Dragon Tingle Statue

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Dragon Tingle Statue

The Dragon Tingle Statue is one of the five Tingle Statues found in The Wind Waker.


The Dragon Tingle Statue can be found as a hidden dungeon item in Dragon Roost Cavern. There is one Tingle Statue found in each of the five major dungeons of the game.


The statue can be found along the northern corridor of the First Floor, along the path that leads to the Boss Key. When at the north end of the main central chamber of the dungeon, Link can use the Grappling Hook to grab the hook, opening the northern door. In this room, Link will see a seemingly useless ledge right in front of him. Link can use the Tingle Tuner to place a Tingle Bomb here, or a standard Bomb in 'HD' version of the game. This will cause a Treasure Chest to appear containing the Dragon Tingle Statue.

Since at this point in The Wind Waker HD, Link does not have the Bomb Bag, he cannot get the Dragon Tingle Statue. Instead, Link will need to return here at a late time, after he has acquired the Bomb Bag.


After Link finds the Dragon Tingle Statue, it will automatically appear at Tingle Island. As Link collects the other Tingle Statues, they will also appear at the island. Link can talk to Ankle, who will reward Link with 50 Rupees for each of the Tingle Statues that he collects. Additionally, if Link collects all five statues, Ankle will reward Link with 500 rupees.

In The Wind Waker HD, once Link has acquired all five of the Tingle Statues, Knuckle will appear at Tingle Island.