage.

?I'll buy any Red Chu Jelly you don't need for 1 Rupee per glob!

?Y'know, laddie, if I had to give myself a title, it'd be a Know-It-All Sailor. I'm wise. Learned. Experienced. G'head, ask me anything you want to know about the sea.

?I know it sounds kind of odd for me to say this about myself, but you should know that my mood changes with the wind. I'm a whirlwind of emotion, laddie! Aye! ...But don't let that stop you from asking me anything you want to know! Ask away!

?Right now the wind is blowing to the north. Say, that reminds me... There's an island to the north that blasts out mighty gusts of wind. Aye, a mysterious place...

?No one can get near it... It's like the very breath of the earth is gushing out from the bellows of the world. I tell you, laddie, that's no average wind!

?I don't think anyone could fight through that wind_not unless he were a real hefty bloke. Even a guy like me would be blown back like a feather! And I'm a burly sort!

?So the wind is blowing to the northwest now, is it? Interesting, laddie!

?Aye, now that I think about it... There's a strangely magical island northwest of here. It's the kind of place that feels like it came straight out of a fairy tale.

?Why, I've even got mates who claim to have seen fairies on that island...but who knows whether they're telling the truth or not. The boys are prone to...boasting a wee bit.

?So the wind is blowing to the northeast? A nor'easter, is it, laddie?

?Y'know, when you're out at sea at night, and you take a look at the sky, the stars are just amazing. In fact, when the weather is fair, you can see the Big Dipper up there.

?I don't know why that just sprung to mind, to tell you the truth. You can see the Big Dipper anywhere, not just northeast of here.

?The wind is blowing west today, laddie! Ah, west... There's a mighty interesting island due west of here. Aye, so there is.

?There's a gigantic cannon on it, and it's manned by a suspicious-looking bloke. Rumor has it, he's got something mighty peculiar that he's showing off there.

?I sure wouldn't mind taking a gander at whatever it is myself, laddie!

?So, the wind blows east, does it, laddie? Have you seen the mountain far to the east of this island? The volcanic isle that spews molten lava?! Oh, not a nice place!

?Legend tells of a powerful treasure that lies waiting for one who can brave the very bowels of the earth and lay claim to it! Aye, that tale's famous amongst us sailors!

?That treasure... If the rumors are true, it can turn you into a titan! Aye! It bestows so much strength upon you, you could lift stones the size of small islands, laddie!

?...WHAT?!? You already got that treasure!? You can't be serious, laddie!

?Why, I've heard just getting your hands on that treasure makes you sturdy enough to stand in the face of the fiercest winds!

?Not many know of it, but there's an island of ice far to the south. Aye, it's said to be wrapped in a biting blizzard so nasty, it can freeze visitors solid in their tracks!

?But there's said to be a great treasure hidden there, amongst the savage snows. Or so the sailors tell...

?Y'know, laddie, I've seen some odd things, but nothing so odd as this one island. It was far, far to the south of this town, and it was home to this humongous head!

?I've got to say, laddie, it looked to me like that head was on there was something that it was guarding... Maybe something below it...

?But I never confirmed my suspicions. That stone head was so heavy, I almost threw my back out trying to move it! Aye, you'd need unnatural strength to lift that thing!

?So the wind blows to the southeast, does she? Southeast...

?Now that I think about it, I recall seeing the strangest of houses on a lonely little isle to the south. It seemed downright out of place to me, laddie...

?I don't know what kind of fool goes building a cabana in these treacherous seas... But whoever did it has got some nerve, I tell you! Oh, aye!

?Ahhhhhhh! Nothin' better than a cup of refreshment at your local cafe after a long day's work... Nothin'!

?My story is a strange one... I came across cursed seas from a land far away...a land where the blizzards blow violently...heading for this town called Windfall.

?But dear me! As I traveled, a terrible storm descended and tore my ship to bits...yet mysteriously, only that escaped without so much as a mark on it...

?From the looks of you, I would say you are a traveler as well. Oh, yes indeed! ...Could you not purchase that from me? It is my one and only heirloom from home. The people of this town do not seem the least bit interested in that, despite the fact that it would help them travel the dangerous seas about their town... Please! I beg of you! I wish to open a business here in this town, so I am in desperate need of finances!

?How does...80 Rupees sound? I'll buy it I don't need it

?Why, you don't have enough Rupees! ...You are a pitiable soul yourself!

?Ooooooooh... Oh, dear me... Sadly, I have nothing else I could possibly sell you. I have naught but my hoodie coat_and it is a keepsake from my dear, dear mother!

?Ooooooooh... Please buy that from me! Please purchase my only belonging! That is a very, very fine thing indeed!

?Yes, yes, yes! Thank you very much, indeed! I have received precisely 80 Rupees for it. I can use these funds to finance my new business! Oh, dear me, what a happy day!

?Very well, young master... As I promised, please! Take that!!!

?Yes, yes, yes! You have made a good purchase today, my young master! And you have saved my life and business as well! Treasure it dearly! It is the finest sail in the world! Treat it as such!

?Windfall is a warm and bustling place, I deem. I do believe I shall settle and open my business here. Yes, yes, that is a plan! Oh, yes! I must say, if you happen to come across a delivery bag that looks handy for carrying products, let me know! The first thing I must do is find products to sell!

?Yes? Who is it? I'm busy now! I'm trying to grow wings, so I can go visit my friends! It's not easy_so let me be!

?[Link], you know Medli, don't you?

?I think something weird happened to her...

?It stinks, too, because I went to all the trouble of picking this flower to surprise her with! And now she's not around!

?Tell me if you spot Medli, will you?


?My flower... It wilted...

?The joy on Medli's face when she saw this flower... I really wanted to see that...

?Medli... I wonder where she's gone...

?My dear! Did you bring me Joy Pendants yet again?

?How many Joy Pendants have you brought? [?]...?

?My goodness! When I put these together with the ones you've already brought me, they add up to a whopping [?]! Oh, thank you! THANK YOU! I'm so joyful!

?...To receive so many mountains of these beautiful pendants... I am quite simply brimming with joy, my dear!

?To thank you, I have to give you my most precious of precious belongings! I shall give you...this very special piece of jewelry!

?Now, close your eyes, dear... This item is so rare, there is not another like it anywhere in the world!

?What do you think? Isn't it dashing? It is the rarest of things, and it will show you its true worth when you wear it in the presence of a monster.

?For now, just select it on your Quest Status Screen to put it on. ...And when you do, promise to think of me and treasure it with all your heart!

?My, oh my, oh my! Have you brought me Joy Pendants again? Again? Oh, thank you, you sweet little dear! Thank you!

?My goodness! When I put these together with the others you've given me, I now have a total of [?]! Why, I'm so joyful, it's frightening!

?And you, my little darling dear, you are like the Champion of Making People Joyful! Please, take this, you noble champion!

?It's not much, but even you need some pocket change, right, dear? ...But let's keep this just between us.

?But now that I think about it, my room is filled with these pendants now... Are you sure you haven't been going a little overboard with these things?

?By the way, how is your cabana? Have you been to see it yet? It's next to the Triangle Islands south of here. Don't forget, dear!

?This is the Wind Waker! It is a baton of sorts that was used long ago when the people played music in prayer to the gods. In those days, simply using it allowed one to borrow the power of the gods, but I do not know if it still works. Even so, I thought it might be of some use to you. Perhaps you should try using it.

?You know, I've been a teacher here for a long time... It's tough to put one past me. That being said, I'm pretty sure I know who put you up to this, dear. Those little sweeties! I'm so joyful! It's the best birthday present I could ask for!

?I suppose I ought to thank you! Close your eyes, dear...

?And if you see those boys again, tell them I say hello!

?Oh, if it's Joy Pendants, I suppose I'll take them this time. But I think double-digit amounts of joy are enough for me! To be honest, I can actually only count to 99, anyway. ...But that's fine! I'm not a math teacher. ...Hey! Don't look at me like that!

?People from all over the world seem to gather here on Windfall Island, all hoping to become successful merchants. I suppose you could say that this is the island where people and money come together. But you know what...? Money is important, sure...but don't you think people need to open their hearts a little more than their wallets?

?I've been kicking around this crazy world for a long time, and I've learned to stop and sniff the flowers along the way!

?'Hoy! Hold it right there, small fry!

?I don't know where you got your mitts on that Sea Chart you got there...

?But it looks to me like it's pretty much got nothing but seas drawn on it! It's pathetic! In fact, it's almost an insult to call that thing a Sea Chart, if you ask me!

?What's the matter, small fry? I'm just trying to be nice here! I'm telling you that you've got a problem. And you do. Don't give me that stupefied look! It makes you look like you oughta be in diapers!

?Just listen, OK? I'm here to teach you what I know about this island, so open up your Sea Chart! And make it snappy!

?That's all I can teach you, small fry! But I will do this for you, since I'm feeling so generous: I'll send word to all my brethren living near the islands of the Great Sea. Good bunch of fish. If you see a fish leaping out of the water when you sail near an island, sail up to it and spread bait out on the water's surface. Trust me, this is good advice, fry. See, the baiting process allows you to get a chart of the island, along with any info that might be of use to you. I HIGHLY recommend you make a habit of doing so. See, you're definitely going to need a reliable Sea Chart to help you search for things out at sea. I can't emphasize that enough, fry. You NEED a well-drawn chart. If you don't get a chart for every island you come across, it'll just be a bigger hassle for you later on! Now don't say I never did anything for you, fry!

?'Hoy! You there! You Kingly Red Lion guy! That's it! I've repaid my debt! I'm done! You take care of the rest!

?`Hoy, small fry!

?Yeah, yeah, I've heard. I take it you want a chart and information about this island? Then start by opening up your Sea Chart!

?And that's all the info I've got to offer! If you want to hear it again, you'll have to throw some more bait on the water for me! Sorry, but that's my policy, fry! I can't go fighting evil on an empty stomach, you know!

?And with that...I'm off!

?Aww! Gimme a break! What's with using the same bait all the time? Don't they make a premium brand of this stuff? Oh, well. Such is the life of a fish. So... You want to hear the info about this here island again?

?And that's all the info I've got for you, fry! You'd better be thankful for the clues you got from me! I'm serious!

?And with that...I'm off!

?Hey... Have you ever seen what I call the frightening fish-men?

?Check this out... The other day I was out at sea on a cruise, and without thinking much about it, I tossed some leftover bait out on the waves...

?And you will NEVER guess what happened! This fishy-looking thing popped up on the surface, but it was no ordinary fish! It had this weird, human-looking smile on its face, and it just gobbled up the bait!

?The ocean is so very vast. Many mysterious things that we've yet to even dream of lie sleeping beneath its waves...

?You'd better remember this! Even if you see a shadow underwater that you THINK looks like a fish, whatever you do, don't throw bait out for it, OK? Because if you do, one of the dreaded fish-men might appear and pull you underwater with him!

?So, I'm feelin' pretty good. Why? 'Cause I recently got myself a pet pig. Three, in fact! I got a black-splotched pig, too! How often do you see one of those? Not often, chum.

?I've let 'em ashore to graze over yonder. ...But the thing is, I can't stop worryin' about the little guys!

?Hey! What are you doin', lollygaggin' around! There's only [?] left!

?See, if I don't get 'em out and exercise 'em once in a while, they pick up excess flab! Nobody likes an extra-fat pig, chum! ...So I'll be countin' on you to handle this tomorrow, too!

?Hey, just so you know, if you ever have money issues, I give good financial advice. You come talk to me anytime, chum! I may not look rich, but I've got plenty of cash!

?Oh... You got that look about you...that look that says you've run into some tight money troubles... Am I right, chum?

?You got any interest in takin' care of my pigs for me? I'll pay cash, chum! Definitely I'm not that desperate

?You want to baby-sit my pigs again? Definitely I'm not that desperate

?...You aren't a very likable kid, are you?

?Really?! Then let me explain...

?I've let three pigs loose on this island, but now I'm a little worried about one of 'em.

?Is he hungry? Has he gotten sick? Is he lonely? Angry? Depressed? I can't help worryin' about him, so I want you to find the little guy and bring him back to me. If you can do it in under [?], I'll give you some pocket change!

?As for how you tell this guy apart from the others... Well, it's easy, chum! He's the pig that angers easily. That pig's precious to me! Bring him back here without injuring him and press [R] to set him down beside me, all right?

?As for how you tell this guy apart from the others... Well, it's simple, chum! He's the stinky pig. That pig's precious to me! Bring him back here without injuring him and press [R] to set him down beside me. All right?

?As for how you tell this guy apart from the others... Well, it's real easy, chum! He's the slightly stupid pig. That pig's precious to me! Bring him back here without injuring him and press [R] to set him down beside me. All right?

?Are you ready, chum? Absolutely I'm not sure...

?Then let me explain it to you once more...

?All right! Startin' now, you have to do it within [?]! Ready...?


?What's that, chum?!

?Oh! Did you go and bring me another Skull Necklace?

?Oh! Chum! That's a Skull Necklace! I collect these things! ...But how'd you know that?!

?I can sell these for huge profits at antique stores. Which reminds me, there's somethin' I want to talk to you about, chum...

?Could you give me three of these? If you do, I'll let you play a really fun game. I'll give you three Good-bye

?...I can't stand you, chum...p!

?Hey, now! You don't have enough of 'em! Don't rile me up like that, chum!

?Thanks, chum! I'm happy to take 'em off your hands!

?All right, then! Now I'll let you play my little game. It's called...Piggy-Sitting!

?I've let three pigs loose on this island. You have to bring 'em all back to me within [?]!

?If you do a good job, I'll pay you for your trouble! Are you ready, chum? Absolutely I'm not sure...

?All right! Bring 'em all to me within [?]_startin' now! Ready...?

?Oh... Too bad! Time's up! If you can't beat my pigs, I guess you're still a little green, chum! But don't sweat it!

?Hey! Why didn't you show up yesterday??? I was waitin' all day for you, chum! Oh, well... I guess that's all water under the ship's bridge...

?Way to go, chum! I don't know how you figured out how to catch 'em all_this guy in particular!

?Oinky, oinky! Looks like you're full of energy! I guess I didn't need to worry after all. Well, thanks for playin', chum!

?Oh, yeah! I guess a promise is a promise... I owe you a little pocket change, don't I? All right, hold out your hand, chum!

?I'm sure it was a good work-out for my pig, too. Thanks again, chum!

?Well, whatever. I guess I can let you make one mistake. But hurry up! You only have [?] left!

?Boooo! Wrong! ...I said I'd let you make one mistake, right? ONE!

?I guess you can't beat my pigs at their own game! ...You're still a little green, chum! But don't sweat it!

?Wow! You found the third one! Nice work! Well, chum... You win.

?But still... Cripes! How could my little piggies lose like that...? They must be out of shape_time for an exercise regimen! Things won't go so easy for you next time!

?Oh-ho! The first one arrives! ...You got [?] left, chum!

?The second one shows up! Well, chum, there's only [?] left!

?Have you by chance seen...any Skull Necklaces?

?My son is a sailor, but lately he's been obsessed with collecting Skull Necklaces. He never pays attention to his dear mum anymore! He just goes on about necklaces!

?You did it! Nice work! Perhaps next time you can take me out to the cafe for a drink afterwards!

?Why, that was so easy! You see, this is how one wins with dignity!

?Aww... This bug in my belly just won't settle down... I'm going straight home to drown my sorrows in food!

?You little darling... Could I adopt you?

?That's the only way the auction could end! I'm a fierce competitor at everything I do!

?I suppose there's no beating time... I think I got a few more wrinkles tonight!

?Young man, you shouldn't be so loose with your wallet. I mean, you must have gone through a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to earn that kind of cash!

?Well, I suppose good things DO come to those who wait! Imagine that! ...Maybe I have more talent for this sort of thing than I thought!

?What's with that person!? Why, I've never seen a pair of eyes change color like that at the mere mention of the word "auction"!

?Wow! I'm impressed! It looks like the old gal doesn't win this time...

?I did it! I tell you, I know how to use my experience to make the most of any situation! They did once call me "Miss Auction," I'll have you know!

?Oh, well... But next time, I'll come bidding like a racehorse right out of the gates!

?(Hoo hoo hoo! Poor kid doesn't get it!)

?(Oh, how cute! He thinks he's going to win!)

?(Ach! What? No... My, he's got spunk for such a youngster!)

?(Hee hee hee! Keep trying, little guy!)

?(It ain't over yet, kiddo!)

?(What? What's going on here?! Just how filthy rich is this kid, anyway?!)

?(My goodness!)

?(Eeeeek! What are you doing, boy?!)

?(WHAT?!? I used to be called Miss Auction! I can't lose now!)

?(Ooh! You little whippersnapper!)

?(...You little punk!)

?(Nooooo! Gimme a break already, kid!!)

?What are you doing!?

?Hey! [Link]!

?Ah! Stop! Desist!

?Treasure Chart 18

?Treasure Chart 19

?Treasure Chart 20

?Treasure Chart 21

?Treasure Chart 22

?Treasure Chart 23

?Treasure Chart 24

?Treasure Chart 25

?Treasure Chart 26

?Treasure Chart 27

?Treasure Chart 28

?Treasure Chart 29

?Treasure Chart 30

?Treasure Chart 31

?Treasure Chart 32

?Treasure Chart 33

?Uh-oh! Wrong piggy, chum! The one I'm after is even stupider!

?Uh-oh! Wrong piggy, chum! The one you're supposed to bring me is even stinkier!

?Uh-oh! Wrong piggy, chum! The one you're supposed to bring me is even angrier!

?He's a stupid pig, so hurry up and bring him back before he gets stupider!

?He's a stinky pig, so get him back here before he stinks up the whole town!

?He's an angry pig, so get him back here before he goes on an oinking rampage!

?Ahhhh! Nothin' better than a cup of refreshment at your local cafe after a long day's work... Absolutely NOTHIN'! I'm tellin' you, those pirates were just lookin' for a little relaxation. You don't find cafes on the high seas!

?Hey! You ain't got enough Rupees! Look, in this game, you win as many Rupees as you're able to find. It's just that easy. If you wanna make your dreams come true, go save up some cash.

?All righty! Then go down to the start line.

?What are you doin'? When you fall into the ocean, you GET BACK OUT! Immediately!

?Or was the shock that knocked you out of your boat so hard that you forgot basic boatin' technique? Just swim next to your boat and press [A] to climb in!

?Anyway, now that you're back to your senses, you wanna play again, right?

?Oh! Way to be!

?All righty then, here's the [?] you collected, as I promised. They're all yours. Enjoy, kiddo!

?Looks like you made a fortune! Come back and do it again sometime.

?What are you doin'? You gotta cross the finish line BEFORE time runs out! Otherwise I can't give you any Rupees! C'mon, kiddo, use your brain!

?And don't you know it's a foul to cross the finish line without collectin' a single Rupee? And I mean a major foul.














?Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! I won!

?Hoo hoo hoo! Another easy victory!


?Spring has come to the long, cold winter of my life!!!

?I'll take that!

?Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho! I did it! I won!

?I got it! Easy! Too easy!

?Oh? Did I win? Hee hee! ...I can't believe it!

?Did you see that? Did you?! I am definitely number one!


?What'll it be for ya? All-Purpose Bait (3 scoops) Hyoi Pear Nothing

?What'll it be for ya? Red Potion Blue Potion Nothing

?What'll it be for ya? 10 Bombs 30 Bombs Nothing

?What'll it be for ya? 10 Arrows 30 Arrows Nothing

?All-Purpose Bait (3 scoops) 20 Rupees I'll buy it No thanks

?Hyoi Pear 30 Rupees I'll buy it No thanks

?Red Potion 30 Rupees I'll buy it No thanks

?Blue Potion 80 Rupees I'll buy it No thanks

?10 Bombs 30 Rupees I'll buy them No thanks

?30 Bombs 60 Rupees I'll buy them No thanks

?10 Arrows 20 Rupees I'll buy them No thanks

?30 Arrows 50 Rupees I'll buy them No thank

?Bring me more sometime! More!


?You ain't got enough Rupees, do ya? It's rough bein' poor, ain't it?

?You ain't got no empty bottle...

?You can't carry no more... Greedy, ain't ya?

?Yo! Hold up! ...What's a kid like you doing out at a time like this?

?Are you out to take a look at the heavens, too? In that case, you'll get a better view from over here.

?A lot of people collect things as a hobby. Me, I just like to sit and gaze at the night sky. That's all the hobby I need.

?If you have anything that's good for looking at the night sky, have a look at that moon. I highly recommend it.

?Well? Cool, right? Doesn't looking at the moon just cleanse your soul?

?If you want to know the truth, I'm actually a the moment. I just can't shake this depression.

?See, I found out that my childhood friend Linda had her eyes on someone besides me all this time... And you know what's worse? He was my buddy! I just can't take it!

?'s all a done deal now, so... sorry if you got wrapped up in it.

?Hmph! Nobody understands how I feel. ...Do me a favor? Beat it!

?What a jerk! How did he manage that?! Right under my nose!

?But I guess he IS an all-right guy...

?You pesky little brat! Nobody understands how I feel! Do you hear me? Nobody! Not you! Not anybody!

?Wait... Are you trying to tell me that you DO understand how I feel? Completely I couldn't care less


?...Oh, really? Then how about a little test to see if you really do!

?I want you to show me a picture of the first perfectly round, pale thing you can think of.

?If you show me something that's exactly the same as my favorite thing, then you win, and I'll acknowledge...that you understand the inner workings of my heart and mind. It's quite a simple little riddle, isn't it? Quickly, now! Bring it to me!

?Wow! I feel totally rejuvenated, and its all because of you! ...Thanks a lot!

?What in the...? Why are you so proud of this terrible picture? Am I supposed to be impressed? Let me tell you, if you don't show me a zoomed-in pictograph of my favorite thing, I can't be certain you know how I feel! And then I'll consider you a liar!

?Oh, too bad... The point of focus isn't exactly bad... but it's not quite right, either.

?...What's round about this? Nothing! I said something perfectly round and pale!

?What's pale about this? Nothing! I said something perfectly round and pale!

?Oooooh! That's right! That certainly is the pictograph I'm looking for! The correct answer is exactly what you've shown me: the full moon!

