Age of Calamity Koroks

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This is a list of all Koroks found in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.

Chapter 1

The Battle of Hyrule Field

Road to the Ancient Lab

Chapter 2

Mipha, the Zora Princess

Daruk, the Goron Hero

Revali, the Rito Warrior

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief‎‎

The Yiga Clan Attacks!

Chapter 3

Freeing Korok Forest

The Road Home, Besieged

Chapter 4

Akkala Tower

Destroy the Yiga Clan!

When Courage Fails

Chapter 5

Calamity Strikes

Water and Fire

Air and Lightning

Chapter 6

Relentless as a Waterfall

Each Step Like Thunder

Chapter 7

The Great Plateau

All Hyrule, United

The Future of Hyrule


Mipha's Training

Cross the Hebra Mountains

Anti-Ice Training: II

Innkeeper's Request

Winged Escort

Defend Zora's Domain

Elemental Uproar

Polishing His Technique

Hair-Width Trial: Expert+

Hunting Partners

Defend Hyrule Castle