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Chu Jelly
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ChuChu and Chu spoils


Health and magic restoration
Potion making

Chu Jelly is a type of spoil found in The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. They traditionally come from ChuChus or Chus and are used for health and magic restoration.

The Wind Waker

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There are three types of Chu Jelly that Link can collect: Red, Green, and Blue. Red and Green Jellies are the most common while Blue are rare (there are only 23 in the game). The Jellies can either be stolen from the Chus with the Grappling Hook or Link can defeat them and hope to pick them up as a spoil. Link can find the Chu Jellies he has collected in the Spoils Bag. If Link takes these Jellies to the Chu Jelly Juice Shop on Windfall Island, Doc Bandam makes them into a Potion corresponding with the color. It takes 15 Chu Jellies to unlock the Green and Blue Potion. Once Link has unlocked a Potion, it only takes 5 Chu Jellies to get a free Potion.

Twilight Princess

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In Twilight Princess, there are a few alterations of Chus, and after defeated, their remains can be scooped into a Bottle.

Red Chu Jelly restores eight hearts.

Blue Chu Jelly restores all health.

Yellow Chu Jelly is an alternative to Lantern Oil. Link can also use the actual Lantern to scoop up the Chu Jelly.

Purple Chu Jelly may harm Link when he drinks it or it may recover some hearts, much like Nasty Soup.

Rare Chu Jelly restores all hearts and doubles attack power for a brief period of time, much like Great Fairy's Tears.

Green Chu Jelly is not commonly available in normal game play. Green Chu Jelly can be obtained by hacking the game or, in the Wii version only, combining a Yellow and Blue Chu which makes a Green Chu. Because the Magic Meter was removed from Twilight Princess, Green Chu Jelly does nothing. In fact, the descriptive text box that appears when Link obtains a Bottle is blank. In Twilight Princess HD, a text box can be found, and it describes the jelly as not tasty at all.[1]

Breath of the Wild

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Obtained by killing Chuchu, the amount of jelly obtained depends on the size of the Chuchu. All can be used as materials for upgrading certain armours.

  • Chuchu Jelly: Dropped by standard Chuchus, this blue jelly has no special properties, but can be transformed with elemental stimulation. For instance, shooting elemental weapons - such as arrows, magic rods or swords & spears - at it changes what type it is (e.g., shooting it with Shock Arrows changes it into Yellow Chuchu Jelly).
  • Red Chuchu Jelly, dropped by Fire Chuchus, this explodes in a fireball when attacked.
  • White Chuchu Jelly, dropped by Ice Chuchus, this freezes the immediate area around it when attacked.
  • Yellow Chuchu Jelly, dropped by Electric Chuchus, this electrically shocks everything in the immediate area when attacked.



  1. You put green Chu Jelly in your bottle! It doesn't look all that tasty... - Twilight Princess HD