?Unrequited love may have twisted me up inside, but I can still find peace when I gaze at the timeless moon... And of all her phases, I particularly love gazing at the full moon!

?I know I caused you a lot of trouble, but...thanks! I really mean it! I want you to have this for all your efforts. Just a little reward for easing the pain of this troubled heart.

?This supposedly has a spot on it that marks where some sunken treasure lies. I don't have a boat, so I can't leave this island to go look for it anyway.

?Tonight I'll be asking the night sky to help you find the treasure! Best of luck!

?Yes! Tonight is a full moon!

?Awww... I wanted to see Linda, not you.

?Heh heh! It's another fine moon tonight. Say, did you know...?

?Like the human heart, the shape of the moon changes with time. Every night, it becomes just a little bit different.

?Look at that! Aren't the three sister-stars impressive? What a stellar family!

?Heh heh heh heh! Do you know what the name of that constellation is?

?Here is your letter.

?...I simply can't believe it! What sort of cold-hearted boy prefers trinkets to the company of his own mum?!!

?Treasure Chart


?Forsaken Fortress Interior


?Mighty fine boat you got there, bub. You must be searching for treasure on the sea floor, too. Aren't you?

?Har har harrrrr! You won't get any from us, bub! Not likely!

?Lemme ask you something real quick: who wanders around on a fishless sea? I'll tell you who, bub: Only pirates, monsters, and treasure-hunters like ourselves! And maybe some other things that I've never heard of...

?Y'know, with all the weak island-dwellers who never leave their shores, I'm amazed to see such a tiny little guy out here.

?I like your style, bub! I feel like I've known you my whole life!

?So hey, bub, tell you what! As one treasure- hunter to another, I'll give you this... You'll definitely be needing it if you want to haul up treasure. Come on! Take it! I won't take "no" for an answer. I also won't take "nay," "nope," or "nar." Just grab it!

?First, press [D-pad][v] to open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your special charts. You search for treasure by comparing the specific Island Charts on the left with the Treasure Charts on the right. Simple, bub! After that, all you need to do is use the same thing we use to haul up treasure: one of those Grappling Hooks that the Rito tribesfolk of Dragon Roost Island use.

?All right, little treasure-buddy! Best of luck to all of us!

?First, press [D-pad][v] to open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your special charts. You search for treasure by comparing the specific Island Charts on the left with the Treasure Charts on the right. Then, you just use your Grappling Hook while in your boat to haul up treasure!

?Well, little treasure-buddy, good luck to all of us! Happy hunting!

?What's the matter, bub?

?If you want to search for treasure, you should open your Sea Chart and press [Y] to check your Island Charts. You can compare the Island Charts on the left with the Treasure Charts on the right. It's not rocket science, bub! Besides Treasure Charts, you'll also need a Grappling Hook that you can use to haul up treasure.

?That's all there is to it, bub!

?To search for treasure, you should open your Sea Chart and press [Y] to check your special charts. Then just compare the Island Charts on the left with the Treasure Charts on the right. It's not quantum physics, bub! The secret to hauling up treasure is to go toward the area marked on the map, and once you think you've found the right spot... Use your Grappling Hook while in your boat! Trust me, it'll work, bub! The only other thing you need is patience!

?So that's how it works!


?To haul up treasure, you need both a Treasure Chart and a Grappling Hook. You do get it, don't you, bub? I mean, it's not brain surgery.

?Then quit bugging me!

?To get treasure, you have to check your Treasure Charts carefully and then use your Grappling Hook to haul it up. You do get that, don't you, bub?

?Then quit bugging me!

?Ya!!! Bub!

?You collecting treasure, bub?

?To see where you can find treasure, open your Sea Chart and press [Y] to check your special charts. If you compare the Island Charts on the left with the Treasure Charts on the right, it should be easy to figure out! The secret to hauling up treasure is to go to the spot marked on the map and then use your Grappling Hook while in your boat. Then it just takes patience, bub! A lot of first-time treasure-hunters give up pretty quickly because they don't get how it works, but they're missing out! It's really not that hard!

?So that's how it works!


?...I don't know how many times I have to explain it to you, but here goes... If you want to search for treasure, first open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your special charts. Compare the Island Charts on the left with the Treasure Charts on the right. Then you can figure out where the treasure is! You'll have to use both your Treasure Charts and your Grappling Hook to haul up the treasure. You got that, bub? And do you understand what we're doing now? Good!

?So, you understand what treasure-hunting is all about now, right, bub?

?YAA!!! BUB!!!

?You find yourself a Grappling Hook, bub?

?For hauling up treasure, there's nothing better than the Grappling Hooks used by the Rito tribe on Dragon Roost Island!

?You'd better see what you can do to get yourself one, bub!


?You do know that you need a Grappling Hook to haul up treasure, right?

?And you do know what it is that we treasure-hunters do, right, bub...?

?Ya! Bub!!!

?You collecting treasure, bub? I know you're probably sick of hearing this, but first you should open your Sea Chart and press [Y] to check your special charts. Then just compare the Island Charts on the left with the Treasure Charts on the right to see where the treasure is hidden! Isn't that great, bub?

?I'll give you all the Rupees we've found. We're actually searching for other treasure...

?Keep it quiet, but our actual goal is to find the legendary treasure that sleeps at the bottom of the sea! If you must know, bub, it's these golden, triangular-shaped... Triumph Forks!!! Yeah! Some sort of magical cutlery! That's what we heard!

?...But don't tell anybody, bub!


?If you know anything about the legendary golden treasure... Those Triumph Forks thingies... Be sure to tell me.

?Oh, and keep this a well-guarded secret, bub...

?[Link]... As was the case with Medli, I have no doubt that Makar, too, has some special role to play in these events. Discovering that role is your duty.

?I am certain that by cooperating, the two of you can overcome the dangers and pitfalls of this temple...

?...I see. So...the Forsaken Fortress has already...

?Ahh, like a molting snake that casts off its dead skin! That place is so empty and quiet... one can almost hear the echo of dead leaves falling to the cold, cracked ground!


?Why? What ails you? What? Lose the long face! The monsters are gone from the world! Doesn't that make you a little happy?

?[Link], I have troubling news... Ganon has not shown himself above the seas since Valoo unleashed his fiery wrath upon him. And what's worse, there is not a creature stirring in his base of operations in this world...the Forsaken Fortress. ...I cannot imagine how it is possible, and yet I cannot shake this foreboding feeling I have about the princess, Zelda.

?[Link], you must search for all the Triforce shards so that we can head back to Hyrule without delay!

?[Link]! You must sail to the Tower of the Gods immediately! We must go down to Hyrule with the completed Triforce!

?What are you doing? Is the place you should be seeking not marked on your sea chart?

?What are you doing? Make haste! You must go to the place marked on your sea chart!

?[Link]... I sense that terrible things are happening... Quickly! We must hurry on to the place marked on your sea chart!

?What are you doing?! We must get to Windfall quickly and see what we can learn of the pirates' motives.

?What is the matter, [Link]? It is time for you to return to your homeland. We must sail to Outset Island.

?We cannot get inside the cave unless you can destroy the stone slab that blocks its entrance...and you must do it before we are sucked into the whirlpool! I suppose the only way to destroy a stone slab that large is to break it into pieces, starting at the top. Take care not to waste your bombs.

?You must set one pearl in each of the locations marked on your sea chart. At that time, the place where your courage will be tested shall become clear to us. Come! We must press on, undeterred by the rising tide of Ganon's evil designs!

?Beyond this place, you must do battle with the power of the gods...but even as you do so, you must also borrow that power!

?What are you doing?! Quickly! You must rise up and meet the challenge of the Tower of the Gods. It is the only way you can get the strength you need to save your sister!

?The power you must obtain lies ahead, hidden within the castle. Go. Enter the castle. Do not get lost!

?At long last, our preparations are complete. You must return to me so that we can return by the same path that brought us here. The time has come to save your sister from her prison in the Forsaken Fortress! Hurry, [Link]!

?Why do you delay? We must head for the Forsaken Fortress to save your sister!

?Your sister is being held at the top of the central tower! ...I hope you have not forgotten how to get there!

?The temples where the sages await cannot be entered easily. It is at times such as this when one would be wise to gather information from those who live in the seas nearby.

?So, Ganon's reach has extended to the very sages themselves... The hint that will help us find the new sage can be found in the shape of the instrument on the rock door. Does it not look familiar to you?

?What is the matter? Quickly! Guide this one to the temple so the Master Sword can regain its power!

?Why do you tarry? Power has not fully returned to the Master Sword...

?The Master Sword's power still has not fully returned. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I fear the worst for the sage in the remaining temple. You must hurry, [Link]!

?You must guide a new sage to the remaining temple if the Master Sword is to regain all of its power! If we are ever to ease poor Fado's regret, we must seek out the new sage!

?Why do you delay? You must guide this one to the temple if the power to repel evil is to be returned to the Master Sword!

?What distracts you? The Master Sword still has not recovered the power to repel evil...

?We cannot return to Hyrule without first re-forming a piece of the Triforce. It is now our duty to gather the eight Triforce shards!

?The Triforce you possess is complete. We must make for the Tower of the Gods and return to Hyrule.

?What are you doing? The path to Hyrule has already been opened! We must return to where Princess Zelda waits!

?I am concerned about Princess Zelda... Quickly! Go into the castle and confirm her safety!

?So, despite our efforts, the princess has fallen into Ganon's hands... Yet all is not lost... Beyond the bridge on the far side of the castle stands Ganon's Tower. I am certain Zelda is being held there. Now that the Master Sword is once again blessed with the power to repel evil, you should be able to break through Ganon's Barrier and enter the tower!

?Long ago, Ganon's Tower was an impenetrable fortress that not even the daring and dauntless Knights of Hyrule could hope to assail. You must sharpen your senses so as not to fall victim to Ganon's illusions.

?If you wish to return to the world above, then climb aboard and enter the light!

?The world above is still calm and peaceful. ...But the future is bleak. If Ganon is able to absorb Zelda's powers... [Link], we must return to Ganon's Tower as soon as your errands are complete. You must rescue Zelda from Ganon's clutches at all costs!

?Ganon has likely been made aware of our little incursion already... ...But you have the Master Sword! That sword shall shine in the darkness, casting back evil... With it in your hands, none can keep you from rescuing your sister! Do not be afraid!

?I see... So this is the portal through which Ganon was able to seep into the unsuspecting world above... [Link], we shall make use of this path that Ganon created for himself. If there is anything from the world above that you believe you need, then climb into the boat and enter the column of darkness!

?Do you sleep still?


?Do not be so hasty, boy...

?I can see this girl's dreams... Oceans... Oceans... Oceans... Oceans... Oceans as far as the eye can see.

?They are vast seas... None can swim across them... They yield no fish to catch...

?What did the King of Hyrule say? ...That the gods sealed Hyrule away?

?And they left behind people who would one day awaken Hyrule?!

?How ridiculous... So many pathetic creatures, scattered across a handful of islands, drifting on this sea like fallen leaves on a forgotten pool... What can they possibly hope to achieve?

?Don't you see? All of you...

?Your gods destroyed you!

?I have been waiting for you, boy. For one like you... Yes... For the hero.

?Do not betray my expectations.

?Yes, surely you are the Hero of Time, reborn...

?Your time has come... Come now... Stand before me!

?My country lay within a vast desert.

?When the sun rose into the sky, a burning wind punished my lands, searing the world. And when the moon climbed into the dark of night, a frigid gale pierced our homes. No matter when it came, the wind carried the same thing... Death.

?But the winds that blew across the green fields of Hyrule brought something other than suffering and ruin.

?I coveted that wind, I suppose.

?It can only be called fate. ...That here, I would again gather the three with the crests.

?...That I should lay my hand on that which grants the wishes of the beholder... That when power, wisdom, and courage come together, the gods would have no choice but to come down...

?The power of the gods... The Triforce! He who touches it will have whatever he desires granted!

?Already, the crest of wisdom is mine...

?All that remains...

?Do not fear. I will not kill you...

?I merely have need of the power that dwells within you.

?Now! Let us put an end to that which binds us together!

?Gods! Hear that which I desire!

?Expose this land to the rays of the sun once more! Let them burn forth!

?Give Hyrule to me!!!

?He who touches it will have whatever he desires granted...

?That is what you said, is it not, Ganondorf?

?Gods of the Triforce! Hear that which I desire!

?Hope! I desire hope for these children! Give them a future!

?Wash away this ancient land of Hyrule! Let a ray of hope shine on the future of the world!!!

?And let our destinies finally be fulfilled... Ganondorf! May you drown with Hyrule!!!

?This is foolishness... A future...for you?

?What are you laughing at, Ganondorf?! You're insane!

?[Link]! I'm sorry! I overslept!

?I think it's time for us to say good-bye to this place. We must return to the world above! Back to our ocean!

?Very well, then... Allow me to show you...

?Your future... Yes... Allow me to show you... Just what hope you have...

?...See how much your precious Triforce is worth!

?Ughnn... Heh heh... The wind.... It is blowing...


?My children... Listen to me. I have lived regretting the past. And I have faced those regrets.

?If only I could do things over again... Not a day of my life has gone by without my thoughts turning to my kingdom of old. I have lived bound to Hyrule.

?In that sense, I was the same as Ganondorf.

?But you...

?I want you to live for the future. There may be nothing left for you... But despite that, you must look forward and walk a path of hope, trusting that it will sustain you when darkness comes.

?Farewell... This is the only world that your ancestors were able to leave you.

?Please...forgive us.

?W-Wait! You could... You could come with us!

?Yes, of course... We have a ship! We can find it. We WILL find it! The land that will be the next Hyrule!


?... Ah, but child... That land will not be Hyrule.

?It will be YOUR land!

?The platform ahead is hung in perfect balance. If you so much as tilt it, it will dump you into the lava. There must be a way to cut the cords free simultaneously...Think it over carefully before you act!

?Why are you just wandering around? A chest appeared beneath the suspension bridge. Did you not see it? You must find a way to get to the floor below without plunging into the lava.

?A mighty enemy stands before you! Even in the face of such danger, however, you would be wise to change your perspective and see what is around you. It is important to get a firm grasp of your surroundings and see what you can use to swing the battle in your favor...

?Oh! Too bad! You flew out of bounds! That disqualifies you! ...It looks like the skies decided you were going to fly in a different direction! They do that sometimes.

?...Ohhh, that's just atrocious flying! Soaring out of bounds disqualifies you! You must concentrate! Can't you at least aim for your goal?


?You got the Hero's Bow! Set it to [Y], [Z], or [X], then use it with the button you've set it to. Hold the button to nock an arrow and release the button to shoot. You can carry up to 30 arrows.

?You got the Power Bracelets! Both arms are now stronger than ever! Press [A] to grab and lift objects.

?You got the Iron Boots! These boots are so heavy you can hardly walk, but the wind can't blow you around when you wear them!

?Are you puzzled by the tentacles that block the doorway? Yes...they are mysterious. Watch what they do as you approach the door and then step back from it. Perhaps their behavior will offer up a clue.

?Why do you hesitate? You should be able to do something to move objects you cannot physically reach... Think it through, [Link].

?You got the Hookshot! It extends! It retracts! It latches onto things! What a cool invention! Set it to [Y], [Z], or [X] then hold the button you've set it to and aim with [+]. Release the button to fire out the Hookshot.

?'Tis a peaceful place, this here island... The people here would never even dream of leavin' their little paradise and settin' sail on a voyage at sea, know what I mean?

?Why, this town is full of faces that don't even show the slightest interest in the sails of a ship. Are we sailors the only ones? Has no one else set out on the Great Sea?

?Hmmm... It's a westerly wind that's blowing now. If you were to sail where this wind would take you, you'd end up on a straight shot for Dragon Roost Island...

?...But I suppose telling that to a non-sailor like yourself is a bit pointless, eh?

?You say you want a sail for a boat? Tell me you're kidding with me! ...Listen up, laddie! Try using your head a little more! What makes you think a bloke like me_a guy who makes his living off the sea_would give away the very sailing gear he needs to survive?! Look elsewhere, laddie!

?...You're looking for a sail? I have no idea where you'd find one. Do I look like a sailor to you? Look, I'm feeling down right now, so shove off, will you? Drop anchor elsewhere.

?Master [Link]... Please be gentle on this fine door![?]

?I don't know how to say this...

?You got a Hyoi Pear! This special bait allows you to take control of seagulls! Choose your Bait Bag on the Items screen and set it to [Y], [Z], or [X] to use it. When controlling seagulls, tap [A] to flap your wings and accelerate. Press [R] to quit.

?You little WEASEL!!!

?Well, thank you SO much for coming into my home and breaking my high-priced vases! ...If you break any more, I assure you that I shall not let it go lightly! No, sir! Not at all! I shall require compensation!

?What?!? Can'tcha see we're busy?!

?I know we're super-cute and all, but that doesn't mean you can just come up and talk to us whenever you like! Jeepers!

?Hiya there, Mr. Smarty-Pants! Hi!


?Why are you staring at us like that, huh? I know we're cute, but we're good girls! We don't know any rumors! And we don't spread the ones we know!

?Yeah, we're good! No matter how much money you give us, we won't tell you anything! Nope! Nothing!

?That's right! Not even for 2 Rupees! I'm ignoring you Have some Rupees

?What?! You're ignoring us? US?!? ...You stinker!

?Oh, really? You're gonna give us Rupees? ...YIPPEE! We each get 1 whole Rupee!

?Ha ha! ...We're STILL not going to tell you anything! Not even a teensy-tiny rumor!

?What's the matter, mister? Why are you looking at us like we're aliens or something weird like that?

?...WHAT?! We're GOOD girls! We don't spread rumors!


?We're the Little Tipsters! Everyone in town calls us that!

?I wonder what that means, anyway? ...Maybe when we get bigger we'll finally figure it out, huh?

?Yeah! We would NEVER tell you about the jars hidden in the grass clumps around the town! No chance! Our lips are sealed!

?Yeah! We would never tell you about that strange guy dressed from head to toe in green who's locked up in the town jail! ...But I wonder if he's related to you...

?Yeah! We would never tell you about the merchants with the huge backpacks who are on Bomb Island, Greatfish Isle, and the Mother & Child Isles! ...I hear they all think Zunari's shop is the greatest! Isn't that the weirdest?

?Yeah! We'd never tell you that there's a rainbow-colored firefly far, far away in the Forest Haven! No way would we say that!

?Yeah! We'd never tell you that our teacher, Mrs. Marie, has a super-nice cabana! ...She only took us there for summer school once. We would never tell that, either!

?Yeah... 'Cause we already told you all the rumors that were flying around town!

?We give up!

?Oh, you're the fledgling the chieftain mentioned, aren't you? I feel as though I should tell you, despite what he may seem like right now, young master Komali is quite a pleasant child... His father, the chieftain, is quite busy, but Komali's never once complained, though I'm sure he's been lonely at times. He's the chieftain's son through and through. However, his grandmother passed recently, and Komali seems lost. His confidence is... gone. His grandmother was always with him, you see. A great, great woman... That sparkling ball that the young master keeps with him was actually a gift from the great Valoo to Komali's grandmother.

?When you meet young master Komali, ask him about the ball he's carrying. That might just help break the ice. It's a shame that I'm too busy to spend more time with you. You seem to be a nice enough fellow. Sorry.

?Young master Komali went running back to his chambers. He seemed very excited. It's been a while since we've seen him so energized...

?The great Valoo has reverted to his normal disposition? Perhaps this will return things to normalcy.

?Ah, it's a pleasure to see you again. I thought things would be easier once the problems with the great Valoo were solved, but now I find we're busy trying to catch up on regular business issues.

?I can't be much in the way of company, but I hope you can stay and rest a while...

?How nice to see you again. There are no deliveries at night, but... There's so much inside that needs to be cleaned up and organized!

?I can't be much in the way of company, but it's dangerous outside, so why don't you sit and stay a while?

?...Don't try to play tricks on us! You don't have that many Rupees!

?You got a Triforce Shard! You need seven more shards to form a complete piece of the Triforce!

?You got a Triforce Shard! Now you only need six more!

?You got a Triforce Shard! Now you need only five more!

?You got a Triforce Shard! Now you need only four more!

?You got a Triforce Shard! Now you need only three more!

?You got a Triforce Shard! Now you need only two more!

?You got a Triforce Shard! Now you need only one more!

?You got a Triforce Shard! At last, you've found the last shard! Fused together, all eight form the Triforce of Courage!

?To manage the contents of your Memory Card, use the Nintendo GameCube system Memory Card screen. Press and hold the A Button while powering-on the system to access the Memory Card screen.

?Open the system Memory Card screen now? YesNo

?Please insert a Memory Card with enough free space into Slot A or manage your Memory Card data on the system Memory Card screen.

?Open the system Memory Card screen now? YesNo

?You cannot save your game progress. Do you want to continue anyway? YesNo

?Sturgeon's One-Point Lessons Lesson One The Energy of Life To be young is to know no limits to one's stamina. To become stronger, one must first know oneself. The [?][?][?] in the upper-left shows one's current life energy. Perhaps a fancier way to describe it would be to call it a life gauge. As one experiences trials and hardships in life, one will naturally gain more [?]s. However, if one is injured and takes damage, those [?]s will decrease. At such times it may be possible to replenish one's health by cutting grass and finding hearts.

?Sturgeon's One-Point Lessons Lesson Two Do Not Underestimate the Sea It's easy to get swept up by a little success at swimming, but the sea can be fickle! Swimming for too long will drain one's energy, and eventually one will sink. Watch the round icon in the bottom-right while in the water. This is one's swim timer. One should be sure to get back to shore before one's swim timer runs out. If one doesn't, I can't be responsible for what happens next.

?Sturgeon's One-Point Lessons Lesson Three The Great Map of Life As one is often hasty and acts without thinking when young, it's easy to get lost on one's way. It is at confused times such as this that one must refer to his or her Area Map in the lower-left. The yellow arrow shows one's current location. Enlarge the map with [D-pad][>], or hide the map with [D-pad][<]. The [v] in the top-right portion of the Area Map indicates wind direction. Always remember that the wind blows in the direction of the arrow. Always!

