Blue-Maned Lynel

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Blue-Maned Lynel

"These fearsome monsters have lived in Hyrule since ancient times. Compared to the Standard Lynel, those with blue manes are much tougher and are equipped with much stronger weapons. Facing off a Lynel is ill-advised, but if you must, be sure you're well prepared."

— In-Game Description

The Blue-Maned Lynel are found in Breath of the Wild. One can always be found in the First Gatehouse in Hyrule Castle.


This Lynel can shoot fireballs from its mouth. These may look pretty menacing but they are actually very easy to dodge; in fact you can just run (no need to sprint) to the left or right and you won't get hit. The actual problem with these fireballs is that they light the grass on fire for a while and the fire might get in the way. On the bright side you can also use this fire to your advantage since you can ride the updraft and either use the slow motion to shoot the Lynel in the face, or you can just land on its back for a free attack. Attempting to shoot a Lynel from a distance is usually a very poor idea, it will shoot elemental arrows at you, including Shock Arrows, which afflict critical damage, and if more than one projectile hits at once, you might die outright on the spot.

Recoverable Materials
Lynel Horn.pngLynel Horn Lynel Hoof.pngLynel Hoof Lynel Guts.pngLynel Guts
Carried Weapons
Mighty-lynel-shield.pngMighty Lynel Shield Mighty-lynel-bow.pngMighty Lynel Bow Mighty-lynel-spear.pngMighty Lynel Spear