Pawprint Isle

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Pawprint Isle

Pawprint Isle is one of the islands in the Great Sea in The Wind Waker.


Pawprint Isle is located one square east of Windfall Island on Link's map. The island is actually made up of five small plateaus coming out of the water, forming the shape of a pawprint. This small island has two different hidden caves that are full of treasure. A Mailbox can be found on the island, as well as a sign, indicating that Dragon Roost Island can be found up ahead.

The island is known for the enemy ChuChus that can be found inside the caves. Doc Bandam, owner of the Chu Jelly Juice Shop on Windfall Island, occasionally journeys out to Pawprint Isle to collect some Chu Jelly to make his potions.[1]

In the waters surrounding the island there is a Piece of Heart, which can be found by using Treasure Chart 30, located within the Tower of the Gods.

First Hidden Cave

On the main part of the island, the palm of the pawprint, is a large blue and white orb. There is some overgrown grass that surrounds this orb. Link can use his Sword to cut down the grass, revealing an entrance to the cave. If Link crawls into the orb, he will drop underground into a cave that is full of Red Chuchu. If he defeats the ChuChus and explores a bit, he will acquire some Red Chu Jelly. The cave has a threasure chest, where Link will find a Piece of Heart. Two additionally treasure chests can be found behind large boulders that can be blown up with Bombs, revealing a Joy Pendant and a Purple Rupee.

Second Hidden Cave

The second cave on this island is a little harder to find, and cannot be accessed early in the game. Link must first have the Hookshot (found inside of the Wind Temple) to climb onto the parts of the island that look like the pawprint's fingers. If Link uses the Hookshot on the palm trees on these islands, it will lead him to another hidden cave. Inside that cave is a silver Rupee protected by Wizzrobes.

Blue ChuChu

Jump attack onto the northeastern rock shaped like a ChuChu to make this Blue ChuChu appear.

Fishman and Tingle Tuner


Do you know what a ChuChu is, small fry?
No, I'm not talking about the sound you
make when you kiss someone![?][?]
I'm talking about ChuChus!
They're those slimy, monster-like puddles of
goo that turn into blobs of jelly, stand up,
and start jumping at you like crazy when
you come near them.
Well, in any case, there's lots of them on
that island over there, so if you see any,
I'd avoid them. They can get...nasty.
Now that I think about it, every once in a
while I see the potion brewer who lives on
Windfall Island come here...
Now why would he do that, fry?


From there,
Dragon Roost
Island is east
and Windfall
Island is west.

Many cultural
exchanges have
taken place
between those
two islands.




  1. "The Potion Master, Doc Bandam Birthplace: Windfall Island Favorite Food: Chu Jelly Doc Bandam spends his days researching ChuChus in his potion shop. He visits Pawprint Island now and then to collect the Chu Jelly he uses to make his potions. He considers himself a potion artist, and like an artist, he's quite whimsical." — Nintendo Gallery, The Wind Waker.