?Sturgeon's One-Point Lessons Lesson Four Material Goods The more things one tries to experience in life, the more experience-related belongings one tends to gather. And, of course, with those belongings comes a need to keep track of them and keep them in good order. One needs only to press START/PAUSE to see the items he or she has obtained. The Items screen contains items the player can set to and use with [Y], [Z], and [X]. The Quest Status screen, for its part, contains vital items related to one's quest. It's possible to switch between these two screens by pressing [L] or [R].

?Sturgeon's One-Point Lessons Lesson Five How Not to Regret the Things One Fails to Do in Life. A VERY IMPORTANT LESSON! There are many things one longs to do in the limited time one has in this world. The easiest way not to regret things one wanted, but failed, to do is to save. While one may feel invincible and wish to continue one's quest, one never knows when disaster or calamity may strike. If one's life energy is extinguished before one has had a chance to save, then one's life will have been lived in vain. It is a shame to regret the deeds one has failed to accomplish in life. Press START/PAUSE and choose Save on either the Items screen or the Quest Status screen.

?Sturgeon's One-Point Lessons Lesson Six Improving Human Relations To improve one's relations with one's fellow beings, one must be outgoing and press [A] to speak to all people one meets. When one opens one's heart to others, others will open their hearts in return and offer wisdom on many important things. If the person's advice is strange or cannot be understood, one should not feel shy. One should simply ask the person to repeat the statement by pressing [A] again. More often than not, if one asks politely, a person will say the same thing over and over again until the meaning is clear.

?Sturgeon's One-Point Lessons Lesson Seven Knowing One's Own Abilities To improve one's life, it is wise to watch [A] and [R] calmly whenever one comes across a person or an object. By doing so, [A] and [R] will pass along wisdom regarding how one can best interact with that person or object. To know one's own abilities is to know one's limits.

?Sturgeon's One-Point Lessons Lesson Eight Changing Perspective Leads to Success The young often assume that they can see all that is before them, but oftentimes they are missing out on a grander view. By using [C] to change perspective, one can often find oneself gazing upon sights and discoveries one never expected to see. Once one has seen all there is to see around oneself and determined an appropriate course of action, it is wise then to press [L] and take action. To get things at eye level, one should stop in one's tracks, press [L], and tilt [C] [v].

?Sturgeon's One-Point Lessons Lesson Nine A Fool and His Rupees Are Soon Parted It is commonly known that he who makes poor use of Rupees will have a hard life. In order to fully enjoy a long life, it is wise to gather Rupees early and often.

?Fairy Fountain Site This spot marks the remains of an ancient fairy fountain. The legendary hero was said to come here after battle so the fairies could ease his weariness. It was also said that whoever met with the Great Fairy who lived here was blessed with great fortune, so it came to be known as the Fountain of the Fortune Goddess.

?Mail Center [>]


?Your current record impressive [?]!!!

?Grandma is always happy to see your bright, shining face.

?Heyyyyyy! What do you think you're doing? I can't measure that, you strange person! ...Why, you don't even know which direction you're supposed to fly, do you?

?...You can't do that! Can't you see the banner over there by your goal?! Why are you flying in the OPPOSITE direction?!? That's makes very little sense!

? How are you doing, [Link]? Do you have enough of Granny's soup? Where are you now? You may be closer than I suspect! Are you hungry? Are you keeping warm? You haven't injured yourself, have you? You always work so hard, [Link]. Do you have enough Rupees? Your grandma doesn't have a lot, but I'm sending you everything I've saved up. As long as I have you and Aryll, I don't need anything else. I just want the two of you to return home safely. Love, Grandma

?Zzz... I'm already...closed... for today...zzz... Myum myum... Come again... tomorrow... ZZZzzz...

?Y-You're incredible! D-Did you just... FLY down here?!

?That's the coolest thing ever! Hey! If you can fly, do you think maybe you can hit that switch over there? Huh? Can you?

?Huh? You can't see it? It's just over there, up toward the top of the Forest Haven... Don't you have a Telescope? I mean, who doesn't in this day and age?

?You have to hit that switch up there if you want to get down into the Nintendo Gallery nestled beneath this island. If you had a Telescope you could probably see what I'm talking about. ...That switch is a real pain!

?See, once you become a gallery member, they teach you how to activate the switch, but I'm not a member yet...

?Dang! If I could only fly through the skies... Whee! Like a seagull! That would be great...

?Palace of Figurines Nintendo Gallery (Membership Required to Enter)

?The switch is way up on top of that island, at the base of that one branch... You see what I mean? Right in that little nook...

?Hey! Ooh! Hey! Wow! What kind of figurine are you after? If you have a Picto Box, you can get as many figurines as you like! Yeah! Wow! ...This place is like paradise!

? were a member this whole time! Awesome! Hey, and thanks to you, I got in and became a member, too! Check it out! I gave this guy a pictograph, and he gave me this figurine in return! Talk about cool! This'll be all the rage!

?You should get some figurines made, too!

?Welcome, [Link]. The figurine you requested is ready.

?It's been a long time since I've done work this exceptional. [?]

?I know I always say this, but this is some of the best work I've done in quite a while.

?Go in that door there to check it out.

?What's the matter? Hurry up and go look at it. You won't be disappointed.

?Well? Do you like it? If you do, then go find me another great subject to work on!

?Do you have a new subject for me? If you do, please show it!

?Oh, no, [Link]! The figurine-making process is a trade secret, I'm afraid. I can't let you take any pictographs of my work. Could you come back tomorrow?

?...What's this? This is in black and white! Monochrome pictographs just don't provide the kind of inspiration I need to create a beautiful figurine, I'm afraid.

?Hmmm... Yes... This is a fine pictograph, but it just isn't the type of thing that inspires me. No, not even in the least bit.

?I'll buy up to [?] of them.

?Wait just a second... I've already made a figurine of this. Haven't you seen it yet?

?Faces are the very soul of all figurines! If you don't give me a shot where the subject is completely facing the Picto Box, I'm afraid I can't craft a figurine for you.

?Oh! Well, this is almost right... If you only had taken a shot that showed the subject's entire body, I'd be quite inspired to craft a figurine of this.

?Ahh... Hah... Mmmm... This is quite an inspiring motif! Hurrah! I'm filled with inspiration!

?So what's your name, kid? ...[Link]? [Link], is it? Well, [Link], this officially marks your induction into our little club. [?] I think I should be done with this tomorrow. If you'd like, you can go ahead and take a look at our gallery in the meantime.

?All righty! As usual, you'll have to wait until tomorrow. I bet you're looking forward to seeing what you're going to get!


?Welcome to the Nintendo Gallery Figurine Palace! [?]

?This is your first time here, isn't it? Did one of our members provide you with an introduction, I hope?

?Ah, well, no worries one way or the other. We've been losing members due to our lack of "gimmicky attractions"...but we don't worry. True fans know we're the coolest. So anyway, do you know what it takes to become a member of our club?

?The figurines we have on display here have all been made using pictographs provided by our devoted members.

?If you bring me, the master sculptor, a pictograph that steals my breath away... Then you'll become a member, and you'll become able to view the collection in our galleries. And won't that be nice?

?Do you have such a pictograph?

?Would you like to be a member? Oh? In that case, bring me a pictograph that steals my breath away.

?As far as what kind of pictograph has the power to steal my breath away... Well, it can be either a person or a monster. You just have to be careful to take a full-body shot with your subject facing you.[?]

?...But until you bring me a subject that I like, you can't join. Sorry, but that's the way the cookie crumbles! I AM making these figurines for free, so I figure I should be allowed this one little rule, don't you?

?Welcome, [Link]. Did you find me a new subject? Well, show it to me! [?]

?How do you like my figurine? Isn't it marvelous? We do use only the highest quality material, after all, so I suppose it couldn't be anything less than lovely. You can make figurines out of many different materials, but I carve mine from rainbow stone_it's a special type of rock whose colors defy description. Rainbow stone is a very precious material, and it can only be found around here!

?Oh, hey! Sorry, but only members are allowed to view our gallery!

?Come on! Get out of our way!

?You're a pain!

?Bird-Man Contest Sign-in Counter[v] If you think you were born to fly, then take the challenge of the sky to win fame and prizes!

? Mrs. Marie's Cabana Property of Windfall Island's Lovely Teacher Visitors Not Welcome! The Management

?Swordsman! Over here!

?Please! You must fly from over there to here using your Deku Leaf!

?[Link]'s Cabana Visitors welcome at any and all times! [?] The Management

?Sturgeon's One-Point Lessons Lesson Ten Becoming the Champion of Life! Learn all there is to learn in lessons one through nine... And no matter what happens... Do not give up, do not complain, and do NOT stay up all night playing!

?You have deceived yourself...

?Did you think you'd be safe inside the castle? Foolish...

?Now that my power has been restored, there is no safe haven for you!

?I have taken your precious Zelda.

?And here, you shall fall into eternal slumber!

?I am certain that the Princess Zelda is being held captive in Ganon's Tower. It stands outside Hyrule Castle at the far end of the Valley of Demise. Hurry to her, [Link]!

?Ah. Have you come for some serious instruction in the way of the sword? Yes, sir No, sir

?A sword can do good or evil. It reflects the heart of the one who uses it. ...But you cannot have one until you learn the basics, I am afraid!

?Good! That is enough!

?It is as I foresaw! One day, you shall become a master of the sword! But it is still too soon to give you a sword to carry around with you. I'm afraid I cannot give you one yet.

?If I did give you one, I am certain your grandmother would be quite upset with me...and I do not need that!

?But...if for any reason you feel you need more training, then come see me again.

?Very good! That is enough!!

? is still too soon for me to give you a sword to carry around with you. You must come practice more, young one!

?And yet...I sense a certain anxiousness in the sword you eagerness that goes far beyond the mere desire to be wielded on the fields of battle...

?I do not know what has happened... But I have faith in you. Somehow, I doubt you will misuse that sword...

?You may have it, [Link]. I give it freely. Take the blade with you...

?Since the olden days, this sword has been used to fend off evil... Its blade is infused with the desire to become strong and righteous.

?Be strong, [Link].

?[Link]! Heed my words! Do not neglect your daily training! Press [A] while running to practice a rolling attack. Tilt [+] [<] or [>] and press [A] while [L]-targeting to practice jumping. Ah, yes. And remember, you can press [A] while tilting [+] [^] to do back-flips.

?Please remember!

?[Link]! Where are you going!? We have not finished our practice!

?Now, [Link]! Run quickly and press [A] to perform a rolling attack! Hit the wall as hard as you can!

?What's that? The Knight's Crest? Does that intrigue you, young one?

?It is still too early to discuss such things with you... But if you happen across ten of those, show them to me! Then I can tell you what they are and what they do. But... I will only speak if you get ten of them.

?What say you, [Link]?

?That was some racket outside, wasn't it! On another topic entirely, maybe it's just my age, but lately...I've had quite a hard time seeing things from a distance.

?What's the matter, my lad? You look pale... Is everything all right?

?So soon? My, my, my... If you're already old enough to be wearing those clothes... ...Then it's going to be very important for you to gather as much wisdom as you can from now on! If you're to make your way in the world, that is, [Link]! Now, I've been studying a wealth of topics since long before you were born. I'm what you'd call a brain-of-all-trades! You're a smart little fellow yourself, aren't you? I've been thinking it's time for me to pass some of my wisdom down, and maybe you're the one I should pass it down to...

?My stars! What was that racket outside?!

?Oh, [Link]! You look cute as a bug in that outfit!

?Today is your birthday, isn't it, [Link]? Well, how nice for you!

?Umm... Your grandma was calling for you, [Link]. And so was my mom!

?So? So? What's for dinner at your house tonight, [Link]? Can you come up the hill later and play?

?Did you find anything you can use as a shield? Anything at all? No? You'd better hurry up and find one before I change my mind!!

?Wow, that's a decrepit old shield... Are you sure you can still use that thing? Are you going to get splinters and cry? Well, whatever... If you're ready, then let's go!

?Are you sure you're ready to do this? Because we don't have time to play little kiddie games with you! Got it? Good! Then let's go!

?Ho ho! So beautiful! Incredibly beautiful! I'm so glad I bought this kaleidoscope! [?]

? How have you been, Big Brother? I'm here on the pirate ship writing you this letter. Isn't that neat? At first, I was really scared, but they're all actually nice...for pirates, I mean. Mr. Gonzo is a really big guy, but ever since Miss Tetra left, he's been crying like a baby. It's kinda funny...but sort of sad, too. Nudge is a little strange, but nice, too, and as for Senza...his beard makes him look pretty mean, but he tells really cool stories when he gets in the right mood. Zuko's kind of weird, and Mako is pretty quiet... Mako immediately gets mad whenever I try to take his I do that a lot. Hee hee! As usual, Niko is always fooling around. He won't take anything serious. Actually, he seems sad not to have you around anymore. Were you guys good friends? I helped them all out with their chores, and they actually paid me a little for it, so I'm sending the money to you. Please use it, Big Brother! I'll loan you my telescope for a little longer...but you have to return it to me eventually, OK? I'm doing fine here, so don't you worry. I'll take care of myself, so you be sure to take good care of yourself. Good luck! Aryll

?See the letters in your mind's eye! Focus! Concentrate! Be the mail! C'mon, man, join in! You know the words!

?That manager guy is gone, you know... Yeah, he left one last figurine and took off somewhere. I have no idea where. Leave your figurines in the vast ocean room on the other side of that wall!

?"I have made every last figurine this world could possibly desire from me. I have set out into the world in search of new inspiration to guide my hands." ...That's what was written here.

?So... I guess this means... You're the new master of the Nintendo Gallery, aren't you? Heh heh heh... It looks like you'll be with us for a long, long time! Well, I'll be counting on you, buddy! I'll be here every day!

?Oh, Mr. Cool-Nintendo-Guy-Manager... Where in the world could you have gone? I sure hope I get to meet you again someday... Someday soon...

?This is cool! This is so coooool! I can't stand it! This is nuts!

?Hello there, [Link]! Are you holding up all right throughout your travels? Not too weary?

?So, do you want to give it a go? Sure Nope

?OK! Come on by if you change your mind.


?OK, if you can sort more than [?] letters, I'll give you one Rupee per letter!

?Get to it!

?You must still be tired from all your traveling. Spent. Bushed. Tuckered. Am I right?

?Hmm... One letter... Youch.

?[var. # letters sorted] letters. Aw, too bad! Really unfortunate.

?Well, you can always come back later!

?[var. # letters sorted] letters! Just as good as ever! You give me goose bumps! You know that?

?So, at the rate of one Rupee per letter, you get [var. # rupees reward for sorting]!

?How high do you think you can push your record? The sky's the limit! You're the real deal! Yes, you are!

?You got the IN-credible Chart! Now you know where all the Triforce Charts are hidden! That's positively IN-credible! Press [D-pad][v] and check your charts to view it.

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?You got a Treasure Chart! Open your Sea Chart, then press [Y] to check your charts. When you open this chart, a place where treasure lies will be lit up! Sail to that area then use the chart to find the treasure!

?Treasure Chart 34

?Treasure Chart 35

?Treasure Chart 36

?Treasure Chart 37

?Treasure Chart 38

?Treasure Chart 39

?Treasure Chart 40

?Treasure Chart 41

?Ghost Ship Chart

?Tingle's Chart

?The Master Sword has returned! Its blade once again houses the power to repel evil. The sword of the one true hero is revived at last!

?I must apologize. It will take me just a moment to prepare the next picture. Please, if you could briefly wait outside...

?Ah, Master! Do you have an interest in the amusements of nobility? I do, indeed Not in the least

?Well, in that case, would you care to hear an explanation of the game? Indeed I would No, thank you

?Bzzzt! Of course! Bzzzt! Sorry to bother you with such trifling things, Master! Awfully sorry!

?Very good, Master. Please enjoy yourself.

?Please tilt [+] up, down, left, or right to move the panels and try to arrange the picture. I will place the final panel in the top-right space to complete the painting. Oh, and Master! Please bear in mind that this game is for amusement only. If you are successful, all I can offer as a reward is money! Do remember that!

?Do you understand the game? Most certainly The rules escape me

?My goodness gracious... Master has some difficulty circulating blood to his brain, does he not? Most unfortunate. I shall explain again, Master.

?Do you wish to quit? I will continue Sadly, I must quit

?I am sorry to have bothered you with such a trifling thing! Most terribly sorry! Ah! All of a sudden, I have become painfully aware of my existence as a door. Wah! Waaaaaah!

?Well done, Master... Well done, indeed! You are among the most talented gamesmiths of the noble classes! I offer you this as an expression of my respect and admiration of your skills. Please accept it!

?Use it wisely. [?]

?The Shop Guru Statue?!?

?...Such a divine figure! Surely, this is none other than the legendary individual who reigns at the peak of the business world! Oh, most worthy day! Wow! My lifelong dream has at long last come true! Such joy!

?This is my thanks to you for fulfilling my dream! It's a heart-filled reward brimming with gratitude! All right, hold out your hands...

?My, but I have received a worthy item! Tonight, I will hold this close to my bosom as I sleep! ...I can't wait!

?...Don't you know? The hooded guy who runs the little stall downstairs... I think his name is Zunari... Anyway, he's been hiding an incredible treasure down there. That's what he says, anyway. Something incredible.

?The fact is, he comes up here all the time just to brag about it. To be honest, I'm pretty tired of hearing about it, whatever it is.

?Have you heard? About Zunari? You know, that big-hooded man who runs the stall just downstairs from here? Well, I hear he had an incredible treasure that he valued above all else in that safe of his, but that he went and gave it to some strange boy for no apparent reason!

?"My dear! I've gone and spread a little joy to a pitiable boy! Dear me!" ...That's what he said, with the most serious of looks on his face. It was a real eye-opener! I mean, what a great person! I've completely changed my opinion of him!

?[Link], what's going on? We must hurry to reach the Earth Temple!

?Well, [Link]... I'm not very confident, but I think I should try to fly... I'll fly where you tell me to... Just tap [A] to keep me airborne! OK, whenever you're ready... Just use the Wind Waker to guide me.

?[Link], what are you doing? Please take me to the Wind Temple. Quickly!

?[Link]... I don't think I have the power to aid you much, [Link]... But I can at least plant a tree here in this soft soil... If you conduct me, I can use [A] to sow seeds. Use your Wind Waker to conduct me.

?[Link]! I'm over here!


?The stone that blocks the entrance seems extremely heavy. The only way you could move it, [Link], is if you were to become as heavy as the Great Deku Tree himself.

?[Link]! [Link], I think that the Hookshot you have can probably latch onto the trees I planted. Give it a try!

?[Link], I'm feeling a bit more confident now. I'm not sure how high I can fly while carrying you, [Link], but I'll do the best that I can. Just pick me up and jump, OK?

?It seems like the instrument I'm carrying can reflect light! This can help, I think! Instruct me where to reflect the light and use [A] to face my instrument in that direction. Use the Wind Waker to guide me, OK?

?[Link]!! I'm over here!

?Well... I just thought of something. If we use your shield and my instrument together, I think we can reflect light onto two different places at once. Do you think that'd be useful?

?Well, I'm not sure how to...explain this... I think the light that I reflect off of my instrument can be redirected using your shield, [Link]... Do you think this could prove useful? I hope you're not offended by my suggestions. I just want to be helpful...

?This is but one of the legends of which the people speak...

?Uh, [Link]...

?Were you listening to that? Oh, how embarrassing... I may have spoken to you about this before, [Link], but...

?My, what beautiful stars! Twinkle-twinkle...[?] Where were we? Oh, yeah! Once...once more! With the wind! Toss away, please!

?Huh? Whuh? [Link]? Since when did you become triplets? No, I'm five... I mean, file... FINE! C'mon! Don't hold back! Use the wimp... er...WIND and really toss me!

?Set to [Y] [Z] or [X]

?Listen with [A]

?[A] Options

?[A] Save

?Equip with [A]

?View with [A].

?Yeah, those Grappling Hooks... Nothing pulls up stuff like those things.

?Yeah, those Grappling Hooks... Nothing pulls up stuff like those things.

?The Grappling Hooks that the Rito tribe of Dragon Roost Island use are great. Yeah, those are the best.

?FLASH! You've captured art!

?[Link], would you care for another of my Legendary Pictographs?

?Today I have prepared a pictograph of the great King of Hyrule.

?Today I have prepared a pictograph of Ganondorf, the king of evil.

?Today I have prepared a pictograph of a beautiful Great Fairy.

?Today I have prepared a pictograph of the great water spirit, Jabun.

?Today I have prepared a pictograph of the Queen of Fairies.

?Today I have prepared a pictograph of the Wind Sage.

?Today I have prepared a pictograph of the Earth Sage.

?Guess what, young [Link]! Today is a great day in pictography!

?Today marks the day long past when I, as a young lad still struggling to reach the pinnacle of pictography, received my very first Legendary Pictograph.

?A Legendary Pictograph is an image of a being or essence that has passed beyond the knowledge of this world. They're quite incredible, really. These are images that one comes across only in the rarest of circumstances, but as I am the leading pictographer in the land, I have managed to gather many of them.

?And yet, [Link], seeing as how you are one who has dedicated his life to the art of pictography, as I have... I am willing to pass on to you one of these treasured Legendary Pictographs.

?If you have any open pictograph slots, I will place the image in your Deluxe Picto Box. Let me see it for a moment, will you?

?For me, every day is Pictography Day! I cannot wait for tomorrow to come!

?...Hmmph! The box is full!

?I shall place this pictograph in there immediately! Er... Hmmm, now... But perhaps that would be hasty...

?This is, after all, a very precious thing. I cannot just give it away for free, can I? What do you say, young sir? Will you pay 50 Rupees for it? I'll pay No way

?Penniless ragamuffin...

?...Hmmph! He doesn't have enough money!

?Oh ho ho ho! I have received my payment, so now, without delay...

?I just stick this here, and...

?You want to sell your Red Chu Jelly? Yes No

?Oh! Breathtaking! You have shown me an incredible feat of aerial navigation... My eyes! They are unworthy!

?Aryll Birthplace: Outset Island Personality: Kind and true to her family [Link]'s energetic younger sister is adored by all who meet her. Her current goal is to learn how to fetch water so she can help out her grandmother. Her most treasured belonging is a telescope bearing a drawing of a seagull.

