Southern Fairy Island

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Southern Fairy Island

The Southern Fairy Island is an island from The Wind Waker. It is located two squares west of Forest Haven. The shell on this island is blocked by a wooden barrier and can be destroyed by using either Fire Arrows or a Bomb. Inside, the Great Fairy of this island will upgrade Link's Bomb Bag. This island is also the only one of the Fairy Islands that Link can warp to using the Ballad of Gales song with his Wind Waker.

There is a Piece of Heart underwater around this island, but can only be obtained after Link buys the Treasure Chart from Beedle and gets the Grappling Hook from Dragon Roost Island.

After every cannon has been destroyed on the nearby platforms a treasure chest will appear containing Treasure Chart #40.

Blue ChuChu

There is a Blue ChuChu on this island. It is located near the eastern palm tree.