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Rock Octorok


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"This octopus-like species of monster lives in volcanic regions. When they inhale, they're preparing to spit out flaming rocks but have been known to suck up weapons or bombs in the same breath."

— Hyrule Compendium Entry

A Rock Octorok is an enemy in Breath of the Wild. They can be found in the Eldin region, where they make their home beneath rocks. If they spot Link, they will jump out of the ground, before absorbing in a large amount of air, which they then use to fire a volcanic rock at Link. The best way to defeat them is to wait until they jump out of the ground, start inhaling, then loosing an arrow into them. They only have 8 HP so most bows will be able to take them out in one shot. Upon death they may drop an assortment of Octorok items, but they will burn up quickly due to the high temperatures of Death Mountain.


  • If Link throws a Rusty weapon at a Rock Octorok while it is inhaling, it will spit out a brand-new weapon in its place.