?[Link]'s Grandma Birthplace: Outset Island Personality: Worrywart This kind old woman works hard to raise her two grandchildren. She's a very talented cook_her special Elixir Soup is sure to raise anyone's spirits. She also can be somewhat mischievous and enjoys playing the occasional prank on [Link].

?Sue-Belle Place of Birth: Windfall Island Personality: Serious Sue-Belle was born and raised on Windfall, but she became concerned for the health of her grandfather, Sturgeon, so she decided to move to live with him on Outset Island. Morning, noon, and night, she fills vases with water and carries them on her head from the well to their house. Strangely enough, she actually enjoys the task.

?Sturgeon Birthplace: Outset Island Personality: Extremely serious Known as Outset's living encyclopedia, Sturgeon is quite wise, boasting an abnormally high IQ. He has extremely sensitive nerves_quite the opposite of his younger brother, Orca, who lives downstairs. Surprisingly, Sturgeon was an accomplished swordsman in his youth.

?Orca Birthplace: Outset Island Talent: Swordplay In his younger days, Orca had hoped to be a swordsman, but he suffered a serious injury that ended that dream. He soon returned to Outset and became a fisherman. On a ledge on one wall of his house is a memento from his days of training with a blade. Orca is a lifelong bachelor.

?Abe Birthplace: Outset Island Greatest Treasure: His family Abe is a family man who takes good care of his wife and two kids. In his younger days, his dashing good looks and baritone voice made him quite the ladies' man. Then one day, he was instantly smitten by a woman named Rose. Even though he was consistently rebuffed, he persisted and finally convinced Rose to marry him.

?Rose Birthplace: Outset Island Favorite thing: Animals The mother of Joel and Zill, Rose is a woman of refreshingly simple tastes...but she's a demanding mother. She has the bad habit of trying to laugh her way out of lies.

?Mesa Birthplace: Outset Island Personality: Slacker Mesa performs his chores at very much his own pace. His vegetable patch is always full of weeds and he spends most of the year trying to clear it out. He's surprisingly timid and often can't fall asleep at night. He's currently looking for a wife.

?Joel Birthplace: Outset Island Main Interest: Sticks Joel's dream is to grow up as soon as he can so he can jump across boulders just like [Link]. Both he and his younger brother, Zill, distinctly resemble their father.

?Zill Birthplace: Outset Island Talent: Sniffling Zill is a hyper-inquisitive young boy who speaks his thoughts as soon as they come to mind. He can often strike a nerve without realizing it. He likes to imitate his older brother, Joel. And strangely enough, it seems that he actually lets his nose run on purpose...

?Jabun Birthplace: Greatfish Isle Water Spirit Jabun can only speak Hylian, so hardly anyone understands a word he says.

?Wild Pig Birthplace: Unknown Talent: Digging holes Wild pigs are found primarily in the fields of Outset Island. They love All-Purpose Bait above all other foods, and when they eat it they can't help but tear into the earth.

?Seagull Birthplace: Unknown Talent: Flying Seagulls soar freely over the Great Sea. They love Hyoi Pears above all other foods, and eating them simply steals their hearts.

?Crab Birthplace: Unknown Talent: Crab-walking These creatures are crabs, plain and simple.

?Tott Birthplace: Windfall Island Talent: Dancing This young fellow dreams of becoming a professional dancer. He dances before a strange stone monument day and night. This smooth dancer may still be practicing, but he's also recruiting for a partner! [?]

?Mila Birthplace: Windfall Island Personality: Harsh This poor girl was filthy rich until she got rescued from her prison in the Forsaken Fortress. Now that her family has fallen on hard times, she works for the shop on Windfall Island to help ease their hardship.

?Mila's Father Birthplace: Windfall Island Favorite Thing: Money His hobby was once collecting expensive vases, but unfortunately, they were the kind of vase one wants to break as soon as one catches sight of them. Those who did and were forced to compensate him for his loss were said to regret it afterward.

?Maggie Birthplace: Windfall Island Favorite Things: Love and romance Maggie was dirt-poor before being kidnapped and held captive in the Forsaken Fortress. She's quite popular with all boys... but she prefers "wild" boys over all others. Lately she has taken to writing poems and will soon be publishing one entitled "A Woman's Heart is Blue."

?Maggie's Father Birthplace: Windfall Island Personality: Not particularly good Surprisingly, Maggie's father is quite confident that he is the epitome of fashion. It would probably be more accurate to say that the clothes he wears are "distinct." He seems to especially like vintage clothes and jewelry.

?Bomb-Master Cannon Birthplace: Windfall Island Mood: Shifts violently Cannon is the world's only maker of bombs. He considers himself a magician with gunpowder and other explosives. His hairstyle is as unique as his talent.

?The Potion Master, Doc Bandam Birthplace: Windfall Island Favorite Food: Chu Jelly Doc Bandam spends his days researching ChuChus in his potion shop. He visits Pawprint Island now and then to collect the Chu Jelly he uses to make his potions. He considers himself a potion artist, and like an artist, he's quite whimsical.

?The Pictographer, Lenzo Birthplace: Unknown Personality: Hard to grasp Lenzo is a famed pictographer known to all. His mysterious personality is quite popular with the ladies in town.

?The Shop Guru, Zunari Birthplace: A C-C-COLD Island Pet Phrase: "Dear me!" Even on the hottest day of summer, Zunari can be found in his shop, wearing the beloved hood that his mother made for him. He keeps a great treasure in his safe there. On a side note, he turns forty this year, and is now recruiting for a wife. [?]

?The Joyful Teacher, Mrs. Marie Birthplace: Windfall Island This Year's Lucky Number: 20 This year marks the twentieth year this splendid individual has worked as Windfall's school teacher. Her hobby is collecting Joy Pendants. Her goal in life is to raise unique and creative students. The most unique thing she's ever created is her own hairstyle.

?Windfall's Gang of Boys, The Killer Bees Birthplace: Windfall Island Main Objective: Raising trouble This small gang of four calls itself the Killer Bees. Starting from the left, the members are: The leader, Ivan: A very talented and reliable leader. Leave all tree climbing to him. Jin, the fox: Ivan's quick-witted adviser. His wry insults can be hard to take. Jan, the blue-hair: Uses his innocent looks to avert trouble. He's the Killer Bee's thug. The pig-nosed, Jun-Roberto: Secretly aims to be the next gang leader. He was raised in a bourgeois family and has developed into a terrible little tyrant. When these four are together, they fear absolutely nothing!

?What are you doing, [Link]? Quickly! You must jolt those strange creatures off of the Deku Tree's face! Do you not know how to knock them down?

?You got one of the Legendary Pictographs in your Deluxe Picto Box!

?Anchors aweigh!!!

?Hold the tiller steady!!!

?As for our destination...

?The wind will guide us!

?I'm sorry, but could you bring these to me in groups of...oh, say, about fifteen? You see, I can't make any potion without a specific minimum amount of Chu Jelly... and I can't accept any until you've got enough for me. Sorry. Really, I am.

?Dear me, but there's a terrible storm raging this evening... The night seems very... unsettled, somehow.

?A little rain once in a while isn't bad at all! I think I've actually missed getting wet!

?I just saw some strangers here in town. They went over toward the bomb shop. ...Why would they be going there?

?It would seem that there won't be an auction this evening, wouldn't you say? Not in a storm like this, there won't!

?Is it true that pirates have invaded our peaceful little island? That's terrible news! What am I supposed to do if they come to my coffee house and start raising a ruckus?!

?It's true! One hundred percent true! I've seen it myself! A stern-looking pirate ship sailing full-speed toward this little town! I'd swear on the sea!

?Have you heard? There are pirates here on this island now. RIGHT now! Well, that's what they say, anyway. ...Me, I don't believe it.

?Now let's say_just for a moment_that pirates actually did come ashore... What would they want with a peaceful village like this?! Tell me that, laddie!

?Don't pay any attention to him.

?Oh, ho ho ho ho ho ho!

?You must activate all four switches on this island. And you must activate them all swiftly. Danger will visit all who fail to heed my warning. (The Seer, S.W. Potchit)

?There's so much going on, man! Things are really crazy around here. By the way, I've heard that they want you to come back and help sort letters once things have settled down a bit. How cool is that, man? They absolutely LOVE you here! I hope they'll be saying that about me someday soon!

?I've put it in the first room on the right. ...My right! [?]

?I've put it in the second room from the right. ...My right![?]

?I've put it in the third room from the right. ...My right! [?]

?I've put it in the room right across from me. You can't miss it. [?]

?I've put it in the third room from the left. ...My left![?]

?I've put it in the second room from the left. ...My left![?]

?I've put it in the first room on the left. ...My left![?]

?...Beautiful. Breathtaking. Sublime! The shiny pupil... The smooth, supple skin... Who is this? And where can I find such beauty existing in the world? Why, this is beauty incarnate! Mercy! My heart bubbles over with the undeniable compulsion to create a figurine from this work of art!

?Are you saying my fans want this figurine? Wow... That golden, freshly brushed hair... That stylish, yet unassuming bod... ...Why, this is a mighty handsome man! Mercy! My very soul compels me to make a figurine from this picture!

?Please! Permit me to sculpt this! It will be a jewel of a figurine!

?Check it out! This arrangement is totally awesome! I bet I'm the only one that gets the subtleties of it! Just LOOK at it!

?They took some liberties with this one, huh? I can tell, man! I've got the eye!

?Listen... Please try not to interrupt me as I gaze upon my supreme bliss.

?All I want out of life is just the chance to hang out and gaze at my figurines... My life is soooo good.

?Oh, yeah! This is cool. It's so absurdly cool! I love how the wrist is just slightly twisted. It's perfect!

?Look at how perfectly the joints are bent! This is a Nintendo fan's dream come true!

?Why is that figurines of people always look cooler than the people themselves? Weird.

?This is such high quality! This is a weird thing to say, but...I almost want to lick it!

?Heh heh heh! So this is how he did that? Dang! That master is one talented guy!

?How many do you want to sell? [?] Choose how many with [+] and press [A].

?[Link]! Do not run! Trust in the power of the Master Sword!

?No, no, no! You can't just walk into someone's stall like that! No, indeed! It just isn't proper! It just isn't done!

?...Hey, what's that? Why, small fry! That's a fine-looking bow you got there! Where'd you get that? If you're not in any kind of hurry, why don't you stop and play with me a bit? OK Sorry

?Oh! Fine! Great! Like I care!

?Hoo hoo! Of course you will, fry! And to be honest, you'll be helping me out. See, I've been having some ferocious body aches that only acupuncture can cure! Check it out: I'll give you 10 arrows for that bow of yours, and I want you to aim those suckers at me when I leap out of the sea! Yeah! See if you can't peg me with 'em! For each arrow you nail me with, I'll give you 10 Rupees...and if you hit me all 10 times, I'll give you 200 Rupees! What? You worried about little old me, fry? Hah! Don't be! I'm a man-fish! I've spent my life being toughened up by seas rougher than any you've ever seen! Those arrows of yours ain't got nothing on me!

?Get ready to start, small fry!

?So anyway, can I interest you in that little game of ours? I'm ready to play! Are you? What do you say, small fry? Do you want to play? Sure Not really

?AHH![?] That hit the spot! That completely cured my stiff neck!

?W-Way to go, small fry! That was p-perfect! I guess I owe you the 200 Rupees I promised you. Well, take it, you thief!

?What's the deal, fry? You could only hit me [?] times? Oh, well. What's a man-fish to do? Well, here's your [?]! Go on! Take `em!

?What's the deal, fry?! You could only hit me once?! How's that supposed to cure the pain in my neck? Get it together! Ah, whatever! Take your 10 Rupees and go!

?What's the matter with you, fry? With a fine bow like that you'd think you could at least hit me once! It looks like you need some time on rough seas to toughen you up, too!

?If you want to do it again, fry, just scatter some more bait for me, OK? And with that...I'm off!

?Island Hearts Chart

?Sea Hearts Chart

?Secret Cave Chart

?Light Ring Chart

?Platform Chart

?Beedle's Chart

?You got Beedle's Chart! Now you know where to find Beedle's floating Shop Ships! Press [D-pad][v] and check your charts to view it.

?You got the Platform Chart! Now you can find the platforms out on the high seas. Press [D-pad][v] and check your charts to view it.

?You got the Light Ring Chart! Now you know where to find the rings of light that mystically appear on the sea under the full moon! Press [D-pad][v] and check your charts to view it.

?You got the Secret Cave Chart! Now you know where to find the secret caverns! Press [D-pad][v] and check your charts to view it.

?You got the Sea Hearts Chart! Now you know where charts showing Piece of Heart locations are hidden! Press [D-pad][v] and check your charts to view it!

?You got the Island Hearts Chart! Now you know where to find the islands that hide Pieces of Heart. With this, you can see how many pieces there are! Press [D-pad][v] and check your charts to view it.

?What are you doing? Show me where the owner of that voice is!

?Danger! Do not attack the explosive fruit!

?First, conduct in 3/4 time! Do not touch [+]. Just try to match the rhythm by tilting [C] [v], [^] and [>]!

?What is the matter, [Link]? You do not have to time it exactly_just be sure to be holding [C] in the proper direction when the metronome hits the center. Also, you don't need to touch [+] to keep it in 3/4 time. Just tilt [C] in the correct directions starting from the first beat: [v], [^], and [>]!

?Very nice! That was splendid! Next is 4/4 time. Hold [+] [<] to change the rhythm, then match the rhythm and tilt [C] [v], [>], [<], and then [^]!

?What's the matter, [Link]? You do not have to time it exactly_just be sure to be holding [C] in the proper direction when the metronome hits the center. Tilt [+] [<] to match the 4/4 rhythm. Then tilt [C] [v], [>], [<], and then [^]!

?That's it, [Link]! That was not bad for your first time using the Wind Waker! Not bad at all! You can also conduct with it in 6/4 time by tilting [+] [>]. You would do well to remember that.

?Well, if it isn't a lovely Joy Pendant! ...Unfortunately, young man, the two of us have plenty of joy in our lives right now, so we don't need any of those. But thanks!

?Is that a Joy Pendant? Well, how nice for you. And thanks, but nothing can ever bring me more joy than the wedding ring my husband gave to me fifty years ago.

?[Link]! That's a Golden Feather, isn't it? Of course I recognize it! All Rito girls idolize those things!

?Actually, I recognized it the last time you showed it to me.

?I just thought it would be unseemly if I got too excited and went on and on about it.

?But now I'm dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, and I have my instrument, so I have no need for such things...

?[Link]! That's a Golden Feather, isn't it? Of course I recognize it! All Rito girls idolize those things!

?You really have one! That's amazing...

?I'd be lying if I told you it held no interest for me, but...

?For now, I think mastering this instrument is more important than my fascination with such things. Don't you think?

?That Golden Feather... Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure Hoskit's girlfriend has been asking him for one. He's on guard duty right now.

?Oh, this is no good! I must practice! Practice!

?...But there is yet another in this world whom you must protect.

?Potova & Joanna Birthplace: Windfall Island Nickname: The Little Tipsters These two girls are talented at hitting on island rumors, seemingly without any tips or advice from others. Children can be really frightening sometimes.

?Anton Birthplace: Windfall Island Favorite Activity: Kickboxing The reason his second-favorite hobby is taking walks is because it keeps his legs in shape. He's had his eye on a certain young lady lately.

?Kreeb Birthplace: Windfall Island Least Favorite Proverb: "Only smoke and fools love high places." This young guy's trademark is his yellow hat. He seems to have an unusual interest in the town's ferris wheel and lighthouse.

?Kamo Birthplace: Windfall Island Years With No Girlfriend: 18 Ever the romantic, Kamo loves to gaze at the night sky. He and his dear friend Linda were once classmates at Mrs. Marie's School.

?Gillian Birthplace: Windfall Island Workplace: The Cafe Bar Gillian manages the cafe in place of her now-ill father. It seems she once had a boyfriend, but that info is TOP SECRET!

?Linda Birthplace: Windfall Island Best Friend: Sue-Belle Lately, her childhood friend, the delicate Kamo, has become smitten with her, but she's apparently completely oblivious to his feelings.

?Sam Birthplace: Windfall Island Favorite Spot: The sea view bench He thinks that a little composure is of the utmost importance in life. Sam's a card- carrying member of the Joyous Volunteer Association.

?Gossack Birthplace: Windfall Island Personality: Not brave There isn't much to say about Gossack.

?Garrickson Birthplace: Windfall Island Personality: Passionate He is constantly thinking of someone on a faraway island. He's apparently a very passionate man, and he has a very hip sense of fashion.

?Pompie & Vera Birthplace: Windfall Island Hobby: Gossiping Pompie and Vera are the town's most talkative pair of ladies, and they are always spreading idle gossip. Lately they've been obsessed with Lenzo. [?]

?Missy Birthplace: Windfall Island Her Son: Dampa the Sailor She's just an ordinary elderly woman.

?Minenco Birthplace: Windfall Island Favorite Thing: Pictographs This former beauty became famous after being dubbed Miss Windfall Island...about forty years ago. There isn't a younger woman who could take that title away.

?Gummy the Sailor Birthplace: Windfall Island Favorite Spice: Pepper No one knows where he gets his spending money from, but this nifty sailor spends night after night unwinding at the auction.

?Kane the Sailor Birthplace: Windfall Island Favorite Occupation: Artist Long ago, Kane longed to be an artist or a sculptor, but circumstances in his home life forced him to become a sailor. He's still critical of all artistic expression, though.

?Dampa the Sailor Birthplace: Windfall Island Favorite Animal: Pigs Dampa recently got some pet pigs, and now they're all he can think about. He really confirms the old adage about pets and their owners...

?Candy the Sailor Birthplace: Windfall Island Good at Cooking: Grapes At first glance, Candy looks a little intimidating, but he's actually extremely kind and quite knowledgeable. He's always happy to share his knowledge, too. He's energetic and sort of a scamp for a seventeen year old.

?Tetra Personality: Elusive Tetra seems bossy and strong willed, but she's actually quite kind. Orphaned at a young age, Tetra followed in her mother's footsteps, becoming a pirate and watching after her mother's gang of lovable swabbies. Tetra and her crew are in search of a legendary treasure hidden beneath the waves of the Great Sea.

?Gonzo Personality: Short-tempered Favorite Thing: Miss Tetra Leader of Tetra's family of pirates, Gonzo seems to be quite strong...but he cries at the drop of a hat.

?Senza Personality: Mild-mannered Talent: Ummm...talking, maybe? Senza is in charge of keeping the pirate ship in order. He's a mild-mannered speaker, but his persuasive skills are said to be unmatched.

?Nudge Personality: Who knows? Talent: Sewing Nudge seems to understand Tetra best of all the pirates and often counsels her in her decision making. He's actually stronger than Gonzo.

?Zuko Personality: Taciturn Talent: Spying Zuko is in charge of keeping watch. His sharp eyes can read signs a mile off, but no one really understands what he says, so they rarely know what he's seen.

?Niko Personality: Merry Least Favorite Thing: Gonzo's underwear Niko is the bottom rung on the pirate ladder, so he's responsible for all the odd jobs on the ship. He's quite childish and rarely thinks of the consequences of his actions. Even so, he shows signs of having what it takes to move up the pirate ladder.

?Mako Personality: At first glance, quiet Least Favorite Thing: Having his glasses touched by strangers. Mako is called the brains of the ship and the king of invention. He may look like a weakling, but his glasses give him keen eyesight, and he's unstoppable when mad. Not many know this, but he keeps a knife hidden in that thick book of his.

?Tingle Birthplace: Unknown Favorite Things: Fairies, deciphering maps It's been several years since Tingle first became enchanted with deciphering maps in the hopes it would help him find fairies, and he's lost many things during that time. He's raising funds to begin his search for fairies, hoping to embark sometime in his thirties, while the lust of life is still upon him. At the age of 35, the pressure's on!

?Ankle Birthplace: Unknown Favorite Proverb: "One may as well hang for a stolen sheep as for a stolen lamb." Since being taught how to decipher maps by his older brother Tingle, Ankle has been supporting his good-for-nothing twin brother Knuckle. The only time he feels he can truly be himself is when he's tending to the Tingle Island flower garden.

?Knuckle Birthplace: Unknown Occupation: Carver Knuckle is another of Tingle's younger brothers_he happens to be Ankle's twin. He finished carving Tingle Tower when he was ten years old. The head is his studio. Supposedly, he felt unsatisfied completing his collection without this figure. He loves his special vertically aligned Tingle Tuner.

?David, Jr. Birthplace: Windfall Island Occupation: Treasure hunter Seventeen-year-old David Jr. set out to sea with dreams of finding the treasure of the Ghost Ship that his now-deceased father once saw. He gets seasick quite easily and was in just such a state when he awoke in a daze on Tingle Island. Ankle told him that "self comes before wealth," and he's been working in the tower ever since. He really hates the uniform.

?Fishman Birthplace: The Great Sea Personality: Honorable, dutiful, and surly Apparently, these fish were aided long ago by the King of Red Lions, which is why they're now willing to offer [Link] valuable information. Unfortunately, much of their information is off the mark. For many long years they have suffered from stiff necks, but none of them know how to cure it.

?Traveling Merchants Birthplace: Unknown Favorite Food: Rocks These businessmen are traveling the world in search of curios and oddities, each with the hope of someday opening his own shop. Nobody knows where these wandering merchants have come from or where they're headed.

?Old Man Ho Ho Birthplace: Unknown Favorite Thing: Telescopes Old Man Ho Ho found his first telescope after retiring from his job and has been traveling in search of new sights ever since. A new discovery always awaits at the far end of his telescope.

?Beedle Birthplace: Unknown Favorite Thing: Bugs (especially beetles) A businessman by nature, Beedle's sales pitch is unmatched. He hopes to open a chain of trading posts where people can buy, sell, or trade anything.

?Salvatore Birthplace: Windfall Island Talent: Drawing pictures Long ago, Salvatore hoped to be a famous painter, but that dream didn't last long. He eventually returned to his hometown and came up with his current business plan. It's been a huge success, allowing him to purchase his own island, where he has opened up the second store in what he hopes will become a huge chain. He's now busy trying to think up that one idea that will spark his next big endeavor.

