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Doc Bandam


The Potion Master






Doc Bandam is a character from The Wind Waker who resides on Windfall Island.


Doc Bandam operates the Chu Jelly Juice Shop on Windfall Island, which sells a variety of potions. He descrbes his potions as being TOO good and claims they are absolutely incredible.[1] Doc will explain to Link what Chu Jelly is, describing it as a robustly nourishing element. A mystical substance that is good for the body and mind.[2] It is the key ingredient to making the most effective potions around. Doc will offer to sell Link a potion, but he must have an Empty Bottle.[3][4]

At first, his Potion Shop only sells Red Potion made from Red Chu Jelly, but if Link brings him 5 globs of Green Chu Jelly, he expands his product lineup and sells Green Potion as well, and he also gives Link a free sample. Similarly, when he obtains 15 globs of Blue Chu Jelly, he begins to sell Blue Potion as well. As before, Link gets a free sample.

While Doc will sell Red Potion for 20 Rupees, Link can also bring him regular red Chu Jelly. If Link gives him five jelly, he'll give Link a free serving, which will fill up a bottle.[5] He further tells Link that at any point, he can bring him five glops of jelly to get another free potion.[6]

He researches ChuChus most of his days in his shop, but frequently visits the neighboring Pawprint Isle to collect Chu Jelly in order to make his potions.


Doc Bandam
Doc Bandam Figurine (TWW).png

Birthplace: Windfall Island
Favorite Food: Chu Jelly
Doc Bandam spends his days researching Chuchus in his potion shop. He visits Pawprint Island now and then to collect the Chu Jelly he uses to make his potions.

He considers himself a potion artist, and like an artist, he's quite whimsical.



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