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"Treasure Chests Found
Many Hyrulian people saved family heirlooms and other treasures in chests handcrafted by skilled artisans. Historians found them in Hyrulian homes and mountain caves. Inside they discovered jewels, armor and arrows.

— A Link to the Past Nintendo Player's Guide

Treasure Chests appear often in the The Legend of Zelda series. They can contain items ranging from equipment to Rupees to enemies or keys. It is a well known fact that when Link opens said chest, exciting music sounds.

Breath of the Wild

There are many types of chests in Breath of the Wild, all which have different properties:

  • Metallic chests (pictured) may be found all over Hyrule, often underwater or under lava. There may also be Sheikah-made metallic chests inside shrines, and DLC-exclusive chests are also of this type. All these chests are reachable through the use of the Magnesis rune;
  • Wooden chests may be found at enemy encampments or floating in water pools and lakes. These chests can be destroyed before opening with melee weapons, bombs or by setting them on fire;
  • Stone chests are also common, second only to metallic chests. Unlike those, they can't be moved through Magnesis, though they can be pushed with an object that's being magnetized. They are often found in caves or under destructible rock piles;
  • Sheikah chests may be found inside shrines and Divine Beasts. They behave like stone chests that can't be magnetized, but they may also be immovable and affixed to the floor.

Most chests, save from the wooden ones, are near-indestructible. The metallic chests can be destroyed under special circumstances at the Eldin province's Abandoned North Mine or at Death Mountain by them with cannon fire from the Gorons' ground cannons. Destroying them shows that the chests have actual physical item assets inside.