?Loot the Sailor Birthplace: Windfall Island His Only Fear: The Mermen Loot spends his days working far from home at the boating course. He takes his earnings straight to the cafe bar on Windfall to enjoy a relaxing beverage.

?Salvage Corp. Birthplace: Angular Isles Talent: Searching for sunken treasure These young men found friendship through their common interest in searching for sunken treasure. Soon afterward, they formed the Salvage Corp. With their first haul of treasure, all they could afford to buy was their diving suits. Now they dream of finding that one huge haul that makes them all rich. They are currently searching for the legendary treasure sunken beneath the sea.

?Fairy Birthplace: Unknown First Impression: Good Fairies are the most reliable of creatures. When their master's life energy has been depleted, they immediately come to his or her aid. They can be carried in bottles.

?Great Fairy Birthplace: Angular Isles Talent: Powering-up The seven Great Fairies who are destined to aid the Great Hero by increasing his powers are hiding in seven different reaches of the Great Sea.

?Queen of Fairies Birthplace: Fairy Island Talent: Empowering arrows with fire and ice She appears to be but a child, but she is much greater and more powerful than the Great Fairies. She will grant [Link] the power to add fire and ice to his arrows.

?Princess Zelda Princess Zelda is the legitimate heir to the the Hyrulean royal family. She is actually the pirate Tetra.

?King of Hyrule The King of Hyrule was unable to protect his kingdom from evil and left its fate up to the gods. The King of Red Lions is merely his disguise. His full name is one that is truly fit for royalty: Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule.

?[Link] & the King of Red Lions Birthplace: Outset Island Favored Hand: Left The Hero of Wind, [Link] uses the Wind Waker to control the wind and sail the seas on his mysterious boat (which is actually the King of Hyrule). Surprisingly, he seems to have an unnatural interest in figurines and has at last completed his collection! He is now the master of the Nintendo Gallery.

?Medli Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island Personality: Serious and sincere Medli is Valoo's attendant, and as such puts incredible effort into everything she does. Even so, there are times when she seems to be spinning her wheels. Her greatest treasure is the harp that she carries on her back.

?Komali Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island Personality: Mama's boy Komali had very little confidence in himself and thus closed himself off from the world outside his tribe's aerie. With just a little help from [Link], though, he has regained his confidence and has at last begun to show signs of being a confident and mature Rito adult.

?The Rito Chieftain Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island Head of the Rito tribe The Chieftain is a very gifted leader who is adored by his people. Due to his position, he must be strict with his relations, but as with any father, he worries about his son.

?Quill the Postman Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island Personality: Dutiful, passionate Quill has courage, if nothing else. He is admired by his fellow Rito and the chieftain places great trust in him.

?Skett & Akoot Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island Occupation: The chieftain's guards Skett and Akoot are said to be the number- one and number-two Ritos when it comes to talent and strength, which is why they are the chieftain's guards. The reason they get along so well is because they are childhood friends. Their style of speech can be considered somewhat antiquated.

?Kogoli Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island He always seems to be worrying about the state of the island, but no one has ever seen him working to improve it...

?Ilari Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island Occupation: Windfall Island postman Ilari is quite kind as long as he's composed, but when things don't go well, he quickly grows impatient and can get rough with his speech. He apparently has a hard time remembering people's faces...

?Hoskit Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island His biggest worry is getting a present for his girlfriend. He looks quite easy-going, but he's always thinking of his girlfriend. He values his friends tremendously.

?Namali Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island Personality: Worrisome Namali doesn't really have any distinct characteristics per se...

?Basht & Bisht Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island Occupation: Island police Being extremely honest and sincere Ritos, they were chosen to be the island's police force. When you talk to them, they speak frankly about events on the island.

?Obli Birthplace: Windfall Island Hobby: Dressing up Obli has such an unhealthy obsession with the Ritos that he's begun dressing as a Rito and running the famed Bird-Man Contest. He's the older of the laudable brothers who host the contest.

?Willi Birthplace: Windfall Island Hobby: Dressing up Willi used to be a very average carpenter on Windfall. He so longed to soar the skies that he began dressing as a Rito. He's the younger of a laudable pair of siblings.

?Koboli Birthplace: Windfall Island Occupation: Mail sorter Koboli is the third generation in a family of postmen, but rumor has it that an ancestor of his in an age gone by was also a postman...

?Pashli Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island Personality: Gentle For reasons unknown, Pashli's always busy.

?Baito Birthplace: Unknown Personality: Earnest Baito is very earnest when it comes to mastering a job. He often misses his mother and gets homesick, which can be quite hard on him. He wants to be like [Link].

?Valoo Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island Sky Spirit Valoo has lived on Dragon Roost Island and protected the Ritos since long, long ago. He has a habit of speaking only Hylian, which only his attendant, Medli, grasps.

?Zephos & Cyclos Birthplace: Dragon Roost Island Sibling deities who control the wind Zephos and Cyclos are two light-hearted deities who teach [Link] the Wind's Requiem and the Ballad of Gales.

?Laruto Birthplace: Zora's Domain Long, long ago, the Zora sage, Laruto, offered up her prayers in the Earth Temple so that the Master Sword would continue to house the power to repel evil.

?Makar Birthplace: The Forest Haven Personality: Frivolous Makar is in charge of the musical performance at the ceremony held each year by the Koroks in the Forest Haven. The instrument he uses appears to be a cello, but it is actually a violin...

?Olivio Birthplace: The Forest Haven One of the Korok forest spirits After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Olivio flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest. He's responsible for the forest on an island one square west and three squares north of the Forest Haven.

?Aldo Birthplace: The Forest Haven One of the Korok forest spirits After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Aldo flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest. He's responsible for the forest on an island one square east of the Forest Haven.

?Oakin Birthplace: The Forest Haven One of the Korok forest spirits After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Oakin flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest. He is responsible for the forest on an island four squares west and five squares north of the Forest Haven.

?Drona Birthplace: The Forest Haven One of the Korok forest spirits After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Drona flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest. He is responsible for the forest on an island one square west and one square north of the Forest Haven.

?Irch Birthplace: The Forest Haven One of the Korok forest spirits After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Irch flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest. He is responsible for the forest on an island three squares west of the Forest Haven.

?Rown Birthplace: The Forest Haven One of the Korok forest spirits After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Rown flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest. He is responsible for the forest on an island four squares west and four squares north of the Forest Haven.

?Hollo Birthplace: The Forest Haven One of the Korok forest spirits Even after the Korok ceremony, Hollo remains in the Forest Haven researching potion-making. He'll make a potion that replenishes both life energy and magic power for you if you bring him Boko Baba seeds. Onjalla! Manjalla! CHO-WAY!

?Elma Birthplace: The Forest Haven One of the Korok forest spirits After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Elma flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest. He is responsible for the forest on an island five squares west and one square north of the Forest Haven.

?Linder Birthplace: The Forest Haven One of the Korok forest spirits After the annual ceremony in the Forest Haven, Linder flies off to a distant part of the world to sow tree seeds and raise new patches of forest. He is responsible for the forest on an island four squares west and two squares north of the Forest Haven.

?Deku Tree Birthplace: The Forest Haven The Deku Tree is both an earth spirit and the guardian of the forest. He has lived for many long years, so his wisdom is vast. However, since his roots run deep into the earth, he cannot move. As a result, he is often afflicted by parasitic enemies...

?Carlov the Sculptor Birthplace: Unknown Occupation: Nintendo Gallery Master With unmatched talent, he is the world's greatest sculptor. It's said the reason he won't let anyone watch him sculpt is because he does so in his underwear. Lately, his club has been losing membership because he hasn't done anything "cool" with it, but as long as [Link] hangs around, everything will be all right!

?Manny Birthplace: Windfall Island Favorite Thing: Figurines He used to always sit at home and rarely go outside, but his passion for the Nintendo Gallery kept him moving and he finally earned membership in it.

?Fado Birthplace: Kokiri Forest Personality: Somewhat saucy Long, long ago the Kokiri sage, Fado, offered up his prayers in the Wind Temple so that the Master Sword would continue to house the power to repel evil.

?Bokoblin Habitat: Forsaken Fortress Spoils: Joy Pendants These little imps wield sharp machetes and Boko sticks when attacking. If they have no weapon, they'll attempt to fight hand-to-hand.

?Miniblin Habitat: Forsaken Fortress Talent: Herd movements These little beasts are quick and agile. They scurry along walls and gather in great numbers. You should deal with them individually so they don't surround you.

?ChuChu Habitat: Varied Spoils: Chu Jelly There are ChuChus of many different colors, all with their own distinct characteristics. In general, they are most susceptible to projectile weapons.

?Rat Habitat: Forsaken Fortress Favorite Food: All-Purpose Bait These creatures attack spontaneously and attempt to steal Rupees. The ones that carry bombs around are apparently known as Bombchus.

?Keese & Fire Keese Habitat: Dragon Roost Cavern Least Favorite Thing: Projectiles These bats fly around dark places and attack anything that moves. Great care should be taken around Fire Keeses that appear during times of volcanic activity.

?Magtail Habitat: Dragon Roost Cavern Weakness: Water These creatures are covered in a hard exoskeleton that not even the searing heat of lava can penetrate. Their eyes are their only weakness. Magtails can be picked up and carried around when they've rolled into a defensive position.

?Kargaroc Habitat: Dragon Roost Spoils: Golden Feathers These fierce and dangerous opponents often carry Bokoblins and Moblins into battle. You can use your Grappling Hook to steal their Golden Feathers.

?Peahat Habitat: Forbidden Woods Talent: Rotating These strange creatures use their propeller- like wings to float in midair. They can be easily knocked out of the sky with either projectiles or a Deku Leaf.

?Boko Baba Habitat: Forbidden Woods Spoils: Boko Baba Seeds These creatures that mimic Baba Buds attempt to swallow anything that comes near. Defeat them by stunning them with a jump attack and then cutting their stems.

?Morth Habitat: Forbidden Woods Least Favorite Thing: Deku Leaves These creatures attack in groups and cling to the bodies of their prey. A spin attack is the best way to shake them off. They're light and vulnerable to Deku Leaf blasts.

?Red Bubble & Blue Bubble Habitat: Tower of the Gods Stronger Form: Blue Bubble The cursed blue flames of the Blue Bubble steal the power away from all of your attacks. Bubbles can be easily blown away by the Deku Leaf.

?Floor Master Habitat: Forsaken Fortress Personality: Surprisingly lonely These creatures use their long hands to grab their victims, which they then yank into another room. They occasionally grab nearby vases and throw them.

?Armos Habitat: Tower of the Gods Vulnerability: Arrows These small statues shift into autopilot and attack prey. Shoot them in the eyes with an arrow to silence them, then destroy them by hacking their crystal backs.

?Armos Knight Habitat: Tower of the Gods Vulnerability: Bombs These auto-homing statues were created to deter intruders. To destroy them, you must toss bombs into their gaping mouths.

?Poe Habitat: Earth Temple Best Attack: Possession These ghostly creatures have no physical form, so physical attacks pass right through them. Shining light on them with the Mirror Shield makes them take form.

?ReDead Habitat: Earth Temple Least Favorite Thing: Mirror Shield These undead creatures live only in the darkest depths of the earth. Their icy cold gazes paralyze their victims with fear. Try to attack them from behind.

?Octorok Habitat: The Forest Haven, Great Sea Winner of the Perfect Attendance Award When approached, these creatures tend to hide in the water. They can easily be defeated by reflecting the rocks they shoot with a sword or shield.

?Seahat Habitat: The Great Sea Weakness: Projectiles These tremendous flying fish can be found only on the Great Sea. They tend to ram ships to knock their prey into the sea, so it is best to attack them from a distance.

?Gyorg Habitat: The Great Sea Weakness: Projectiles These so-called ocean killing machines are plentiful in the Great Sea. You should attack them with arrows or bombs before they're able to knock you into the sea.

?Moblin Habitat: Forsaken Fortress Spoils: Skull Necklaces These mighty enemies swing their long spears with the greatest of ease. They've knocked [Link] around with that attack countless times.

?Mothula Habitat: Forbidden Woods Effective Weapons: Deku Leaf, projectiles This gigantic moth scatters its scales through the air. Even using projectiles to clip its wings won't assure safety_it can still run around swiftly and release larvae.

?Darknut Habitat: Tower of the Gods Spoils: Knight's Crest These mighty knights are protected by heavy-duty armor. Rather than attacking from the front, it might be best to slip around behind them and cut their armor off.

?Darknut Habitat: Earth Temple Spoil: Knight's Crest These knights are well protected by their round bucklers and mighty armor. If you use a parry attack to jump up and knock off their helmets, it'll spell their doom.

?Mighty Darknut Habitat: Hyrule Castle Spoil: Knight's Crest These are Darknut captains. Some wear capes that must be burned or cut off before their armor straps can be cut.

?Phantom Ganon Habitat: Forsaken Fortress Effective Weapons: Light Arrows, Master Sword This is a phantom that Ganondorf created in his own likeness. Use your sword to knock back the balls of magic that he hurls, then attack him when he's stunned. Actually, you can also use empty bottles to deflect his magic attacks.

?Stalfos Habitat: Earth Temple Weakness: Its head These skeleton warriors attack by violently swinging their gigantic maces around. Even if they're shattered to pieces, they'll reform unless their heads are destroyed.

?Wizzrobe Habitat: Tower of the Gods Magic: Fire, summons These mighty mages are adept at wielding flame and summoning other creatures to their aid. The only way to defeat them is to try to predict their movements and attack them during the brief moments that they assume physical form.

?Wizzrobe Habitat: Wind Temple Magic: Summons These high-level mages use the magic of summoning to aid them in battle. They are the only Wizzrobes that can summon other Wizzrobes, which makes them formidable.

?Big Octo Habitat: Great Sea Effective Weapons: Projectiles There are said to be six of these legendary giant squid in different reaches of the Great Sea. When ships pass by, they create tremendous currents to try to sink them. The only way to escape is to shoot all of their weak spots_their eyes_with projectiles before being sucked in.

?Gohma Habitat: Dragon Roost Island Effective Weapon: Grappling Hook This gigantic shelled insect inhabits areas of lava and magma. The only way to penetrate its hard bio-armor would be to drop an entire sheet of bedrock on it.

?Kalle Demos Habitat: Forbidden Woods Favorite Thing: Makar This plant-monster is a gigantic parasite that lives in the depths of the Forbidden Woods. Only by cutting loose all of its disgusting tentacles with the Boomerang will its tender core be revealed.

?Gohdan, The Great Arbiter Habitat: Tower of the Gods Effective Weapon: Arrows This monstrous machine was created by the gods as a trial for the great hero. You can drop it to the ground only by piercing its hands and face with arrows. Once it has fallen, you can defeat it by immediately tossing a bomb inside it. Oddly enough, arrows occasionally drop from its nostrils.

?The Monstrous Helmaroc King Habitat: Forsaken Fortress Master: Ganondorf The Helmaroc King is a monstrous bird that has been fitted with a mighty steel mask. Once the mask has been split with a hammer, its tender beak will be revealed.

?Jalhalla, Protector of the Seal Habitat: Earth Temple Underlings: Poes This gigantic ghost rules over all Poes. After reflecting light onto it with the Mirror Shield, you can lift it and throw it around.

?Molgera, Protector of the Seal Habitat: Wind Temple Effective Weapon: Hookshot This evil guardian burrows deep into sand. Use the Hookshot to draw out its tender tongue, then slash at it with your blade.

?Puppet Ganon Habitat: Ganon's Castle Effective Weapon: Light Arrows This is a gigantic marionette created by Ganon himself. It transforms into three different shapes, but all are vulnerable to rays of light. Rather than shooting randomly at it, try to deduce when it can be easily targeted and then take advantage of your chance.

?Ganondorf Base of Operations: Ganon's Castle Effective Weapons: Light Arrows, Master Sword The possessor of the Triforce of Power, Ganondorf controls many fell beasts. It is useless for [Link] to try to face him alone. He must look for an ally who can aid him in battle.

?For [?], I'll pay you [?]! You sure you want to sell? Yes Maybe not

?I'll buy any Green Chu Jelly you don't need for 2 Rupees per glob!

?I'll buy up to [?].

?You want to sell your Green Chu Jelly? Yes No

?How many do you want to sell? [?] Choose how many with [+] and press [A].

?For [?], I'll pay you [?]! You sure you want to sell? Yes Maybe not

?I'll buy any Blue Chu Jelly you don't need for 3 Rupees per glob!

?I'll buy up to [?].

?You want to sell your Blue Chu Jelly? Yes No

?How many do you want to sell? [?] Choose how many with [+] and press [A].

?For [?], I'll pay you [?]! You sure you want to sell? Yes Maybe not

?If you don't need your Joy Pendants, I'll buy them from you for 5 Rupees each!

?I'll buy up to [?].

?You want to sell your Joy Pendants? Yes No

?How many do you want to sell? [?] Choose how many with [+] and press [A].

?For [?], I'll pay you [?]! You sure you want to sell? Yes Maybe not

?If you don't need your Golden Feathers, I'll buy them from you for 5 Rupees each!

?[Link], it is I, the King of Red Lions. I am afraid there are some areas to which you will not be able to bring the servants of the tower. But do not fear leaving them behind! Once you have awakened them, they will wait patiently for your return. Of this I assure you!

?[Link], do not worry about straying away from Medli in the depths of the temple. Just relax and open your Dungeon Map. As long as you have the compass, you can easily confirm her whereabouts.

?I hear there's a fellow on Windfall Island who's collecting Skull Necklaces! You know who it is, fry? I don't. Sorry. What I CAN tell you is that those piggish monsters you see here in the Forsaken Fortress seem to carry those Skull Necklaces around all the time. Not that I think it's easy work stealing anything from the likes of those guys.

?I hear that somewhere out in the wide world is a handy arrow that can freeze anything. With something like that, you could even freeze that nasty monster in the Forsaken Fortress...for a while, anyway. But then, what would you do with a frozen monster, you say? Good question, fry. Why, I'd say you'd give that thing a whack and watch it shatter into teeny-tiny pieces!

?The little shop master on Windfall Island apparently got his hands on a truly amazing treasure. He calls it Magic Armor or something like that. It's a pretty cool magical relic, from what I've heard. If you want him to give it to you, try staring deep into his eyes and winning him over with flattery, fry! Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

?Are you thinking you want to get into that cave, small fry? The one that's protected by the crazy winds on that island? Heh heh heh! OK, then. Let me just tell you a little secret... If you go five squares south and one square east from here, you'll reach Ice Ring Isle, where you'll find an item that will make you as heavy as stone! If you get that item, you won't have to worry about getting blown over by winds.

?You'd best be careful sailing these waters on nights when the moon is full. Well, if you like pure, soul-freezing horror, fry, then maybe you can handle it.

?If you see seagulls flying all around some sea waters, that's a sign that you need to be wary, fry. Because the seagulls flock to wherever Big Octos appear... BIG OCTOS, I tell you! Those things don't mess around!

?Hey, small fry, do you know about the golden Triumph Forks? They're there, I tell you... On that island... The chart's there, is what I mean to say. But the cliff there rises sharply, and even if you wanted to climb it, there aren't any ledges or footings for you grab on to. So? What are you going to do, small fry?

?You've seen those weird rings of light that appear on the surface of the sea, haven't you, small fry? Did you know that some of those rings only appear at night? Didn't think so.

?They say that inside the ring of rock that makes up the perimeter of that island, there lives an incredibly beautiful fairy! But the thing is, nobody's ever met her. Supposedly, the only way you'll ever meet her is to take a ride on a whirlwind and drop inside that rock perimeter from the sky above. Doesn't sound easy, fry...

?Beware the night when the crescent moon faces up! That's all I can tell you, small fry.

?Out on the cape of this island is this crazy dancing fool who can't tell day from night! The guy's nuts...but you've got to respect someone who's not afraid to just let it all hang out like that, you know? I've been watching him, thinking I'd try to learn that dance and compete with him from out here in the ocean... But I just can't seem to swing with that crazy, funky rhythm of his. That guy's incredible!

?Do you know what a ChuChu is, small fry? No, I'm not talking about the sound you make when you kiss someone![?][?] I'm talking about ChuChus! They're those slimy, monster-like puddles of goo that turn into blobs of jelly, stand up, and start jumping at you like crazy when you come near them. Well, in any case, there's lots of them on that island over there, so if you see any, I'd avoid them. They can get...nasty. Now that I think about it, every once in a while I see the potion brewer who lives on Windfall Island come here... Now why would he do that, fry?

?There's a real peculiar cave toward the backside of this here Dragon Roost Island. Yeah, real peculiar. But I doubt you'll ever get there to see it, small fry_unless you manage to sprout wings and fly, that is... `Cause you won't be getting there otherwise!

?To the west of here, over on Dragon Roost Island, you'll see all kinds of rocks. Big ones, little get the picture. Anyway, they say that long ago, there used to be treasure hidden inside those things. Who knows? There may still be some left, so you should open your eyes and take a good look around...from as high-up as the sun to as low-down as your toes!

?I hear the bird-people who live on Dragon Roost Island east of here have invented an incredibly useful device that they call a Grappling Hook... No lie, fry! I hear you can throw that thing at monsters and use it to grab treasure they've hidden in their pockets. Talk about cool. Oh, and have you seen those imp-like creatures called Bokoblins that hang out on the lookout platforms at sea and stare through their telescopes? I hear those guys keep Joy Pendants hidden in their pockets, so if you get one of those Grappling Hooks, you can use it to swipe their pendants!

?I wonder how long it's been since the light in Windfall's lighthouse went dark... It was quite a grand sight, I tell you, the way that ray of light shone out like a shaft of gold through the cold darkness. I used to gaze at it with dear Gillian... Anyway, I bet if someone could shoot a powerful spark into the top of that lighthouse, it would light up again! Of course, that's just my intuition talking... Then again, you should never doubt a fish's intuition, small fry!

?Let me tell you a little something about that island over there, small fry... The guy who lives there is named Tingle, but he won't grow up and act his age. He still dresses like a little kid. not normal. Still, from what I hear, he can decipher maps like nobody's business! It just goes to show you that you can't judge a person on appearance alone, fry! Of course, the thing about this Tingle guy is that when it comes time to pay his deciphering fee, you'd better be ready to fork over some serious dough. Anyone who doesn't have a deep wallet won't be reading any maps, that's for sure.

