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Linder is one of the Korok in Forest Haven in The Wind Waker.


After Link arrives at the Forest Haven and saves the Great Deku Tree from all of the enemy Red ChuChu and Green ChuChu, the Koroks are going to begin the Korok Ceremony. However, before they can do so, Linder appears and worriedly flies to the Great Deku Tree to tell him that Makar fell into the Forbidden Woods.[1][2] Linder had advised Makar to be careful, but Makar decided to fly abot the Forbidden Woods anyway.[3]

The Great Deku Tree suggests to Link that he travel to the Forbidden Woods to rescue Makar. However, Linder interjects suggesting that regular people cannot fly through the air like Koroks.[4] The Great Deku Tree thanks Linder for bringing that up and will then present Link with the Deku Leaf.

After Makar is rescued and the Korok Ceremony is complete, Linder flies four squares West and two squares North of Forest Haven on the map with a Guardian Seed to plant a new forest. His leaf mask is shaped like a clover, and he holds a wilted yellow flower in his left hand.

Linder, or at least their model, also makes an appearance in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as one of the Koroks whom Link collects Korok seeds from.



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