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Sooga - HWAoC.png


Right Hand of the Inverted Eye





Second-in-command of the Yiga Clan

Member of




Master Kohga (boss)
Yiga Blademasters (subordinates)
Yiga Captains (subordinates)
Yiga Footsoldiers (subordinates)
Yiga Spies (subordinates)


Voice Actor

Gerald C Rivers (English)

Sooga is a high-ranking Yiga Blademaster who acts as second-in-command and the right hand of Master Kohga. He is a major antagonist in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. With the release of the Guardian of Remembrance DLC pack, Sooga became a playable character, the last one revealed for the game.


Sooga's personality is a direct contrast to Kohga, possessing a more stern and serious demeanor and tends to the organizational duties within the Yiga Clan in Master Kohga's steed.[1] However, he is passionately loyal to both the Yiga and Kohga, the latter having saved him as a youth starving and taken him into the clan and as such, admires and is fiercely loyal to the point he is willing to lay his life down for him.

An extremely competent combatant, Kohga considers Sooga to be his best soldier and is valued for his skills. A blademaster, Sooga is an aptly skilled and agile swordsman who is able to contend with capable warriors such as Link and Urbosa in battle. He also possess a high-level mastery of various "esoteric arts" utilized by the Yiga and Sheikah, able to teleport and can hold several combatants at bay temporarily. He also possess notable leadership abilities that makes him a competent commander.[2]


Sooga was originally a Sheikah youth struggling with starvation when he encountered the Yiga Clan. After awakening from his nap, Kohga sees the young child and offers Sooga a banana before sitting beside him, telling him he will have to someday pay him back. Moved by his apparent kindness and consideration, Sooga eventually joined the ranks of the Yiga Clan, attaining both a blademaster status and eventually ascended to being Kohga's right-hand and second-in-command while maintaining a close bond with him.[3]

Age of Calamity

"Right Hand of the Inverted Eye
The leading figure and devoted soldier of the Yiga Clan. He tends to the pressing organizational duties of his clan in Master Kohga's stead.

— In-game description