?Let me tell you, something, small fry... The school on that Windfall Island has one gorgeous teacher! But the thing is, this gang of four little hoodlums is always causing trouble for her. Those little delinquents like to cause all sorts of trouble. They go climbing trees and hiding behind buildings instead of going to school... What a bunch of savages. Somebody's got to scold those scoundrels and set them straight for the sake of that poor teacher! You hear me, fry?

?Word is, they hold an auction every night over there on Windfall Island. Every night the people gather in the Hall of Wealth to amuse themselves by spending a little money. Ah, the rich! Auctions may be a race to see who can bid the highest, but I'll let you in on a little secret: the key to winning an auction is to be both patient and bold. I'm serious, fry! From what I hear, they get some great things up on that auction block, too. ...Like heart-shaped stuff, among other things. Maybe that's just a rumor. You should try it out, small fry. You might just like it!

?You see that there volcano that's spewing out lava like there's no tomorrow? Yeah, well, they say there's a great treasure hidden inside that thing. The thing is, everyone who's ever tried to get inside has just been blasted away by the great balls of fire that come shooting off the top. If you want to get inside, you ought to go find the island that's one square north and four squares west of here. That's where the power to freeze anything is hidden. ...Or so they say. Maybe it's not true. But it wouldn't hurt to look, fry!

?I wouldn't sail through these seas on nights when the left half of the moon is missing... You'll regret it if you do, fry! I'm warning you! It's not my fault if you get so scared that you can't go to the bathroom at night anymore!

?I met a really weird guy on the island due east of here. He had a pack on his back huger than any pack I've ever seen. I mean, it was B-I-G, fry! He said he was looking for treasure, but what does he expect to find in a place like that? I tell you...the guy is completely obsessed!

?You should come around these parts on nights when just a wee bit of the left half of the moon is missing. ...That's when IT appears, fry!

?You've seen those weird rings of light that appear on the seas at night, haven't you? Yeah, well, those things are a sure sign that there's treasure in the deeps, fry! But let me tell you, there are some lights that don't always shine. Yeah. There are these special ones that shine like crazy, but only when you open a Treasure Chart! They say that those mark the spots where the greatest treasures are hidden!

?They've got a shop over there on Windfall island_a nice outdoor shop! Did you know that, small fry? And in that shop they've got this really fine safe that looks to be brimming full with riches...and they just leave it sitting outside_day and night! I tell you, one of these days that thing is going to get hauled off by a thief! Mark my words, fry! Of course, if I were to find a thief in the act of thieving, I'd stop the perpetrator right there and catch the rat red-handed! I'm sure if I did, the owner of that shop would thank me. Yeah, he'd be happy. ...That would be the honest thing to do!

?I've done a fish-fortune on you, small fry, and from what I can tell, it looks like you're fated to come to this place many times. And the keys that control that fate are none other than the lucky items known as the Triumph Forks! Yeah, they're some sort of magical utensils! If you want to learn more about the Triumph Forks, talk to that guy, Tingle! That's what the fish-fortune told me! Now, I know I may only be a fish, but my fortune-telling is uncannily accurate! You'd better believe it, small fry!

?Tell me, small fry... Have you ever caught a fairy before? `Cause from what I've been told, when you've been beaten to a pulp by monsters and such, and you think that you've finally met your match... If you've got a fairy with you then you've got nothing to worry about. Don't you wish you had something handy for carrying fairies around with you, fry? If you want one, go south from here until you see a miserable-looking submarine floating on the sea. Look there!

?Tell me, small fry, do you have any of them Golden Feathers? I hear those things are all the rage with Rito ladies on Dragon Roost Island these days. They just go ga-ga over them! But the thing is, the only way to get a Golden Feather is to defeat one of those bird-monsters...or so they say. Yup! Rito men who have girlfriends sure have tough lots in life, I tell you!

?You've seen the boats sailing around here with the real huge cannons, right, fry? I bet you those things have their hulls packed with treasure! Of course, if you don't have a cannon yourself there's no way you'll ever sink one of them...

?Tell me, small fry, have you ever heard of the fabled set of Triumph Forks? Well, it's right there, my young fry... On that island... You know... A chart, showing you where to find them... Of course, getting it's the hard part.

?So tell me, small fry, have you heard about the golden Triumph Forks? There are such things... And there's a chart that'll show you where to find them on that island there. If you want it, try asking that huge, grouchy-looking stone watcher! I doubt you could even budge the thing, though... You've got skinny arms, fry.

?A famed pictographer lives far to the north of here on Windfall Island. He's apparently real wise and talented in the ways of pictography. He's even said to have legendary pictographs that he treasures above all other things. He keeps them hidden away in a secret safe, or so they say. By the way, small fry... What exactly is a pictograph, anyway?!

?So, tell me, small fry... Have you heard of the golden set of Triumph Forks? It's right there, I tell you! A chart that shows you where they are! In that house! If you want it, you'd better go in there and scour the place from floor to ceiling!

?You ought to come sail these seas on nights when the right half of the moon is missing... It'll give you shivers, fry!

?Tell me, small fry, have you ever heard of the golden Triumph Forks? They're there, on that island... Or, at least, a chart leading to them is there. Where's it hidden, you ask? Well, for the answer to that, you'll have to ask a gull.

?Oh, I've got some great information, small fry! Lucky you! If you use the treasure that's hidden on that island there, the thing that vanishes as soon as you get near it... It won't vanish anymore! You know...IT! I'm talking about IT! That thing that appears on nights when a wee bit of the right half of the moon is missing! Don't you know what I'm talking about?! IT!

?Long ago, there was this huge fairy who lived to the south of here, in the forest on Outset Island. But now, all that's left is the ruins of the fairy fountain where she lived... It's sort of sad... But to tell you the truth... I hear there still IS a fairy there. Yup! She's still alive and kicking down there, fry!

?Tell me, small fry, have you ever been caught in one of those cyclones? The wind deity, Cyclos, uses those cyclones to fly across the sea instantaneously, or so I've heard. Could be just a rumor. Boy, if you had that power, you wouldn't have to spend so much time sailing back and forth across the sea all the time. Wouldn't that be nice, fry? But let me tell you, there's no way he'll give up his power easily! You can't get near the guy, so you'll have to figure out how to shoot him from a distance. Don't you have a weapon that can pierce things from a distance? You know, fffwip? FFFWIP, I tell you! You get my point, fry?!

?Listen up, small fry_this is just between you and me... On Outset Island, buried beneath the black soil...there's some serious treasure. I know it sounds like I'm trying to pull your leg, but I'm serious. Try digging there!

?There's this amazing treasure inside that freezing ring of ice over there. But even if you wanted it and tried to get inside, you'd just be frozen solid as soon as you approached the shore. But...if you go four squares north and three squares west, you'll find the power to melt any ice_no matter how cold! Search for it, small fry!

?Just a wee bit north of this island, I've sometimes seen a merchant of incredible girth with a monstrous pack on his back. Now, what could he be doing on that lonely little isle? I tell you, there are some strange folk in the world, fry...

?Hey, small fry, do you know about the Nintendo Gallery? The only way in there is to hit a switch that's way up high on the Forest Haven. But the only way to do THAT would be to bribe one of the gulls by putting a little bait on your head!

?On the island due east of here lives an old man who was once a master swordsman. He's got proof of it, too: he has a Knight's Crest. Want to know what that thing is, fry? Well, too bad... I can't go giving away every secret!

?I heard that beneath the big-head boulder on top of the hill here on Outset... where the greatest treasures of all, the golden Triumph Forks, are buried. But actually, fry, I must have misheard or something... `Cause this one guy told me that what was actually buried beneath that weird rock was a chart to this shard of something called a Triforce. Whoever heard of that? That's crazy! There's a big difference between "Triumph Forks" and "Triforce"! I mean, I think someone intentionally buried something misleading there.

?Small fry, there's a real heavy stone head blocking a cave on that island. Don't you wonder what's behind it? Don't you want to get in there? Heh heh! Let me tell you a great secret! If you go north four squares and east three squares to Fire Mountain, you'll find an item that gives you the strength to easily lift anything, no matter how heavy it is. With that thing, you could lift that stone and toss it out of your way as if it were light as a feather.

?I tell you, lately no one around these waters has seen the beautiful fairy who bestows magic power. She used to live here, fry. All anyone ever sees anymore are the Big Octos that have been appearing lately. Maybe they scared her off... Oh no! I sure hope...they didn't eat her!

?Northeast of here is the Forest Haven... They say a truly unique kind of firefly is indigenous to that place. You heard of it, small fry? It emits bursts of light in seven colors! Supposedly it's as beautiful as a rainbow! If you want to capture one though, you'd best have a bottle to keep it in.

?Lemme ask you something, fry... Have you been using [R] to make your boat jump? Well? Have you? ...Of course, going out to sea just to jump around would be real dumb, if you ask me. Anyway, what you can do is tilt [<][+][>] to move your tiller just as you land... That's how you make a sharp turn. If you didn't know that, why don't you try it out?

?Have you seen it, small fry? ...The Ghost Ship? `Cause it's real. It's even been seen here, in these very waters... On nights when the crescent moon faces down... That's when horror rises...

?Come visit my fountain again when you have met that individual...when the time has come for you to face new challenges. At that time, I shall show you my true self.

?Tee hee hee! Greetings, child!

?Tee hee hee! It seems the door to your fate has already swung open, has it not?

?I am the queen of the fairy world. What is the matter? Does that not surprise you, child?

?I'll buy up to [?].

?You want to sell your Golden Feathers? Yes No

?How many do you want to sell? [?] Choose how many with [+] and press [A].

?For [?], I'll pay you [?]! You sure you want to sell? Yes Maybe not

?OHHHH! If you don't need your Knight's Crests, I'll buy them for 5 Rupees each!

?I'll buy up to [?].

?You want to sell your Knight's Crests? Yes No

?How many do you want to sell? [?] Choose how many with [+] and press [A].

?For [?], I'll pay you [?]! You sure you want to sell? Yes Maybe not

?OHHHHH! I'll buy Knight's Crests for 10 Rupees each!

?I'll buy even more Knight's Crests!

?I'll pay up to 10 Rupees for a Knight's Crest!

?These things have been all the rage with monsters lately! They sell like hotcakes. Like hotcakes, I tell you! I'm laughing my way all the way to the bank! Laughing at monsters!

?Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk!

?Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk!

?What's that? I don't buy or trade!

?[Link], your enemy is gigantic, but do not lose your head! This creature wears some sort of a mask. It must be trying to protect its weak spot. First and foremost, you must do something about that mask!

?You got the Hero's New Clothes... What the...? Wow! They're really light...

?Seagull Pen Use this to Mark your sea charts. It also points you to your destination. Tingle drew his first map with it at age three!

?Tingle Bomb Tingle will explode one of his bombs for you with a POW! For 10 Rupees!

?Tingle Balloon Your body will float on air! Move about in the air for 5 seconds!

?Tingle Shield Look out, sir! Enemies attack! A lovely spirit will shield you for 10 seconds.

?Tingle Watch I can tell what time it is right now, sir!

?Ah ha ha ha... Mr. Fairy! Stop that!

?Red Guide Book A how-to Tingle Tuner book! Use the red book to learn about the land and foes!

?Blue Guide Book Learn about the Tingle Tuner! When you're at sea, use the blue book!

?Hand-Me-Down Tingle Tuner Your hotline to Knuckle. Buy stuff anywhere!

?Red Ting This energizes you when you're feeling tired! Refill hearts regularly!

?Green Ting Replenish your magic power with this! You can't survive without it, Mr. Fairy.

?Blue Ting One sip, and you have it all, you greedy fairy! Strength and magic!

?You're so close to your goal, you're red hot!

?The time is

?Hmm... It looks like I can't use this here.

?You don't have enough Rupees for that!

Pick something else!

?Oh, Mr. Fairy! You now have the power of magic!

My Tingle Tuner is now much more powerful. Check how much by pressing {Start}!

?Aren't you done yet, Mr. Fairy?

?Stop it, fairy!

?Why, if it isn't Medli!

?Kooloo-limpah! Not even I know what may occur, sir! This is a test of your courage!

?Check it out!

?Check it out!

?What is it I am looking at?

Check it out!

?Wow! It made you stronger AND made your skin as soft as a little baby's! Use it often!

?Look! It boosted your magic AND cleared up that nasty rash you had! Use it often!

?What a cure-all! You recovered power and magic! And it even smoothed out all those wrinkles! Use it often!

?Mr. Fairy! From this point on...

Tingle can't go alone!

?Unable to link to the Nintendo GameCube. Please turn off your Game Boy Advance.

?If you call Mr. Fairy now, you'll scare him, and bad things will happen. Trust Tingle. Tingle knows!

?Mr. Fairy! You cannot buy everything with Rupees! Face this challenge on your own! I don't want to see a fairy be a failure in life! Oh, no!

?Mr. Fairy!

If you thought Rupees could buy you happiness, you were wrong. I'm sorry, sir, but I can't let you use Tingle Bombs here!

If I let you use them too much, you won't grow strong, Mr. Fairy.

Don't worry! Tingle is looking out for your best interests!

?Wha-what? What are you conspiring to do on my island?

?Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-limpah!

Pluh-Please duh-do nuh-not fall!

?Mr. Fairy! Take a walk in the air! Be brave! Take the first step!

?Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-limpah!

Protect dear Mr. Fairy!

?Mr. Fairy!

I will protect you!

?Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-limpah!

Get energized!



?Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-limpah!

Protect Mr. Fairy for a long time!

?Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-limpah!

Protect the fairy flying in the sky!

?Tingle! Tingle! Kooloo-limpah!

Oh, Mr. Fairy's fortune is...

?Slightly lucky!

?You're DOOMED!

Tingle is famous for his fortune- telling!

?Was your in- flight service satisfactory? Tingle Air can't wait to serve again!

?Tingle was a good bodyguard! I am not to be messed with! Use that anytime!

?How was it? How was it? I'm happy that you enjoyed yourself! Do come again!

?............... ............... ............... ............... ............... ...That's mean.

?Yessss! It is I, Tingle!

You get good reception on the ocean!

?Hello? Come in! Are you there? Our Mr. Fairy is in Dragon Roost Cavern, is he not?

?Hello? Come in! Do you read me? I read you! Those are the Forbidden Woods I've heard of!

?Hello? Come in! Are you there? This is Tingle! Are you within the Tower of the Gods?

?Hello? Oh! Mr. Fairy!

What is the Earth Temple like, sir?

?Hello, sir! Tingle here!

How about that Wind Temple?

?It's Makar.

?Hello? Come in! Do you read me? It is I, Tingle! Great reception! Where are you?

?Knuckle here! Nice reception!

How are you, [Link]?

?Knuckle here! Nice reception!

Are you OK, [Link]?

?I'm afraid there's nothing that I can sell, [Link]!

?Call me again sometime, sir!

?What'll it be?


?What'll it be?

Bombs x 10

?What'll it be?

Arrows x 10

?All-Purpose Bait it is, sir! It's 20 Rupees.


?Oh, I am sorry!

You have too many bombs. I can't sell any to you, sir!

?10 bombs it is! That will be 40 Rupees!


?Oh, I am sorry!

You have too many arrows. I can't sell any to you!

?10 arrows! Yes! That will be 50 Rupees!


?Sir! I know this is a bit awkward... But you don't have enough Rupees!

?Thanks again to you, sir! I will use these Rupees to protect nature's beauty!

?Oh, I am sorry!

My telepathy is too weak...

?Oh, I am sorry!

Your Bait Bag is full. I can't sell you any. Call me when you've used up your current supply.

?Dragon Tingle

Courage Stance

Secret password: "Outset Island"


Tingle Statue
Delight Pose

Secret password: "Similar Place"

?Goddess Tingle

Playful Pose

Secret password: "Hidden Jar"

?Wind Tingle

Kooloo Pose

Secret password: "Western Edge"

?Earth Tingle

Winning Pose

Secret password: "Leaf Flight"

?Stop that! Now! Stop that! Now! Stop that! Now! Stop that! Now! Stop that! Now! This instant!

?Danger, Fairy! Run!

?The person you're calling is out of our telepathic coverage area.

Or the Tingle Tuner is turned OFF. You may have to speak directly to that person.

?Hello? Come in! Do you read me? My dear Mr. Fairy is on Windfall Island, huh?

?Hello? Come in! Do you read me?

Is my dear Mr. Fairy on Dragon Roost Island?

?Hello? Come in! Do you read me?

Is Mr. Fairy in the Forest Haven?

?Hello? Come in! Do you read me?

Mr. Fairy is on Outset Island, correct?

?Hello? Come in! Do you read me?

Mr. Fairy is in the Forsaken Fortress, huh?


?Grrragh! Enough, already! It should not come to this!

?Graaagh! Don't do that! ............



Nuh-Next time buh-be careful!

?This way! Here! Come here, sir!



We're OK!

?Why?!? I don't get it! Hmmmph.

Are you OK, Mr. Fairy?

?This is the area you came through last, Mr. Fairy!

?To the strange stone statue: I'll be good! So please turn Tingle into a fairy soon!

?Eeeeek! FAIRY!

Come to me! Please, sir! Help me!

?Mr. Fairy!

Over here! Here!


?Mr. Fairy?

Do you read me?

?Don't ignore me!


Mr. Fairy... How could you?

?A Bokoblin! Get ahold of yourself and get him! The Tingle Bomb might work too!

?It's a Moblin. Be careful... He's got a long reach! Might I recommend a Tingle Bomb?

?Oh! A Darknut!

Cut off his armor with your parry attack!

?A Stalfos! Closely watch his movements and attack his head when he's down!

?Oh! A Magtail! His weakness is water. Attack him when he's curled up into a ball!

?A Fire Keese!

Watch his movements and have patience!

?A Boko Baba!

Be careful! It'll try to eat you!

?Aha! I see a Peahat! Fan him with the Deku Leaf to knock him down, then attack!

?Aha! I see a Mothula! Fan him with the Deku Leaf and knock him from the air!

?It's a wiggly- giggly Yellow ChuChu! You'll get shocked if you cut it with your sword! Stun him with your boomerang, perhaps? You might try a Tingle Bomb, as well!

?An Armos! Freeze it with arrows! You can't break the weak spot on its back when it's moving!

?Oh, my! An Armos Knight!

Put a bomb in its mouth!

?It's a Poe! Eeeeew, creepy! If he drops his torch, you'll be cursed, sir! For now, run!

?It's a nasty Red Bubble!

Fan the flame away with the Deku Leaf!

?It's an evil Blue Bubble!

Fan the curse away with the Deku Leaf!

?Looks like a Dark ChuChu!

You can't do anything to it right now!

?A Wizzrobe!

Get close and slash it with your sword!

?Eeek! A ReDead!

So scary! Poor Tingle is closing his eyes!

?That thing is not in my database! I don't know what kind of enemy it is!

?Eeek! Morths! Fan them away with the Deku Leaf before they can stick to you! If they stick to you, use your rolling attack to shake them loose.

?A Red ChuChu!

Pulverize it and collect red Chu Jelly!

?A Green ChuChu!

Pulverize it and collect some green Chu Jelly!

?It's a Keese! Fighting them would be simple if you could attack them all at once!

?It's a Rat! Don't let it hit you or you will drop Rupees! Tingle loves Rupees!

?I've spotted a Floor Master!

It's quick, but your sword can destroy it!

?A Kargoroc!

Defeat it to collect Golden Feathers!

?Oh! An Octorok!

Use your shield to reflect its rock barrage back at it!

?A Big Octo! Attack its eyeballs before you get sucked into its whirlpool!

?Ack! A Gyorg!

Mr. Fairy! Be careful not to fall in!

?It's a wiggly- giggly Blue ChuChu! You'll get shocked if you use your sword! Stun it with your boomerang, maybe? You might also try using a Tingle Bomb!

?Oh! A Seahat!

Too scary! Let's just run for now!

?A Kargoroc!

Hit it with a projectile weapon, sir!

?It's a Baba Bud!

Fear not! Get in there!

?Ah! Bomb-fruit!

You can blow things up with this fruit!

?Ack! A Beamos!

For now...flee!

?Hello? Come in! Do you read me?

Mr. Fairy is on Gale Isle, correct?

?Hello? Come in! Do you read me? Mr. Fairy is on Northern Triangle Island, right?

?Hello? Come in! Do you read me?

Mr. Fairy is on Fire Mountain, correct?

?Hello? Come in! Do you read me?

Mr. Fairy is on Greatfish Isle, correct?

?Hello? Come in! Do you read me? Mr. Fairy is on Eastern Triangle Island, right?

?Hello? Come in! Do you read me? Mr. Fairy is on Southern Triangle Island, right?

?Hello? Come in! Do you read me?

Mr. Fairy is on Ice Ring Isle, correct?

?Hello? Come in! Do you read me?

Mr. Fairy is on Headstone Island, correct?

? The Legend of

the Fairy
Part One

It is said that long ago, a boy garbed in green known as the Hero of Time saved this land. However, on a certain island, there is also a story of the fairy who saved that hero...

? The Legend of

the Fairy
Part Two

It is said that the Hero of Time met the fairy in the midst of his travels.

The fairy appeared before the Hero, who had found himself lost in darkness. With a mystic power, it would float in midair, dancing above his head like a burst balloon.

? The Legend of

the Fairy
Part Three

After the fairy handed the lost Hero a map, it flew off as quickly as it had appeared. Better able to foresee places of danger than the Hero, the fairy marked them on a map. The Legend goes on to say the quest of the Hero of Time was saved by this plump figure...

? The Legend of

the Fairy
Part Four

Fairies live for thousands of years... but this odd fairy was a bit different. This mystical fairy was born near a lake, and when he met the Hero, he was but 35. Beyond that, there is little known about that fairy...

? The Legend of

the Fairy
Part Five

The Little- Known Legend of the Fairy's 35th Birthday

On one island, they celebrate one's 35th birthday with a green coat and red pants. They do this in the hope of becoming like the legendary fairy, Tingle!

?Mr. Fairy! I see something written here!

"Anything associated with The Legend shines purple in this hall."

Mr. Fairy? What is The Legend?

Should we look for it?

?You got the first of five pages of The Legend! View them in the hall!

