Dragon Roost Cavern

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The Dragon Roost Cavern is the first Dungeon in The Wind Waker. It is located inside the large mountain on Dragon Roost Island.

The Sky Spirit, Valoo, resides atop said large mountain. Link arrives inside the cavern and finds out that it is infested with many Moblins, Bokoblins and other monsters. Link initially traverses the mountain to rescue Medli, a member of the Rito tribe. After rescuing Medli, Link receives the Grappling Hook from her and defeats Gohma, a monster that causes Valoo much pain by pulling on his tail from inside the mountain, causing Valoo to become enraged and attack members of the Rito tribe seeking their wings. This scares Komali, the chief's son, who tells Link that if he could prove that he was courageous enough to calm Valoo, he would talk to him. Link returns to the base of the mountain after calming Valoo to receive Din's Pearl from Komali, who apologizes to Link.

Side Quests in the Cavern

While Link can't obtain it until later in the Wii U remake since it uses standard Bombs rather than Tingle Bombs, there is a Tingle Statue hidden within Dragon Roost Cavern. It can be found on the way to obtaining the dungeon's Boss Key. Link must ride the "elevator" he creates by cutting the ropes holding up a platform on a higher level of the main room. When Link jumps across the platforms and climbs the ladder, he must open the door by using the Grappling Hook to pull down the red switch and leaping backwards instead of forward. Once the door is open, Link must enter and grapple to the seemingly useless ledge in front of him. Finally, Link must place a Bomb/Tingle Bomb there and take out the Shield to avoid getting hurt. A Treasure Chest containing the Dragon Tingle Statue appears. There are also two Treasure Charts in this dungeon. The first one is in the room on the first floor west of the main lava room. Link can use the Grappling Hook to get to the Treasure Chest. The second Treasure Chart can be found on the second floor south of the main lava room, where Link can find a torch he can light up to reveal a hidden Treasure Chest.