?You got the second of five pages of The Legend! View them in the hall!

?You got the third of five pages of The Legend! View them in the hall!

?You got the fourth of five pages of The Legend! View them in the hall!

?You got the fifth of five pages of The Legend! View them in the hall!

?Mr. Fairy! This mark looks suspicious! It looks like it symbolizes wind...

?Mr. Fairy! The Tingle Tuner is picking up Aryll's voice!

Aryll Radar ON! It should tell us the shortest way to Aryll!

?Sir! Aryll is here!

?Sir! We are almost to Aryll!

?Oh, it's the rare Magic Pot! You can easily make Ting with the left- over broth! You got the Magic Left-Over Broth! The price of Ting has dropped! You're one lucky customer!

?It's a fairy! Stuff it in a bottle and take it with you!

?A Fire Keese!

Nail it with a toss of your Boomerang!

?Uh-oh! I see a Peahat!

Hit it with a projectile!

?Oh no! A Mothula!

Clip its wings with your Boomerang!

?It's a Seahat!

Hit it with a projectile weapon!

?Eeeeeek! Aryll!

Aryll was here! Tingle is so embarrassed... If there were a barrel, he'd crawl in. Sir! Go on alone!

?With this fairy at your side, you can float through the air without a rope!

Say, how is old Niko? Remember? The guy who first taught you about ropes?

?Look, Mr. Fairy! It would be so fun to go floating through the air, here!

?Mr. Fairy! Here! You need to climb up!

?My dear sir! Let's try to ascend from the second floor!

?Ewwww! Stinky! No more! Mr. Fairy! Float away, but don't fall down!

?It's a wiggly- giggly Yellow ChuChu! If you hack it with the sword, you'll go numb! But you can bring it down easily with an arrow! Or use a Tingle Bomb!

?It's an Armos! Shoot an arrow in its eye to stop it!

Then, attack the weak spot on its back!

?That's an Armos Knight! Eeeek! Stop it by shooting an arrow in its single eye! Then put a bomb in its mouth!

?That's a wiggly-giggly Blue ChuChu! You'll go numb if you use your sword on it. You can handle it easily with an arrow! Or just use a Tingle Bomb!

?It's a Beamos!

Shoot an arrow into its eye when it glows!

?Go outside through the upstairs door. Find out how to get up top from another room.

?An Octorok!

It'll shoot bombs! I think you should run!

?An Octorok!

It'll fire bombs at you! Fire back with projectiles!



?It's a Poe!

Use your Mirror Shield to find the real one... then stab it!

?It's the nasty Dark ChuChu! Use light to turn it to rock, then toss it! It'll shatter!

?A Wizzrobe!

Get up close and slash it with the sword!

?It's a ReDead!

Scary! Tingle's eyes are closed now. Sorry!

?It's some sort of Giant Pot! What happens if you climb inside?

?Those are Thorns! Be careful not to get pricked!

?It's a Trap!

Be careful! It's dangerous!

?Something is written here... but Tingle cannot read it. So sorry, sir!

?It's the Rito postbox. Is there a letter in there?

?It says something... It's some sort of rock!

?The Wind Shrine

This holds the hopes of the Rito people.

?A Warship!

Watch out for incoming cannon ball-bombs!

?A Miniblin!

Don't wait around... just go!

? Whoa! It's a fairy! It's so cute!

Hurry! Put it in your bottle!

?Whoa! It's a fairy!

Oh, happiness!

?The Ghost Ship is here!

I bet there's treasure in it!

?What terrible currents! Sir, be careful not to get swept up in them!

?We aren't alone...

?Someone is here...

?There's a solid object here!

?Wow! It smells of treasure!

What might we find, sir?

?Ooh! There's something at the bottom of the sea here!

?Ooh! Something is sunken beneath here!

But Sir, you have no tool to haul it up with! I'd come back later.

?Wow! A Rupee!

?Yessss! I have a Rupee!

?To check controls, press {Select} at any time.

What would you like info on?

How-to Guide
Helpful Hints

?Let's solve a puzzle! Yesss! A Tingle Statue is hidden in this dungeon...

It seems you can uncover it with a Tingle Bomb...

?Just look at all these functions!

Using {R}
Using Items
Using {L}

?Lock on to an enemy with {R} and attack with a Tingle Bomb!

?Let's use {B} items! You can change items whenever you like by pressing {Start}. Use the item that best suits the situation!

The Tingle Balloon and the Tingle Shield may lead you to important discoveries!

?If you press {+} while holding {L}, you can survey the map!

?Sir, do you understand?

Helpful Hints
Vital Info!

?You can turn the POWER OFF on your Game Boy Advance at any time.

If the POWER is left ON, your batteries will be drained, so be careful!


Thank you for using the Tingle Tuner!

Please take care of Tingle and treat him as a friend.

?For operating instructions, please press {Select}.

What would you like to know?

Sea Questions
Helpful Uses

?Look for islands on the horizon and sail your boat to them!

And be sure to use your Tingle Tuner to look around.

There are some treasures only Tingle can find!

?Look at all these helpful functions!

Marking Charts
Using Items
Using {R}

?Press {L} to open the Map screen. Mark your goal with {A}. If you use your Seagull Pen, you can mark the map from the regular screen, too.

?Using {B} Items! You can switch items anytime with {Start}.

Use Ting to restore health! It's quite refreshing when you're out to sea! If you use your Tingle Tuner correctly, you should be able to buy other items, too...

?Even if the cursor is far away, you can bring it back by pressing {R}! You can even use it to check distant wave conditions!

While at sea, use {R} to lock on to enemies, then use a Tingle Bomb!

? Oh, [Link]! You found it!

Why, this is the Dragon Tingle Statue! My younger brother Knuckle made it for me. I'm in what's called the Courage Stance.

?Oh, [Link]! You found it!

This is the Forbidden Tingle Statue! I'm in what's called the Delight Pose. Knuckle made it for me on my 34th birthday. Knuckle said it is modeled after how Tingle would look when he finally met a fairy!

?Oh, [Link]! You found it!

Th-This is the mystic Goddess Tingle Statue! I'm in the Playful Pose! It represents the unending charm of Tingle the man! If you come to Tingle Island, you'll be able to see more of this artwork.

?Oh, [Link]! You found it!

This is the Wind Tingle Statue! I'm in the Kooloo Pose here.

With artist's eyes, Knuckle was able to capture the moment Tingle's magic awoke!

?Oh, [Link]! You found it!

This is the Earth Tingle Statue! This is my Winning Pose.

Tingle did this pose when he finished the drawing of his first map!

?By the way, there are four left! Please look for them on other islands.

?By the way, there are three more.

Where do the others hide?

?There are two left!

Look at all these statues! You're... ...becoming so skilled! It scares Tingle!

?I think the last one is the most amazing of them all!

?Wah! Wow! Whoa!

Mr. Fairy! You've got all of them!

Something good awaits you on Tingle Island!

? Mr. Fairy, I've prepared Ting for you! Hurry and drink it to restore your health!

?Mr. Faaaaaairy!

?Huhhh... Ganondorf, the evil one, is coming for poor Tingle at last!

Are you hurt, traveler? I hope not! Here, this is for you. Thanks for saving me!

?Huhhh... So, Ganondorf! You finally realize your real enemy is Tingle! Ha! Traveler! Take this for your troubles!

No one can defeat Tingle!

?Huhhh... I thought I would pick a few flowers for my fairy...

But I tripped and fell and had to be saved by Mr. Fairy yet again!

I'm always under the watchful eye of the fairy! I'm so happy!

Oh, be careful, Tingle! Don't make Mr. Fairy worry! These Rupees are my thanks!

?There are some floating barrels around this area! If you see any, get them!

? What a great treasure chest!

?...A decent treasure chest.

?A treasure chest! But how do we open it?

?We can't open it if we don't have that special key...

?Ow... Ouch...

Mr. Fairy! Tingle has suddenly gotten a stomachache! Go on without Tingle! Mr. Fairy must fight the boss all alone!

Oh, and how Tingle wanted to fight by Mr. Fairy's side!

Too bad! Too bad!

?This door will not open unless we find a small key!

We can't pass!

?There's no way out right now!

Get all the enemies!

?Do we need to get on the switch, maybe?

Mr. Fairy! Try it!

?You need to hold the switch down somehow... Maybe if we put something on it...

?It looks like a switch...

What if we put something on it?

?What if we threw something and hit this spot?

?It'd help to blow this area up...KABOOM!

?Hmmm... We need something to start a fire...

?This looks suspicious!

?Hey! Hey! Look at this!

?Huh? What? What is that?

?Whuh-What? What is that?

?You should look up here!

?Here! Look down here!

?Whoa! It'd be awful if you fell down there! Don't go too close to the edge!

?It seems like you'd be OK even if you fell here.

?Let's start right here!

?And then here!

?This way!

?A little bit further!

?And done!

?Mr. Fairy!

Try using your Tingle Bomb here!

?Can you use this for something?

?Mr. Fairy! Focus on what you're doing!

Something seems strange!

?Mr. Fairy! Slowly! Slowly!

Go slowly, or you're asking for it!

?Move it here!

?Then here...

?And finally, here!

?There was something like this earlier!

Is this deja vu?

?It's a dead-end!

?This is about to break!

You can use that thing, remember?

?This... This... This is it!

?I bet I could break this in two!



?You can't jump across here!

?Your sword is not strong enough!

?I know of someone who was able to cross this with a single jump!

...Although I also know of people who fell. What do you want to do, Mr. Fairy?

?I can also let you cross using my Tingle Balloon.

The poor fairy needs to be careful not to fall!

?There's no way out! Find the enemies and take them all down!

?Mr. Fairy! Let me see a kooloo-limpah of your own!

?Good morning! Ooops! I always want to practice my magic when I first awaken!

It's really invigorating!

?The sun is coming up once more. Sunrise is always so refreshing!

?Ugh, it's the morning already! I fell asleep holding the Tingle Tuner!

?What a listless afternoon... Sigh...

?It's noon.

?Tingle hereby announces that it is noon!

?Yawn... I'm getting sleepy already.

?Mr. Fairy! Tingle is getting sleepy!

?Hey! It's already night!

?The Forsaken Fortress


Star Island


Fairy Island

? Gale



Crescent Moon






Four-Eye Reef


Mother &
Child Isles



?Windfall Island


Pawprint Isle

?Dragon Roost Island


Flight Control


Fairy Island


Rock Spire

?Great Tingle Island




Fairy Island


Fire Mountain


Star Belt


Three-Eye Reef

?Great- fish Isle


Cyclops Reef


Six-Eye Reef

?Tower of the Gods




Fairy Island


Needle Rock


Islet of Steel


Stone Watcher




Private Oasis


Bomb Island


Bird's Peak


Diamond Steppe


Five-Eye Reef


Shark Island


Fairy Island


Ice Ring Isle

?Forest Haven


Cliff Plateau



?Outset Island

?Head- stone Island


Two-Eye Reef


Angular Isles


Boating Course






Orca's House




Rose's House


Mesa's House


Bomb Shop


Chu Jelly
Juice Shop


House of


Game Room




Joy School





?There's a huge head-shaped rock! I bet somebody of great strength could lift it!

?What a powerful gust! Why, Mr. Fairy! Your cheeks are flapping in the wind! I wish I was sturdier, so a mere gust wouldn't blow me over!

?This strange octo-shaped statue is the cause of the wind...and it's cracked! If you hit it, you may be able to break it! ...But you have to reach it first!

?Mr. Fairy! You can get into a chamber behind this waterfall!

Use your Grappling Hook to jump through the curtain of water!

Do I hear someone back there?

?You can reach an area above here with the Grappling Hook.

Do you think Medli might be up there?

?Mr. Fairy!

Use the ship's cannon to destroy the wooden gate! Then use the Master Sword to attack everything that moves!

?Mr. Fairy!

Use your Hookshot to climb up!

?Mr. Fairy!

Fly from here with the Deku Leaf to get to that rock! Remember to change the direction of the wind!

?The destination lies north of here.

Try playing the Wind's Requiem!

?The destination lies northeast of here.

Try playing the Wind's Requiem!

?The destination lies east of here.

Try playing the Wind's Requiem!

?The destination lies southeast of here.

Try playing the Wind's Requiem!

?The destination lies south of here.

Try playing the Wind's Requiem!

?The destination lies southwest of here.

Try playing the Wind's Requiem!

?The destination lies west of here.

Try playing the Wind's Requiem!

?The destination lies northwest of here.

Try playing the Wind's Requiem!

?You're getting closer to the destination you set!

?Destination ahead! Next stop, your destination! Please use this feature again!

?Mark this spot?


?The mark was replaced.

?Huh? Hmmm? You don't understand?

Set fire to the stick that the Bokoblin dropped.

After lighting the stick, light both torches!

I've told you all I can!

?That big pot seems large enough for you to get inside!

?The Bokoblins seem to be making fire!

?Why is it out?

I want to light it! Don't you?


If the ropes broke now, we'd fall headfirst into the lava! Scary!

?I wonder if Medli came through here...

Must've been lonely... Mr. Fairy, you have Tingle so you'll be fine!

?It looks like a watering hole for the Bokoblins.

?Mr. Fairy! Can you get past here? If you can't push it, try pulling!

?Do you think it might help to throw a vase of water on it?

?Ooh, do you think that Bokoblin's machete would work?

?You should use this bomb! KABOOM!

?A Bokoblin guard is there. Sneak past? Attack him? Obey your true nature!

?It looks like you can swing with your Grappling Hook!

?Ooh! I see an island just beyond the horizon!

?The suspension bridge is kind of unsteady. If it gets cut, we'll fall! Be careful!

?Birds naturally collect shiny objects to make their nests! Did you know that?

?There is a hole in the middle at the very tippy-top!

?Even if they're stacked, you can still pull them.

?It looks like the water storage area for the Bokoblins!

Huh? Eeew! It's lukewarm!

?Whoa! We're above the clouds!

I can't see the sea!

?Gather your courage, and then we'll go get the treasure chest!

?Mr. Fairy! It's a birdcage!

Tingle was also caged, so he understands how the little bird must feel...

?Ah, do you think THAT will open it?

?The treasure chest is protected by fire!

Don't approach it until the flames are out!

?It's pitch- dark in here!

Light a fire and take it with you!

?This island stinks of bird! Maybe we should tell the owner that somebody's stinky!

?This area reeks of treasure!

Tingle Bomb time!

We might get rich with a 10-Rupee bomb!

?Here it comes!!

We found the treasure!!!

Mr. Fairy!

We have struck it RICH!!

?Mr. Fairy! Don't climb on the table with your shoes on!

Young people these days have no manners!

?Huh? Hmmm? There seems to be something hidden here!

Use a Tingle Bomb to search for it!

?Here it is!!!!!!

Medli was hiding the vase. Who knew she was so sneaky?

?Mr. Fairy...

Let me just say one thing!

Getting the Grappling Hook means you are getting CLOSE to that darling girl Medli! You lucky duck! You can't hide your feelings from me!

?I have more to say...

For starters, Mr. Fairy, you can't forget that you're pretty puny!

I swear! You and Komali... Don't kids know about their limitations these days? It's pitiful!

You all need to wake up!

?Throwing things is fun!

Tingle wants to try his hand at throwing Medli!

?Mr. Fairy!

There seems to be something written under the skull! "It looks like my life will end in this heat. I shall leave one last message here. "I wish I still had my tiny Rupee. Where'd I leave it? It was a blue, blue room..."

That's all it says!

?Mr. Fairy!

There is faded writing on the ground! It says... "In the room where I hid the Rupees there was also a torch like this one..."

That's all it says! How odd! It concerns me!

?Mr. Fairy! There are the remains of something written in the dirt! "Will this be the last time I ever look upon the sun?

"The attack by the Kargoroc caused more damage than I thought...

"Ah! These jets of steam! If only I could escape like this volcanic gas! "There were jets in THAT room, too...

"Hopefully the jets and the magical jar won't lead anyone to my treasure." It looks like it was written with a feather quill!

?Mr. Fairy!

There is something written on this wall, too! "Water! In this dreadful heat, my body soaks it up like a sponge!

"Of course it has been fouled by Bokoblins, just like that room!

"Only utter dehydration could make this water taste so fair, but it does! "This water has given me the strength I need! I will get out! I must!

"How I long to be with my people just once more..."

Mr. Fairy! Tingle can't read anymore through these tears!

?Mr. Fairy!

Something seems to be written on the bottom of the pot! "Ah! It's a mystical pot! I got in and before I knew it, I ended up here! "The pots must be connected somehow... but I'm just rambling.

"You know, most people wouldn't think of taking someone else's Rupees...

"With that in mind, I hope this Rupee I'm leaving is more than just proof I was here. "I want whoever finds it to hold on to it. I don't want it spent in a frivolous way. "Please, let this wish come true."

Mr. Fairy! After you get it, you should give it to Tingle!

Don't waste it on frivolous things!

?20 Rupees appeared on top of the table!

?50 Rupees that had been buried popped out of where the steam came from!

Use it wisely, Mr. Fairy!

?Ohh... But you were able to break the last one with the Bokoblin's machete...

?If your sword doesn't work, try using something else!

Do you see anything lying around?

?Did you notice the place to hook the rope was at sort of an angle?

Change your direction while hanging from the rope by using {R}!

?Don't defeat the Magtail!

When he's curled up, lift him up and use his body!

?Mr. Fairy!

You look so proud!

?Oh! A Boko Nut!

You could pick it up and hit things with it!

?Eeeew! There's some snaky thing on the door! If you get close, it'll hide! Maybe you should try doing something from far away.

?What? Look, if you get close, you make it hide.

But if you hit it from afar... It might just work!

?You can get up from over here!

?Don't you have a Deku Leaf?

Open it as soon as you jump!

?Doesn't look like there's anything to hit or throw around here...

We need a projectile!

?Now that I think about it, have you been using the leaf that the Deku Tree gave to you?

?What's this? It must be here to move the gondola from the other end of the room! I bet a good gust of wind would spin it!

Once you get on the gondola, you can probably just use wind gusts to propel it.

?Here it is!

50 Rupees from the pile of leaves! Yay!

?There is a pile of leaves here. Could you do anything to make them blow away?

?Whoa! Don't get too close!

Mr. Fairy! Proceed with caution!

?Mr. Fairy? You could knock down this thing that looks like a nut with something long!

?I really wish I could roll this Boko Nut...

Do you have anything that could do it?

?If you get too close to this, it shuts, too. Mr. Fairy... have you been taking baths?

?Ah-ha! That's a Korok house.

It's hanging from something.

?There are two eyeballs in the snaky thing! You must get both at once! Impossible!

?Hmmm... There is something underneath.

If something big hits it hard enough... It may open...

?Mr. Fairy! There is a hole in the ceiling.

You might be able to hit it from above.

?There are no thorns on this vine. Phew!

We can get on it!

?Attack its eyes! Attack!

?Hey, wait! Isn't there some way to cut that?

?Maybe from a distance...

Consecutive attacks might take it down!

?Whoa! It's Mothula! It produces Morths, so be careful!

Oh, and you might be able to go up here.

?Sniff, sniiiff!

It smells the same as the entrance. Aah!

?Mr. Fairy! Attack it with your Boomerang, then continue.

Be careful not to fall!

?Jump and try to land on top of a flower bud! ...This is just like a fairy tale!

?This flower can be cut down, too, just like the Korok house!

?Let's sail this flower ship! There's no wind here, so we'll need to make our own.

?Ah-hah! There is a ladder here.

You can always climb back up it, so... Go ahead and jump!

?Oh! Use the Boomerang from here to hit the switches in order!

?There is something in that hut!

?There is a hole in the ceiling!

?Ummmm... If you get close, this will shut, too.

Mr. Fairy, have you been bathing?

?Hey, hey! There's a hole!

You can get through if you crouch!

?Waaaa!!! Mothula!

Tingle hates doing this fighting stuff!

Let's run!

?Mr. Fairy! You're getting upset over just 10 Rupees!

You pay Tingle 10 Rupees all the time, Mr. Fairy! Get over it!

?Mr. Fairy!

Miss Tetra is calling!

You weren't thinking of splitting that treasure with just Tingle, were you? Whatever! Just listen up! You'll find treasure where the Boko Babas lurk... But remember: There are a lot of them hidden in the Forbidden Woods, so be on the lookout! Sigh... Why all of a sudden? Where did she come from?

?Hey, kid! Do you know who this is? Hee hee! You look so surprised!

Even us pirates go to Tingle for help with our maps!

But enough of that! I suppose I should tell you about the treasure hidden in this dungeon. I don't know its exact location, but there is a Boko Nut high above where it's hidden. I think. So, stop wasting time! Go find the treasure!

My! That Tetra is always popping up when you least expect her!

?Mr. Fairy!

Some guy is calling you! He says his name is Gonzo... Oh! Shrimp! I've got a message for you about the location of the treasure! There was a Baba Bud near the area where the treasure is hidden. You got that?! What? You've never heard of a Baba Bud!?

See! This is exactly why I don't like working with little kids!

I gave you the message! From here on out, you're on your own, yeah?

Sigh... Mr. Fairy's friends are bad characters!

?Mr. Fairy!

Miss Tetra is calling!

What's wrong, kid? Do you need help finding the treasure?!

Well! Aren't you demanding!

Fine... I hear there are two Peahats near the spot where the treasure is hidden. Just make sure you find that treasure before some monster finishes you off! Sigh... Miss Tetra is always so abrupt!

?Mr. Fairy!

Miss Tetra is calling!

What's wrong, kid!? You STILL don't know where to find the treasure?!

How can you both be so dense?! Sheesh! OK...

The treasure is near a pile of leaves. Use the Tingle Bomb to blow them away!

Whoa! Why does Miss Tetra always seem so mad?

?Phew! Mr. Fairy! We're safe!

And I found 20 Rupees in the water!

?Mr. Fairy? Are you stuck?

Hit that switch with the Boomerang!

Remember, you can do consecutive attacks with the Boomerang!

You can use it for a number of different things, so experiment!

?Mr. Fairy! It's only 10 Rupees! You're really overreacting!

Then again, I suppose getting any Rupees is pretty great!

?Mr. Fairy! We're safe!

I sure drank a lot of water!

Here's 20 Rupees for your trouble!

?Mr. Fairy?

Stop clipping the grass, and go on ahead!

That reminds me, I wonder what happened to that grass- cutting guy on Outset Island.

?Wow! Wow! Kooloo-limpah!

Pretty flowers!

?Mr. Fairy? Are you stuck?

Once you see the blue sky, you'll see where to hitch the Grappling Hook!

?Mr. Fairy! In this room, use the Tingle Bomb in places like this!

Something good will happen!

?Gah! Ow! Mr. Fuh- Fairy!! Leg cramp!

I can't fight the boss in this state!

That Ganondorf and all his blasted minions!

Coward! If it weren't for this cramp...

Mr. Fairy... Sorry!

?Water enters through here, causing the water level to go up and down.

?Mr. Fairy?

Did it hurt when you hit it? Salt water stings...

?On the other side of this water stream is a door! Tingle knows where it is!

?I think you are supposed to put something on top! Yes!

?There is also a door on the other side of this gate...

?Hmmm... This hole intrigues me. Something cross-shaped would fit perfectly here!

?This wall seems breakable! Try to recall how you met Jabun!

?There is a cross-shaped hole here, too!

?Tingle wants to light it so very badly! You must find a way to light it! Please!

?There is a door here that cannot be opened without a small key...

?Mr. Fairy? Did you forget? If you have a Deku Leaf, something good will happen!

?There's an eye! It probably hates sharp things...

?The base of this strange ornament is cross-shaped!

?Mr. Fairy? Look up! Maybe you can reach it if you move the wooden box just right!

?Put the wooden box here!

?Do you want to smash the crack?

Fairy fears nothing...not even the gods!

?I want to put something here, where it's shiny...

?Tingle Quiz! What do you do to get across? 1 Jump on box 2 Ask Tingle 3 Fly! Please try it yourself to see the correct answer!

?The base of this ornament is shaped like a cross!

?I'd like to bring a burning torch here, but it'll go out if it gets wet.

Better keep it out of the water, sir!

?It'd be helpful if you put the box here!

Smart Tingle!

?Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump! That's how you cross the boxes, Mr. Fairy!

?Put something on the three shiny places! I saw two by the door, but the other one?

?Watch out! When you enter the yellow area, be careful!

Watch the way the Beamos eyes move!

?The floor is floating!

Jump your way across!

?Mr. Fairy!

This place is really creepy.

?This is a roomy hall. This is the heart of the Tower of the Gods, I think.

? It's like a scale, sir. Put something on it, and you might be able to cross!

?That statue looks heavier than Mr. Fairy!

?It's cracked over here!

?Be careful not to fall!

?Mr. Fairy! There's an eye here! I bet it hates sharp things...

?Why must you shoot eyes whenever you see them?

Mr. Fairy! You're awful!

?There is no use in Mr. Fairy standing here. Do you plan to stand there forever?

?Do you want to know how to stop the droning?

Here! Here!

?The Grappling Hook won't help! Did you try using the item that's Tingle-colored?

?Eeeeew, Tingle feels icky! Give Tingle a beat! I'm the Funky Fairy of the Future!

?It's all about timing! Don't fall head-first to the bottom of the tower!

?Eyeballs! Eyeballs!

Use them, don't lose them!

?Mr. Fairy? Don't chitchat with a god!

He's not your buddy!

?If you walk like that, you'll fall! Mr. Fairy! Use both hands next time!

?Mr. Fairy! Look up! You can't see the sun, but the future is still bright.


?Look up here, too!

?Think carefully about which one to get on!

?You have to get on all three to make something happen!

?Mr. Fairy, watch out! Armos is coming from behind! Use arrows then attack!

?When Beamos attacks, that's your chance!

Aim at his eye, but watch out for the beam!

?It's hard to defeat the Red Beamos! Want to attack him with a Tingle Bomb?

?If we get any closer, we'll be in great danger!

?Oh, no!

Huh? What?!?

I can't hear! My telepathy is fading! It can't seem to reach such a high place! Sorry! But don't worry! As long as you have arrows and bombs, you'll be fine!

?You have to throw a bomb in the Armos Knight's mouth!

?Throw a bomb in its mouth and run for it!

?It's a Stalfos!

Watch it move then use your parry attack!

?Hmmm... It looks like seawater comes in through here.

Pay attention to the rise and fall of the tide!

? Mr. Fairy! Try holding Medli and jumping!

?Don't leave Medli alone!

You're forgetting basic chivalry!

?Mr. Fairy is over here, as is Medli. You must command her as best you can.

Where's Tingle?

?If you call her with {R}, Medli will follow. Don't forget and leave her!

?Medli's harp is twinkling in the light! Use it to turn Dark ChuChus to stone!

?Lure the Dark ChuChus into the sunlight! Once it turns to stone, you can throw it!

?Can we shine some light on this treasure chest?

?Hmmmm.. Can we burn the pot lid somehow? Can't Mr. Fairy ignite even faraway things?

?Can you burn the tapestry hanging here?

?This elephant is closing its eyes. What if we made it really bright?

?What a huge statue! It's suspicious that the dragon's eyes are twinkling...

?Mr. Fairy! Medli's in the cage! Command her to get out!

?There's a switch here you can hit with a hammer...

?It's a cursed fountain! Blow the fumes away so you don't get cursed!

?Mr. Fairy, you're cursed!

Hurry! Into the light, quickly!

?I know how you can avoid the curse! Use the Deku Leaf or shine light on the fumes!

?Is there a way both you and Medli can shine light in its eyes?

?Eeeeeeeeeeek! It's a coffin!


?It's a huge block! Big, strong Mr. Fairy might be able to pull it, perhaps?

?This switch won't stay down! Want Medli to stand on it?

?A mysterious treasure chest! Are you going to shine a light on it, or what? Oh, but where would light shine in?

?M-Medli! Where are you?

?It's better to go back than to go on alone...

?Mr. Fairy! Here! Here!

The light is shining through!

?You need to put something on the switches. Maybe something that turns to stone...?

?Uuuugh! We can't get out! Isn't there something you can do? Something you can move...?

?There's some kind of mark here!

?There is something on the other side of this wall!

?This block won't move, because the statue on top is too heavy!

?If you're really bright, you might be able to reflect this light!

?Put Medli on this!!!

?It's a ReDead!

Destroy these things one by one, or else!

?This ladder probably falls after you destroy all the enemies, I would think.

?Shine your light on this!

?Aim Medli's harp over this way!

?Open the sage's door to avoid getting cursed by the Bubble!

?Shine light on ReDeads to help defeat them!

?This big scorpion-thing looks like a mirror...

?I think we can get rid of this huge elephant, too!

?Hold on to Medli and fly!

You lucky dog! Flying is fun!

?I see a switch!

?There is some kind of mark here! We can activate it with a switch!

?A Floor Master!

Be careful not to get grabbed and dragged in!

?Hmmm... Can't do anything without light.

?Medli! This way, please!

?The exit is this way!

?It's a mysterious pot! I wonder if there's a strong enemy nearby...

?You can climb here!

?You can climb here, too!

?Float around here with the Deku Leaf!

?Where is there some light? Med-li! Can't you search for it from the air?

?I've found a scorpion mark!

?There's a mark here, too!

?Send Medli here!

?Want to try shining light on the coffin?

?It's better to defeat the Bubble first!

? Tingle is so scared that he's broken into a cold sweat! He's all wet and icky! I'm going to have to go buy new clothes. So, I can't go any farther.

They should cost about 398 Rupees.

? Command Makar well!

?Mr. Fairy! You have forgotten Makar! Honestly! He is a sage after all!

?This switch will only move if you stand on it with the Iron Boots.

?With Makar, try pressing {A} a lot!

?If it's too windy, we can't proceed!

?Makar reminds me of...

The Forest Haven.

The Forest Haven reminds me of...

The Deku Tree.

SO, what did you get from the Deku Tree?

?Makar can fly, Mr. Fairy! Maybe he can stop the wind with this switch?

?This grate looks like it can open somehow...

?There was something like this in the Forbidden Woods. It had leaves...

?It's got lots of sharp thorns...

Mr. Fairy! Be careful!

?Huh? It's closed. We can't go any farther!

Makar, do you want to maybe plant something?

?There's a Tingle Statue!

?You can climb up here!


?You can't help him now!

There are too many of them!

?Look out!

?You might be able to break it if you were as heavy as the Deku Tree!

?Try fanning this thing!

?Fan this thing over here!

?Without Makar, we can't open this. Something important must be beyond here.

?I found a switch!

?Over here!

?This face concerns me...

?Want to step on it?

?We can't go any further without a small key.

?You can go down from here.

Try breaking something!

?If you line two of them up, you will have a fine jumping platform!

?If you had a jumping platform, you'd be able to jump from here!

?Get the Wizzrobe first, or there'll be no end to these attacks!

?Aim at this target with your Hookshot!

?Makar! Wait for me!

?Mr. Fairy! Call Makar and follow me!

?The Hookshot will stick in Makar's tree!

Makar said so!

?It's a switch! It's here!

?You understand, right?

Makar is your hint!

?Here is a switch!

Put your Iron Boots on!

?This door needs a small key!

?Look at all of those Armos! Mr. Fairy! That thing! That thing! Use it!

?There is a switch at the very top!

?We have to plant seeds in the seed beds. This is a job for Makar!



There's an arrow...



It's a fairy! What a cutie!

?W-W-Whoa, there are lots of Darknuts! Can you make them attack each other, maybe? Use the parry attack when your sword shines!

? Mr. Fairy! Tingle is tired! From here on, go alone! Here's a last present!

? This is the Fairy Tingle's Triforce Guide!

For those who seek Triforce Charts, I know exactly what you need to do!

?Compare it with the chart and raise the treasure!

?Raise the treasure of the deciphered chart!

?Come on, Mr. Fairy! Hurry! Hurry! To Tingle Island!

?The Fishman suffers from a stiff neck. It might help to poke him with a pointy item!

?I hear there are many secret entrances on the islands...

There are even places where you can find piles of Rupees...

?The Grappling Hook's amazing! With it, you can take money and items from enemies! I wonder if Medli did that, too?

?South of Greatfish Isle is an island protected by Warships... Suspicious!

?Try going inside the cabana! I'm getting whiffs of a chart!

?South of the Tower of the Gods is something resembling a cabana!

?Show the teacher on Windfall Island many Joy Pendants! Be happy!

?I heard that Bokoblins keep Joy Pendants... Use your Grappling Hook to steal them!

?You should buy a Bait Bag at Beedle's Shop Ship.

Menial tasks may eventually lead you to the Triforce!

?Buy some Hyoi Pears at Beedle's Shop Ship, will you?

Trust me, try them out...

?Northeast of the Forest Haven, there is an odd island inhabited by many birds... Grab a Hyoi Pear, and let's go there!

?Mr. Fairy! When we land, try becoming a Seagull! Watch for Kargorocs, and fly high!

?There is a secret place on an island northwest of Outset Island. Check it out!

?The Ghost Ship appears between dusk and dawn. It might be wise to use Tingle's Watch!

?The Ghost Ship is northwest of Outset Island!

?The Ghost Ship is now north of Forest Haven!

?Now the Ghost Ship is north of Tingle Island!

I'm so scared!

?Now the Ghost Ship is southeast of Forest Haven!

?Now the Ghost Ship is southeast of Dragon Roost Island!

?The Ghost Ship is at Greatfish Isle...

Is it looking for Jabun?

?The Ghost Ship is now northeast of Windfall Island!

?Mr. Fairy! There's a Ghost Ship in that area! Get on it, sir!

It's scary, so I want you to hurry and deal with it!

?Mr. Fairy! That golden Warship over there is suspicious...

It has to be carrying something! Should we sink it with the boat's cannon?

?There's a suspicious Warship southwest of Greatfish Isle.

?A chart is sunk by the ring of light where the golden Warship went down!

?Hey! Mr. Fairy!

Try finding the treasure marked on Treasure Chart 28!

?Hey! Mr. Fairy! I, for one, think it'd be best to find Treasure Chart 3's treasure!

?Hey! Mr. Fairy! Get Treasure Chart 40 out and follow it! You're almost there!

? Hey! Mr. Fairy!

Take a look at Treasure Chart 16!

?In a secret cave on Outset Island...

A great secret awaits! Tingle would fill bottles with fairies and jump in!

?Under the rock that Old Man Ho Ho is gazing at is a secret cave...

If you can lift heavy things, you should fly there with the Deku Leaf.

?Southeast of Greatfish Isle is a secret cave!

?There's a secret cave on the island you're on, Mr. Fairy!

?There is something in Fire Mountain that you need to get!

Cool the flames with an ice arrow and use your head!

?Remember what Zephos said to you on Dragon Roost Island?

When you find Cyclos inside his cyclone, punish him with an arrow!

?Use a cyclone to get onto the isle southeast of the Forsaken Fortress!

?You must get something at Gale Isle! You and Makar should go check it out!

?At the top of that island, there is a secret cave.

Do you have an item that can help you climb?

?There is a secret cave northeast of Dragon Roost Island...

? Climb this ivy!

?An old prediction of Tingle's is carved here!

"Someday, a fairy with a rolling attack will arrive at this tree!"


?Climb onto the cloth roof on the western side of the island!

? Eeeeeeee!

Tingle has been found!

Oh, what to do?

Ah-hah! Tingle can offer the popular Tingle Balloon at a very low price!

And if you order now, you'll also get the Tingle Shield at an unbeatable bargain!

?Uh, Mr. Fairy? You have a good ear!

No, I mean... You have a good eye!

If you use a Tingle Bomb here, something good is bound to happen!

? Hoo-whee! I give up!

I've lost the battle on this isle! Oh, well.

Starting now, we will sell our popular Ting products at half price!

Take what you will, Mr. Fairy!

?Oh, Mr. Fairy! You have nice eyes!

No, I mean, you have a good eye!

If you use the Tingle Bomb here, something good will happen!

? Mr. Fairy! Watch the wind closely, and fly! Just don't fall!

Don't tell, but from here, you can reach some treasure!

Use a Tingle Bomb to find it!

? There you are!

Knuckle? It's Knuckle! I was so worried about you!

Don't play dumb! Why'd you doodle on Tingle Tower? I built that thing! What, that "For Tingle Only" sign I wrote? Sorry! Please forgive me!

Hmmph! Well, I might consider it if the fairy will do as I ask...

Mr. Fairy! Can you get in that outdoor bath?

Just don't open any doors before you finish doing what I tell you! You'll fail if you do! Mr. Fairy! Please help me! Please do what my brother says!

?Check out the outdoor bath near your house, Mr. Fairy!

?Hmph! Now let's test you further.

Next, go down the ladder that no one uses!

?Go down the ladder that no one uses!

?Shoot! Nice work!

Next, can you climb onto the biggest rock at the top of the hill?

?Can you climb onto the biggest rock at the top of the hill?

?Here we go!

OK, congrats!

You're pretty good, I must say... Next...

Try to jump down below the suspension bridge! Do you have that much courage?

?Try jumping down below the suspension bridge!

?Uggghhh...! Enough! Enough!

I've lost the contest on this island! What can I do?

Oh! I'll give you the Hand- Me-Down Tuner!

Ugh. I'm going back home.

Mr. Fairy! You're great! You're like family!

When you come to Tingle Island, I'll call you [Link] instead of Mr. Fairy!

?Oh, Mr. Fairy! You have big eyes.

No, wait, I mean you have a good eye!

If you use a Tingle Bomb here, something good will happen!

? Gee, Mr. Fairy! You miss Tingle already?

Do you see Tingle's face everywhere you go?

When you use the Tingle Tuner, he is near you, protecting you!

Hey, Mr. Fairy? You should find out if you are the right fairy for Tingle! Here's how! Look in front of the postbox!!! Easy! Easy!

Go to the postbox and use {A} to check the ? mark!

?Whoa! Good job! You're quite attentive. But there's more for you to find!

There are three benches on Windfall Island!

See if you can find the benches in the order that Tingle tells you.

If all goes well, you and Tingle will become even better friends!

But don't open any doors until you find them all, or it's all over!

OK, first go to the bench closest to here!

And don't forget to take Tingle along!

Ready? Go!

?Go to the bench that's closest to here!

?Dingdong! This first one was a trial run!

Next, go to the bench with the seaside view!

?Next, go to the bench with the seaside view!

?Ding-dong! Good work, sir!

Now, find the third bench on your own!

?Find the third bench on your own!

?Ding ding! Congratulations, clever fairy!

You listened carefully to Tingle's words!

OK, Mr. Fairy! Can you find the Rupees that I hid in this area?

Use {+} to search with the cursor!

?Wow! I found 1 Rupee! Mr. Fairy! It's your lucky day!

Maybe there are other things you can find! Look around the plaza!

?Ah! Much better! You made Tingle's wish come true! You must be a true fairy! Wow! This whole tuner thing is really getting fun now!

I guess it's Tingle's turn to use the Tingle Tuner to grant your wish!

Yes, the telepathic Tingle Tuner has many functions...

I want you to read the manual carefully and call me again.

Just press {Start} and change items to read it!

But since my Tingle Tuner is so technical, be careful not to waste any telepathy! When you're not using it, turn the power on the Game Boy Advance OFF.

Try calling me the next time you set out to sea. Until then, farewell, Mr. Fairy!

?Oh! Look what you found! Actually I have one last wish...

I want you to dispel Tingle's old grudge!

I want you to visit Tingle's despised jail with a Tingle Bomb!

Call Tingle to your feet with {R}, stand before the door to the jail, and press {B}!

? O Fairy of the Seas!

Hello to you!

There are many different things you can do on the Great Sea!

The manual has changed into a blue book!

Press {Start} and set it to {B} to read it!

? Are you near the Forsaken Fortress?

That place is dreadful! Does the part of your face that hit that fortress wall still hurt?

?There is a star-shaped island in that area somewhere. But I don't know where! Still, the waves look terribly high. Hic... Urp... Just looking makes me ill...

?Mr. Fairy! Mr. Fairy!

Why can't you see me!?

?There is a mountain around there...and a similar one to the south.

?The rumors of Ghost Ship sightings near here fill me with dread. Scary...

?Dragon Roost Island is south of there. You can see it from Tingle Tower!

?It smells of an old, stinky chart around there. Mr. Fairy! Find it! Find it! If you find it, bring it to me!

Thanks, sir!

?Four-Eye Reef is somewhere around there.

?Northwest of there is the Forsaken Fortress.

Because of the ocean currents, the waves around there are very high.

As people stopped going around that place, monsters began to settle in instead. Do I know everything, or what?

?East of there is Windfall Island. I tried to enter my best drawing in the auction there. But I got rejected at the door! Why is there a dress code at an auction?

?Windfall Island is close.

I don't want to end up in jail there again! Although...the mushrooms that grew on my pillow were quite tasty!

?From there, Dragon Roost Island is east and Windfall Island is west.

Many cultural exchanges have taken place between those two islands.

?There's a red dragon at the summit!

His name is Valoo, I think.

?The Rito people have always held contests in that area.

?My telepathy senses the aura of a fairy in that area.

Could it be?

?It's not as if I always have something to say, you know. Even I can't know it all!

?Oh! The Tingle Tuner is getting nice reception. I can see you from here on Tingle Tower! Mr. Fairy! Come in! Do you read me? I'm here! Let's play!

?There is an island over there with a cute statue. What's it for? ...Intriguing.




I can sense the fairy's telepathy!

TI-N-G-LE loves you!

Whoa! People are staring!

?I've always wondered...

Mr. Fairy! Isn't that green suit hot?

My outfit's so tight that I get really sweaty. I want clothes that breathe...

And I don't want to go anywhere too hot! No, sir!

?You see that point way over there?

I've never been there before. What's at the end of the earth, anyway? The end? .....Ha! That's funny! I'm so funny! Don't hold in your laughter! Just let it out, Mr. Fairy!

?That area is called Three- Eye Reef.

?Greatfish Isle should be over there. It used to be such a lovely island...

?The waves look pretty rough. Go north from there, and you'll reach my island.

?You're taking a tiny ship into water that rough? Mr. Fairy, you're brave. Or... Are you just stupid?

?That area is surrounded by the islands where those cute statues live!

?There's a super- cute statue made by ancient people on a little island nearby!

?Somewhere in the world, there should be a mysterious item that uses magic as a shield. If we had it, we'd be safe even if our ship got shot with a cannon!

The peddler who gave us the sail would know about rare items...

?That's where Needle Rock Isle is. Nature sure creates some odd shapes!

?I get a bad feeling about this place.

Be careful, Mr. Fairy!

?The water is really rough! Mr. Fairy!

If you feel seasick, hold your wrist! That should make you feel better.

?There's a super- cute statue over there.

There are three in this world... Hmmm... I wonder why?

?The seafood is delicious around there.

It'd be great to live somewhere like that...

?If you face south there, you'll see the Forest Haven.

Folks fly on leaves there...

That must be nice. The balloons I use keep getting popped!

?That place is famous for the many birds that live there.

Aryll would like it. She was always surrounded by seagulls, wasn't she?

?Mr. Fairy! Do you believe in ghosts? Like the spooky Ghost Ship that sails at night? Me, I believe in fairies, but I don't believe in ghosts. Because they're scary.

?If you start there and head south...

You'll come to Outset Island.

?There have been sightings of ships falling from the sky here. How odd.

?Hmm!! Ah!! Sniff sniff!!

I smell a fairy!!

?There is an Ice Ring over there. Me, I don't like it too hot or too cold. Oooh... Brrr... I get chills just thinking about it.

?Forest Haven feels close...

I want trees around Tingle Tower, too.


Seems like there'd be lots of my favorite ChuChus here!

?Head east from there, and you'll get to Outset Island.

Outset Island was said to be blessed by Farore, the Goddess of Wind.

?We're close to your island. You must be all emotional. I won't say anything.

?There's a mountain around there...and a similar one way up north.

?Climb onto the silk roof in west Windfall to earn a discount on the Tingle Balloon! You knew that, didn't you, Mr. Fairy?

?Whoa! The Angular Isles are there!

?That's a place where you sail for Rupees. Make money for more Tingle Tuner fun!

?I can't handle rumors that the Ghost Ship has been sighted there. Way too scary.

?Whoa! There's a huge tower over there!